The Childhood Confessions of Heather W. – Chapter Two


“Heather!” he laughed, then glanced around nervously. “Someone might hear you! And, besides, you’re extremely cute – beautiful, actually – and you know it. ”Of course, I did know I was cute, very cute, and maybe even beautiful, but obviously my own dad was going to think that. At 9-years-old in the third grade, I was 4’5” and 72 pounds, a skinny rail of a girl with blond hair, clear blue eyes, a face people told me was ‘angelic’ and a bookworm-ish, innocent manner that caused everyone to think I was a goody-goody, whatever that really means. In reality, I’d been doing oral sex with other kids since I’d been ‘seduced’ at 6-years-old by my 13-year-old babysitter, Maureen. She actually taught me how to come. Which I, of course, taught the other kids. And I was still doing dirty things with Maureen herself, who was then 16, including giving out handjobs and blowjobs to certain (cute!) boys she snuck in to fuck (in my bed!) when my folks were out. Maureen always let me watch her ‘do it,’ too, although I had to keep running out to look through the front window to make sure my folks didn’t get home unexpectedly. And I’d also taught my little cousin, Charlotte, who was 3 years younger than me, how to ‘pretend fuck’ and do a ‘69. ’So I wasn’t exactly the innocent 9-year-old angel I was presumed to be, although I still maintained a straight ‘A’ average, every day brushed my perfect teeth, did my chores and was very polite to grown-ups. “Daddy…?”“What, sweetie?”“Can I suck you again?” I asked, smiling all over. “In the car? It was really fun. ”I still couldn’t get over the fact that my dad and I had done great sex stuff together on the last trip home! It was, in fact, all I could think about. Anyway, it was summer, but instead of my usual jeans, tennis shoes and a tee-shirt, I purposely wore sandals and a little sundress that my mom bought me. It was all bare arms and shoulders, with a very short hem showing almost all of my skinny long legs (worn for my dad, without underpants, but my mom didn’t know THAT).

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   “Daddy, DO you want another blow job?” He turned to me, then noticed my mouth immediately. “Sweetie, are you wearing lipstick?” my dad asked by way of an answer. “Mom said I could, just this one time, because I’m wearing a dress,” I said brightly. “She said I look so grown up. Do you like it?”“It’s just that you’re only 9 and still in elementary school – ”“I’m not wearing any underwear,” I told him, and slid my dress up to my narrow bare hips to show him. “See?”When he turned to me, I spread my legs to give him a better look. My cunt was already slippery with excitement because I’d been touching it in my room, just before my dad arrived. And so my little pink slit was all swollen and pouting open wetly. Then I spread my knees wider and used two fingers to spread the sensitive lips open even more, to show him how wet I was inside. It was like a tiny, glistening little lake in there! Thank God my dad had leather seats, because touching myself like that made it start trickling down into the crack of my butt!“Christ,” he said slowly. “God, Heather, I’m just not sure it’s a good idea for us to, uh, mess around like this – ” “Daddy…that’s not fair! We already did dirty stuff together!”“Honey, I know, but – ”“Then, are we still going to watch dirty movies tonight?” I asked. He had to think that one over. “I guess so…if you’re sure you really want to. ” “I really want to!” I insisted. “They get me all excited! But I want to do dirty stuff with you, too, while we watch!”“Sweetie – ”“Daddy, please!” And then I actually said it: “I want you to fuck me! I promise I won’t tell!”“Heather!”“I mean it, Daddy,” I said, as seriously as a 9-year-old can be.

