Working Out With Mother (Enhanced)


Working Out with Mother
by Reeb
It was July during the summer before his senior year of high school. Seventeen year old David was a well built young man who had dreams of playing professional football. Standing 6 feet 2 inches, he weighed a muscular 215 pounds and was always into lifting weights in an effort to become stronger to fulfill his dreams. With his jet black hair, dark tanned skin, he admired his physique in the mirror as he curled the 60 pound dumbells easily with each arm.
David was a lucky young man as his father had a great business that provided he and his mother a beautiful 1. 5 million dollar home with a complete gym, sauna and an olympic size pool. In order to earn money to afford these lavish things, his father was away on business more than he was at home. He provided them both with exquisite things as David had a beautiful laguna blue BMW M3 and his mother a sweet maroon BMW 645 convertible.
Being an only child, David and his mother, Deanne had become the best of friends. They did many things together around the house and even went into town to go shopping, or to go out to dinner or even to a movie. At 38 years old, Deanne was still an extremely attractive woman. She had David during her junior year at college, where she met David's father. Pregnant, she dropped out of college and married David's father, who now worked very hard to give her and his son a good life. Life was good and all in order until the heat of this years summer took over.
This summer was different, far different than any of the preceding years. David found himself becoming sexually aroused everytime he was near his mother.

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   It didn't matter what she was wearing, just the scent of her body, the sway of her hips as she walked, the bounce in her full mature breasts caused his cock to harden. He tried hard to conceal his feelings from her but as time passed, his lust and desire slowly started to overcome any moral thoughts of being the proper son.
As he curled the massive weights, his mind drifted back to the other day as he lounged by the pool getting some sun, he closely gazed upon his mother's beauty through his sunglasses. He watched as his mother climbed from the cool water of the pool, the water cascading down her smooth tanned body, erect nipples standing out from the cool air passing over them, pushing through the thin material of her skin tight yellow bikini. He remembered how sexy the little yellow bikini looked against the deep dark tan of his mother's olive skin. Her wet dark jet black hair clinging to the smooth tanned skin of her sexy shoulders.
As she walked towards him, he felt his teenage cock thicken as he examined every inch of his mother's perfect mature body. The wet bikini fabric clung tightly to the forbidden little skin it covered. As she walked towards him, he was in awe at how her tight abs formed a perfect vee running right down into her bikini bottoms ending at her bikini covered pussy mound. He looked closely and could clearly make out the slit of her sweet pussy as she walked close to him. His mother was a complete vision of sexual beauty.
As she turned her back reaching for her towel, she revealed the most perfect tanned globes of butt flesh with her sexy thong bikini bottoms. Looking at his sexy mother from behind, he followed the yellow thong strap down, between those tanned butt cheeks underneath to her bulging pussy mound. His thick eight inch cock was rock hard as he took in every inch of his mother's sweet ass and pussy. In his mind, she was simply a goddess of a perfect woman, mother or not.

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As his mother turned, just before her son pulled the towel across his waist, she was almost positive she saw his cock was hard. Deanne wondered which of his sexy young girlfriend's he was thinking about, or was it her gorgeous mature full body that was completely arousing her only son. She felt a tingle of excitement between her legs as she brought the image of her son's hard cock back into her mind as she passed by him.
Another rep as he continued curling the dumbells, his mind drifted back to just the previous day. He had come home early and entered the house unannounced. Not really thinking anything of it, he walked into the kitchen, which overlooked the pool, and looked into the frig for a cool drink.
As he stood in the kitchen, he looked out the window and gazed upon his gorgeous mother as she sunbathed upon the pool deck. As his eyes focused on her beauty, he suddenly realized her right hand was inside her white bikini bottoms. His cock was instantly rock hard as his eyes focused on her probing fingers.
David closely watched his hot sexy mom caressed her swollen clit, her hand hidden from his lust filled teenage eyes. He slowly slid his shorts, underwear and all down to his ankles, grabbed his thick hard shaft and began masterbating with his mother. As he stroked his hard cock, he watched his mom's left hand begin to caress her right breast, pulling and squeezing her erect nipple through the fabric of her bikini top.
As his mother neared her orgasm, she arched her back and moaned, "Uuuuuuuuummmmmm, oh god yessssssssssss!"
David was so sexually aroused as he watched his sexy mother finger herself to orgasm, he began shooting cum all over the kitchen cabinets. He nearly fell as his knees weakened while he experienced a very intense orgasm, the most intense of his young teenage life. From that moment on, he would forever lust and long to make love to the sexiest woman in his life, his own mother.

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Deanne was about 5 feet 6 inches tall, dark complexion, jet black hair, olive skin from her Italian heritage that tanned very easy and was very well built. Her facial features resembled those of the actress Eva Longoria but her breasts were much larger and fuller. Even though she had a child, she kept herself in very good physical shape. She exercised every day in the gym, went jogging or swam laps in the pool. Besides the slight wrinkles around her eyes, she had a body that any twenty year old woman would die for.

