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Out of total surprise, my hand immediately covered my genitals to his glaring eyes, my breasts however were still totally visible, hard nipples and all. I dropped the phone and tried my best to cover my nakedness to his now roaming eyes. I screamed at him, "don't you ever knock?" and told him to "get out". He stuttered and stammered his apologies and then slowly closed the door. I retrieved the phone and told Jim I had to go and finish getting ready. He just laughed and joked me about getting busted by my brother! I told him to shut up and then hung the phone up! I jumped up and threw my robe on and opened the door to go and find out what Bryce wanted. I stopped short of knocking as I heard his voice. . . "I'm tellin' ya John, she was totally naked, layin' on her bed, and she was hotter than hell. If she wasn't my sister I would just die to fuck her". He went on and on, telling his friend John all about the brief incident. 'I'm tellin' ya she looked so damn good, my dick started to get hard" I could not believe what Bryce was saying. I couldn't believe he would talk about me, HIS SISTER, like that. My brother was a year older than I, and because of our closeness in age we had always been very close. He treated me very good, well as far as brothers and sisters go I guess.

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   He was a good looking guy, very tanned like myself and had the same dark hair and bright blue eyes. His athletic body rippled with finely tuned muscles that he worked on all the time. By the amount of different dates he had and different girls he always had at the house, I guess the gals shared the same viewpoints as I do. I went back to my room with his words ringing in my ears. . . "his dick got hard" that's what he said, I thought to myself. As a young, naïve girl, my mind could not help but wonder what his dick looked like. I mean I had seen him numerous times in recent years in his underwear, but never totally naked. And even on those occasions I never looked at him with wondering thoughts about his packaging! I finished getting ready for my night out. I was downstairs actually ahead of schedule for once, when the doorbell rang. Thinking it was Jim, I skipped playfully to the door and swung it open. There stood John, my brothers' best friend. His hello was so different than usual and his eyes, right from the get go, were undressing me! I thought of the conversation Bryce had had with him earlier and it all fit together much better! He WAS undressing me with his eyes, trying to get the same visual Bryce received. I just told him Bryce was upstairs and turned to head back to the den to wait for Jim.

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   He said I looked great and wished he was Jim. . . he then laughed and went upstairs to find Bryce. John had tried on a number of occasions to take me out, but I just wasn't attracted to him. I went out that night with Jim and had a wonderful dinner at Le Chambord, a ritzy French cuisine restaurant, before going to a movie. As fabulous as the night was going, for some reason I could not stop thinking of what I had heard my brother say on the phone earlier. I just couldn't erase the words from my mind! All through dinner, Jim kept asking me if I was ok. I told him sure, not daring to let him know where my mind really was! Anyway after the movie, Jim and I drove back to my house. Knowing my parents were out for the night and Bryce would be too, I asked Jim if he wanted to go for a swim and sit in the hot tub for a little while. He willingly said yes with a gleam in his eyes. Jim had already prepared the hot tub and towels when I arrived outside. I had on a brand new two piece bikini, which just perfectly, barely, covered all the vitals. He breathed in heavily as he looked me up and down. From the slight cool evening breeze and Jim's excited approval, I felt my nipples harden under the thin Lycra fabric.

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   He moved closer and hugged me tightly. I just loved to feel his strong arms wrapped around me. My breasts pressed against his firm body and I could feel his deepened breathing. We skipped right over the swimming part, and opted to sit in the hot bubbling oasis beneath the stars. My hand was gently stroking his upper leg as his hand rubbed my shoulder softly. Soon my hand had moved upwards and was now rubbing the front of his underwear. I felt his already semi-hard cock, spring to life and become a full-fledged erection in seconds. My tiny hand gripped the thickness of the shaft through the wet fruit of loom fabric. I loved the way it throbbed powerfully while I touched it. That had always been a fascination of mine. Since I had just recently lost my virginity to Jim, his cock was the first I had really taken an interest in. I would just lay down with my head on his stomach and stare at the erect member with intrigue in my eyes. I would gently fondle it and watch it become painfully hard, and giggle to know that my touch could do all that. It was during one of these moments that I had first had my sweet lips penetrated by that throbbing cock, as Jim pushed my head gently and then thrust his cock upwards to my lips. .

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  . but that's another story. I sighed loudly as I looked to the heavens and withdrew his now steel hard penis out of his underwear. Jim reached down and pulled his underwear completely off. He spread his legs and I grasped his heated balls as they drooped down towards his butt crack. They were so full and heavy. I just knew, loaded with hot cum that I must admit, I was craving. I whispered to Jim and he climbed up and sat on the side of the hot tub. His cock jutted outwards and upwards and his huge balls hung down between his thighs. I licked my lips playfully as I moved through the water towards him. His cock was now at eye level. I wasted no time at all in getting that flesh into my hungry mouth. My lips stretched around his thick girth, and he almost screamed out with the pleasure. My lips are full and I am always teased about having perfect, as the boys say, dick-suckin'-lips. Jim was finding out just how perfect they were as I slid my mouth up and down his rippled shaft and teased his glands with my wet swirling tongue.

