Vacation Fun pt. 1


First let me describe the 140lbs, 44D breasts, slight sag, phenominal ass
Brian-Son-6\'3", 215lbs, 8inch long cock, 5. 5 inches around, college football player
Diane and Brian were packing for their annual trip to Florida to visit with Diane\'s parents, Brian\'s grandparents, over spring break.  Brian and Diane had lived alone together for 4 yrs now since Brian\'s dad passed away, so they were very comfortable around one another, which included partial nudity in the house, frequent conversations about sex, etc.  Brian was in his room loading up his beach clothes into his suitcase when Diane came bursting through the door, very excited.
"Brian, i just bought this new bikini and i want you to tell me how it looks. "
"Ok mom, if u want i guess i could check it out. "
Now Brian had been secretly having somewhat incestous feelings about Diane for awhile now, and secretly watched her as she got out of the shower or changed clothes.  Little did he know that Diane did the exact same thing when he showered, although unfortunately she had never caught a glimpse of his cock.  She hoped that parading around scantily clad in front of him might arouse him and she hoped that he would act on his sexual impulse.
So diane walked into the bathroom, stripped off her tanktop, black bra, shorts and matching thong and slipped on her new G-string bikini.  She walked back into Brians room, did a twirl, and asked Brian what he felt.  
Brians eyes nearly popped out of his skull as he wayched his moms massive tits jiggle as she danced around and almost blew his load when he saw that the bikini was in fact a G string.  He was wearing only a pair of tight fitting underwear and a t shirt, and his big cock stiffened and was not at all contained by his skimpy breifs, a feat not unnoticed by Diane.  
"WOW MOM" he exclaimed, "you look fucking hotttt!!!!"  Diane was shcoked at his reaction, but nevertheless pleased by the healthy erection she saw growing in her 18 year old sons pants.  "well thank you son, im glad your impressed, but my the looks of things down there, so am i"
Brian blushed as he noticed his mothers stare, but rather than backing away, he grew bolder.  "well, how bout we find some way to impress each other a little more.

mila swedish harmony 

    have you ever played beer pong??"  Diane was taken aback, but quickly recovered, and said "of course i have, why, what do u have in mind?"  "well", brian began, " i was thinking maybe we could play some, and loser loses more than pride, they lose some clothing too. . . "
"sounds good to me" said diane with a smile, "lets set up the cups. "  So Brian and his mom set up the cups for 10cup beer pong, and established the rules. 1-traditonal beer pong rules  2-loser of each game must take off article of clothing of winners choice.  3-if loser has no clothing left, loser must preform dare of winners choice
Diane, in her bikini, and brian, in his boxers and t shirt, began to play.  Brian won the first game 10-3, so he had diane lose her top.  Doane reached behind her back and unclasped her baby blue bikini top, letting it fall away as her mammoth titties hung free, with hardly a sag, with dark brown aeroules and nipples the size of half dollars.  Brian almost knocked over the cups as he beagn the second game, he was so excited.  Diane came back strong and won the second game 10-8, and had brian lose his shirt too.  So now both mom and son stood topless as the rubber match began.  Brian started strong, going up 5-1, before daine sank 6 in a row, to lead 7-5.  Brian drained a duece to tie it, and then sank 3 straight to win the 3rd match.  Diane sighed but looped her thumbs in her G string and pulled off the bottoms, revealing a shaved pussy that was soppping wet.

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    Brian became so overwhelmed that he said "fuck this" and pulled off his shorts revealing a massive 8 inch boner, one that dwarfed his fathers measly 5 incher.
Diane licked her lips, and shoved Brian againt the table and hit her knees.  She began to suck gently on brians egg-like cock head as he moaned in absolute exctasy.  She slowly increases her pace and was soon deepthroating him, as he absolutely fucked her face as she chocked and moaned at the same time.  after 10 mins of violent cocksucking, brian blew his load deep into dianes throat.  She chokedm but managed to swallow most of it but some dripped onto her tits.  She scooped up the remaining cumw ith her finger and sucked it clean.  She then stood up, and brian bent her over across the pooltable and put his cock right to the entrance of her pussy. . . . .
Part 2 to come depending on feedback
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