As she undressed that morning to get ready to go workout, she closed her eyes and caressed her dark swollen nipples between her fingers under her bra. Her pussy moistened as she moaned softly, her mind imagining her husband's hands on her full 36C breasts. God she missed him so badly as he had not been home for close to a month and it would be close to another month until he came home from Europe. Her fingers and her favorite vibrators, although they felt good, just didn't come close to a good thick hard cock sliding deep inside her wet pussy.
She caressed her right nipple with her left hand as her right hand slid down across her smooth tanned stomach, under the elastic band of her sheer pink panties, her fingers in search of her throbbing clit, which lately was always begging for attention.
"Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss!" she hissed softly as her trembling fingers touched and caressed her swollen clit.
"Oooooohhhhhhhh god honey, when are you coming home!" she panted softly as she rubbed her hard clit between two fingers.
She stood there in her red satin robe, pink bra and panties as she probed and teased her excited womanhood. Her legs trembled as she slid two fingers inside her wet pussy. She was breathing hard and heavy as she enjoyed the sensations she gave herself.

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   She looked at herself in her dresser mirror, admiring her exquisite sexy body. She thought of her husband's thick cock and imagined it was pushing inside her, rather than her own two fingers. God, she was so hot and horny she could barely stand it anymore.
Deanne moaned softly as her fingers ran circular motions across her swollen clit. Suddenly the image of her son's thick hard shaft, stretching his tight swim suit, came into her minds eye. She imagined him standing up, pulling his suit down as his hard cock stood straight out. She imagined herself droppping to her knees, ready to suck her own son's thick shaft into her mouth as she shuddered with a mini orgasm.
"Oh my god, what's wrong with me! Thinking of my own son is getting me horny. " she whispered under her breath as she moaned again softly.
She was still pleasuring herself for several minutes when suddenly she heard the loud clank of weights. She remembered her son was working out in the gym and was waiting for her. Regaining her composure, she finished changing into her work-out suit. Today, she didn't know why, she decided not to wear anything under her work-out suit, not her usual sport bra and cotton panties.
David had always known his mom was very good looking but lately, as he matured, his hormones were sexually driving him crazy. In the last few months, he began looking much more closely at her as with the heat of summer, her dress became more revealing.

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   She was his mother but he was starting to see her as a very beautiful woman too. After spying on her at the pool a few days ago, his cock always grew hard when near her and he trembled with sexual excitement.
As she entered the gym, he felt his thick cock swell as he admired her slim build, large firm breasts, sweet long legs and perfect body. Today she wore a black spandex skin tight body suit with a teal thong sewn into it. This was by far one of the sexiest workout outfits she had worn yet. The black material clinging to every curve of her succulent body, not leaving anything to the imagination. The front was cut so low you could see a large amount of tanned cleavage as her outfit pushed her sexy tits together.
Her breasts were absolutely stunning, so full, tanned and firm looking. He really noticed lately that her nipples often swelled and grew very large, especially when he was around her. He wondered if his body was sexually arousing her as her's was doing to him. Today something was different as the shape of her nipples was much more defined than usual. He could clearly see the outline of her nipples atop those perfect mounds of his mother's breasts.
As he worked his biceps, curling 145 pounds on the curl bar, he watched his mother in the mirror as she approached him. His eyes once again focused on her sweet pussy mound between her tight thighs as she walked, his cock grew harder. Her full hips swayed from side to side as she walked up to him.

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   Luckily the strong elastic of his jock strap held his hardening cock in place so as she may not notice she was giving her son another huge erection.
"Hey Davey, sorry I'm late. Do you need a spot with that?" his mom asked.
"Uh yeah, sure mom. Stand behind me and hold my elbows at my side. " he stammered out trying to get his mind back on his workout and off his sexy mother.
Deanne did as her son instructed, she stood close behind her son, holding his elbows in as he curled the bar and guiding his arms as her curled the bar. As she stood there, her firm breasts occasionally grazed her son's bare back, his buttocks occasionally touching her as he arched his back while curling the bar, she felt the sexual heat increase between them. Her nipples swelled and her pussy moistened for the second time that day.
God, this is my son and I'm getting aroused again just being near him, she thought. She tried hard to push any sexual feelings from her body. Despite what her mind said, her sex starved body was reacting in a way she hadn't anticipated. She needed a man, any man, but surely not her own son.
As soon as he was done, she quickly moved to the decline bench to do some sit-ups. She had to put some space between them, quickly.


