Trading Places


Eve pulled the massive cock out from its package. It was amazing how real the dildo looked. Although I was still a virgin at the time, my brother Mark and I had played around our whole life, mostly innocent, having only gone so far as the “show-me” stage (with a little petting, and a lot of necking thrown in). So, I was not unfamiliar with the male penis. Eve started stroking the shaft, and we giggled when she started to lay kisses on the rubber crown. I was a little shocked at Eve’s behavior, but even more shocked at my own response. Watching by best friend as she began to deep-throat her new toy turned me on totally. My heart was pounding, my breathing quick and shallow, and my pussy was creaming into my cotton panties as my lust grew. Eve pulled the dildo out of her mouth, and dangled it before my face. I let my tongue slide out over my lips, and ran it up and down the shaft. My itching slit made me bold, and I felt tiny electric-like shocks shoot through me as I played my tongue around Eve’s fingers, which were wrapped around the base of the dildo. My best friend stared at me, her face flushed, her blue eyes glistening with obvious lust. I’d always wanted to try girl/girl sex with Eve, and now that the door of opportunity was open, I had to act. I reached over and took the dildo out of her hand. I smiled slyly, and whispered, “I want to fuck your little pussy with your new toy. ”She bit her lower lip, not saying a word.

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   But she spread her slender tan legs wide, revealing a slice of silky panties, a tiny wet spot in the center. I had her permission. She leaned back on the sofa, and I knelt between her legs. I pushed her dress up. The scent coming off her was strong, sexually musky, the smell of a 14 year old girl in heat. My thumbs hooked into the elastic waistband of her undies, and in one smooth motion, I pulled them clean over her dainty ankles. Her little blondish muff shimmered with erotic luster, the pink lips well oiled and ready for sex. I teased her tender vulva a bit with the cock head, and she was already moaning with delight. I switched on the vibrator. Eve let out a whimper. Placing the humming phallus to her moist flower, I began to push it gently inside her l. Inch by inch I guided the dildo into her pussy hole. Eve was babbling, and had raised her tank top up over her growing boobs so she could pull at her erect pink nipples. As the rubber dick slid in and our of her slurpy hole, I saw that her adorable clitty needed some attention. I bent down and began to flick my tongue over her nubby.

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   She sighed loudly, and twitched on the sofa in bliss. Eve and I were too lost in our lesbian play to hear the door open at the top of the stairs. We never heard our brothers, Mark and Ryan, come down the stairs. We did hear their loud gasps of shock as they saw their little sisters sprawled half naked on the sofa. Too late to make a bit of difference, Eve and I scrambled to cover up. “Oh my god, Mark!” laughed Ryan, “Our sisters are fucking lesbos!”Mark grinned at me and winked, “I always suspected as much. ”Eve’s face was red with embarrassment and anger. “Shut up Ryan! We’re not lesbos!”“Yeah,” I jumped in, “we like guys too!”Ryan and Mark continued to tease us, insisting we were hard-core dykes, drawing visual pictures of us with hairy legs and butch-like hair cuts. Finally, Eve could take no more. She walked over to my brother, and then got down on her knees. “I think this should prove, without a doubt, that you guys are full of shit. ”Mark and Ryan exchanged surprised glances as Eve lowered my brother’s zipper. I was horny as hell, all worked up with my little session with Eve, so more for a desire to have Ryan’s dick in my mouth than any urge to prove my sexual preferences, I knelt before Eve’s brother. We unbuckled, unflyed, and unzipped, leaving the boys with their pants around their ankles. Soon, we were hungrily sucking their meaty cocks.

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   We watched each other intently, and the sight of my brother’s cock slipping in and out of Eve’s open throat turned me on incredibly. Then I looked up at Mark, and that’s when I noticed my brother staring at me with lust. I wasn’t surprised when I looked over at Ryan, and noticed his gaze riveted on the sight of his little sister drooling all over Mark’s magnificent penis. Eve sucking lavishly on my brother was now giving me ideas. Of course, I had always wanted to go all the way with Mark. All that incestuous flirting and petting with him behind my parent’s back was hot, and I wanted to fuck my brother in the worst way. I was sure he felt the same way, but the taboo aspect of the whole thing made us a bit too chicken to go through with it. As I watched Eve slurping sweetly on Mark’s hot, wet meat, I desperately wanted a taste. Then, the most incredible thing happened. Eve pulled Mark’s cock from her lips and looked at me. She asked, “How do you like my big brother’s dick, Shannon?”“Mmmmm,” I answered, “I love it. ”She looked at me, and I knew she wanted to say something else. She couldn’t spit out the words, but the way she was gazing at her brother’s cock, I guessed she was horny for her own brother – just like me. I decided to chance it. “How would you like to do something really naughty, Eve?”“What?”“Let’s trade.

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   Let’s suck off our own brothers!”I glanced up for a reaction. The look on Ryan and Mark’s face made it abundantly clear that they loved the idea. Eve paused only a second, and smiled wide when I wagged her brother’s cock in her direction. Eve and I traded places. I wrapped my fingers lovingly around my brother’s hot pole, which glistened with Eve’s saliva. He gazed down at me, unable to believe that his little sister was about to suck his cock. I looked over at Eve as I stroked Mark’s shaft. She already had her brother’s dick buried deep into her face. I heard Mark whimper with delight when I opened my mouth wide, and let him slide his cock past my lips. His meat was salty and delicious, like I knew it would be. I slowly bobbed my head, cupping his shaft with my tongue as it played back and forth over my lips. Pre-cum soaked my busy taste buds. My brother grabbed the base of my ponytail, and pumped his hips into my cum-hungry mouth. Eve and I sucked our brothers off for all we were worth. The rec room echoed with the slurping sounds of hot oral sex.