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   I stopped only momentarily to playfully lick the tiny hole in the tip and then swallowed the length of steel hard cock again and again. The spongy head bumped over and over against the back of my throat, but I controlled it from going too deep and making me gag. I watched as his ass lifted up continuously thrusting his manhood into my sucking mouth, trying his best to fuck my face. I pulled back playfully, teasing him. Holding his pulsating pole in my hand, I licked the underside of his shaft completely. A string of pre-cum stretched from the head to my bottom lip, then breaking, it hung from the purple tip. I licked it up as best as I could and savored the salty but sweet taste of his excitement. I then furiously attacked his cock with major suction and full strokes. I worked his shaft with one hand, massaged his heavy balls with the other and lavished every other inch of him with my lips and determined tongue. He groaned loudly as I continued this fabulous assault on his dick. His cock actually grew harder and bigger as I sucked him. I couldn't believe how hard he had gotten, it just amazed me. Just as he pleaded with me to not stop, I did. I told him "I don't want you to cum just yet, not yet. First I want to feel that cock deep inside me.

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  " It took no more coaxing at all. Jim slid back into the water and sat in one of the hot tubs fiberglass molded seats. I went across to him, quickly removing my bikini bottoms as I did. With no thoughts at all, my legs straddled him. All in one fluid movement, I grasped his furiously erect penis, guided it to my wet pussy, and sat down on him. I shuddered as the fat head pried open my excited lips and inch after inch of meat slid into my tightness. I screamed out as I felt the penetration go deeper and deeper. I then sat totally still, almost scared to move as all of Jim's fat seven inches, were now buried deep within me. I first had to get used to the sudden bulk of man-meat embedded in my extremely tight cunt. Never had I been impaled so quickly. The times before this that we had made love, Jim had gently worked his dick into me, gradually, allowing me the time to get used to its size. Now my pussy pulsated uncontrollably around the fat throbbing member and I could feel the slight pain, but pleasure had my head spinning. Animal lust I had never experienced had taken over and I didn't care what it felt like, I just wanted to be fucked like never before. I wanted to wake up the next morning and still feel the cock from the night before deep inside me, as if it were still there. My arms were wrapped tightly around Jim's neck and shoulders.

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   Still I had not yet moved an inch. I slowly opened my eyes and looked into Jim's. A moan escaped my lips each time I felt his hard-on throb up inside me. I could feel it expand my pussy walls. God, I felt so entirely filled. The hot tubs bubbles tickled my entire body on the outside like millions of tiny fingers caressing me, which just added to the sensations that were quickly taking over my mind. Suddenly, I felt Jim move, gently downwards. His cock withdrew just slightly, then was pushed back inside again. I could feel the veins of the shaft rub against me. I could feel the ridge against my insides. Every centimeter of his hard cock I could feel, every ripple, every inch, every throb. He continued to withdraw, and then penetrate again. With each withdrawal, he went further. My pussy lips stretched to the max, followed the cock on each outward move, and then were pushed back inward with each delivered thrust. His thrusting became more powerful.

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   His withdrawals much further, until just the tip remained inside. Soon he was fucking in and out of my cunt with the power of a piston engine. I bounced on top of him and held on firmly, as Jim fucked me. I tried to stifle the screams that were now leaving my lips. Pure screams of ecstasy. Screams that the neighbors would only know as one thing. I opened my eyes just slightly, to see the waves we were causing crash over the edge of the hot tub and run across the deck. As my eyes traced the water run outwards, I suddenly saw a sight I didn't expect to see. Bryce and John were standing at the end of the deck next to some tropical foliage, just ten feet away. My body froze, but Jim had his back to them and had no idea they were there. He just kept up his incredible pace. His cock was literally sawing in and out of me. His hands gripped my hips tighter, and he pulled me downward to meet his thrusts. I screamed with each cock burying thrust. Fighting to keep my eyes open, I watched as Bryce and John silently gazed upon me getting fucked like there was no tomorrow.

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   Jim slowed his paced briefly as his hands reached up my back and undid the clasp that held my top on. My breasts bounced free. I felt the flush of embarrassment cover my face. Not only did my brother catch me getting seriously screwed, but now he was staring at my bouncing tits as well. I thought for sure he would either, one turn and walk away, or two bust up the whole scene, just to be obnoxious, like brothers do. He didn't do either, instead he shocked me even more. He gently elbowed John, who had his tongue practically hitting the floor gazing at my breasts and his eyes were bugged out of his head. I then saw my brother unzip his pants and remove his throbbing cock. Even though he was standing about ten feet from me, I could see all the details of his magnificent penis. It was at least eight inches in length, at least. And probably as thick as my wrist. It bent upward, fierce looking, and ready to slide into an inviting hole. My eyes were transfixed to my brothers' hard-on, as Jim continued his vigorous pumping. Then John followed suit and dropped his shorts, revealing another fine specimen of meat. Not quite as thick or long as Bryce' prize, but still more than enough to satisfy any lady.