   Their workouts consisted of each of them alternating excercises and spotting for each other, if needed. She noticed lately David wanted to spot her in some way with nearly every excercise she did and she usually relished all the attention.
Today was different, she was extremely horny and being around her young son, a sweating stud of teenage manhood, was proving to be more than she could handle. Her heart was pounding with excitement, sexual excitement from being physically close to her sexy young son. As she positioned herself on the decline bench, she tucked her feet under the padded rollers, with knees bent and started doing her sit-ups.
David moved toward her, stepped over the bench, straddling her feet and put his hands softly on her ankles to help hold her feet in place. Each time she sat up, he was rewarded with a great view of her tits and cleavage. He wasn't sure, but he thought he noticed her nipples getting harder with each sit-up. He was completely taken in by his mother's beauty and her perfect breasts.
Deanne closed her eyes as again her son's presence was arousing her sexual desires. Her nipples hardened, her pussy tingled and grew wetter with each sit-up. She opened her eyes slightly and got a quick glimpse of her son's crotch. She wasn't sure but she swore he had an erection again. Next time up, another look, yes she was sure of it, she could tell from the huge bulge that his cock was hard. Her mind was racing as her body trembled with sexual excitement.

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"Nineteen, twenty!" Deanne counted as David stepped over her, his hard cock passing over her as he proceeded to his next excercise.
"It feels really warm in the gym today. Don't you think, Davey?" she made small talk with her muscular son as her pussy grew wet with sexual desire.
"Just a little mom. " he replied as he moved to the bench press.
As he positioned himself on the bench, he already had 200 pounds on the bar. At that weight, Deanne couldn't do too much as a spotter but he knew just how far he could push it with her limited assistance. He gripped the bar slowly with each hand, with his mother in the spotting position above him.
As he looked up at the bar, his eyes drifted once again to those magnificent full breasts jutting out above him. His cock was again hard as a rock and he worried his mother would see it, just for a second, then suddenly he realized he wanted her to see it. He wanted her to see what her hot body was doing to him. At that moment he realized something, this was going to be the day he tried to make love to his own sexy mother.
As Deanne set up to spot her son at the bench press, she caught him staring at her breasts. The thought of her son checking out her breasts really excited her, more than she ever thought possible. As her eyes traveled down the length of his young hard body, across his muscular bare chest, she focused again on his crotch. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

   There was no question this time as she could clearly see her son's thick eight inch hard shaft under his red gym shorts. She took a sharp breath as her swollen nipples ached and pussy quivered with ever building sexual excitement.
She studied her son's muscular body. God, he was so damn good looking and well built. Not an ounce of fat on him, unlike her husband's 40 year old slightly out of shape body. His arms, his abs, his pecs, everything about her son was making her more hot and horny by the second. Her heart pounded and her breathing was becoming heavier by the moment.
David half heartedly pushed the bar off the rests and pumped out 8 reps with his mom helping him with the last two. He usually did 15 reps but today, much of his energy was going to the thick shaft between his legs. He racked the bar and sat up, pushing his swollen shaft down to one side so as to not be too obvious.
"Ok mom, you're next. What are we doing?" he asked his sexy mother.
Deanne tried to push the sexual thoughts of her teenage son from her mind. She approached the nautilus machine and said, "How about some pull downs for my lats?"
She sat down on the bench, reached up and grabbed the bar, hands about shoulder width apart. David moved in and sat down behind her, reached up and softly touched her biceps and elbows.

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   As she slowly pulled down the bar to her chest, he softly caressed her arms and with each rep, the excitement and electricity of his touch aroused her even more. Her heart was again pounding, not from the excercise but from the sexual tension and energy building up between them.
David's cock was now rock hard solid and straining to be free of his confining jock strap. As he spotted his mother from behind, he unknowingly slid closer up behind her. Suddenly he felt the heat of her soft butt flesh against his thighs and as her body pressed back into his. He pushed himself forward, pressing his hard shaft against her soft ass. Suddenly he was driven mad with lust and lost all self control. Mother or not, she was a hot sexy woman that he had to have, NOW.
As she counted out "ten", his hands moved down her arms, his right hand passed her right breast and gripped the side of her tight belly as he pulled his mother backward, harder against his swollen cock. His other hand moved to her left breast and cupped it, kneading her hard nipple with his fingertips. Her swollen nipple was rock hard as he rolled it between his fingertips.
Deanne was completely caught off guard by her son's quick actions as she sat there motionless, feeling his hard cock pressing into her buttocks, feeling his fingers caressing her hard nipple, she rolled her head back onto his shoulder and moaned out softly.
"Uuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmm yesssssssssss, honey. That feels so good. " she hissed softly as her body longed for the sexual touches she now received.


