Stud Chapter 6


Topic: My half-sister and my 'wife'A short time after this Jenny and I got in from a double date. As ever we were hot to trot, not being able to touch each other during the booking. Jenny wanted the double so we went to find Pete only to find him lying on his bed with a very beautiful girl maybe a couple of years younger than Jen wrapped up in his arms. Now, Jenny and I knew this couldn't be business because business never, ever came home but neither of us recognised the girl either. Remembering what Pete had done when he discovered Jenny and I together that first time, I stripped and began to suck the girl's nipple. As she started to stir, Jenny shucked off her own clothes and joined me on the other side. With Pete still fast asleep, the girl murmured "You must be Cris and Jennifer? Keep doing that both of you; it feels nice!" So we sucked and sucked. She reached out for my cock and began to wank him. "Nice - even bigger than Pete's. Why don't you come and fuck me. I'm getting to quite like that - Pete's had me all ways!" Jenny nodded, not that I needed second bidding, and I got up over her. Jenny guided my knob to her hole and I sank in. She was blissfully hot and tight! As we began to ride together, Jenny slipped away and began to nibble at Pete's cock. From what little I could see as I enjoyed my new found fuck mate (whose name I did not know at this point), Pete's cock was awake before he was. He came awake with "What the fu. .

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  " as Jenny slid down his pole. For an age the only sound in the room was that of four bodies fucking together. My partner came first followed by Jenny and then Pete and I jacked off over the unknown girl before Jenny dove in to lick up all our cum. Pete said "Meet your sister!" I looked at him. "Well, half sister. Seems Dad had an affair a while after Jennifer was born and Elizabeth was the result. She came looking for us while you were out and, well, I ended up bedding her. Her first time. No worse than you and Jenny!"I held up my hand to quell him. There was nothing he had to explain to me. Elizabeth, Liz, turned out to live only a few streets away and soon became a regular visitor to our house. Whenever she could get cover from one of her friends she would sleep over with us. The evening would start with a good four way fuck but then Jenny would retire with me and Liz with Pete. I'm sure you get the picture. Eventually, when my Uni course was finished, my first job was in the back of beyond at the other side of the country.

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   By this time, I'd inherited my part of our parents' estate and with all my 'earned' money was very well off. Family council time again - basically I asked Pete's permission to take Jenny away with me (she'd already agreed btw) to live with me as my wife. He agreed so long as he could have the house meantime and eventually do the same thing with Liz. We agreed visiting rights and the deal was done, not really on the shake of a hand but two cocks up two cunts (twice). . . At our new house Jenny and I are very happy. After a while we managed to fudge a birth certificate for her giving her 'new' parents and we went through a civil marriage service so everyone thinks we're legit but. . . We gave up our professional status but became known as being very liberal, any lady is welcome to drop in any time, either for a go on my cock and/or to be eaten out by Jenny. Pete and Liz visit most weekends when the permutations are endless. And it's amazing the number of young virgins I still manage to get lined up with. . .

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  Some time later Helen phoned me up, Suzi was back in the country for a short while and wanted to know if I could 'meet' her. I said sure and agreed a rendezvous at a hotel near her airport. To her surprise I took Jennifer with me (working to the old rules) and to mine she'd had had another kid and was milky again. Jenny had never sucked on a milky tit before but she was well up for it and the three of us had a great time, fucking and sucking for hours. Suzi tried to pay us at the end but we both refused saying that her tits were payment enough. As we drove home Jenny said maybe she should get pregnant - not that I could be the father as both Pete and I had had vasectomies when we respectively decided to commit to Liz and Jennifer - so that she would be milky. We agreed maybe some day but not right now however she went out of her way to line me up with preggy teens after that - I love the way they bounce up and down on my cock with their full bellies and afterwards the pair of us make the most of their lactating tits. Absolute heaven!We also have a very special mutual partner in Gill. One day, not long after our encounter with Suzi, we were out walking round the area, hand in hand, enjoying the lovely summer day and playing a game we often did. One of us would indicate a girl (not obviously of course) and say to the other something like 'Fancy her?' When there was mutual attraction (to Jenny and I that is) it was amazing how often the girl wound up at our house and in our bed - maybe not the same day (although it often was) but soon thereafter. Anyway, this particular day, Jenny had indicated someone to me but I said "Nah, her tits are too big but I wouldn't mind getting in that one's knickers!" I nodded at a tall, rather striking woman with auburn hair pushing a baby buggy. Jenny teased "You just want her tits - think she's still breast feeding?" I could see Jenny was attracted too however so we followed her at a discrete distance still hand in hand for a while until she went into a house just round the corner from us. The pair of us noted this with interest but we were by now both so horny just thinking about what might be that we broke off our sight-seeing for the afternoon, went home and made love for hours on end. Whenever there was a break in the action, conversation seemed inevitably turn to Gill (as we were later to discover her name was) - Jenny said to leave it with her. I'll let her take up the story -Hi, this is Jennifer writing:A few days later while Cris was at work, I contrived to bump into her while she was out walking her baby.

