The Way We Are


The Way We Are
The repair crew hit the main power cable with the back hoe and the office building went dark.   Daren had walked to work that morning, leaving the car for his wife.   The office was less than half a mile from his suburban home.   He opened the front door and heard a scuffle of motion from the rear of the house.   Someone was running out the back.   His first thoughts were that his thirteen year old daughter had decided to skip school and was entertaining.
“The little slut” he murmured.   “Your mother is far too lenient with you. ”  He slipped out the front door and saw three young men jumping the back fence, two of them were black.   Carol should have been in school hours ago.   His assumptions changed to robbery.   Daren was no hero and had no thoughts of chasing them.   If anything was taken, the insurance companies would handle it.   He went back into the house.
In retrospect, he should have recognized the sounds of sobbing, despite the muffled nature.   It was not at all what he had expected when he opened the bedroom door.

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    In the center of the room with the sunlight highlighting her body she was naked on her knees and secured in a sort of restraint frame.   He should have rushed to her, covered her with a blanket from the bed, released her and held her and comforted her, but the scene was so strange, so erotic he froze and stared.
The frame that held her was a simple affair with small padded triangular pedestal forced up against pubic bone to keep her ass raised in position.   A wide strap around her waist held her in place.   She was sobbing almost silently. Another strap held her shoulders to a padded horizontal bar.   Her eyes were covered and her face was buried in a padded ring like one might see attached to a massage table.   Her shoulders were at least ten inches lower than her hips, but the face pad was tilted upward, holding her head back between her shoulder blades.   The arrangement forced her to keep her back arched.   Two more straps around her legs just above the knees pulled her legs forward and slightly apart.   The frame appeared to have been designed to keep its captive comfortable, and yet helpless.   With her back arched and knees forward, her pussy lips stood out proudly.   Like it or not, she was presenting herself.
He had not seen her naked since she was an infant.   Even changing her diapers her pussy had not caught his attention as it did now.

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    The smooth plump labia that the onset of puberty had not yet begun to cover with hair were parted slightly by the position of her legs.   They showed no signs of sexual arousal.   A stain on the carpet between he knees indicated that she had obviously been filled, probably several times.   He thought of the three boys he had seen running away when he had come home unexpectedly.   He tore his eyes away from his naked young daughter and looked around the room; a shirt, carelessly forgotten on the edge of the bed.   A tan ski mask and a bottle of Vaseline hand lotion and water standing on the hardwood floor leading from the bathroom. Slowly in his mind the events began to take shape.
He and his wife had both left for work early, leaving her alone to get ready for school.   It was the normal routine.   Somehow the boys had gotten in, probably set up their contraption and waited for her to step out of the shower.   They had grabbed her and drug her out of the bathroom.   She had probably struggled, but there were three of them, young men and much stronger than her.   They had forced her down onto the restraint frame.   With each strap that they secured her with, the fight had changed to pleading and sobbing.   Once they had her subdued, and her eyes covered they had stripped and gone to work on her.


Only now did he drop to his haunches and see the end of the rubber dildo sticking out of her mouth, held in place by a strap around the back of her head.   It had served two purposes:  It had silenced her screams and could be used during the intercourse to force a gag response.   Gagging, like coughing, sneezing or vomiting caused the vaginal muscles to spasm.   Forcing it into the back of her mouth possibly even down her throat would tighten her cunt enhancing their sensation during the intercourse.   It probably also caused her to buck violently against the straps that held her in position for fucking.   He had seen three of them.   Surely they had each used her at least once.   In this position, the semen could not have poured out of her.   The wetness on the floor was caused by overflow.
It was unlikely that they had intended to leave their equipment behind.   His unexpected arrival had interrupted their activities, but it was probable that they were almost finished with her anyway.   Most young boys can ejaculate twice.   A small young vagina would not hold sixty ccs of semen.
His attention turned again to the young body.   He noted the bruises on the budding breasts where the boys had been a little to rough with their groping.