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   “Like the girls in the videos! I HAVE seen it done, you know. ”“Only on video – ”“No, for real,” I started, suddenly wondering if I was going to get into trouble, but needing to get my dad back in the mood. “With my babysitter, Maureen – she lets me watch when she sneaks in boys to fuck her. Sometimes I even help. ”“What!? How do you help?”“You know,” I shrugged, suddenly all little girl uncertainty. “With my hand or my mouth. ”My dad stared at me a long moment, then turned back to the road. “My God, that little slut Maureen. What is she now, about 15?”“She just turned 16,” I pointed out. “She told me she’s a nympho, then told me what it means! And that I might be one, too. ”My dad just laughed. “For Christ’s sakes, you’re not a nympho!” he said. “You’re a 9-year-old girl naturally curious about sex! It’s completely normal. ”I wasn’t so certain about that, or what to say next, but I suddenly admitted, “Daddy, I think about sex ALL the time. And I do dirty stuff ALL the time.

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   With Maureen and Charlotte and Maureen’s boyfriends and even other kids – ”And, like the little Catholic schoolgirl I was, I confessed everything to my father, starting with Maureen teaching me to ‘come’ on the couch and sticking her fingers up my butt and all the handjobs and blowjobs and boys fucking her while I held her hand and my sex stuff with Charlotte and the other kids and licking Maureen’s asshole and licking that boy’s asshole and EVERYTHING!My father listened in amazed silence, nodding now and then to encourage me, but not interrupting, just letting me tell him whatever I wanted. Which, of course, is the way to get someone to tell you absolutely everything. “Jesus Christ,” he finally said when I was done. “I can’t believe that little whore Maureen molested you!”“Daddy, I liked it! I still do. It feels real good in my pussy. And I like using my mouth, like you and me did, all that stuff in the car last time. It’s fun!”My dad exhaled slowly, then nodded to himself. “I can’t believe I’m telling you this,” he said, “but when Maureen started babysitting you, I gave her a ride home after, and she and I, well…we did it for about six months. It started in the car – ““You fucked Maureen?” I burst out with. “Yes, I did,” he said. “I know a few of us fathers did. And for being so young, she really liked it. ”I just looked at him. “I’ll bet I would, too,” I said, “if you’d fuck me!”My dad finally shook his head with an exasperated sigh, then looked back over to me. “We’ll talk about it later,” he said then.

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   “Let’s wait until tonight, and we’ll see. ”Which usually meant ‘No’ if you knew my dad, but at least we were talking about it. And while we’d discussed ‘Will my dad fuck me or not?’ my fingers were moving almost imperceptibly within the slick little lips at the top of my cunt, slowly spreading those lips apart again in a gentle search for that single fleshy spot that always sent the most piercing stabs of pleasure straight through me. My dad’s eyes, trying to NOT look, nonetheless found it impossible to avoid staring at his only daughter’s slippery young pussy – my sundress hiked up, my skinny knees apart and my slim fingers manipulating the slick pink hood surrounding my always sensitive, rapidly distending clit. Without really meaning to, I let out a quiet little sigh, and then another. Not surprisingly, my breathing suddenly quickened. With a finger on each side of my clit, I started rubbing myself a little faster. “It’s feeling really good again, Daddy,” I told him. “I’ll bet,” was all he said, but turned his eyes back to the road. “You can help. ”But when he made no move to do so, I put my bare feet up on the dash (so he could see better), my index finger gliding right to the slippery little pink nub itself. I suddenly jerked with a short gasp at the exquisite sensation that flooded through my sweet young cunt, then closed my eyes and began seriously masturbating. Certain my father was watching (or soon would be), I slid my free hand under my rounded bare ass and found my asshole with a fingertip. With another little start of pleasure, I probed into it, as if examining the tiny puckered opening for the first time, then slowly pushed my middle finger all the way up my butt with a shaky little groan. And while still masturbating feverishly, and starting to pant for breath, I began fingering my rubbery little asshole.


