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This all began on a hot and sunny summer day at my cottage. I live next door to my dad's sister who has a 13 year old daughter who has began maturing into a young woman. Well. . . let me keep a long story short. Our cottage faces a lake, so I felt like going in for a dip to cool off. My younger cousin automatically felt like joining in because she loves it when I throw her into the water. Its been something we've done for as long as I can remember. 5 minutes after I said I was going into the lake, I was all changed into my swim shorts, and Julia was in her bikini. It took 2 glances to recognize her - she had developed nicely sized breasts and a small, but full ass. So, we both jumped into the water from our boat dock and started to swim. Before I knew it, she was begging to be thrown. I always loved to bellyflop her, so I positioned my hands on her front. My right hand had found its way to one of her breasts, where her hard nipples and firm breasts filled my hand. I held her up for a while enjoying the feel of her breast in my hand.

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   I threw her in and then went back to my cottage. I kept all my clothes in my trailer attached to my truck, so I went in to dry off and change. I had a hard time taking off my shorts because I had a massive 8 inch erection making a tent with my pants. After I managed to remove my shorts, I began to masturbate until I heard the door to my trailer squeak open. It was Julia! She had seen me masturbating, and said to me, "I liked it when you touched my tits. " She moved her way closer to me and placed her hands on my cock, beginning to rub it. She got down on her knees and started to suck off my dick. My little cousin who had adored me all her life was sucking my dick like a pro, rubbing and sucking at the same time. She even managed to deepthroat my cock, and 10 minutes after I was ready to cum. She said to me, "I want to taste all of your cum in my mouth big cousin. " A minute after hearing this, my penis swelled up and let off load after load after load down Julia's throat. She milked my dick dry, swallowing my massive load. I laid back on my bed and she straddled on top of me. She said to me, "I want to lose my virginity to you. I found some condoms in your bag.


  " She pulled a condom from her back pocket that belonged to me and began giving me a hand job so I could fuck her. I had already gone so far, so what difference would it make if I had sex with my seductful cousin. A few minutes after my hand job, I was ready to go again. Julia placed the condom over my dick and mounted herself on my penis. She asked me, "Mat, will you please go slow. I dont know if it will hurt. " I told Julia for her to do all the work because I cared for her, considering she wanted me to fuck her. After the head of my penis entered her wet pussy, she began to put her small body down on me. I felt her hymen break and I heard a small whisper of pleasure come out of her mouth. After she got used to the pain and the size of my dick, she slowly began riding me. All of a sudden, there was a knock on my door and the door swung open. It was her mom!
My Aunt Mary had walked in on me fucking her virgin daughter. She said to Julia, "How dare you take all the fun without telling your mother? You know that I love to have fun with you. " Seconds later, My Aunt Mary was sliding off her short shorts and removing her bikini bra. All my life I fantasized about my aunt - her perfect frame, amazing C cup breasts and perfectly firm ass.

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   She had climbed on my bed with her ass high in the air. I had repositioned myself and Julia, who continued to ride me so she was facing her mothers pussy, and she began to eat out her mom. It was as if they had done this together before. Julia climbed off of me and my Aunt Mary said, "Your Uncle Peter isn't as much a man as you. I want you to fuck me straight up the ass. " Without hesitation, I stood up and knelt behind my aunt, whose ass hole puckered at me, waiting to be fucked. I first wanted to taste her pussy and get her very wet so I could use her sweet juices to lube up my cock. After she and I were ready, I placed the head of my cock at her ass hole and slowly pushed in. Aunt Mary grabbed my sheets and let out a moan of pain and pleasure. After I got the head of my cock in, it was all easy from there. I slowly began fucking her ass, pushing all of my 8 inches deep into her. Julia stood behind me, sucking my balls and massaging them. This was my greatest fantasy, and it came true. I began to fuck her harder and harder, with my aunt pushing back against me, my balls slapping her wet pussy. I grabbed both of her tits in my hands, and massaged them and used them as handles so I could fuck her even harder.


   Julia got into the same position as her mom and wanted me to fuck her ass as well. I took my dick out of my aunt, and went up behind Julia. I put my cock at her virgin ass and pushed into her. I felt the head of my cock pass her sphincter and she let out a very loud moan. She felt so much tighter than her mother, partly because she weighed a lot less than her. I kept pounding her ass going faster and faster, pulling my dick out and ramming it back in. I fucked her for a few more minutes in her ass until my aunt wanted more. I went right back to her ass and fucked it for another 5 minutes until I felt the urge to cum. I took my cock out of her ass and took off my condom because they wanted me to cum all over their faces. After one minute of jerking off, I blew a massive load all over their faces and some on my sheets. After they both sucked my dick to get every drop of cum out of it and we returned back to our cottages as if nothing ever happened.
As of today, I still fuck my aunt and cousin every time we’re together and we enjoy both vaginal sex and anal sex all the time.

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