As she moaned softly, his right hand moved down across her smooth belly and cupped her excited pussy. He pressed hard and rubbed her swollen clit through the thin material of her workout suit. Her body was so sexually excited and trembling at the touch of her son's hands. Her breathing was becoming heavier by the second as his firm strong fingers manipulated her excited body. He pulled her back hard against his throbbing thick shaft and humped softly against her smooth tight butt cheeks.
Her son moved his left hand from her left breast, across and under her work-out suit, inside to cup and caress her soft naked right breast. With nothing between his masculine fingers and her swollen hard nipple now, she shuddered as he rolled her nipple between his fingers and squeezed her huge soft breasts.
David was completely aroused and lost in lust as he caressed and massaged his mother's most private area's. His aching hard cock oozed pre-cum, wetting his jock strap as he softly ground it into her sweet soft ass. His heart was pounding with excitement as he couldn't believe he finally got up the nerve to make a move on his sexy mother, and she was letting him have his way.
"Oh god mom, you're so fucking hot!" he panted softly in her ear as her continued to caress her in a most incestious way.
"Uuuuummmmmmmmmmm yessssssssssssssssssss!" she moaned softly as her son caressed her excited clit and erect swollen nipple.
She could feel her pussy juices making her work-out suit wet as her son's fingers continued to rub her aroused clit. Her body was quickly giving in completely to the sexual touch it needed so badly. Her mind fought to regain control, this was her son, her son sexually caressing her, arousing her beyond the point of no return.

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   She loved the firm feel of his caresses but she had to stop him, oh but just one more second, oh god it felt so fucking good.
Suddenly, Deanne forced herself out of her sexual trance and pushed her son away, "David, we can't do this!" she softly commanded as she stood up and broke his hold on her and stood up.
"I'm sorry mom. I don't know what came over me. It's just you look so damn beautiful lately, I couldn't help myself. Please don't tell dad!" he pleaded with her.
"Oh stop your worrying, I won't tell your father, ok. It's just we can't go down that road, it's incest and I am your mother. " she replied.
"I know mom, but you are the most beautiful woman I ever saw!" he laughed smugly.
"Ok stud, cool your jets, I said NO and that's what I mean. " she said as she fought hard to appear upset.
"Are you sure mom?" he said as he looked at the dark wet spot between her legs and her still swollen nipples.
"Oh crap!" she replied as she realized where his eyes were focused.
"That's enough for me today.

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  " Deanne replied as she started to leave the gym feeling his eyes glued to her sexy tight ass.
"Come on mom, we always hit the sauna after our workout. I'll be good, I promise. " again he pleaded with his sexy voluptuous mother.
Turning she said, "Go on, you go without me today. " as she left the gym because it wasn't him she worried about, it was herself.
She knew she had to get out of there before things got too far out of control. As she climbed the stairs toward her bedroom, her wet pussy quivered with excitement, she needed the touch of a man so bad, but her own son, how could she have let it go that far. She opened her bedroom door and looked at herself in her mirror. God, she couldn't believe it, she had a dark wet spot in the crotch of her workout suit.
He really had her aroused as her pussy was soaking wet. As she peeled off her work-out suit, the crotch was completely soaked. The smell of her sex filled the room as she knew she had to relieve herself. Deanne removed her suit and laid back on her bed, raised her knees and began fingering her hot wet pussy.
As she laid there fingering herself, her mind raced about all the sexy images of her son, of his thick hard shaft, a cock so close but she dared not go after it.

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   Her thoughts went back to her son's firm hand caressing her bare swollen nipple, the feel of his thick cock as it pressed hard into her butt, god she was so aroused her body began to shudder as the waves of pleasure quickly built up inside her.
Within seconds, she shuddered, trembled and shook as she climaxed so intensely she nearly blacked out. She had one of her most intense orgasms ever, all the while fascinating about her own teenage son. Even after that mind blowing orgasm, she felt worse as she still had that strong desire and need to feel a hard cock deep inside her more than ever. Her own fingers were not enough, she longed for the feel of a hard cock filling her, pushing deep inside her.
David feeling all horny after he finally got up the nerve to make a move on his mother, to feel his mother's soft breasts and touch her hot pussy, dejectedly entered the small changing room outside the sauna, stripped down and stood naked in front of the mirror. He gripped his thick hard cock and stroked it a few times, thinking to himself, this was all yours mom. His cock was rock hard just thinking about his hot sexy mom again. He grabbed a towel and entered the sauna.
As he sat in the sauna, the hot humid air engulfed his body, he decided to jerk off while the visions of his mother were still fresh in his mind. He pushed off the towel, sat back and closed his eyes as he firmly slowly stroked his thick hard shaft. He tried to picture his mother's firm bare tits, hard nipples jutting out as she peeled out of that sexy workout suit. He quickly felt his cum started to push upward.
He wanted this cum to last so he stopped and gripped his cock real hard, forcing the cum flow back down. He slowly started stroking his swollen cock again, this time his mind moved back to the soft feel of her breast, the hot moist feel as he rubbed his mother's pussy through her workout suit.