  I knew exactly what I was doing. “Anyway, it’s a long ride, Heather,” my dad finally said, with what sounded like a awkward little cough, “so you might as well start sucking my dick right after you come – ”* * *That night, my dad and I watched another dirty video, “Gangbang Daughter,” about a daughter’s all-night gangbang by her dad, brothers and uncles, and it got us so sexually excited, so wildly aroused, that it drove both of us just about insane, even more so than the one last week. “You can fuck me, Daddy,” I said, for the fifteenth time, before the video was over. “I’m really wet and I want you to!”“Sweetie, damn it, you’re only nine…!”“If you don’t,” I said with a sudden, sly little smile, “I’ll do it with one of the boys Maureen knows!”“Sweetie, that’s not funny…!”“I’m just kidding – maybe. ” Lying on his back in front of the TV with his robe open and his hard dick standing straight up, I’d been jacking him off while we watched the video, but it surprised him anyway when I let go, wiggled out of my own robe and, naked, swung my skinny leg across his hips. “Let’s just try,” I offered, straddling him with the pulsing underside of his rigid cock suddenly pressed tightly into the warmth of my crotch. “Daddy, feel how wet I am!”I canted my bare ass slightly, my knees digging into the carpet on either side of him, and felt my cunt-lips part wetly against the bulbous head of his cock. I could suddenly feel it throbbing wildly against my clit! Then – watching his face with a dirty little smile – I pressed myself down slightly, let up a quick moment to reposition myself, and pressed down again, and felt the hot, slippery inside of my cunt give just enough to make my dad suddenly moan at the sensation. With both of my small hands on his chest, I smiled down at him. “NOW do you want to fuck me, Daddy?” And when my dad just smiled back with a little sigh of defeat, I started moving my skinny hips up and down, and around and around, working my very tight but exceptionally wet 9-year-old cunt against the swollen head of his rigid cock – and wanting for all the world to get it into me. I knew I didn’t need the whole thing – just enough so we could fuck. “It’s so big,” I said shakily. He smiled at me again, unable to resist. “Just be patient, Heather. It’ll fit sooner or later.

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  ”With my hands still on his chest, I scooted forward slightly and started rocking back and forth, in a ‘humping’ motion, repeatedly pressing the slick entrance of my pussy onto the smooth tip of his now slippery cock. And soon, even though his cock seemed to go no further into my cunt than when we’d started, I discovered I was pressing myself onto his extremely rigid erection increasingly faster, actually fucking myself on just the very thick tip of it. And, because my clit’s little covering was being pulled at so relentlessly by my dad’s cock during my on-going attempts at penetration, I was driving myself into a total sexual frenzy! The sensation was so exciting, in fact, I could barely breathe. And I started twisting my slim hips with each downward thrust, like I’d seen Maureen sometimes do when she fucked, trying to make my oily-wet cunt feel even better for my dad and realizing I was finally ‘doing it’ with him! “Is this fucking?” I asked. “Almost,” he groaned. “Goddamn, just keep at it, sweetie. ”“Do I fuck as good as Maureen?” I wanted to know, breathlessly. “Do you like my pussy?”“Of course, I like you’re pussy!” he told me. “I love your pussy – you’re like a little snake, the way you work it!”It sounded like he DID love it, so I kept twisting my slick-lipped pussy down onto the head of his cock as I pumped my hips, my skinny thighs straining, my entire body sweaty and trembling uncontrollably on top of him. My legs were all shaky by then, the nonstop oily wetness of my cunt sluicing out with each of my quickening thrusts and soaking his entire crotch. When we’d started, my dad merely laid there, lightly griping my bare ass on both sides, but otherwise letting me do all the work. But, as he began to reluctantly enjoy it, he’d slid his hands around my hips until he was tightly squeezing both sweaty cheeks of my ass!A second or two later, he slid a finger up my taut asshole, which he knew I loved. And with that, he finally started to gently push his hard cock up into me each time I thrust downward, pulling gently on my bare ass as well, helping move me along! So that, finally, after much incredibly pleasurable effort, I could feel the large head of his stiff penis begin to slide into my slippery tight hole, my cunt actually opening just enough from our relentless motion (which was making me insane!) to let him partly into me. “It’s starting to go in,” I panted. “Your cunt’s so tight,” my dad breathed, suddenly pushing up with several slightly stronger thrusts, so his dick actually slipped into me still another fraction of an inch.

