Sweet Innocence part:two


Even, and without actually saying as much, that she seemed genuinely tempted.
I was surprised.
She then said how she was thirty-six years old, a teacher, and that teachers were not allowed to do things like that with students, and how it would look, for obvious and quite sensible reasons. That was the gist of what she said, anyway, although she did not put it into those exact words. She was more tactful than than that. I actually felt a little disappointed. I had to agree, of course. But I also said something to the effect how wonderful it would be not to have to all concerned about that, and providing my own sensibleness, once more pointed out how no one would know, being quite nonchalant and, I thought, sophisticated about the whole matter.
I never thought of myself as having powers of persuasion. Certainly I never did when it came to my parents, and really with any of my friends. Yet, my words seemed to persuade her. Hesitantly, and quite cautiously, she said that if I promised to never tell anyone, that maybe we could share a bubble bath. Suddenly the opportunity was all mine, if I wanted it. Part of me said to pass it by, while another part urged me to seize the opportunity to do something like this. To be daring. More daring than I ever would have been, otherwise.

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I remember smiling shyly, and saying something like, why not? And her smiling and saying, OK.
We padded from the living room and into the bathroom.
She sat on the edge of the tub and turned on the hot water, adding the bubble bath as the water ran, and the suds foamed up. I stood there, and the sensible part of me took hold for a moment. I felt nervous and unsure. I told myself that we were only going to soak in the warm water and bubbles, and how there was nothing wrong with that.
When the tub finished filling, it was time to get undressed.
Sort of unceremoniously, and without any hesitation, she started to slip her clothes off. The fact that she was so straightforward about it, made me feel less self-conscious. Secretly I like going nude, although at school, in the locker room I always feel self-conscious when it comes to being undressed and having nothing on. Of course, the locker room is hardly luxurious and inviting, and it smells. It's hardly the kind of place that a person would normally feel inclined to want to be naked in. Here, in her decorated bathroom, with the scent of the bubble bath filling the air, where it was warm and private, I felt far less shy than I otherwise might have been.
We were not really looking at each other while we undressed, it just sort of happened, and we were naked.
She had a very trim figure.

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  Her breasts were not overly big, nicely shaped, curving down and then back up, with two darker cone-shaped nipples. I saw that she didn't shave and had a nice patch of sandy pubic hair. She was quite attractive being naked. I did not feel overly self-conscious about my own figure. I was trim. My breasts were a bit on the small side, boasting two pink, puffy nipples that I was never too sure about, thinking that maybe they were too big, and how I might have wanted smaller, firmer little nipples. Hers were fairly sizable, though, and that made me feel better. My own pubic hair was dark and untrimmed. The fact that we were both hairy down there also made me feel better.
She slipped into the tub and I did, too.
There we were laying submerged beneath a thick layer of bubbles. The water felt warm and wonderful, removing the chill of the weather. We were both smiling, I think both feeling pleased with our daring selves, saying how good it felt.
Actually, it was all quite normal. Almost disappointingly so.

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  Sure, we were both naked, but the mounds of bubbles made it anything but immodest. We laid there and talked. I found out that she liked to travel. She had been to Mexico and to Europe. That she had an aunt who was a teacher, and who had inspired her. That she had once thought about getting married, but had not wanted to be tied down. I thought, so much for her being a lesbian. To me, the fact that she had even considered being married, and had obviously had a serious relationship with a man, seemed to prove that she was not a lesbian nor could be.
Naturally, my life seemed predictable and pretty dull. She asked me about boys, and I talked a little bit about that, and in the conversation admitted that I was still a virgin and had not done very much, saying it rather wistfully, as if I wished. She said something about how maybe, with a girlfriend. She said it with a teasing sort of suggestiveness. Not making it sound like anything awful, but just as a fun possibility. I blushed and said that I had never had the chance to experience that, referring to anything homosexual that might have taken place with a friend. Although, somehow, at the same time, not making myself necessarily sound opposed to the idea, either.

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We had been in the tub for well over half an hour, and the water was starting to cool.
We decided to climb out.
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