Seducing Married Women Pt. 3


I went shopping one day all on my own with no intention of playing with anyone but that just shows you that there are some things that find you even if you are not looking for them. I wore a peasant dress that was down to the mid-calf and sandals and a floral desing thing and no bra. I hate bas and so if I think about it I let them stay in the drawer at home. Well, Anyway, I was at the mall, window shopping as much as anything else and went into the Sears store there. As you walk into the store the women's wear is on the right and so I was looking through the panties and things and notive two girls that seemed to be watching me. Both were younger than legal age and the were both very cute. They had on shorts and t shirts and were looking at clothes but mostly seemed to be looking at me. I felt my nipples get hard and tried not to think of sex but then one made eye contact and said "Hi. " and I said "Hello" from 30 feet away. THey both smiled and I turned around to gather myself and try not to get excited.

I was looking the other way and standing very close to one rack and one of he girls was suddenly there saying "Hello" again. "Hi" I said. "How are you?" and she was looking at my body and stopping to stare at my tits that were now very excited and the nipples were hard as rocks. "You are really beautiful," she said and I said "Thanks. You and your friend are really cute too. " and then I notice the girlfriend was not around.

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   "Where di your girlfriend go?" I said and the girl just smiled and said "Oh, you will find out soon. " and then I felt some grab my breasts from inside the rack of clothes. The other girl took something shiny out of her bag and then I saw a sharpe blade against my side, "Undo the straps. " she said and I reached up carefully and undid the spagetti straps to my dress. The girl pushed the blade into my skin a little just to say she was serious. I felt my top go off my tits in the front and there was a hungry mouth sucking my nipples. "Oh my god, oh damn. " I moaned. "Quiet and everything will be fine, my girlfriend wanted to play with you a little. " she said and stepped closer hiding the 6 inch long blade. She was doing a great job at sucking my tits, kissing them all over then pinching the nipples and sucking them again and then she pushed her hand under my dress between my legs. I moved them apart. "Now you get the picture, cooperate and it will all be good. " she said. I looked at her as fingers went into my pussy, "All you had to do was say you wanted to play and I would do it with you.

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  " I said and then at least 4 fingers were in my pussy and the mouth sucking a nipples and the other hand playing with my other tit.

"We like to do it this way, we love to play rough. " the girl said. I was now having an orgasm and could not talk. After I was almost falling being so weak the girl in the rack said, "Spread them wider. " and I moved my legs wider. THe girl with the knife moved her hand down and gave the other one the knife. I was afraid for a moment and then felt the shapre edge moving around my hips and legs. Then the point was on my clit and I felt a shiver go all over me. "You know we could kill you right here and no one would know who did it. " the one girl said. "We could slip that knife all the way into your pussy and leave you here to bleed. " she said smiling. I looked at her and said, "Or, you can come with me and we can really have a good time in bed. " and they both looked at me.

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   "Serious?" and I said yes, very much so. " THe girl under the rack slipped my dress back over my tits and gave the knife to the other girl. She appeared on the other side of the rack and I managed to stand up. The first girl had the knife next to my ribs and pushing some. "Let's go, if you change your mind we will take care of that. " she said and I was soaking wet. I stopped next to the escalators and hugged the girl with the knife and then kissed her full on the mouth and she moved the knife. "Is that the kiss of a woman that is going to change her mind? You have goten me all hot now and I will not let you two go until I have been satisified.

We got in my car and drove to the apartment and got inside. "Now continue the game we were playing at the mall, it was making me so fucking hot. " I said and the knife came out again and circled my nipples as the other girl held them from behind me. The first girl circiled them over and over and then there was a circle of blood dripping from them and she took the nipple in her mouth and th other girl took the other one and began sucking. Not a drop of my blood fell.

After that, we went to the bed room but I will talk about that later.
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