Visiting Nephew, Exploring Daughter


Sandra turned off her vibrator, and put it on the shelf. "I'll be back for you in a moment. "Sandra rushed downstairs and answered the door. It was the postman with a package. "Hi. I have a package for delivery. " He saidSandra could only smirk at the thought of his 'package'. Her nipples were still hard, and she could tell they were visible through her shirt. She could feel a trail of her pussy juice dripping down her leg. "Thank you," she calmly said, and took the package. Sandra looked at the clock, and realized that she had to get her nephew to baseball practice. "Johnny!" She shouted. "We have to go. " She grabbed her car keys. John came out of the living room, with his uniform and gearbag. Sandra gave him a once over.

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   She thought she noticed John do the same. "Let's go," she said again, and the two were off. . . . Not long after, Shelly came home from school, after a long afternoon of studying for her senior finals. She had just turned 18, and was glad that high school was almost over. She still had her school uniform on, a blue blouse that neatly held her 34C chest, and a plaid skirt that was just a fraction too short. "Mom, I'm home," she shouted. Shelly remembered that she had to take John to practice, and she was going to run some errands. She went upstairs, and into the bathroom. She pulled down her panties and sat on the toilet. As she began to piss, she realized she was staring at a huge, fake cock. Although she had had sex, only once after her senior prom, she had never seen a vibrator, or a real dick, as big as this. She finished peeing and reached out for the vibrator.

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   Shelly ran her fingers over it, and could smell her mother's pussy juice on it. Shelly's fingers gripped the small disc on the bottom and spun it. The vibrator came to life in her hands. Shelly giggled, half shocked, as a wicked thought came into her head. She stood up, pulled her panties completely off, and dashed off for her room. . . John hopped into the min-van passenger door and closed it. "Hi Aunt Sandra. Thanks for picking me up. ""Don't worry about it," Sandra said. She had spent the early evening shopping, and had grown incredibly horny walking around without any underwear on. Her blouse was unbuttoned at the top, and had good eyeful of cleavage showing. Her skirt had ridden up as she was driving, and had an eyeful of thigh showing as well. "Shall we get home?" John nodded.

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   This time, Sandra could definitely tell he was checking her body out. Sandra could feel her pussy begin to get damp. Although John was her nephew, Sandra was turned on by the fact that a teenager would lust after her body. As Sandra drove down the highway, she glanced over at John, and her eyes drifted down. She could make out his hard cock in his uniform pants. "Am I the reason for that, John?" she heard herself say. She could believe the words had come out. "Wh-what?" he exclaimed. "Your cock. It's hard as a nail," she responded. She smiled. John's face turned bright red. "I'm sorry. I can't help it. ""I don't mind, John.

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  " She said. What she did next, she'd remember is many a night's masturbation fantasy. She reached over, and began rubbing his cock. "What are you doing?" he exclaimed. "Only what you want," Sandra cooed. She continued to glide her fingers up and down it. A drip of pre-cum showed on the fabric. When she got to the house, she had to take away her hand to park in the garage. "Now, John, what I'm about to do, you can never tell anyone about," Sandra warned. John could only nod as she leaned over and undid his pants. With a little maneuvering she pulled his cock out, and with one motion, sucked it into her mouth. Sandra couldn't believe she was sucking off her nephew, but she was so horny that she had abandoned all consequence of her action. John moaned as she slurped on his rigid 7" cock. Sandra was an expert cocksucker, and had a perfected technique. Added to John's inexperience with women, Sandra knew she'd shortly be drinking his cum.

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   Then it was a quick hop upstairs back to her vibrator. Something in her memory snapped as she felt John's balls tense up and his cum squirt out in great gobs. Sandra was able to swallow the first few shots, but John came so much, some dripped out of her mouth and as she gasped for air, his last burst hit her square in the face, and splashed on her cheek and chin. She sat up and wiped her hand over her face. John put his softening cock away, and as Sandra looked at John's content face, all she could think about was her vibrator she had left in the bathroom. . . Ch. 2Shelly finished unbuttoning her blouse and unhooked the front her bra. The two cups opened up, and her firm breasts spilled out. Her nipples were like tiny erasers, and she pulled at both of them. Then she went back to working on her pussy with the vibrator. She had decided to leave as much clothing on as possible, in case anyone came home. The vibrator was pushed into her shaved pussy as far as it could. Her sheets were soaked with sweat and pussy juice, as she neared her third orgasm.