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   “Damn, you get so wet, too!”“Daddy, we’re fucking!”“Keep pressing down with your pussy like that,” he advised. “And use your fingers on your clit. Damn, my dick’s so hard, it’s going to burst!”And it did exactly that, burst with his huge load of semen, before he even finished the sentence! My dad came real fast that first time, for him, the entire throbbing head and the next thick inch or so of his cock jerking wildly in my tight hairless slit as his cum poured out. My own orgasm made me press my cunt down onto his cock even harder, riding the very tip, and his hot cum pumped out like a fire hose, thrilling me. “Daddy, you came so much!” I gasped, still fucking him hard and fast. “And I’m coming, too! Ohhhh God, my cunt’s gushing wet! Ohhh, it’s so good!!”“You’re such a dirty little whore!” he breathed, his cock jerking one last time. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” I urged. “Don’t stop, not yet! Keep pushing it up into me! Uhhh Uhhhh UHHHHHHHH!”And by the time we stopped, we were both shaking, exhausted and out of breath. “Jesus Christ!” he laughed, his cum a wet, sticky river flowing back out from my cunt and down to coat his hairy balls. “What a mess. ”“I’ll lick up all the mess,” I promised, “if we can try fucking again. ” Of course, we did keep trying to fuck all weekend, to get it right, to get his cock farther into me, trying again and again just like the slutty little daughter taking on her entire family in the video, but my dad didn’t get his cock most of the way into me (and then ALL the way into me) until very late (early morning, actually) that Saturday night. After that, of course, we couldn’t get enough of each other. In fact, instead of taking me home first thing Sunday morning like he usually did, my father fucked me on and off all afternoon, then took me home that night. I was such a horny little pervert slut! Anyway, that’s when I was nine.

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   * * *As I’ve mentioned earlier, my little cousin Charlotte was 6-years-old when I started having ‘real’ sex with my dad. She was a skinny, sweet-tempered little redhead that spent many nights sleeping over in my bed, whenever my mom said it was okay. But, even before my dad and I started talking about sex or watching dirty videos, I’d already been ‘messing around’ with Charlotte. Back then, I was masturbating every single night, yet I still felt self-conscious letting Charlotte know I was doing it (or even that it was a fun thing to do). So whenever she’d stay over, I’d go to the bathroom during the night, make certain the door was locked, lay on the bathroom rug with my pj’s down, and finger myself through one or more orgasms as quickly and quietly as possible. “Heather, you keep getting up to pee,” Charlotte said to me, late one night. “It’s okay,” I told her. And then I said: “I go in there to think dirty thoughts about boys. ”Even in the dark, I could tell she sat right up in bed . “What kind of dirty thoughts?” she wanted to know. “Like kissing?”Sometimes, when Charlotte was staying over and I’d get an urge I couldn’t ignore, I’d make certain she was asleep, then slip my hand down to my cunt and slowly manipulate myself to an orgasm. If it seemed like she was waking up, or that I was about to breathe too loudly with the pleasure of my guilty secret, I’d cough or else roll over, so my noise or movement would conceal my real activity, all the while my fingers still working secretly in my cunt until I came. That night, though, as soon as Charlotte sat up, I lifted up my butt and slipped down my pajama bottoms, then kicked them off under the covers. “What are you doing?” she wanted to know, trying to see me in the dark. “And what dirty thoughts?”I slipped my finger into my slippery pussy, instantly going to my clit and teasing at it with a fingertip.