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   He could feel her juices soaking through her workout suit as his fingers grew slick while he pressed her clit harder. He was nearing orgasm again when suddenly he felt a rush of cool air.
He opened his eyes to see his mother standing before him wrapped in a towel as she said, "I'm sorry Davey, I felt so guilty leaving you like that honey. " as her eyes focused on his stiff hard thick shaft with her son's hand wrapped around it.
He couldn't believe it, she came back, but what was she going to do as he eagerly waited her next move. What she did next will forever burn an impression into the young mind of her sexy son. As if in a trance while staring at her son's beautiful hard cock, she slowly opened the towel, letting it fall to the floor, fully exposing her completely nude body to her son's eyes. She was so tanned and in such good shape, he studied every muscle on her gorgeous tight hard body. His cock felt like it swelled and grew another half inch as his eyes nearly popped out.
"Let your mother help you with that honey!" she said softly, not believing she was actually doing this but her own sexual needs finally over came her.
"God mom, you're so beautiful!" her son gasped at her perfect body.
His mom was simply fucking gorgeous, her body was absolutely perfect from head to toe. She was an italian goddess, deep dark tan accented by the very sexy little tanlines from her small bikini tops and thong bottoms. Her pussy mound was pale white with a stripe of jet black hair just above her pussy lips. Her breasts were perfect mounds of pale white flesh about the size of grapefruits, maybe larger.

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   Her dark brown puffy nipples were hard and swollen, pushing outwards with eraser size buds atop them. She was simply the vision of a perfect mature woman.
Slowly she dropped to her knees, moved between his legs, gently replacing his hand on his hard cock with hers. She looked closely and studied the perfect specimen of a hard teenage cock with her small hand wrapped around it. She could feel the throbbing of her son's excited heart beat through his pulsating penis. The huge cock head was a gorgeous purple as it was filled with blood. She felt power over her willing son as she gripped his hot shaft in her hand.
Without a word, she leaned that beautiful face forward, looked him deep in the eyes and slipped her hot mouth over the huge swollen purple cock head. Her eyes locked on his, her soft red lips gliding down his thick shaft, taking four or five inches deep in her wet mouth, then sliding up until only the head remained in her hot mouth.
"Oooooohhhhhh god mom, that feels good!" he moaned out as his mother sucked his thick shaft deep in her hot mouth again.
He couldn't believe his eyes as his sexy mother's lips slowly again glided down his thick shaft. This was a vision he had dreamed of lately, but never thought it would ever come true. God, she was so fucking hot as she sucked her own son's thick hard cock.
David was not a virgin by far, but this was the absolute most erotic sexually arousing sight he ever had seen in his young teenage life. His gorgeous sexy mom was nude with him, sucking his hard cock, he nearly came just thinking about it.

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   He felt his cum churnning deep within him as his sexy mother sucked his thick cock.

David watched closely as his mother's soft lips wrapped around his thick shaft as it glistened from the moisture of her hot wet mouth. Her cheeks sucked in as his swollen cock disappeared once again between those sexy lips. His heart pounded as he couldn't believe the vision his eyes beheld, all his sexual fantasies coming to life, his sexy voluptuous mother was finally sucking his cock. He looked deep into her loving eyes as she looked up at him while taking his cock once again deep into her mouth.
Deanne was driven by lust as she needed to feel a man deep inside her, needed to feel the firm touch of a man while making love to her, even if it was going to be her own 17 year old son, incest or not. As her soft lips glided up and down her son's thick shaft, she couldn't believe she actually got up the nerve to go through with this. Amazing what the power of sexual desires can force you to do, she thought as she felt her son's cock throbbing in her hot wet mouth.
He watched his cock disappear between his mother's sexy red lips, feeling her tongue swirl about and around his shaft, the cum quickly building from deep within his body. His mom pulled off his shaft, holding the huge purple cock head in her mouth, her tongue running circles around it. David felt his cum beginning to flow upwards, towards his mother's hot mouth.
"Oh god mom, can I cum on your tits?" he moaned out, begging her approval.
She pulled off her son's cock for just a second, "Sure baby, whatever you want. " she purred softly as she slowly slipped her full soft lips over his hard shaft again.
Deanne could sense her son was ready to cum as she felt his body tightening.


   She pulled his cock from her mouth and began pumping his cock, her hand gripping it firmly as she was jerking her son off. She aimed his thick shaft at her gorgeous breasts as she quickly pumped his cock. Just as he asked, her son was going to cum all over her soft tits, which was completely turning her on beyond belief.
"Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh god mom, I'mmmmmmmm cummmmmmmming!"
David moaned out loudly as his huge cock began to erupt. A huge thick white stream of hot cum bolted from his erect shaft, hitting his mother's soft left breast just above her nipple. Seconds later another thick white stream of her son's hot cum splashed against her right breast.
Just as her son's cock was ready to erupt the third time, Deanne aimed the huge purple head up toward her mouth. David shuddered at the sight of what his mother was doing and blasted a huge load of hot jism across the left side of his mother's beautiful face. The thick white cum was flowing down across her left cheek and dripped onto her soft left breast.

