The close cousin part 2


Topic: The close cousin part 2The close cousin Part 2
It was about one week after Katy and I made out. We just kinda pretended that it never happened. Every once and I while her friends would give me a wink and say “nice going big guy. ” I would ask them why and they would just walk away smiling. Katy and I hadn’t gotten a chance to hang out since then. We would hang out during school of course but never alone at home. It was like it never even happened, I almost wondered if all of it was like a dream. If I might have been out of it that night, but I guess not.  It was Friday night again. I was so hyper! When the bell finally rang that meant we were out of school me and all the rest of the students sprinted out. I hung out with some of my friends and was BSing with them for a little bit. Then I felt a little bit of a pat on my butt. I turned around and it was Katy, she had a big smile and looked very anxious to get home, like me. “See ya later guys” I said as I walked away with Katy next to me. When we got outside of the school area we started to talk a little about what we should do tonight.
So our parents are going to be on the town again? Katy asked
Yep till like 3 in the morning again, so what should we do? I said
Hmmmmm that’s a good question.

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   Katy said
She got to her house and said “ill see you over here in 5?”
“Yep sure will” I said
I got home and went into my room and started to take off our dumb ass school uniform, I started to think about what me Katy were going to do tonight. I started to think about us jamming out to some music and playing video games. I thought about making random shit like smoke bombs in the garage. I thought about her and me watching videos late at night. Then I all of a sudden remembered me looking at her as she layed there with one of her perfect breasts out of her shirt. I remembered us making out. I hadn’t put on my clothes that I was going to wear over there.
I noticed that my cock started to get a little hard. I began to rise up and I started to rub it a little. I imagined me rubbing Katy’s back and grabbing her butt as we kissed. I started to get close to an orgasm. Then I kinda woke up out of it. I quickly put my clothes back on almost like I was mad at my self. I kinda shook it off and just left my room. I walked into the garage and grabbed my paintball gun, some ammo, and a couple of carbon tanks.

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   I walked to her house and when I finally got there I saw her garage door was open too. I looked inside and her paintball gun was off of the hooks.
At that instant I put my helmet over my face and loaded my gun. I slowly walked into her back yard. I noticed that one of the big trees with branches that hung down to the ground had its branches moving a little bit. None of the other trees were swaying so I knew it wasn’t the wind. I slowly walked over to it ready to shoot at any time. I sprinted into it and shot like crazy! But I noticed after my hell fire that she wasn’t in there. But then when I was thinking to my self “What the fuck is going on?” then she jumped down from the tree behind me and shot me like crazy!
We kept fighting for a while. About 20 minutes later we both stopped. She had about 5 paintball shots on her.   I had three. “Ha I won!” I shouted out. Then she shot me 3 more times before I could even think. “Who won now?” she sayied.

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   I accepted it. So we both went inside, I gave her a high five and then she gave me a slap on the butt. She went into her bathroom and started to take a shower. I ran back over to my house real quick and took a shower too. I got changed and ran back over. When I got back over it was already dark outside. I went inside and she was still showering. So I got on her computer and started playing some music. It was a CD I put together for her that was mostly all hard rock and punk rock. Defiantly made to get you pumped up for a war or something.
I started playing video games on the TV and never even noticed that she was done taking a shower. She walked out of the bath room. She was head banging to the music. I turned around when I heard her sing along. She must not have known that I was over already.

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   She wasn’t wearing anything except a towel. She saw me and was almost a little embarrassed, she stood there not knowing what to do. I just stared at her again. We both let out a laugh.
Katy- how the hell did u get over here so fast hahaha.
Tommy- um I don’t know I just took a really quick shower.
Katy- o ok hahaha hey come into my room with me.
Tommy- but um… you’re only in a…
Katy- o it's fine come on.
I turned off the TV and x-box. I walked in with her and she closed the door. I sat down on the bed. She shut the blinds on her windows. I started to feel a little excited for something but I didn’t know what. She sat down next to me and kinda swished her hair around a little. It graced my face and I smelled the aroma coming from it.

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   I closed my eyes and took in a big whiff of it. “Ha your hair smells good” I said. She laughed and patted it down. She was warm and still a little wet from her hot shower. She was barely even covering her breasts. They were still wet and almost going to slip out.
I couldn’t help but look at them. She saw me staring at them and put her hand on my leg. I kinda woke me up from the trance I was in. she started to rub my leg a little.
Katy- so do u remember what me and you did last week?
Tommy- well um we played video games and watched movies for a while and listened to some…
Katy- no silly I mean what “you and me” did. She let out a very seductive smile.
Tommy- o um. . .

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   kinda… why? I said with a crackling voice
Katy- so you know how I said that I was going to teach u how to please a girl?
Tommy- um yeh I guess so…
Katy- I think its time for our second lesson…
She put her hand up my shirt and rubbed my abs. “take off your shirt” she said.
I did as she said. I was nervous and was starting to sweat. “And now your pants Tommy” I slowly started to take them off. I was shaking I was nervous. I didn’t know what the hell to think! I was left only with me boxers on. My dick wasn’t completely hard but was still longer than when im not excited. She put her hand right on it and started to rub. I closed my eyes and accepted how good it felt. She stopped and I looked at her. She started rubbing her boobs. Then she took off her towel. She threw it to the other side of the room. I stared at her perfect body.

