So Much Better Pt. 3


Well, Jackie and I became very close friends after our time in the shower and the office. Ms. Wise looked at us a lot as she left the showers to us a few times more and then one day she came up to me after gym. Jackie was out sick so I thought I was going o leave and just go home. I was geting dressed and I felt Ms. Wise behind close. "Hello Brenda. " she said then her hands were on my shoulders. She kissed my shoulders gently and I felt a shiver all over my body. I had just put my bra on and was going to finish the hooks in the back and she kissed my shoulders again. I was getting more than chills now, I was feeling warm waves all over. The two hooks came loose as she kept kissing my shoulders and then to my neck. "I thought that since Jackie is out today you and I could enjoy a shower together. " she said. I turned slowly around and her hands were now on my breasts and as they filled her hands she massaged them slowly. She applied more pressure as she kept massaging and I had my eyes closed as she moved her lips to mine.

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   I was getting hotter now, her tongue searching inside my mouth and finding my tongue. Her hands were now really squeezing my breasts harder and then her fingers were on my nipples, pinching then pulling them so that she was pulling them down so that I had to go with them or the pain got worse. I was on my knees now and she was in front of me naked.

She had a very athletic body and no fat at all. She also had her pussy shaved and she her huge lips and her clit protruded out like a penis for a man. She continued pinching my nipples harder and then she began kissing my at the same time. She had me really trying to understand what my body was feeling, pain in my nipples and pleasure in my mouth from her kisses. She let go and laid on a dressing bench and spread her legs and her pussy was soaking wet. "Eat me baby, eat me like you and Jackie did for each other. " she told me and I was there at her pussy and began licking the lips and then sucking the clit. "Oh yeh, suck it into your mouth baby. Suck my clit. " she began telling me. I did and her hips were moving and her hands were on my head, moving me as she needed to have me move. She tensed and sudenly she sprayed my face and her orgasm went into my mouth as if she was pissing.

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   She had two orgasms and then got up taking my hand, "Come with me dear. " she said and she walked towards the outside doors and I pulled back. "I am locking the doors Dear," she said and then she did. As we turned there was a koncking on the door and she turned and let a woman in.

"So this is Brenda. " the woman said as she came in and we all walked to the office. I was naked and so was Ms. Wise. The woman closed he dor behind us and turned and faced us. "Did you get her ready for me?" the woman said. "Yes, she is very ready. She just ate me out. " Ms. Wise undressed her and then she stood there totally naked. She was in her 50s and had a good figure but she did have some sagging.

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   Her tits were small and her butt was larger. She sat in a chair and spread her legs over the arms and Ms. Wise pushed me to her and I was on my knees. "Eat her hun, eat her realy good. " Ms. Wise told me and I began licking her pussy. The woman told me to finger her and so I was fingering her and eating her at the same time. She was moaning and really getting wet and then she told me to slip my hand into her pussy. I did and her hips jerked as she had an orgasm all over my face and hair. Ms. Wise was kissing my face that was wet with the woman's juices.

She finished and then they laid me on a couch and began eating and sucking and kissing me all over. My body was going nuts and I had one orgasm after another. They did not stop but lept taking me through one orgasm after another until I was weak and just laid there. They got me up and we walked to the showers and all got in and they both soaped me all over and again I was made to have ogasm after orgasm.

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   That may sound good but I was now so sensative that my hips were jerking and it was a convulsion with every orgasm. Finally the woman dressed and kissed us both, "Next week again? And oh, make sure Jackie is here. " the woman said. Ms. Wise said she would be sure to have her here too. Iwas given a ride hom by Ms. Wise and as she dropped me off I asked who the woman was. "Oh, she is very important, you realy want to make sure she is your friend. She can do a lot for you. " I got out after a kiss and went right to bed and woke late at night with the TV on. I got up and then got something to eat and then looked at the local news paper. I was going through it and stopped cold. There was a picture of a woman, dressed very well. She was a mayor of a local city, she was the one that had been in the gym and made love with me and Ms. Wise.

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   I met her a lot after that, sometimes she came to the gym and a few times to my house and a lot to a hotel. She and Jackie and Ms. Wise were great friends for a long time.