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    He looked at her nipples that were still just candy kiss shaped cones and had not been sucked into shape by men attempting to arouse her and prepare her pussy.  Her hips were only slightly wider than her waist.   It had only been about seven mounts ago that his wife had told him that she had had her first period.   She was fertile, but obviously her body was not yet developed enough to handle pregnancy.   The thought caused him to wonder about the depth of her vagina.   They had appeared to be young boys, her age, possibly younger, certainly not much older.   Probably their penises had not done her any real damage.   He wondered if the first boy had even noticed when he ripped her hymen.
They had covered her eyes and strapped her down.   They had pumped the yellow liquid out of the bottle of hand lotion onto her lips; a reasonable substitute for a willing vagina.   Her hands were tied to the pedestal that held her knees a couple inches off the floor.   It was unnecessary.   In that position, her hands were of little use to prevent the penetrations, or free her self, but the restrains stopped her body from moving forward as they pumped her.
He could never have imagined himself doing it, but he unbuttoned his shirt and stepped around behind her.   He had been twenty two the first time he got his cock into a woman.

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    She had been several years older than him.   He had married at twenty seven.   He had never seen a piece of ass this young before.   If he had thought about it, he might have rationalized that it didn’t matter to her.   She had already been gang raped.   One penis more or less could hardly matter to her, but for him this was an opportunity that would never come again.   He didn’t think about it.   His penis had responded the instant he saw her.   He had known from the instant he walked into the room, what was an appropriate reaction for a father.   He didn’t think about that either.
She must have heard him undoing his belt, or perhaps the rustle of the denim as he pulled his pants down.   She began to struggle and her cries increased.   He smiled at what he was about to do.   His hands gripped her buttocks and spread them.
“Hmmm” she cried out as he moved one hand to the back of her neck and lined up his penis with the other.

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    She was struggling against the straps the held her hips, but she barely moved a half inch or so.
Slowly, deliberately, enjoying every movement, he pushed against her and felt the soft young lips part and engulf his rod.   Semen that the others had left in her squeezed out around his penis as went deeper.   God she was tight.   His wife hadn’t been this tight the first time he mounted her and after Carol was born, he had had to twist around insider to even get off.   His legs were trembling as he slowly began to pump his daughter.   He used her slowly deliberately, enjoying a sensation that he did not know could exist.
He bent over her and felt the tiny young breasts and the nipples that were so soft they surprised him.   He wanted to begin bucking violently, but he knew it would be over in seconds if he did and he wanted this to last.
The intensity of his arousal robbed him of any control he had left and his hand moved from her breast to her throat and then to the smooth round end of the rubber dong in her mouth.   Her reaction showed that she knew what was coming.   He pushed the full length of his cock into her and then gripping her by the hair with one hand and pushing on the vibrator with the other he forced it down her throat.
Her toes slipped across the carpet as she desperately tried to get leverage and her back slammed against the strap that held her.   Her whole body was trembling and her cunt gripped his cock like vice.   The contractions shot semen and cunt juice out all over his thighs.

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Her hands were shaking when he pulled the dildo out of her throat.   She was panting trying to make up for the lack of breath that she had missed and from the terror that he was not finished.   He kept his finger in her hair and his hand on the tool and but went back to fucking her.   He didn’t wait for her to completely return to normal respiration before he again made her swallow the large rubber cock shaped toy.
After the fourth session, the fight was gone out of her.   The gagging and lack of oxygen still had the desired effect on her cunt, but now she only sobbed between breaths.   He released her head and slowly pulled his cock out of her cunt.   It slapped hard against his abdomen, standing hard and angry for not being allowed to finish.   He reached across the floor for the bottle of hand lotion and unscrewed the pump top.   They had ruptured her hymen, but there are many forms of virginity.
She lay there relaxed, probably assuming he was finished, when she felt the cold hard threads of the plastic bottle pressed against her asshole.   A new wave of pain and fear washed over her as he twisted the bottle, literally screwing the opening into her.   It hurt, and when he squeezed the bottle, the thick greasy enema felt cold in her. He finished by pulling the bottle out of her and pouring the last of it contents between her cheeks.   There was no way a well lubricated hole could stop his hard rod.