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   I did all the right things, admiring the baby etc. and, introductions over, I asked her back for coffee. She declined as she needed to get back home in time to take a call from her husband but that I was welcome to go back with her - she could use the company. Turned out that her husband mostly worked oversees for one of the big aid agencies and was only home for a three/four month spell every year. "Got home just in time to see Megan born and stayed long enough to get me pregnant again!" she declared. "I get so randy while he's gone - 'specially with Megan sucking my tits! I used to love John doing that before I was pregnant but this time he wouldn't touch them! Men!" Well, I nearly jumped her there and then but decided to wait a bit so we just had a really good girlie time chatting about sex, she remarking how young I was to be married, I telling her what a good bloke I had in Cris and how good he was in bed - and elsewhere! That brought a schoolgirl giggle from Gill - the type that suggested she'd never done it anywhere else! The phone went. Gill went to answer it moving out of my earshot into the study. As I had guessed it was her husband. When she came back, she was a little tearful and I went to cuddle her, for once nothing sexual, just one of those girl things, and I asked her what was wrong. "Nothing - I just miss him so much!" So we chatted for a bit and then baby Megan woke wanting a feed. I made to go to give her some privacy but she said "Stay if you want to - I don't mind if you don't!" Well! I stayed trying to make conversation and trying not to stare at her tits as she quite discretely fed her baby in front of me. Eventually, it was time for me to go, so we kissed good-bye, girlfriend style and said we'd do it again. Did I jump Cris when he came home that night - I was as horny as hell! I nearly did myself with a vibrator as soon as I got in the door but forced myself to wait for Cris - it was his lucky night I can tell you!For some reason, the next day I didn't manage to see Gill out on her regular walks with Megan - I'm sure I'd have been welcome if I'd knocked on her door but I let it be for the moment. Next day was Saturday and, as usual on a Saturday, Cris and I woke early but rose late, making slow passionate love for a couple or three hours in between. I had just risen to go to the shower where our lovemaking usually continued for a while in anticipation of the evening 'orgy' with Pete and Liz when the phone rang.

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   I answered it. It was Gill. "Hi," she said "mind if I come over? I could use some company. ""Sure!" I said. "I'm just up. Come over and I'll fix some breakfast for us. ""Just up?" she exclaimed. "Yeah, well, guess we don't all have babies! I've been up for an age!"A few minutes later she arrived. I let her in still dressed in only a robe and she got the sleeping Megan's baby buggy arranged safely in the porch. Gill just wanted coffee which was fine by me, but she wanted hers let down 50/50 with hot water so that Megan didn't get too much caffeine. "Meant to give it up when your breast feeding they tell me but that would be above and beyond!"As we sat either side of the breakfast bar, Gill looked at me curiously. "You've just been laid!" Haven't you?""Yes, quite definitely laid but how did you know?" I conceded. "Well, you've got that slightly woolly look and your eyes are so sparkling - bet Cris' are too!"Raising my voice just a notch, for I had heard Cris padding softly downstairs, no doubt wanting to know where his coffee was, I declared "Cris? Well probably if you can see under shut eyelids, he'll be out of it for hours after that session!" I heard a soft shuffle away from us. Gill laughed "God! I envy you - just don't let him join the 'Foreign Legion'. Don't suppose I should complain - I knew what I was getting into as I was with the VSO in Sudan when I met John.