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   As my body was pounded back and forth, I watched as the two guys began fisting their hard cock shafts at the same pace Jim's was sliding in and out of me. The whole scene was just too much. Three beautiful cocks all throbbing hard because of me. Two being jerked off only ten feet from my face and one buried deep in me over and over, pounding upwards towards my womb. My body began the fabulous journey into tremendous release. Now trembling uncontrollably from head to toe, I forced to keep my eyes on the luscious cocks of my two spies, as my orgasm crept ever closer to over taking my entire being. Bryce and John started to creep forward slowly as they pounded their swollen cocks. I screamed loudly as my orgasm arrived. My body thrashed on top of Jim's still fucking cock. He commented of my hot fluid that rushed down and squeezed out from the seal my pussy lips had made around his thick shaft. As my first orgasm began to subside, Bryce and John had now slowly made their way up the steps of the deck. Now just standing five feet from us, I had to take drastic measures as to not have them caught. I grabbed a towel and using it as a make shift blindfold, covered Jim's head with it. He laughed and commented about my sudden kinkiness, but thought nothing else of it. His cock was now being thrust with much more determination than before.


   His cock literally felt like it was sawing me in half. My pussy almost felt like it was being split in two from the fat invader. I looked up and was quickly gestured to stay quiet. I was now facing two very excited, large, and throbbing cocks being masturbated right before my eyes, inches from my face. Jim suddenly bellowed out that he was going to cum, and began fucking me even stronger. I thought his thrusts would toss me right out of the hot tub. I held on to the sides much harder to withstand his tremendous thrusts. I could not help but scream out with the sheer pleasure as well as the pain mixed in from the severe fucking I was now receiving. As I screamed out over and over, Bryce and John took advantage of this. Bryce was the first. He pumped his huge cock faster and faster, then aiming it at my open screaming mouth, plunged it into my ovaled lips. I had never had my lips stretched so far before. His shaft was so incredibly thick, hot and hard. I had no time to resist or think before I felt the incredible explosions of his sperm flood my mouth. It gushed over and over and I swallowed as fast as possible to keep up with it.

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   As I drank my brothers hot cum, I thought at how relieved I was from the noise of splashing water, groans of Jim and now muffled moans of mine, to drown out the sounds of me sucking cock and drinking cum. As Bryce quickly finished spraying his salty load down my throat, he quickly pulled his now sagging cock out of my mouth, and quickly moved back down the steps of the deck and out of sight. I screamed out with absolute pleasure again as Jim began his explosive state of orgasm. As I felt his cock swell even larger, I looked up to see John pump his cock for the last time. I opened my mouth just in time to catch the first of many huge spurts of his white hot man juice. He placed his cockhead on my tongue and I could feel shot after shot hit the back of my wide-open mouth. Just then I felt Jim's swollen serpent raise its head and explode deep within my tortured cunt. This set off my own orgasm. For the second time in ten minutes, my body was racked by a tremendous tidal wave release of liquid fire. My juices mixed with the still erupting cock buried inside my love tunnel. As the orgasm over took me, I closed my mouth tightly around the flesh at my lips. As my body and head thrashed about wildly, John thrust his cock back and forth, fucking my tightly closed lips. His cum-releasing balls, slapped against my chin as they jettisoned the final spurts of scorching semen deep to the back of my throat. Then he too withdrew his spent cock, and backed away. I licked my lips completely, removing any evidence of the unbelievable encounter that just took place.

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   Just in time, Jim took the makeshift blindfold from his face, and tipped his head back on the edge of the tub. His softening cock was still inside my pulsating pussy. I kissed his neck as I sat there trembling. Completely full of cum at both ends, my mind went through the events that just occurred. I savored the taste of two loads of surprise jism as I felt Jim's limp but satisfied penis emerge from my depths. The emptiness immediately hit as my sore and well-fucked pussy released the pole of flesh from within. I just knew that a mixture of cum and my orgasmic juices would be pouring out of the opening right now. My body spasmed as I sat back on one of the seats and again looked up into the stars above. I sat back and thought of my brother, my dear brother, and realized that he and his beautiful cock were not going to get away with this. How dare he just cum deep in my throat and then leave. . . my pussy has needs too, needs for that glorious hunk of flesh that I now know he has. Flesh that I know, as his words said, he would just "die to fuck me" with!.