Deanne was amazed at the amount of cum produced by her sexy young son. She squeezed and milked the last of his thick cum from his still hard shaft. She took the head of his cock and rubbed his cum all over her tits and into her hard nipples. Her pussy was dripping wet with excitement as she knew, if he stayed hard, it wouldn't be long and she would finally feel her son's thick cock buried deep inside her.

David looked at his sexy mom, lovingly deep into her eyes and panted out, "God mom, that was fucking intense. I never came so hard in my life! You're so fucking beautiful!"
"Well honey, this is one fine cock you have here and we got all day to try and top that.

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  " she replied with a sexy devilish chuckle.
Deanne kept stroking her son's cock as it stayed hard. Got to love the virility of a 17 year old boy, she thought. She took his cock into her mouth again, tasting the salty sweet semen of her son's cock, licking him clean and getting him completely hard again. He was moaning again as he felt the sweet heat of his mother's mouth and swirling tongue. His mom was a fantastic cock sucker, much better than any of his teenage girlfriends. She gave him the best blowjob of his young teenage life.
Deanne moved slowly up from between her son's legs, dragging her cum covered soft breasts across his excited skin, her swollen nipples being caressed by every soft hair on his legs. She pressed her hard nipples against his chest, feeling his hardening shaft pressing into her tight abs as she softly brought her lips to his, kissing him in a most unmotherly way.
As she broke her lips from his, she said into his ear, "Suck your mother's hot pussy baby. "
David was in a sexual trance. He felt dizzy with lust and sexual excitement as his mother sat next to him and spread those perfect legs, exposing one of the most taboo places he could ever lay his eyes upon. Her pussy was glistening wet, with both sweat from the hot sauna and her own sweet sexual juices. Her mound was a pale white with a neatly trimmed jet black pussy hair racing stripe just above her slit. It was the most beautiful pussy he had ever seen in his young life, actually only the third he had seen up close. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 


"I haven't done this too often mom. " he said worried he wouldn't be able to please her.
"Don't worry baby, I'm sure you'll do just fine. Just do what comes natural and I'll give you some pointers along the way. " Deanne replied as she anxiously waited.
She placed her legs up on her son's shoulders as her brought his mouth close to her wet pussy. She felt his hot breath on her labia as he reached around her leg and spread her swollen lips just as he ran his tongue up the length of her gash. She shuddered as he reached her erect clit and softly, teasingly flicked his tongue over it. As he gently worked his tongue around her excited love button, he inserted a finger inside her soaking wet opening.
"Oh yesssssssssss baby, you do that real niccccccccccce!" his mother moaned as he touched her swollen clit again.
Dave licked and fingered her pussy, gradually increasing his attention to her erect clit. Each time he touched it, his mother's body flinched and she thrusted her pussy hard into his mouth. He now had two fingers probing deeply into her cunt, caressing the insides of her hot wet pussy. She squeezed his head between her thighs as she ground her pussy into his thrashing tongue.
"Uuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmm yesssssssss, that it, suck mommy's pussy.

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   Ooooohhhhhhhh god yesssssssssss!" his hot mother moaned.
With his mother's encouragement, his confidence increased as he knew he was bringing a great deal of pleasure to the one woman he loved more than any other, his gorgeous sexy mother. He sucked her stiff clit between his lips, rolling it from side to side, firmly dragging the flat of his tongue hard against it.
Deanne was amazed at the raw talent of her son's tongue. She knew she could teach him to become an expert at eating pussy, her pussy. But now he was driving her mad with lust as she humped his mouth, riding his tongue for all her worth. She squeezed his head between her muscular tanned thighs as she began to shudder, as her second orgasm of the day enveloped her body.
David was beaming with pride as he felt his sexy mother's body tense up as she moaned his name out loudly, trembled and shuddered with an intense orgasm. He held her hips tightly as he pulled and sucked her clit hard, holding it between his lips as she bucked and shuddered.
"Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh fuck yes Davey, uuuuuuuummmmmmmmmm!" she moaned as her body jerked and twisted within his firm grasp.
Unable to stand the touch on her now over sensitive clit, she pushed her son's head away from her pussy as she fought to catch her breath. She had one hard orgasm followed by three small mini orgasms. She could not remember ever having multiple orgasms before in her life. This incestious taboo sex with her son had triggered some strong lustful passion she had never felt before. Quite simply, this was the best sex she ever had.


David set her tight butt back down on the sauna step as his mother regained her composure. He sat down next to her, put his left arm over her shoulder, held her tightly as he caressed her breasts with his right hand. He could feel the slickness of his own cum mixed with her body's sweat. He rolled her swollen nipples between his fingers in their slickened juices.
Deanne's heart was still pounding as her body responed to the soft caresses her son gave her hard nipples. She was so fucking horny for her own son. This was a new feeling for her as she was going mad with lust, taboo incestious lust for her own son and she was enjoying every second of it.
"Come on Davey, it's too hot in here. " she said as she led him out of the sauna and back into the gym. As she walked, she cleaned the mixture of her own sweat and her son's thick cum off her face and firm breasts with her towel.
David watched his mom's perfect tanned butt with her sexy white thong tanlines as he walked behind her. His thick hard cock heavily swaying from side to side, getting harder as her butt shifted side to side in front of him. He could see the white swells of her breasts at her sides as she walked. She was the most erotic thing he had ever seen in his young life. She was as beautiful as any of the women he jerked off to in his porno collection.

