The Brady Bunch - Part 2


Before Cindy had the cock out of her mouth, Peter jumpeddown beside them. Laughing, he slapped Bobby on the back,then tousled Cindy's hair. Jan joined them, lifting Cindy toher feet and giving her a big hug, then pulling Bobby closeand hugging him. Suddenly realizing that Jan and Peter hadcome down to the basement for the same reason they had, Bobbyand Cindy relaxed. They weren't in trouble. With a big grinon his face, Peter asked the other three if they had everheard of a daisy chain. They hadn't, so Peter went to a boxhidden back in a corner and took out some porn magazines, oneof which dealt with group sex. They looked at the pictures offucking and sucking, then at each other. Without a word, Janand Peter stripped, Peter's cock already hard and throbbing. Copying the positions they had seen in the magazine, the fourformed a slightly squared circle, lying partially on theirsides. Peter spread Cindy's pussy, licking her slit, thenprobing with his tongue. Cindy sucked the head of Bobby'scock, taking a couple of inches of shaft into her mouth. Shelooked along Bobby's body to his face, which was covered byJan's ass and pussy. She could see his tongue licking andthrusting, could feel the same thing being done to her owncunt. It was a strange sensation, being eaten while watchinga pussy being eaten. She sucked harder on the cock in hermouth.

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   Jan had her mouth full of Peter's prick, trying to dowhat she had seen Cindy do, trying to deep throat a cock. Itwas difficult concentrating with Bobby tonguing her snatch,setting her on fire. The girls came at almost the same time,their bodies tensing, their thighs clenching around the headsbetween them. Peter pulled his rod from Jan's mouth, thenstood up. He wanted Cindy wanted to feel his pole in thattight pussy he had been eating. Bobby didn't mind, all hecould think about were Jan's big tits, and the picture theyhad seen of a man fucking a pair of big boobs. Cindy lay on her back, legs spread wide. She watchedPeter's cock as he prepared to mount her. It was a good dealbigger than Bobby's, both thicker and longer. Although shewas juicy, Peter oiled his cock, knowing she had only hadBobby's. He stretched out above her, waiting for her to guidehim in. She reached for him, her hand sliding along theshaft, rolling his balls around, then returning to the head,which she positioned at her slit. Peter pushed in, slowly butfirmly, until his entire cock was inside her. He couldn'tbelieve how tight she was, how hot she was. After a moment hebegan pumping, steadily and slowly, trying to make this fucklast.

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   Jan was also on her back, but Bobby was sitting astrideher stomach, squeezing her tits together, his hips pumpingfrantically. Jan had her mouth open, licking the cockhead anytime it was close enough. As Peter watched, Bobby jerked,then began shooting on Jan's tits. It was amazing how muchcum he had, considering he had already been sucked off once. Jan rubbed the cum into her tits, then pulled one to hermouth and began to clean it. She reached up and pulled Bobbydown, kissing him, letting him taste himself on her lips. Toher surprise, Bobby liked the taste, immediately licking herother tit clean himself. Cindy's eyes were open wide, her body screaming withlust. Peter's cock was reaching untouched spots within her,driving her over the edge. The tightness of Cindy's cuntpulled Peter closer, driving him toward his orgasm. Theycrested at almost the same time, Peter thrusting hard, Cindyclinging to him. Their mingled moans were loud in the quietbasement. They clung to each other, gasping for breath fromthe intensity of their mutual orgasms. Finally theyseparated, momentarily spent. The four of them lay together, relaxing, talking aboutthe sex, kissing and holding each other.

