Elizibeth and I meet


So long story short I met Liz on yahoo messenger online. Quite contrary to belief I'm a normal guy and she's a normal girl. However i am a decent looking man and she's a gorgeous tiny girl. So having said that and gotten that out of the way i suppose i should tell about us. My name is Paul and i am a 6 ft tall x soldier, i am a bit stocky and muscular. I own my own car, live in a town house and attend college. Beth however is the opposite. Beth is tiny, less than 120 pounds but not bony. She has quite the body, pale white silky skin, red hair and blue eyes. Oh and she's just a delight to be around, very smart and funny. She had A cup breasts that were tiny but perky, and a very tight tiny pink pussy. Her other hole was smaller than a dime as well and she was very well kept and clean. But id say that's enough back round, time for the main attraction.

So i have college early on Tuesday, and she had the day off. I woke up at 730 did my classes till 2 and came back home. After about 5 Liz and I were talking bout meeting, we had been talking for 3 months.

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  I finally said yeah why not, only thing was she was 4 hrs away. I had to prep my car a bit, as i don't enjoy breaking down. So after some new tires, oil, and gas cleaner 3 long months managed to end this night. I took the car and began my drive. After the long 4 hr drive i finally arrived at my destination. Picking her up she was even more than what ih ad expected before. Meeting someone from the internet can be disastrous at times, but Liz superseded anything i wanted. She wore some tight jeans and two shirts. I could see her light blue panties and black bra. It was very cold that night so we managed to make our way to the hotel quickly.

After the formalities of the room key and walking to the room, we calmed down a bit. Both of us were nervous, we had already discussed a lot of things. Sex, love, life anything and everything. Being adults we were comfortable and seemed ok with each other. Still we were both nervous, however that ended after a bit.

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   She laid down on the bed and i needed a shower, but i could see she wanted something so i sat next to her. She looked at me and i stared back.

Nervous? I said bluntly. She just nodded and said, uh huh. With one fell swoop i leaned in for a kiss holding her tightly we kissed, but it wasn't a one peck and ok yay we kissed. No it was passionate, romantic, everything you could imagine in the movies. After the initial short make out session that lasted 30 seconds we started a bit of foreplay. Nothing like eating pussy, or sucking cock, not yet anyways. We were kissing each other frantically feeling each others warm skin. Something we both loved, and needed to be frank. In that ten minutes of touching, kissing feeling three months of tension and waiting was instantly blown away.

I continued kissing her along her neck lips anything i could that she offered running my hand down to her pussy now. I could feel how wet she was, i started at the clit teasing a bit, she was still in her jeans and dressed for the most part. As i said it was all just teasing as i fingered her driving her wild, she wanted me and i wanted her, but rushing would only make this un special. After a short time of that i looked at her and asked her if she wanted me to eat her.

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   I already knew my answer her eyes were closed and she nodded as i tugged off her jeans kissing at her inner thighs and legs.

I stopped for a moment, looking at her naked body, it was amazing, her pussy was so lovely. To describe it would be difficult, but pink and tan a bit, tiny, no long lips just right. But the real thing that caught my attention was the juice. Now I am sure you may have seen juice before but this was sticky, it appeared as if it was glistening. The holy grail if you will of pussy juice. Sour and sweet she tasted very light on the sour. I admired it it was trailing from her pussy's hole down to her asshole so i cleaned her up with my tongue. Her pussy may have been a delight but then, i looked down abit and saw her other hole. The exit if you will, but this wasn't just an exit between me and her. She had disclosed that she liked having that hole eaten, and what girl doesn't like it licked. Anal is a different story, licking is just fine.

Fear crept into my mind thinking it may be dirty, then with one good look i noted she was more clean there than anywhere else on her body. I licked both her holes until she came for me knowing eating and licking was her favorite part of sex. And i must say with the way she tasted it was becoming mine too.

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   After feeling her climax on my tongue i tasted that sour pinch for a moment again and realized jsut how wet she got. after a few moments i picked her up and carried her to the shower making out with her and setting her down on the sink. I undressed myself preparing to shower and sat on the toilet.

She came right over to me climbed on top and grabbed my cock, teasing her hole with my cock and my head with your little hole after a moment i didn't think she would fuck me. But then i felt it warm wetness, with a light moan we both let out we knew that we were having sex, and i felt myself slide all the way in. after a bit of riding, not long we noticed it was a bad position, imagine that. So i lifted her up and set her on the counter moving in and out frantically. Again it just wasn't the best not for right now anyways so we moved to the bed. With me on top i slid in and out moaning her name and she moaning mine. She was first to cum, twice. After her initial cumming she climaxed again after 30 seconds give or take i wasn't timing the events.

Having finished her off i decided to have more fun later and pulled out slowly stroking myself and finishing on her tits and tummy, she was a sweet heart and grabbed my balls while i did. Felt amazing, also we didn't want a baby and we enjoyed un-protected sex. After that we showered washing each other then loving each other we dried and stayed naked. As the night dragged on we continued our sex.


   The one other thing I'll tell more on is a 69ing we did.

Though she didn't know my body well nor did i know hers we enjoyed 69ing. she sat down a bit on my face i got a birds eye view of her goods. She was tight even after sex she probably was the size of a dime, and her asshole was maybe a cm in diameter, very tight and tiny. I really enjoyed eating her and cleaning up all her cum. And she gave me great head and jacked me off. Once more she helped me get mine and i helped her get hers 4 times.

Unfortunately due to a chemical imbalance Liz tried to take her life and is no longer with me. It really was a shame a dad day for me i don't think I will ever find anyone that sexy or sweet or simply just perfect for me again.

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captain_soggey2000@yahoo. com

Thats my spam mail so feel free to hit me up.

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