Best friends forever and always


This may be a bit of a short story since it is my first story. If there is good feedback I will continue it in other parts and such. Also leave comments and tell me what I can add or take out :)

Amber is a girl of about 5'8 in height and is skinny with pert 36 B boobs and an ass to match that fit perfectly on her pale body. Amber and I have been best friends for about 6 years now and friends and other people always ask us if we are lesbian lovers (which is usually a joke from friends because they know she is straight tho I indeed am lesbian). I am almost the opposite of Amber I am about 5'5 and a little bit bigger then Amber, I have 38 C boobs and a good sized ass and am tan. Now me and Amber would always kiss just to mess with people it was never anything serious that is until one night.

I went over to Amber's house after a fight with my mother and we headed over to her grandmothers house ( which is really just for our use because her grandmother lives with amber her brother and her mom and the house is really just a storage space). When we got there I put all my stuff in her room then we headed into the back yard and went swimming for about 2 hours. After we swam we went inside had a snack and started throwing things at each other which started us wrestling like we usually do. When we were tired out and couldn't stop laughing we headed into her room and broke out the pot (we are stoners :]). Pot usually has an effect on us similar to if we were using ecstasy so we both got a little horny. Now usually we would talk about what we would do if we had a boy (or girl in my case) there and then we would go off and masturbate on our own in some other room but this night was different.
Amber turned to me with this lustful look in her eye and I knew I had that same look. Both of us leaned forward in this wild sort of way and started kissing and then I flipped her over onto me and started scratching her back like I knew she liked and she moaned softly into my lips. WE rolled around the bed kissing for a few minutes letting out tongues dance and twirl while we rubbed still slightly damp body's. Then she got up and almost ripped off her top and put her boobs in my face while she undid my top.

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   As she leaned over me I licked and nipped at her tits noticing her nipples where already hard as rock. I pulled her down and then sat on her legs as I leaned down and started to circle my tongue around her pale pink nipples. I looked up at her and saw her eyes close her eyes in pleasure that's when i took my cue and slid my hand down her body and rubbed her through her bottoms.
She moaned and said "oh fuck" as i rubbed her pushing up against her clit. I smiled then dragged myself back up and kissed her lips as I rubbed her with a bit more pressure. She was moaning into my lips as we kissed ad I rubbed her. She then moaned with the most lust I have ever heard "please fuck me". I smirked and said "but if I get straight to it it ruins my fun" she groaned as I latched my thumbs into her bottoms and pulled them down. I the placed one finger right on her clit and started rubbing as she bucked up into my and I kissed her then kissed down her body going over her whole body then slowly coming back up her thighs kissing up each thigh. She moaned and pulled at my hair. I smiled then came up and kissed up and down her neck then bit down on her and she moaned and almost screamed "shit!" I smiled then went back down and spread the lips of her pussy and licked up and down twice then put one finger at her entrance and my mouth on her clit,.
She moaned and grabbed my head and pushed forward I smiled and started sucking on her clit as I shover my finger into her up to the knuckle with one rough swift move. She moaned and bucked up towards me as i sucked and licked at her little bundle of nerves and started to finger fuck her rougher than before. She seemed to want more so I stuck in another finger but barely could because of how tight she was. I then took my fingers out and started the move my tongue into her hole.

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   I stuck my tongue in and started to try and move it around her tight whole but couldn't so I moved back up to sucking on her clit, My fingers automatically went back to her hole and started fucking her quickly. I went up and kissed her and she moaned and she smiled at me and whispered in my ear " mm make me cum. " I smiled and managed to put 3 fingers into her and start to finger fuck her as I went back to sucking and licking at her clit.
Pulling at my hair she moaned as I started to move my fingers faster. I looked up and she looked like she was in heaven her face was the best I'd seen in a while with her eyes rolled back and biting her lip. I smiled then started licking and sucking more and more. I got my fingers to move faster then they had before and I started finger fucking her faster then before and she screamed and moaned in pleasure and I made my fingers go deeper and faster into her. Then this sound I have never heard before came out of her. It was like a sound of pain and pleasure and just pure wildness poured out of her as she came. I smiled then pulled my fingers out as her body shook and lapped all her juices up and crawled back up to her licking my fingers and kissing her letting her taste herself. I smiled and kissed her neck after and whispered in her ear "way more where that came from" then looked at her and winked then went back to kiss her again.

Should I continue? Should I add more to this ? Maybe another girl or a guy or a strap on?
Send feed back to find out :)

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