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I am a 42 year old social studies teacher, and have been divorced for five years now, and recently retruned to teaching. At the school where I am at, I met Barb is a 56 year old English teacher and who has been divorced for eight years. We got to know each other and became casual friends at school, and that was about all. I admit that I was a little nervous about returning to teaching after an almost ten year lapse, so it was nice to have someone to talk to. At the end of the school year Barb asked me if I had any plans for the summer, which I really didn't. She said that she really didn't, either. Except that she was planning on taking a short trip out to North Carolina to spend some time relaxing at the beach. She asked me if I would care to join her. It sounded like fun and, not doing anything else, I agreed.
The small cottage she had rented was ideal. It was right there on a stretch of beach with no neighbors close by. It seemed like the perfect place for us to just relax and get away from it all. The first couple of days were wonderful. We would slip into our bathing suits and just walk right down to the water, which was maybe twenty yards from the front door. It didn't take long to adapt to not bothering with shoes and just being barefoot and pretty much being attired in our swim suits. That section of beach was pleasant deserted and neither of us were not there to show off, anyway.

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  I have managed to watch my diet and have kept fairly slim. Blonde, 5'8", with not the biggest boobs in the world, but large enough. Barb is attractive, a bit more fuller-figured, with fairly large breasts. Like I said, neither of us were there to show off, and we both wore sensible one-piece suits. Still, with no one around, it was easy for both of us to put aside a few inhibitions around the cottage. At least when it came to taking off wet suits and seeing each other in the all-together. Actually, it didn't long to find our shared nudity rather pleasing in the way that it was comfortable and invitingly open and honest. And, I suppose, for two school teachers, there was a kind of appealing sense of daring about being naked like that simple because it was fun.
I think the fact that we both liked it, encouraged us to be naked far more than we might have otherwise been. On our fourth evening there, we peeled off our wet suits and played nudist, fixing a salad and opening a bottle of wine. So there we were, sitting on the sofa, eating our salad and having a sip of wine, the entire time without a stitch on, and enjoying each other's naked companionship. While we could have used the wine as an excuse, neither of us was hardly inebriated from half a glass. Although I'm sure it helped to relax us quite a bit.
Actually, it seemed refreshingly romantic to find our nakedness complimenting each other's, and delightful not to have to feel embarrassed about the pleasingly warm feelings that it produced. Just in a way that, as women, we could both understand and appreciate.

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  I liked it when Barb told me what nice breasts I had, as well as the admiring look that she gave them. I also enjoyed being able to return the compliment, telling Barb that I liked her more sizable breasts, even telling her how nice her large nipples were. I had no objection to Brab giving my breasts a gentle little squeeze, especially since it was a chance for me to feel her sizable mamaries, which were quite a hefty handful. It was the first time that I had ever felt another woman's breasts, bare or otherwise, and I was surprised by how nice it did feel. We sat there for maybe two minutes gently feeling and caressing each other's breasts, until it became sort of obvious that what we were doing was enjoying a little titie play. Not that there was anything wrong with that. We were both two mature women, divorced, and right then we both happened to be naked, and we felt like doing that in a quite mutualand agreeable way.
I remember Barb smiling and teasingly saying how we had better be careful, or that we might get carried away, and quite casually asking me if I had ever done anything like that with another woman before. Suddenly feeling self-conscious and afraid that I was looking like a lesbian, I admitted that I hadn't. Curious, I asked her if she ever had. Hesitantly she confessed that she had, on two different occasions. Once, when she had been a girl, then again a few years ago. While hardly a lesbian, she said that she had enjoyed the experience and was not opposed to the idea of two women having a sexual moment. That she found it quite stimulating as well as satisfying. She was so calm and straightforward about it, that I found myself intrigued.

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   Which, if she had been pushy, I probably would not have been. Not feeling prudish, I said that I wasn't necessarily opposed to something like that between two women, either. Then laughingly pointing out, after all,how incautious we were being.
Well, we both smiled, and in the next moment we were trying a kiss. Our lips came together, maybe with a little more fullness than either of us were quite intending, but that was okay, too. It pretty much said that we were fine with this. While kissed, I felt Barb's hand on my right tit, her fingers firmly gripping its substance. I took her left breasts and squeezed its weighty mass. From there everything just naturally followed. Barb was sucking on my nipples and my mouther was on hers. Her hand was going between my legs, and mine between hers. Niether of us shaved, so our fingers dug down into the healthy growth of hair and found the wet opening to one another's vagina. Just as quickly, then finding the swollen extension of our clits.


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