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Kim was a buisness woman and had just come home from a hard days work wearing a pair of sexy red stillettoes with a matching knee length skirt and jacket with her 34 dd breats poking half out. She came into the flat she shared with charlotte and said "hey hunni im home. " charlotte replied "hey" coming to greet her wearing a tight black skirt with a blue top and blue heels "go and sit down and ill bring u a drink" charlotte said walking into the kitchen. kim went into the lounge and sat on the sofa just as charlotte returned with the drink and put it on the table infrount of her. charlotte bent down to take some magazines off the table making sure kim saw her yellow g-string poke out the top of her skirt line. kim stared for a moment trying not to be obvious then started to flex her heels as it made her quite horny. Charlotte then got up and sat beside kim she then got some red lippy from her bag and started to put it on puckering her lips infrount of kim. she then put her bag down againg making sure her underwere was poking out this time a foot away from kims face. kim got the corage to say oh new underwere is that? Charlotte replied you shudnt be looking should u u naughty girl. kim then clocked onto the game and decided to play along she got up and unbuttened 2 of the buttons on her blose and folded her skirt to make it shorter she then sat down again taking her shoes off and placing her legs across chartlotts legs. charlotte breathed a sigh and started to rub kims legs going further and further up towards her thigh. kim started to relax and spread her legs a slight bit giving charlotte the view that the frount of her underwere was quite wet. "if i diddn't no any better id say you were lesbian" charlotte said "well im open to new things" kim replied moving charlottes hand onto the inside of her thigh. charlotte then started to rub kims thigh and lent over to kim to kiss her they shared a short kiss then kim started to take off her top while charlotte moved up to her arse and started to ping her g string. kims top came off while they started to kiss more pationatly it wasnt long till they were both down to their underwere and charlotte slowly started to stroke her wet undies prompting kim to take them off. she did and started to slowly finger fuck her she moaned while it got harder and harder.

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   they both got naked and both started to finger each other on the sofa. "owwwwwwwww" kim started to scream. they both got up and went into the bedroom where charlotte pushed kim onto the bed and started to lick her wet pussy they continued for some time till finally kim started to cum wildly into charlotte mouth "umm" she shouted as it trickled in and they started to pull after having the best sex ever.

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