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   I was already aroused from masturbating in the bathroom a short time earlier and it felt very good to get right back to it, even though I’d managed to come five times already that night. “I’m playing with myself,” I told Charlotte. “With my pussy, while I think dirty stuff, like about boys being naked or doing dirty things to me…it feels really good!”“Really?!” This, of course, was a huge surprise to Charlotte, who had never imagined such a thing. “How did you learn to do it?”I could feel her moving around next to me, trying to figure out exactly what I was doing under the covers in the darkness. And the heat of her young body was suddenly very apparent to me as she leaned over close. “Maureen taught me,” I told her. “It makes your pussy feel good. ”She was quiet a long moment. “Like how does it make it feel good?” she finally asked. “Show me. ”I swallowed in the dark, realizing I was much like Maureen, an older experienced girl seducing a younger girl who knew nothing about sex. Still, it felt too good NOT to do it, so I said, “If I do it to you, will you do it to me?”“Will we get in trouble?” she asked. “Not if you don’t tell,” I said, rolling over onto my side so I was facing her. “Now pull down your pants, and I’ll do it to you first. ”In the dark, and under the covers, I felt Charlotte push down her pajama bottoms, then kick them off under the covers like I’d done.

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   She was such a copycat! “Just lay there and relax,” I told her. “You’ll like it. ”Reaching under the covers for her, I first found Charlotte’s small hand and squeezed it warmly, reassuring her. Then I let it go and found her slender bare hip, slid my fingers across her smooth tummy and down along her very pronounced hairless pubic mound, and easily found her moist little cunt. It was already wet inside. “Umm – ” she murmured when I first touched it, her skinny legs spreading slightly on their own. “That feels funny. ”“It’s okay,” I said. “Open your legs up more. ”And while my little cousin laid on her back, naked from the waist down with her legs spread, I probed into her narrow slit of a cunt, pressing it and squeezing it and rubbing it until – with my fingertips – I found her slippery little clit right where I expected to. “Heather!” she gasped, then put her hand over her mouth real fast with a quick laugh. “Sorry – . ”“I’m going to make you come,” I told her. “It means ‘feel real good. ’”“It already feels real good,” she told me right back.


   And so I masturbated Charlotte for the very first time in her young life, exploring her hot, wet little pussy and massaging her clit (and all around it) until she was sweaty and trembling and breathing hard. “Is it okay?” I asked her, and my own breathing was just as ragged as hers. “Do you like it?”“It feels so good,” she almost moaned, and her hips jerked with each little touch I made directly on her clit. I could feel my own clit pulsating with a need for attention, so with my free hand, I slid my fingers down and began masturbating myself again. “It’s all tingling!” she told me. “Inside. ”“Call it your pussy,” I said, and fingerfucked her a little faster. “Tell me when it feels so good you can barely stand it!”“Okay – just keep doing it fast like that!” Charlotte breathed hoarsely. “To my pussy! I don’t want it to stop!”But, of course, that was exactly what I did – stopped for a quick moment – just to keep her guessing, and to keep her attention sharply focused on exactly what I was doing. With two slippery fingers, I lightly pressed her swollen clit into her pubic bone, squeezing it almost, getting a muffled little groan out of her. I squeezed it a couple of more times, Charlotte tensing all over with another little trembling gasp – her bare butt actually lifting slightly off the bed – and then I went back to wetly rubbing her clit, and doing it even faster. “Heather!” she panted. “Please keep doing it like that! Ohhhh! Uhhh! My pussy feels so good! Just don’t stop again!”Charlotte’s young cunt was oozing hot moisture, a little river of it, and I knew there was already a good-sized wet spot under her. As I masturbated her, I pressed my body against hers, feeling the heat pouring off her as she squirmed and trembled at my touch. When she moved slightly to get more comfortable, I pushed my slickened cunt up tight against her thigh, then started to hump her.