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   Went everywhere with him before I got pregnant but then when I looked like having complications with the pregnancy, it was best for me to come 'home' - its actually John's old family home although both his parents and mine are all dead now. "She was close to tears and I backed of from my plan of making a hit on her - she needed some sympathy so time for more girlie/sisterly cuddling. Somehow and quite undeliberately, my robe slipped open leaving me exposed. Despite everything, I made no effort to cover up. I could almost feel Gill's eyes drill onto my tits, small though they are. I kinda knew (sensed as Cris would say - but he uses the word too much!) this was all new to Gill but exciting for her at the same time. "I just feel so lonely sometimes!""More than one way to skin a cat!" I sort of sighed lifting her hand to my exposed boobs. "Love the feel of a girl's hand on my tits - or her mouth. AND I'm more than willing to do the same for you" I sort of cooed. "I've never. . . ""Shush!" I said softly. She began to massage my left tit and I knew she was mine - her first lesbian experience as I had rightly guessed making it all the more exciting for me (do I sound like my brother? Well shit, do I care?). Slowly and carefully I undid Gill's denim shirt then unhooked the nursing bra below - quite ingenious the arrangement of zips and fastenings to allow a Mum to discreetly feed, just as Gill had done that first time we had had coffee together only a couple of days before.

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   Right now all that was out of the window as I feasted on her tits - by the sodden breast pads Gill had tucked into her bra, Megan wasn't taking a fraction of Gill's output so there was plenty for me. Gill at first was horrified, trying to puss (sorry, typo - push -:) me off but she soon came to realise how good it made her feel. Soon she started to feel my tits too and after I'd cum I said "You can go lower. "She said "Can I feel your cunny?"I said "Thought you'd never ask!" Soon Gill was tenderly exploring my pussy - and I do mean tenderly. I let her do whatever she wanted but it was basically touching and kissing my labia, her remarking between kisses how wonderfully soft I felt and what a rush she got when I came!"When I came, I came - sure I can cum lots but for me there are several (OK many) degrees of CUM OK?. 1st degree is with my husband - OK my brother Cris, 2nd degree is with Pete, but she was up there on the 3rd degree with Liz! For someone with no lesbian experience, she was something else - OK, she was something else anyway!As she gently explored me, I lowered my hand to her puss and, pushing her knickers aside, began to stroke her labia and, feeling her wetness, parted them to get to her emerging clit. She went rigid as I touched her but only because it was a precursor to her orgasm as her juices flooded my hand. I withdrew to lick my fingers and then offered them to Gill who sucked on them greedily - something like I had done on her tits previously. I knew Cris was hovering in the shadows at the far end of the room staying out of sight of Gill for the moment - I also knew he'd have an almighty hard-on watching us!I ventured "I want to eat your cunt! You up for it?"She rose and stripped saying "Yeah, but you'll be the first girl ever and even John doesn't do it very often. " I just licked my lips and went down for lunch! She had one of the sweetest pussies I've ever tasted. Was it the fact I was the first girl ever to do this for her (Gosh! I do sound like Cris!) or was it just the fact that her juices flowed endlessly as I pushed her to one climax after another? Realising Gill was totally out of it, not really knowing what was going on around her except for the feeling I was stirring up in her, Cris crept out of the shadows and started to finger fuck me - just gently using only a single digit but enough to bring me off. I had to choke back my orgasm as I continued to work on Gill keeping her cuming and cuming. I broke off briefly to mouth "Thanks, you bugger!" as he withdrew once more to the shadows. At the time I thought and Cris later confirmed, he returned "Naw - your arse would have been too obvious. Cute though!"Gill and I cuddled together.