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As they passed through the changing room, Deanne grabbed a fresh towel and walked into the gym. She threw it over a bench as she forced her son to lay down on his back. His hard shaft pointed straight up in the air as she bent over and took it into her mouth again. She gave his cock a couple quick licks and head bobs to make sure he was still good and hard. Little did she know, his cock was so hard for her, he wouldn't go soft for at least a week.
"Just lie back Davey and mommy will do all the work. " she said as she straddled the bench and positioned her wet pussy over her son's thick hard shaft.
"I'm gonna ride this big cock of your's so hang on baby!" she panted out not believing how hot and turned on she was for her own son.
David watched, as though in a dream, as his sexy mother lowered herself onto his young cock. He watched as the blood filled purple cock head spread his mom's sexy pussy lips and slowly disappeared inside where he once came from. He watched his thick shaft until it was completely buried to the hilt, inside his mother's hot dripping wet cunt. Her pussy was so fucking tight, her pale white mound split open with his thick shaft deep inside.
Deanne rolled her head back as she lowered herself, feeling her son's huge thick cock spreading her pussy apart. Oh my god, she needed this so bad she thought. He was filling her insides completely and she just moaned with pleasure as she finally got what she needed so badly, a hard cock, her son's hard cock deep inside her.

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"Oh god honey, your cock feels so good inside me! Mommy's gonna give you what you've wanted all summer, a piece of her hot pussy. " she leaned forward and moaned out softly in his ear.
David couldn't believe his ears, his mother knew he was lusting after her? Just the fact that she knew, excited him intensely as he reached up and placed his hands on her tanned hips, helping her start the best fucking of his young life.
She slowly began moving her hips up and down, small amounts at first then slowly increasing the tempo, riding her son's thick eight inch shaft. She gyrated her hips slowly side to side, forcing her son's cock to reach and touch every possible nerve inside her hot wet pussy.
Why did she wait so long to do this, this incestious sexual act, she thought as his cock angled yet another direction inside her. She angled her back and ground her swollen clit hard against his pelvic bone, sending shivers once again throughout her sexually charged body.
"Oh yeah baby, your cock feels sooooooo gooooooooood!" she moaned out.
Deanne placed her hands on her son's hard chest muscles as she leaned forward while she rode her son's hard cock. Her hips moving up and down as his thick shaft traveled deep inside her. Her slick juices flowed helping the friction building as his swollen shaft hit bottom once again. She could feel the beginnings of her orgasm deep inside her as she trembled with sexual excitement.
"Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss, your cock is so fucking big! Uuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmm god yessssssssssssss!" his mother moaned as she quickened the pace riding her son's thick cock.
David still couldn't believe what was happening, he was finally fucking his voluptuous mother, no, right now she was fucking him, he thought. He looked at her face while she rode his shaft, eyes closed with her mouth open.

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   Her breasts were swinging back and forth as she rocked back and forth on his swollen member. He watched his cock moving in and out of his mother's tight pussy. He imagined and had been waiting for this day all summer long.
"Oooooooohhhhhhh yeah baby, mommy's gonna cum soon!" Deanne moaned loadly as she was now bouncing up and down on her son's engorged shaft.
"Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssssssssss!" she moaned as she started to climax for the third time that day.
Seconds later, he body tensed, shuddered and shook as she started with one of the most intense orgasms of her life. Her mind raced as her pussy quivered and pulsated, gripping and squeezing her teenage son's rock hard shaft. The fact that it was her son's cock deep inside her, magnified the intensity of her orgasm. Her body completely shuddered as waves and waves of orgasmic pleasures ripped throughout her excited body.
This was so wrong, but it felt so good, it had to be the right thing to do. It was what she needed so badly, a thick hard cock buried deep inside her hot pussy. This act of pure incest, pure taboo sex which was so wrong was triggering sexual excitement and lust stronger than she had ever felt before, for both of them.
David watched his mother as she went through her orgasm. It was one of the most erotic things he had ever seen and his cock stayed rock hard inside her. He was nearing his own orgasm but she quickly climaxed before him.