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She tried to flex her butt muscles to prevent him, but her legs were tied to far apart to be effective.   He bent over her positioning himself and forced his rock hard penis through her cheeks up to the tiny hole that had never had any larger than a rectal thermometer in it.   He pushed and he strained to force her open.   She fought him, but from the beginning she knew it was no use.
He had never sodomized a woman before.   He had seen it on videos, and they made it look easy.   The first woman he had ever fucked had told him that she had done it, but that his cock was too thick and had never opened her cheeks for him.   He had tried to broach the subject with his wife, but she would not consider it.   He knew it could be painful for the woman if the man did not move slowly.   He knew that he should apply a modest pressure, and then wait for the woman to relax her sphincter and allow him in.   Knowledge often gets swept away in the heat of passion.   Besides, he didn’t think that Carol was going to relax and open her asshole willingly.   His hands gripped her cheeks and forced them apart and slowly he felt the head of his penis winning the battle.
As the head cleared the gateway, the resistance vanished and he pushed four inches up her before he stopped.   She was screaming into the dildo that filled her mouth, but there was very little sound.

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    He knew he had hurt her, but that was noting compared to what he had planned.   Slowly he twisted and changed the angle of his penis until he found the path through her rectum into her bowels and then he pushed the rest of the way up.
Once deep inside of her, he bent over her, using his elbows to steady her hips and gripping her breasts with his hands.   He held her young body still and began to pump her hard.   He had not thoughts of gentleness he pistonned in and out of her violently.   He tried to stall his orgasm, but when he knew it was over he jammed himself as deeply into her as he could.   His cock throbbed and he emptied himself into her and then collapsed against her back.
Now that it was over, the guilt washed over him like a tidal wave.   He was not a stranger to the feeling.   He had been raised in a strict religious household and he had had the feeling every time he had masturbated beginning when he was ten.   He knew the shame and he knew its course.   He knew in time it would burn away and he would be left with an experience that he would cherish.
He pushed himself up off her and yanked his softening penis out of her.   He stared down at the gaping hole he had left between her cheeks.   He stared at her until finally the muscles that had been forced to submit again took charge and closed her ass.

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He stood and pulled up his pants and retrieved his shirt.   Mentally he went through the logistics of what had just happened.   His daughter had been raped and sodomized by a gang of young thugs.   She probably had not seen and could not identify any of them.   He hadn’t said anything out loud.   There was no way she guess that one of them was her father.   He would slip away now and come back in an hour or so.  He hated leaving her strapped down like that, but she would survive for another hour.   Then he would arrive and go through all of the comforting things that he had expected himself to do when he first saw her.   She would have to live with the memory of being raped, but his actions could not affect that.   His comforting her would be a positive thing in her life and their relationship.   That much he could offer.
“Oh my God” he cried.   “What happened?”  She was still shaking from the sobs though her eyes had run out of tears.   He rushed to her and knelt beside her.


    She cringed when his hands touched her shoulder.   “It’s alright baby.   It’s me; I’ll get you out of this. ”  He reached for the bed and with a firm motion pulled the comforter free to cover her.   Slowly he fumbled with the straps that held her, making a show of not being familiar with the mechanism and seemingly accidentally touching her intimately.
When he finally got her hands free and the straps across her back and hips undone, she rolled off the frame twisting her legs in the restraints that still held her thighs.   Daren pulled the blanket aside to release the remaining buckles.   It gave him a last good look at her pussy.   She didn’t seem to care that her loving daddy saw her.   He wrapped her in the blanket and lifted her off the floor and laid her on the bed and stepped back, not certain what to do next.
“Please don’t go. ”  Her voice was weak; hoarse from crying and having a horse sized rubber penis shoved down between her vocal cords.   “Please don’t leave me alone. ”  He sat on the bed next to her and reached for her hand.   She threw her arms around his neck and crawled into his lap like a small child.

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    “Hold me please; just hold me. ”
“It’s alright baby” he said.   “It’s over. ”  He held her and smoothed her hair.   He said nothing, just held her and petted her head.
“I need to take a shower” she begged, “but I don’t want to be in the bathroom alone. ”
“I think we should call the police before you wash up” he offered.   He was almost certain what her reaction would be, but he added.   “They will want to examine you…”
“NO” she almost screamed.   “No, and you can’t tell anybody. ”  He forced his face to remain solid and not show the smile that welling up in his chest.
“We have to report this” he said.   “You were assaulted…”
“I was raped” she shot back, “Gang raped and nobody must ever find out. ”  He looked shocked at the vehemence of her response.   “What do you think they will think of me a school if they knew?  They will either think I made it up, or that I wanted it, or worse they will feel pity for me.