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   She said "Thank you Jennifer - I've never known it so good!" Now I was well used to making girls feel good but somehow, coming from this drop dead gorgeous woman, it gave me in inner glow!"Want to see Cris and I fuck? He'd love to suck your tits too - only if YOU like mind?" I asked adventurously. "OK - go and wake him up, provided I can stop whenever I want to?" Gill agreed. Now Cris and I had heard this from many women but not one, not a single one, had ever said "Stop" so I just smiled and said I'd see what I could do. I caught Cris in the hallway and dragged him into the kitchen - he of course knew the whole (hole?) story and I was so randy that I just had to have him quickly up my cunt. We came together in an instant - powerfully mind! A bit of instant gratification! I made a show of pulling Cris into the room where Gill lay still panting from our exertions. "Hi" I said "this is my husband Cris. He's a marvellous lay!"Gill smiled up at him, still kinda half gone but as her eyes came into focus she said "Fuck's sake - what a monster of a cock!"Cris' turn to blush "No complaints so far! Trade you a fuck for a suck on your tits. " he said. Men! No finesse! But, as ever, Cris had judged the moment as Gill rolled onto her back. "Seems like a fair trade," she said "go easy when you fuck me though - no way John is anything like that big. "So Cris lay down beside her and gently kissed her lips - she was ferocious in her kissing back on him and soon pushed his head down onto her tits. I'll let Cris pick up the story from his point of view. . . Cris:  She was almost desperate pushing me down onto her tits and I was almost as desperate to oblige having seen Jenny suck milk from them.

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   My cock was bulging almost as never before as I began to suck Gill's sweet milk into my mouth. She was in ecstasy, stroking my rampant dick in time with my sucking. Eventually, having cum a couple of times at least, she said "Fuck me Cris, come on, fuck me!" Now I think it was only because I was a little slow from breaking off from sucking her tits she thought I was being a little hesitant but she then asked "What's the matter? Don't worry I'm safe - 'fact I'm safer than safe, I'm already pregnant!" Strangely, the 'safety' aspect had never been an issue during my 'professional' career - Helen had always explained to the lady that that was her responsibility, at least up until the point when I had had the snip for Jennifer's sake. However, I do know a few of them used the 'morning after' pill after 'dates' with me!I smiled "How do like to do it?""Don't know! Can I come on top?" Gill queried. "Fine by me!" I declared as I rolled over onto my back, my long, thick dick waving in the air. Jenny came to me and grasped the base of my shaft, holding it ready for Gill. Gill straddled me athletically, sinking all the way down onto me. 'Gosh! Jenny have you ever known anything so big!"Jenny came behind her, massaging her tits as Gill held herself up over me letting me see everything. "'Course I have silly! He's my husband! We fuck several times a day as a rule!""Ah - newly weds! John and I were never really like that - takes a bit of effort for us Europeans in the African sun - doesn't seem to bother the natives though. Probably what gives AIDS its chance! However, we do seem to compatible in the fertility stakes - he only has to look at me the right way and I'm preggy - maybe because he has to save it all up when he's away! After all, the locals are all a bit iffy - mind you I do like to see him fuck a young black girl. The younger the better. . . !"Talking over I grabbed her by the hips and began to pump her up and down on my shaft. Soon she was doing it of her own accord and rotating her hips in a delicious little movement which heightened the whole sensation for me as I used my hands on her tits drawing little beads of milk which Jen took the pleasure of licking off before I drew her to an all-powerful climax just as I shot my wad into her.

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   She had been absolutely fantastic for me and I told her so as Jen pulled her from me to suck at her cunt enjoying the mix of both our juices and bringing Gill off once more. Once recovered, Gill confessed it had been the best sex she had ever had. Soon I was enjoying Gill's tight cunt several times a day - at times Jenny and I virtually lived in her house. Megan was quite demanding of her mother's breast and her mother was quite demanding of relieve afterwards. Suited everyone really! We introduced her to all kinds of things - anal, dildos etc. etc. etc. - and she was up for it all. Turned out she had not had any experience outside of marriage before (except for watching John fuck youngsters!)and with her husband being away so much she had plenty to learn and Gill became an integral part of our love life. . . (Footnote - although Megan was John and Gillian's first child, the pattern was to continue such that John got Gill pregnant, went off for an overseas posting, came home in time for the birth, stayed 2/3 months, got Gill pregnant again, went overseas for a while etc. etc. As a result they have 5 children born roughly 10/12 months apart! It was however me (and Jenny) who got to experience her tight cunt sliding slowly up and down on my cock, she above me as I lay on my back - just like the first time - when she was full with child (for that's how she liked her sex when she was near term). Her tits provided us both with milk for an absolute age.


  . . Some of John's young black conquests came to visit too but that's another story so in the meantime just use your imagination however sweet, tight and young sums them up. . . )The End-----Feedback welcome: theblackdouglas@ymail. com
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