High School for Sluts Ch. 3


"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh goooooooooooooooooodddddddddddddddd" screams Brittany, as she slowly comes down from heavan.
"Did you look the babe?" asks Rachael, a smile on her face.
"I want to fuck her next. " says Amy.
"No way," replies Linda, "its my turn. "
"Girls, girls. " says Rachael. "Theres no need to argue, we all know how this is going to end. In an orgasm war. "
"Whats that?" asks Brittany.
"Its this super fun thing," replies rachael. "I came up with it myself. Whenever we have a disagreement, we have an orgasm war. What happenes is, the two combatants lie down, and scissor each other, with their pussies touching. So, its like, they open their legs, and slide into each other. Then, when some one says go, they start rubbing each others pussies with their own.

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   The first one to cum loses, and theres no extra stimulating. Its really great to watch. Come sit on the coach with me, and enjoy the show. "
Brittany sits on the coach, in between Rachael and Ann, as Linda and Amy get into position. It was really hot, seeing these two beautiful girls like that.
"On the count of three," said Rachael. "1. . . . . . . . .

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  . 2. . . . . . . . . . . 3!"The Humping was on.
Each girl was grinding their pussy into their oponents like there was no tomorrow. It was one f the most erotic things Brittany had ever seen.

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   It was making her horny, watching, and hearing each of these two girls grunt and moan. She looked to her left, and there sat Ann, fingering herself, watching her sister in an argasm war. All of a sudden, Ann turns to Brittany, pushes her on her back, and starts eating her out. Rachael looks over at them and smiles.
"You look content Brittany. How about you suck me off while your there. " And with that, rachael lowered her pussy onto Brittany's face, and she started eating.
As the sounds from both fuck sessions started to get louder, each girls sense of pleasure increased. No one remembers who won the orgasm war, after it ended, each girl more or less went to sleep, drenched in sweat and pussy juice.
The next morning, they awoke, and took a nice, long swim in the pool to clean off, then went home.
I wonder what monday will bring.
~~Thanks so much for all the comments on my stories. Its going to be an interesting story now, I have a nice amount of ideas. They might not all be pure lesbian though. =/Please keep the comments coming, really wanan hear what all you guys and girls thinkXxX Victoria

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