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   Sex with Brian, her prom date, was disappointing from what she had been told, but this sex toy, as she knew it was called, was incredible. Both of her hands wrapped around the base of the vibrator and she plunged it in and out of her pussy. The vibrations were sensational, and she had never been able do this to herself by just playing with her clit. She moaned deeply, and brought her hand up to her breast, and began pulled and squeezing it. She was in her own world, so much so that she didn't hear the front door open, or her mother's footsteps on the stairs. Instead, Shelly only thought about what else she could do with the vibrator, and wondered if she could get it into her asshole. "Shelly!" Her mother gasped. Sandra had looked in the bathroom, and when she found her vibrator missing, she noticed the moaning coming from her daughter's room. She came into the doorway, to find her daughter spread on her bed, playing with herself, writhing in ecstasy. "Mom!" was all Shelly could say. She stopped pumping the vibrator, but was too shocked to do much of anything else. "I just found it. . and. .

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  . and. . " she couldn't finish. Sandra walked into Shelly's room, unsure of what to do next. Her pussy was still aching for attention, and seeing her daughter in such a way only made that feeling intensify. Shelly looked at her mother, and after a brief, quizzical look said, "Mom, is that cum on your face?"Sandra reached up, and could feel that she had missed a spot of John's cum, right on her cheek. Her face turned bright red. Shelly sat up and began to cover herself. In her mind, Shelly thought about her mom giving her cousin a blowjob. She had watched him masturbate over the past week, and knew exactly what he looked like. She wondered herself what it would be like to suck on him. "Aunt Sandra," John's voiced called as he walked up the stairs. "Do you want to. .

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  . continue?" John turned the corner, and found his aunt standing over her half naked daughter. The vibrator, which was now coated with both of their juices, lay on the bed. Sandra turned to John, and once again heard to herself say, to her disbelief, "John, would you like to fuck me?" As if to entice an answer, she pulled up her skirt to show off her glistening pussy. Shelly could only stare at the sight that was unfolding before her. Her own pussy was still in the grip of needing to cum. John nodded, still unable to take in everything that was happening. He unfastened his pants and pulled both them and his underwear off. His half-hard cock hung in the open, waiting for what ever would happen next. Sandra turned to her daughter, knowing that their relationship would never quite be the same. "You can watch," she paused, "or join us if you want. " She walked over and knelt down before John. She took his cock into her mouth, and once again began to suck on it. Shelly, who was completely enraptured by what was happening in her bedroom, began to work on her own pussy once more with the vibrator. Sandra's mouth worked on John's cock, until it was once again hard.

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   She stood up, walked over to Shelly's bed, and sat down. Her legs reflexively opened up, and she pulled her skirt up to invite John to fuck her. She held her breath, as did Shelly, as she waited to see if John would in fact fuck his aunt. John dutifully took the bait, and kneeled down in front of Sandra. He rubbed his cockhead along her glistening slit a few times before finding the opening and pushing all the way in. "Oh God, John!" was all Sandra could say, as John's hips began rhythmically working back and forth, driving his member into Sandra's pussy. She laid back and began to play with her breasts, unaware of Shelly sitting right next to her. Shelly began pumping the vibrator to match John's movements. She could only wait for a time when she might be able to have the real thing. For now, he was taking care of her mother. The sexual energy in the room was amazing, and Shelly could feel what would be her third orgasm of the evening building to its feverish climax. Sandra could hear John's breath beginning to quicken, and she knew that it was only a matter of moments before she'd be sprayed with his sticky cum, if he remembered to pull out. She coaxed him on. "Come on, John. Cum for your auntie.


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