Samantha chapter 4


As Alex had wondered, fucking all night is exactly what Samantha and Bobby were doing! Bobby didn't think they had slept for more that an hour last night. Fuck. Swim. Fuck. Pussy licking. Nap. Blow job. Swim. Fuck. Nap. On and on. It had seemed as if as soon as one of them had started to snooze, the other would began rubbing crotches. Finally, as the sun started to peek above the quarry wall, no amount of coaxing would allow Jennifer to get her boyfriend stiff again. They cleaned up their site and loaded up the car.
The roof was now up and both were dressed when they left the quarry. Bobby and Samantha pulled into her mother's driveway at about 6:00 in the morning.

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   Samantha noticed that neither her or her mother's cars were around. Apparently, the two women had stayed over in Hugh's motel room. Leaning towards Bobby to kiss him good-bye, she placed her hand in his lap. By now, her boyfriend had rested enough so that an erection returned.
"Okay, Bobby. One last blow job, and then it's good-bye. "
Looking around the, at this hour, deserted streets, she pulled her dress off. Pulling his straining cock from his pants, she put her head into his lap, and swallowed him whole, right down to the balls! She began sucking and bobbing her head, feeling the steady throb of his massive prick! She slipped a hand down to her cunt, and started fingering her burning pussy, sliding her fingers across her twitching clit!
Just then, Samantha's mother and aunt drove into the over-sized driveway. Pulling up to each side of the Cadillac, they stopped and got out. Hugh had been a real fireball, and both women had gotten all their hot horny holes plugged, and had sucked 2 thick loads out of him, before they all collapsed in a satisfied heap! While Bobby had noticed them arrive, Jennifer hadn't, and Bobby's concerns could not overcome the waves of pleasure Samantha's mouth and tongue were imparting. The two women approached the car.
Alexandra smiled and said, "How's it going Bobby?"
On the passenger side, Margaret stuck her head in the window, and yelled, "Go! Go! Go!" Then the two women walked towards the front door.
He could see that both were carrying stockings and shoes. Around the front of the car, Margaret called to her sister, "Show him your tits. "
Alexandra pulled her dress down, uncovering her big melons! She cupped her tits, caressing her nipples, mouthing "suck my tits" and then shook them at him.

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   Seeing Alexandra's luscious 38DD tits, and the racy display of them, made Bobby's mind whirl! He imagined himself on top of Alex, fucking her wildly, sucking those giant melons and feeling her tight, fiery cunt squeeze his throbbing prick!As Samantha's lips tightly gripped his cock, his shaft shiny wet with her spit, her mouth sliding up and down his throbbing shaft, Bobby imagined the grip of Samantha's lips were the gripping tightness of Alex's burning cunt! Her legs wrapped around his waist, as he slammed every bit of his massive cock up her burning cunt! It took him over the edge, and his cock jerked and swelled, becoming steely hard! As his fantasy cock exploded inside Alex's burning snatch, squirting wildly in her steaming cunt, his throbbing cock exploded, his spunk gushing into Samantha's eagerly sucking mouth. That did it, and Samantha's cunt exploded in orgasm, her clit twitching and her pussy spasming crazily as his big load filled her mouth! He gushed several streams, Samantha could feel his big load spewing all over her tongue, filling her mouth! She loved the way he always gushed a big, thick load into her! She knew she was going to miss that, she thought, as she sucked every last drop out of him.
Swallowing rapidly, Samantha licked his cock clean. Kissing him, she said, "Gotta go. Write me sometime", grabbed her dress, and ran into the house with her mother and aunt.
Three days later, Samantha was settled back in her seat as the big 757 jet throttled up, and began its acceleration down the runway. The big jet engines reached the threshold, and the 757 rose smoothly off the runway, it's nose pointed towards the sky. The wheels retracted, locking smoothly into the underbelly, and the jet picked up speed. After 10 minutes of steady climb, she could feel it start to level out slowly. Soon the jet was in level flight. Samantha relaxed, and thought about the exciting job waiting for her. It had been quite a last several days. The excitement of grad, getting fucked to a frazzle by Bobby's huge prick, her Mom and Aunt hooking up with Bobby's Dad, and getting ready to fly out to Seattle!
Thinking of Bobby, Samantha felt a bit of sadness plucking at her. She had kept a brave, devil-may-care attitude about their relationship ending, but she was just covering up how much she cared about him. Truth be told, she had fallen in love with him, although she kept that well hidden.

