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Aunt Maggie was telling me about a party she wanted to take me to one weekend soon. It was more like a ladys social club she told me and I said I would like to go. Well, Friday afternoon when I got in from school she had my clothes laid out for me on the bed. "Take a shower and make sure you are nice and smooth. " she said. I did and dressed in what she laid out for me. The dress was a wrap that cupped each breast separately almost like a bra cup. I had no bra on and so it served as a bra too. It tied at the waist and then came to just above my knees. It was pastel and I had a nice thong under and low heels. She did my hair and then she said, "Now remember Dear, you are 18 and not a day younger" and she handed me my fake ID that said so. We drove to a nice house and just as the sun was going down we got out and walked to the door. There was a nicely dressed woman that answered and right off she asked for ID and wrote the nakes down on a clip board and then checked a list and said "Thanks for coming, go into the main room please. " Well, Maggie took my hand and we walked in and the lights were low but you could still see really well. THere were maybe 10 or 15 women, all looked to be in their 30s or older. One came up and hugged Maggie and looked at me, "This is your neice" she said.

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   "Maggie said yes and told her this is Brenda" and the woman said, "I am Janet. " and she hugged me, a little like she was trying to see if my chest were real by pressing us together. "Get drinks and relax. " she said and we did. I was sipping a wine and Maggie had something stronger.

Finally it seemded like everyone was there and the woman at the door announced that we could all get ready for the social activities. Maggie took my hand and we found a seat on a love seat. THere was a sort of elevated platform at one end of the room and we were all turned towards that. A very lovely woman stepped up with another that was younger and said, "Well, we are first I suppose and this is my daughter Lynn. They sat on a love seat like the one we sat on and then the woman leaned Lynn back and began kissing her. Lynn was frozen and she was afraid I could see but her mother kept on moving over her body with her hands. Finally Lynn was naked and the women in the room were all very excited, you could smell sex in the air. The woman was on her knees eating Lynn now and Lynn was crying but her body was responding too. She had an orgasm and her mom, now naked, hugged her tight and they kissed and then Lynn seemed to want to return the favors her Mom had given her. A woman came to the platform and stood near them and told Lynn to stand up.

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   She did and the woman told her to undress her and Lynn, with shaking hands did as she was told. The woman was heavy, huge tits and her thick thighs and her trim waist looked odd on her body. She grabbed Lynn and sat on the couch and pushed Lynn's face into her pussy and said, "Now eat it good. " and Lynn was again afraid. She finished and told the mother to take Lynn to the side so that she could watch the rest of the evening. She stood there hugging Lynn and they watched.

THe woman came to us and said, "Now for the new girl, stand up. " she told me and I did but I was not afraid. "Undress for us on the platfom. " and so Maggie squeezed my hand and I walked to the platform and began to slowly reveal my body and saw the women getting more excited. They were now all playing with the woman sitting with them. The woman came to the platform and stood in front of me. She took my tits in her hands and massagged them and I moaned some. "You like that?" she said. "Of course, don't you?" I said and she got a mean look on her face.

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   "Oh this one needs to be taught a lesson I see. " she said and drew back her hand and slapped my face. I slapped her back hard and she tripped back not expecting it. I was naked and as I had slapped her I felt a shock go through my body and I felt wet. She came towards me again with her hand ready to slap my again and instead I grabbed her and kissed her hard. She resisted and I held onto her tight. As we struggled we fall onto the platform and my face was at her tits and so I got one in my mouth and began sucking hard. "No, no, don't do that. " she began saying. I kept doing it and she began slowing her resistance. Finally she was carressing my hair and moaning. The women were watching and could not believe what I had done. I turned and squatted over her face, "Eat it. " I told her and she began licking me just the way I like. She buried her face in my pussy and I was feeling it all over my body.

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   I looked at Maggie and she was mouthing something silently to me. Finally I read her lips and asked if she was sure. She shook her head yes and so I stayed over the woman and concentrated. "You ready for what I have for you?" I asked her. "Oh yes, yes. " she moaned and then I pissed. It went into her mouth and on her face and hair. She struggled but another woman had come up and was holding her shoulders down. She began drinking it down and then I finished and ate her pussy till she sprayed all over my face. THe night began then, the woman was supposed to be a Dom and I had tamed her it seemed.

THe night was wild and I know I was with each woman and often two and three at a time. Maggie and I were dressed and leaveing. The woman came and kissed me and Maggie kissed her too. "Too bad a girl Brenda's age could calm you down and make ypu give. " Maggie said.

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   "What do you mean, she is 18. " the woman said. "Not for a few years. " Maggie said. "Okay, so 16. " the woman said. "Not for a few more years. " Maggie said again and the woman stood there. THe next "Social Club meeting I was again given to whoever I wanted to and no one ever did find out how old I was. " More later.
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