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    You think any boy will ever want to go out with me once he knows what they did to me.   You think any of my friends will still want to hang out with me?  Promise me you won’t ever tell anybody.  Anybody and that includes mom; please daddy please. ”  She leaned back and looked him in the eyes waiting for his promise.   Slowly he nodded.
He held her as she limped slowly toward the bathroom.   The violent penetration of her asshole would take a few days to heal.   He sat on the toilet lid and watched through the glass shower door while she scrubbed herself.   She pressed the hand held shower nozzle against her pussy and spread her lips with her fingers, trying to wash away the last trace of what they had left in her.
That night he pressed his wife for intercourse.   She was tired and not in the mood, but eventually she realized that the shortest path to sleep involved submitting to his advances.  He kissed her he petted her and fingered her until her cunt was ready, and then he rolled her onto her stomach and told her get on her knees.   She got up on all fours, but shortly after he had his cock deep inside her he leaned forward pressing down on her shoulders.   Eventually she submitted and lay her breasts down against the mattress and arched her back presenting her pussy.
His hands gripped his wife’s ass and he closed his eyes and pretended he was using another younger, smaller, tighter cunt and he filled Carol’s mother.


He spent a lot of time alone with Carol after that.   He had convinced her that they needed to talk about what had happened.   That she needed time to process it.   That it was not healthy to pretend it didn’t happen.   At first she was reluctant.   He told her she should see a counselor.   Finally she was able to see the wisdom in his advice, but professional counselors were out.   She didn’t want her friends asking what they talked about or worse, just thinking she must be crazy.   Instead she turned to the one person who already knew her secret and slowly she began to open up to him.   She talked about what it was like, the fear, the humiliation.
After his private talks with his daughter, he used his wife.   He used her hard, and he started fingering her asshole while he pumped her cunt.   She said she didn’t like it but he argued that he needed to tighten her pussy or it took him longer to cum.   She was his wife and had been raised that it was her duty to submit to her husband.   If this is what he needed to control his desires… In reality he was masturbating to a fantasy, a memory, but he was using his wife’s body as receptacle.

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“The last one was the worst” Carol said.   “I thought it was over.   I thought they had all gone.   I guess he came back, or maybe he was there all the time waiting for the others to, you know…  He was a lot bigger than them… his penis I mean, and he didn’t just shove it up me and do it.   I think he was older.   He shoved that thing all the way down my throat while he was fucking me.   I thought he was going to kill me.   I thought maybe he sent the other boys away so he could kill me so I couldn’t talk, but he didn’t.   Again, just when I thought it was over.   I thought he was done.   I mean he got out of me…”  She hesitated.   They had covered this before, and never gotten beyond this point.   “I thought he was done with me, but then he spread my ass cheeks and shoved his penis into… you know… in the back up my anus. ”
Daren wrapped his arm around his little girl.   “I am so very proud of you” he said.

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    “Takes a lot of courage to shine the light on something like this; I love you. ”  He held her and they walked in silence for a while.   “I want you to consider something” he suggested.   “I think you should start having sex. ”  He held up his hand to silence her protests.   “Sex is a beautiful and pleasant thing for both men and women.   I am afraid your one bad experience will affect you for a long time if you don’t have good experiences to out weigh it.   You’re a healthy young girl, and yet, you still don’t even masturbate. ”  She reddened at the thought.   “Do you?”  She looked down and shook her head.
“I used to” she admitted.   “Well, not really, but a little.   I mean, I touched… you know.   I just don’t feel like it any more. ”
“That really worries me” he said.

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    “Think about it. ”
“I can’t” she countered.   “I mean, what do I do, find a boy and tell him I want him to mount me to help me get over being raped?  You think that wouldn’t get all over school? Even if I did find someone, what if I freak out the first time he drops his pants.   Trust me, there aren’t any boys that are going to keep a bad episode a secret, and of course, I can’t just tell them that I was raped and they need to take it slow.   There’s only one man in the world that I trust, and you’re my father. ”
“We’ll figure out something” he said and hugged her again as they walked.

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