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   He forced himself to hold off, somehow suppressing his orgasm. Now she was laying on top of him, her soft breasts pressing firmly into his chest as he felt her pussy muscles contracting all around his hard cock.
"God mom, that was so fucking hot, you really got into that. " he whispered in her ear.
"Yeah honey, your mom needed that bad. Dad's been gone too much lately. " she panted as she squeezed his cock with her strong pussy muscles.
"Mom, can I fuck you from behind?" David asked softly as his cock was still rock hard.
"Sure baby, but give me a few seconds first. " as she caught her breath and regained her composure.
Deanne pulled herself up, slipped off her son's still hard shaft and placed another towel on the carpeted floor. She positioned herself on the floor, on her knees, back arched with her sexy tanned butt high in the air. She spread her knees slightly, giving her son complete access to her hot pussy from behind. It was once again one of the most erotic sights he had ever seen.
"How's this honey? Ready to slide that beautiful young cock in your mommy from behind!" she cooed.

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David stroked his thick hard cock as he moved in behind his sexy mother. He couldn't ever remember his cock feeling so heavy, so big and hard in his life. On his shaking knees, he moved in behind her, gently grabbed her soft tanned hips as she reached back and guided her son's huge cock into her tight pussy.

"God mom, you have the finest ass I ever saw!" he moaned as he felt his swollen cock head begin to split her cunt open again.

David pulled his mother's hips back and drove his thick shaft deep inside her once again. He watched as his cock disappeared inside her and he felt her soft tanned butt flesh touching his thighs. She was in such good shape as he felt his mom's pussy gripping and squeezing his swollen shaft. God, she was such a good piece of ass, he thought, not like the inexperienced teenage girls he had fucked so far in his young teenage life.
"Oooooooohhhhhhhh yes honey, that's it, fuck mommy's pussy again!" his mother moaned as he drove his thick hard cock once again deep inside her tight cunt.
"I love you mom, god I love you! You're so fucking hotttttttttt!" he bellowed as he pulled his throbbing shaft out and thrust it hard inside his mother's wet pussy once more.
Deanne felt her son's thick shaft with every nerve inside her tight sensitive pussy. His shaft filled her so completely as he pounded her wet pussy from behind. She could hear the sweet sounds of sex as her juices oozed from her body, covering her son's cock as her soft butt flesh slapped into his body. This felt so fucking good, so hot, so right as she enjoyed the incestious pounding of her son's thick cock.
David was again dizzy with lust as he watched his hard shaft once again disappear between those sexy tanned globes of perfect butt flesh.

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   He was filled with pride as he gazed upon his mother's smiling sexually aroused face as he drove his shaft deep inside her again and again.
Deanne was on her knees getting fucked doggy-style by her 17 year old son, her back arched, butt in the air, her firm tits sliding back and forth across the fabric of the towel, sending waves of pleasure through her swollen nipples as they were caressed by the texture of the towel. Her head was facing to the right, mouth was open as she gasped for air while her sexy son pounded her pussy from behind.
She was smiling as she loved every fucking second of this maddening sexual incestious encounter with her own teenage son. As he again thrust deep inside her, she reached down between her legs with her right arm until her fingers found her erect clit. As she rubbed her love button, she could also feel her son's thick shaft across her fingertips as it pistoned in and out of her tight cunt. Her clit throbbed as orgasm neared.
"Oooooooohhhhhhhhh yes baby, that's it, fuck mommy good and hard!" she moaned.
David loved hearing his mother encourage him along. Her grabbed her hips harder and begain really thrusting his hard shaft deep inside her. His cock was soon hitting nerves inside her pussy not touched before. Within seconds they both were nearing the most intense orgasms of the lives.
"Oooooohhhhhhhh fuck, uuuuuuuuuummmmmmmm, oh god, I can't believe it! I'm cummmmmmmmmming again!" his sexually aroused mother bellowed out.
"Meeeeeeeeeeeee to mom!" her son groaned as her pulled her back hard and began shooting the most intense load deep inside his mother's pussy.
"I'mmmmmmmmmmm cummmmmminggggggggggg!" David groaned as he erupted inside his mother's juicy cunt.


Deanne felt her son's hot juices shoot deep inside her as she shuddered with once again wave after wave of the most intense orgasm she had ever felt. Her fourth multiple orgasm of the day. Her pussy contracted and quivered around her son's hard shaft as she milked his of his love juices. She gyrated her hips in circles on his shaft as she slowly came down from what was the absolute best orgasm of her life.
Deanne could feel her son's juices leaking out of her pussy and running down the insides of her legs. God, how could a young man produce so much cum, she thought as a satisfied smile crossed her beautiful face. She planned on finding out just how much over the next month before her husband returned.
She moved forward, her son's now semi-erect cock slipping from her oozing wet pussy, as she laid on her side. She gasped for air as she slowly regained her composure. David laid down next to her, spooning himself tightly up behind his sexy mother, his love juice soaked cock pressed into her soft ass. He was beaming with pride as he gave his mother such intense pleasure.
Deanne rolled over slightly, facing her sexy young son, looked deep into his eyes and said, "Honey, that was the best work-out I ever had!" kissing him softly on the lips.
They both burst into laughter as they laid there on the floor of their gym. Things were never going to be the same between them as they spent the rest of the summer enjoying the wonderful incestious love only felt between a mother and her son.

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