College dream


Anna looked at the clock for the third time in 5 minutes. 18th century art was such a boring class except that Mr.   McClellan taught it and he had his girlfriend named Shelly, there with him.  Anna could not wait to go home and puck her fingers into her nice clit, and then rub all of the juice on her perfect boobs.   Suddenly the bell rang, and Anna’s day dream came to an end. Mr. McClellan said: "wait, I have all of your quarter grades. " When Anna got hers, she was horrified to see a big fat D on it. Ok so she didn’t turn a couple of assignments, big deal. But a D. That was a problem. She sighed and got up to leave, not noticing that Shelly was looking at her. When Anna got to her car, she finally noticed Shelly coming over to her. She unlocked the car, pretending not to notice her. But when Shelly knocked on the car window, Anna had to look up. Anna pulled down the window and said: "hey Shelly, what’s up? Shelly said: Mike has a meeting to attend and I don’t have a ride home.

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   I was wondering if you could drop me off. I think it’s on the way back to your apartment". " Sure" said Anna, as Shelly got in. As they pulled up to Shelly’s place, Shelly said:  "why don’t you come in and see the place. I have some stuff I think you will like. ” Anna could only nod, because she was so confused. Why was her teacher’s super hot girlfriend inviting her into her house? As they rode the elevator in silence, Anna peeked over and say that Shelly’s pants were a little bit darker than usual. As they got off the elevator, Shelly led the way to a door 690, took out a key, and opened the door. As Anna got in, she say a beautiful little condo, which was sparkling clean. One moment said Shelly, and she went into her room. A couple minutes later, Shelly came out wearing nothing but her low cut bra and panties. Anna uttered a little gasp. Shelly looked like a vixen in those clothes. "W-what are you doing?" said Anna. "Oh come on Anna can’t you see how I look at you all the time.

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   You are just what I want. Mike doesn’t do shit to me and it’s leaving me drained".   Shelly came over in her sexy outfit up to Anna and started kissing her neck. "S-stop it please" said Anna, even though inside all  her sense were aroused. Shelly slowly stopped and looked her in the eye. “One time, that’s all. And how about this. You satisfy me, which wouldn’t be hard, and I might just get your grade up to an A. ”
 As soon as Anna heard this, she pulled Shelly back to her, and kissed her on the mouth. It felt so good! And as they kissed even more, Anna’s nipples got rock solid, and her pussy got really wet. As Anna pushed Shelly away, she pulled off her shirt to reveal beautiful breasts and an amazing body. Then she pulled her skirt down. “Give it to me baby” moaned Shelly. And she started to kiss Anna on her bra. Anna couldn’t contain it any more.

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   She ripped off her bra, and then ripped off Shelly’s. And then started to suck Shelly’s nipples, like there was no tomorrow. Shelly moaned in anxiety, than leaned over and pulled off her panties. Anna gasped. It was the hairiest, most beautiful crotch she had ever seen in three years of wild sex. “Oh yah baby I need you to do it to me. ” Anna immediately went down and smelled the musky sent of pussy. It made Anna’s pussy even wetter. She started to lick Shelly’s pussy until it came out. “I’mm Ccuuummmiinng” screamed Shelly and she squirted right onto Anna’s face and open mouth. Ahh, Anna hadn’t tasted a women’s cum for forever. It tasted like heaven to her. Then Anna’s pussy got insane; it was almost going to explode with cum. She pushed Shelly to the sofa, and opened her legs real wide, as she destroyed her panties. ” I did it to you bitch, and now you are going to suck my cunt until it is dry”.

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   Shelly licked her lips and dove into Anna’s pussy. And it exploded on Shelly’s face. Ahh it felt so good. Anna’s moans were so intense that she grabbed her nipples and moved up and down. She cummed again this time it exploded onto the table and love-seat. Anna sighed in pleasure.
Shelly got up quickly went into the other room, and came back with an 8 inch strap-on. “Baby, I want to fuck you like you have never been fucked before. ” She pulled Anna onto the island counter got her in wheelbarrow position and slid the vibrating strap-on into Anna’s awaiting pussy. Pain shot through Anna, and then again but this time there was some pleasure. And then the next time the pleasure was so intense Anna cummed onto Shelly’s nice dildo. After more naughty fun, moans, and cumming, the two women put on their clothes, and cleaned off everything. “If you ever need me for anything, just call” said Shelly. “And by the way, you are now getting an A in Mike’s class, because I’m satisfied beyond my wildest imagination. ”

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