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   Ryan ran his hands through his sister’s hair as his cock slipped into her mouth. Mark still had my ponytail in hand as my nose pressed into his trim, muscular belly, his big dick most of the way down my throat. The boy’s moaning increased in volume. I could tell they were ready to blow. Eve pulled Ryan’s dick free, and began to jack it off over her open mouth. She looked up at her big brother and said, “I want you to see yourself cumming in your little sister’s mouth. ”I thought that was such a cool idea, I had to copy it. Eve and I stroked our brother’s dicks. I could feel Mark’s penis began to twitch and throb in my hand. A gasp hissed out of his throat as a thick jet of semen sprayed from his cock-head onto my tongue. Two more huge loads followed, one that grazed my cheek with its creamy warmth, and the other a bulls-eye down my throat. Ryan was right behind Mark. A white dollop plopped across Eve’s chin. Her tongue shot out, and it was greeted by another blast of hot cum. After the boys had shot their milky load, Eve and I cleaned dick flesh, and each other’s faces, with our tongues.

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  The four of us were just getting started. We stripped off whatever clothes we had remaining. Eve said, “Shannon, our brothers are a couple of studs, huh? Just look. . . their dicks are already getting hard again!” “Yeah,” I smiled, “I guess they’ve got to take our cherries now!”Mark and Ryan grinned at one another, as Eve and I got on our hands and knees, buck naked, on the carpet. I turned so I was facing my best friend. We started to make out as our brothers approached us from behind. I felt Mark exploring my wet sex with his fingers, which I coated with my juice. Glancing over my shoulder, I could see my brother spread my love sauce over his big shaft. He placed his dick up to the entrance of my pussy hole. He rubbed his velvety head over my clit, teasing me, making me scream in pleasure and beg for him to fuck me. Eve and Ryan were lost in a frantic doggy-style. I could see her tits sway to the rhythm of her brother’s fuck strokes. Ryan’s poor little face was contorted with what looked like deep concentration and sheer ecstasy.

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   He humped into his sister like an animal. I moaned loudly as my brother breached my cunt with his monstrous penis. My virginal walls stretched slowly, engulfing his hot meat an inch at a time. When I felt Mark bottom out, I thought I was going to pass out with exhilaration. He began to piston into my drooly hole. My moaning and squealing was only interrupted by Eve’s soft kisses. As my brother fucked me from behind, a sensual warm glow spread through my body. My head was spinning with deep pleasure, and I could feel my cunt muscles pulling jerking at Mark’s hard on with pre-orgasmic contractions. My brother pounded my saucebox without mercy, just the way I’d always wanted him to. I have to say the reality beat the crap out of my fantasy. As Mark reamed my snatch out from behind, he began to toy with my asshole. Using his finger, he poked and massaged the sensitive pit. I loved it. I glance back over my shoulder, tossing my ponytail. “Fuck me in the ass Mark! Stick it up your little sister’s shithole!”My brother did not have to be told twice.

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   He spat a slippery glob of saliva straight into my butt-crack. Slowly, he pulled his dick out of my snizz, then took his hand and smeared my girlie-goo up into my ass. His cock zeroed in on my winking rosebud, pressing his heat into my waiting bowels. This time it was Eve who copied me. Eve’s eyes were glassy and round as her brother pushed his stiff pole up her fudge tunnel. I pressed my lips into hers for a long, deep kiss as our brothers reamed out our back ends. The sensation of Mark’s cock probing my innards was fantastic. Pure joy pulsed from somewhere deep inside me, and every stroked took me one step closer to heaven. Eve and I had become quite vocal. It was a good thing her parent’s weren’t home. “Oh yeah! Fuck my ass good! Fuck yeah oooooohhhh!”“Come on big brother! Fuck your little sister’s asshole harder!”It didn’t take much longer for the orgasms to start blasting through me. I’d never been multiple before, but then again; I’d never been ass-fucked by my own brother either. I moaned and groaned like a seasick slut, my tits bouncing haphazardly as Mark increased his intensity. Girlie-cum pulsed from my snatch, and I could feel it running down my thighs. I saw Ryan’s face clench up.

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   He clutched at his little sister’s hips like a drowning man would a life raft. It really turned me on to watch as Eve’s brother shot his hot load up his own sister’s cute little ass. Mark gasped behind me and tensed up. He jerked hard once, then again. As his cock began to spray my intestines with his sloppy seed, my pussy convulsed with another series of orgasms. My brother and I seemed to cum forever, as if we were locked in some kind of permanent incestuous ecstasy. Finally, as our breathing returned to normal, and his warm semen dribbled out of my pink asshole, we collapsed into one another’s arms. The four of us fucked and sucked into the night. Although one of us suggested that maybe we should switch partners, it never happened. It was all about brother/sister sex. I now sneak into Mark’s room at night whenever I have the chance, and Eve tells me she does the same thing with her brother. My parents are going to Mexico City for two weeks next month. The four of us can’t wait to repeat what happened that night Eve and I traded places, and discovered the joys of incest. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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