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  “Can I fuck your leg?” I breathed hotly into her ear, and although she didn’t understand what I’d said, she clearly understood what I meant. “I want to come when you do,” I told her. Charlotte merely nodded, her breathing so ragged and her excitement so great she’d began moving her own hips in a similar manner to mine when I started pumping my crotch against her leg, as if she were humping my hand. The two of us were squirming so wildly and breathing so hard, it was almost as if we were actually fucking!With my finger in her sweet little cunt, I stayed near or directly on her slippery clit for the most part. But every so often I’d slide my fingertip up and down the length of her slit, then push just the end of my finger into her little wet hole several quick times. And to add to her first-time pleasure even more, I’d sometimes give her entire bulging pubic mound a quick squeeze, too. “That feels really good,” she panted. “Squeezing it like that!”Which gave me a great idea! Charlotte’s protruding pubic mound was always very noticeable, her hairless little slit always obvious in her panties or even in tight shorts. With my bare leg still over her warm thigh, I slid myself on top of her and – my fingers leaving her clit – I was suddenly lying between her legs (much to her surprise), her hot wet pussy pressed tightly against my own hot wet pussy. “Charlotte, let’s fuck,” I whispered hotly. “I’ll be the boy. ”And before she could answer, I began pressing my cunt into hers, pumping my narrow hips and pretending to be a ‘boy’ who was fucking her! And Charlotte was soon panting beneath me until she was nearly incoherent with gasping pleasure. I repeatedly pressed my cunt against her cunt – and her sweet clit – until she was moaning and pushing her hot little twat into mine, her legs pumping and her toes spreading apart when she finally came (her first orgasm!) with a gasping rush of panting relief. My own orgasm kicked in and I ground my pussy into hers even faster, pressing it into her pubic mound as if we were both on fire, countless spasms of exquisite pleasure coursing through my entire body. I got so carried away, in fact, that I found myself kissing her face and then her curious mouth, giving her a quick series of open-mouthed French kisses that were only the beginning for us.

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   When we finally gasped out the last of our moaning pleasures, we lay together for several very long moments, her slim legs splayed loosely open, every inch of her firm little body hot and sweaty, yet with me in no hurry to get off of her. “Did it feel real good?” I wanted to know. “And do you want to do it again?”Charlotte put both of her small hands on my bare butt and gave me a quick little squeeze back there, then pulled me back in tight against her crotch. “Yes and yes,” was all she said. After that, Charlotte and I ‘experimented’ sexually with each other whenever she stayed over, and, of course, night-long bouts of eager oral sex became a fun activity for us as well. Sometimes we’d do it right through to morning, until my mom’d finally bang on my door to make us get up, with no idea what we’d been up to. Charlotte loved it when I licked her cunt (or her asshole!), but she seemed to love licking mine even more! Many mornings, though, I’d still climb between my younger cousin’s slender legs and we’d start ‘fucking’ again, with me usually being the ‘boy’. Also, I loved kissing Charlotte’s sweet face or exploring her hot mouth with my tongue the entire time we ‘fucked,’ especially if we’d just eaten each other out. That way I could taste my own pussy mixed with the sweet young taste of hers, which excited both of us even more. Sometimes, even after scrubbing furiously in the morning, our faces still smelled like our cunts – but luckily my mom and stepdad never seemed to notice!Anyway, I was a girl clearly built for easy pleasure and I touched and manipulated my little clit as often as I could, even at school sometimes in the girl’s bathroom with the stall door shut tight. More than once, in fact, starting in the fifth grade at St. Katherine’s, one or more of my ‘looser’ girlfriends and I fingerfucked or licked each other in that bathroom stall when we should have been in class. I also seduced many other kids or grown-ups during that period of my life, getting tremendous sexual pleasure from it all, of course, but also giving out just as much pleasure, I’d like to think. But the truth was, for all of that, I was mainly my own father’s little whore and wanton slut and we loved every indecent minute of it. And, by the time I was 12-years-old and spending the weekend with my dad in Elgin, PA at the Countryside Inn (and even on the way to Elgin from the airport!), I repeatedly proved it.

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  NEXT: Chapter 3 – My Dad Has Some Wild Ideas!.