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   Her boobs were perfect, stomach was perfect, legs were perfect and then I looked at her pussy. It was almost completely bald but still with a little hair. It was wet and luscious. Everything about her was perfect! She looked at me and just said “do u like what you see Tommy?” she was just swaying her boobs. I was hypnotized! My mouth got dry and all that came out was “god you’re an angel!” I hit my self in the head after I said that because it was so idiotic. “mmmmmm thank you. You’re so muscular” she said. Let’s see how your biggest muscle is doing. She slid off the bed and knelt in front of me and took off my boxers. I was still a little limp. Tommy-i'm so sorry Its not that you’re… its just I mean you’re my cousin Katy- I know what your saying its ok. I just have to help u get it up.
She put her big lips around the head of my cock and started to suck up and down on the entire shaft. It felt so amazing! She was perfect at it! She began rubbing my balls and then I got rock solid instantly! It was bigger than ive ever gotten it by my self. She stopped and got back on the bed.

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   She layed down and spread out her legs. She took out a bottle of lube from her drawer. Katy rubbed it in her hands and then rubbed it on her pussy. I was so amazed at the sight. I went over to her and layed down next to her. She kept rubbing. “now it’s your turn big boy” she said to me lightly. “but I don’t know what to do” I said in a worried voice. “just do what ever u want and I’ll tell u if you’re doing something wrong k?” she said. So I got between her legs and put my hand on her “just start with two fingers k?” she said. I put two fingers out and rubbed in circles. “mmmm keep going” she said. I sunk both of them in and went in and out slowly. I bent my fingers up wards and tried finding her G-spot. I had heard about it before but I didn’t exactly know where it was.

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   OOOO GOD!! She screamed. I quickly took my fingers out thinking that I hurt her. “no put them back in, put them back in keep going!”
I put my fingers back in and kept rubbing her g-spot that I now found. She kept moaning and letting out a little yelp every once in a while. I was starting to put 3 fingers in, then 4, I kept going faster and harder. Her body kept wiggling every where and shaking. I often wondered if I was hurting her. But I was enjoying to much to really even think about if she was alright. “O MY GOD IM GOING TO BLOW!!!” she screamed out about 6 minutes into this whole thing. I noticed that my fingers where starting to get extremely wet. I loved the feeling of the soft, warm, wet inside of her tight little pink pussy. It was something that I never imagined I would do before I’m 18. “LICK MY PUSSY QUICK!” I put my head between her legs and started to suck on her now extremely soaking wet pussy. I tongue fucked her. “AHHHHHHHHHH FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!” Katy started to scream.

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   Her slender soft legs came together over my head and squeezed. Her stomach and chest rose up as her hands grabbed the comforter on the bed. Then something amazing happened, a small spray of liquid came out. At first I thought it was pee but after I wiped some of it off my face and tasted it I could tell it wasn’t. I kept licking her pussy until she was done. Her entire body relaxed, her legs spread apart again. She let go of the bed and I could tell was tired. I put my fingers back on her pussy. I just slowly rubbed around in circles. She was sweating and was very warm. I gave her a kiss on her beautiful and wet cult. I slid back up next to her and put my hand on my face. I wiped some of the strange liquid that Katy squirted out. I could tell it wasn’t pee. It almost felt like cum.


   But I wasn’t as white or as thick. “what is this stuff” I said. “That’s what I squirt out when I have an orgasm”. She said in a very tired voice.
Tommy- wow I didn’t know girls could do that heh heh.
Katy- not a lot of us can but when we do its amazing!
Tommy- so did I do a good job?
Katy- you were awesome. Ya still need some practice but for a first try that was very good!
Tommy- ha ha, thanks. So um ive got a question.
Katy- sure go ahead and ask.
Tommy- um, well what does all of this make us?
Katy- well I would call us fuck buddy’s.
Tommy- Fuck buddy’s?
Katy- yeh its were you aren’t really a couple but you fuck each other. Its also I very good chance to practice and experiment without ruining an actual relation ship.
Tommy- o cool, sounds good to me.
I rolled over on top of her, I gave her some kisses and rubbed her perfect breasts. Her nipples were warm and not very pointy any more.

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   She was sweaty and hot. I licked her shoulders, chest and neck. I was about to put my dick into her soft little pussy. “can I?” I said. “um I still have to finish up too. ” “no not yet. I’m to tired to keep going. Maybe next time hehehe” she said and winked at me. I roled off Katy’s body. I was almost a little sad. Then she went to the end of the bed in front of me. She started to rub the inside of my legs. She started rubbing my big balls. She did that with one hand and then stroked my cock with the other. It felt so great.

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   Her hands were small and soft. They gripped onto my big hard dick so perfectly, I moaned and groaned. I started getting close. She obviously knew I was going to blow. She licked the lower part of my shaft right were my balls start. My dick twitched and then… tons of my gooey cream came out. It ran down my long cock. She licked it up and socked my cock a little. I relaxed and looked down at her. She came back up next to me. “I’ll make you ready in no time. ” She said.
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