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   Being young, itwasn't long before they were ready to go again. Surprisingly,it was Bobby who was hard first. Jan showed him some of thepictures in the magazines, of men mounting women from behind,and told him she loved doing it that way. She rolled to herstomach, then got to her hands and knees, pushing her soft,full butt into Bobby. Moving against her, Bobby quicklyentered, sliding all the way in. Matching the slow, steadyrhythm with which Jan was pushing back against him, Bobbybegan fucking. He was determined that she would cum before hewould. Peter grew hard as he watched them fuck. Seeing this,Cindy lay her head in his lap, his cock standing up betweenher chin and throat. She began nuzzling it, playing with itwith her lips and tongue. Peter sighed, reached for her pussyand began playing with it, inserting one finger, then asecond. Cindy kissed his cockhead, then slowly beganswallowing him. It was a tight fit, but she managed it, deepthroating his now fully erect dick. Quite a talented littlegirl. This talent gave Peter an idea.


   He extracted himselffrom her mouth, grabbed a couple of boxes, and fixed a placefor Cindy to lay, on her back, head hanging off the boxes. Some guy had face fucked Vanessa Del Rio this way in a moviehe had seen. Her head hanging, mouth open, throat relaxed, Cindywaited for Peter's cock. When the head was inside her mouthshe closed her lips and began to suck, pulling him insideeven further. With her eyes open she could see his cockslowly disappearing, and of course she could feel it in hermouth. Peter continued to push slowly, unable to believesomeone as small as Cindy could truly swallow his entirecock. When his balls hit her nose, Cindy knew she had done it. She exhaled through her nose, blowing across his balls,causing him to shudder. She could see his asshole, could seethe big muscles in his ass clench. He pulled out, then pushedin again, a little faster than before. Cindy relaxed,breathing in when he withdrew, exhaling on his balls andasshole. Peter was ecstatic. Never in his short life had he feltanything like this. He began thrusting faster, pumping in andout of her face. Her hands began massaging his ass, makingsmall circles on his butt cheeks.

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   Then her hands went to herpussy, spread her lips, began slipping inside. She fingerfucked her pussy while Peter fucked her mouth. Her fingersmoved faster, her breath shortened, her body strained upwardwhen her orgasm hit, pushing him over the edge. He pulled outof her, pointed his cock at her firm, tiny boobs, andexploded shot after shot across her chest and stomach. As her own orgasm subsided she felt Peter pull out ofher, then felt hot cum splattering across her body. Sheopened her eyes, watched as his cock finished spurting, thenpulled it back to her mouth, where she licked it clean. Janand Bobby had already finished, and now Jan joined Cindy,licking Peter's shaft, then kissing Cindy, tasting the cum inher mouth. Jan broke the kiss, began licking cum off Cindy'schin and throat, working down to her tits. She cleaned onenipple, then the other, taking her time. Realizing that the four of them had been down therequite a while, and being pretty well satiated, they dressedand went back upstairs. They split up, the girls going to theupstairs bathroom to clean up, the guys using the one on theground floor. As they showered, Jan and Cindy talked. Jan mentionedthat Peter had the biggest cock she had seen, which was oneof the reasons she liked fucking him. Cindy was quiet amoment, then admitted that Peter was the biggest she'd hadinside her, but that she had seen a larger one, Greg's. Thenshe told Jan about hiding in the closet with Bobby, watchingMarcia and Greg fuck.

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   Their shower finished, the girls wentdownstairs, where they joined the others in the TV room. WhenPeter went to the kitchen to make popcorn, Jan followed. Shetold him what Cindy had told her about Marcia and Greg. Theyagreed they would try to find a way to involve all six ofthem in some hot and heavy action. Early the next morning, after Mom and Dad had left forwork, Greg and Marcia were having breakfast. Nobody else wasawake yet, so they had the whole ground floor to themselves. Marcia was wearing a thin robe, and when she stepped betweenGreg and the light it became obvious she wasn't wearinganything else. She went to the refrigerator, bending slightlyto look for something. Greg came up behind her, lifted thehem of her robe, pulled her back against him. Reaching aroundher, he pulled her robe open, thrust his hands inside andcovered her tits, her nipples between two of his fingers. Hesqueezed the nipples, pinching them, rubbing the tips whenthey hardened. Continued in part 3. . . More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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