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   Bobby did not need her to get all mushy and emotional about him, they both had big plans for the future, and if one of them gave up their plans to stay with the other, she knew that they'd already be sewing the seeds of their own breakup. She hoped he'd find some nice girlfriend. When they had been together, there were so many fucking bitches that tried to break them apart! Like that skanky bitch, Cissy Turner, who'd gone up to him, bold as you fucking well please, and without so much as a by your leave, had groped his cock, and whispered in his ear about if you want a real fuck, come and fuck me, stud! Bobby had immediately told Samantha about what happened, and she had told Cissy the slut, to keep her fucking hands off Bobby, or she'd kick her ass from here to New York City and back! Samantha was not a violent person by nature, but she'd be good and god-damned if some cheap slut like Cissy the bitch was going to grope her man, without some payback! Cissy had been wise enough to heed her advice, but then another fucking slut, that Grace Harman bitch, had shown up at his apartment, and had breezed in, and dropped her coat in front of Bobby to reveal that she was totally nude! Samantha had just been stepping out of his bedroom and saw this disgusting spectacle firsthand. She grabbed the bitch by her arms, and had shoved her out the door! As punishment, Samantha kept the coat, so the bitch had to flee completely bare ass! And, as luck would have it, half the student body had been outside, enjoying that warm fall Saturday, when she had come racing out! They hooted, hollered, made obscene gestures at her, shouted crude comments about her physical attributes, and whistled as she fled down the street, naked, her face brick red from embarrassment! The bitch had dropped out of college altogether, and run away from all the comments, laughter and ridicule that clung to her! The story of how she ended up like that "accidentally" became known, and Samantha was pleased to see that it did exactly what she was hoping for, no more bitches had tried to come on to Bobby! Fucking cows, Samantha thought, just like bitches in heat, they come sniffing around another girl's man! She felt proud of the way she had handled those two overheated little tramps!
She thought about Seattle, how it seemed to be a vibrant, exciting place to live. She had researched many metropolitan areas while she was attending college, and Seattle seemed to be exactly what she was looking for. Her landing the job had nailed it. She had gotten very busy then, searching the net for a place to stay in Seattle. She had found a small, but comfortable 2 bedroom house, furnished, that was located on a quiet residential tree lined street. The rent was reasonable, and the owner was willing to rent it to her on a month by month basis. During spring break, while all her friends were out partying and getting drunk, puking their guts out, and acting like idiots, she'd flown to Seattle to see the place. It was nice, the furniture was still fairly new and comfortable. The street was shaded by huge elm trees, and it was quiet and peaceful. She'd met the owner, Mr. Marinopolis, who was a pleasant Greek fellow in his late 40's, with a touch of silver in his dark hair. He was still in trim shape, at 6 feet and 185 pounds, he must workout regularly, she thought.

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   Mr. Marinopolis had been almost hypnotized, eying Samantha's female assets! Samantha had secured the deal right away. He also agreed to her buying a few things and moving them in, as the house was empty, and he would hold on to it, and not rent it out for the few months she would be in college, before she graduated. Samantha had gone out, and had bought all the domestic things she would need. Plates, glasses, cups,silverware, cooking pots and pans, towels, a tablecloth, bed linens, it was amazing how much she needed once she got started. She spent a couple of days bringing in her purchases, and getting them all stored away. She was happy to see that the house had an alarm system in place. She would be ready to go, as soon as she moved here. Samantha decided that Mr. Marinopolis deserved a treat for being so nice. She put on her miniskirt, and no panties, the very bottom of her ass cheeks were just barely visible! She put on her tight, scoop necked blouse, with no bra, and went to see him after she had moved all her stuff in. She found many excuses to give him long lingering looks at her ass, and gave him some good opportunities to get some good looks at her clean shaven mound, giving him lots of views of her pussy! She also found plenty of excuses to bend down in front of him, giving him lots of clear views of her breasts! She could see his rock hard, erect cock under his dress slacks, and it turned her on. He was pleasantly shocked when she started to rub his cock through his slacks. He may have been old enough to be her Dad, but Samantha didn't let that thought stop her. When she wanted someone, she didn't give a damn about anything as silly as age difference.

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   She pulled off her blouse, and Mr Marinopolis gasped as her big tits swung free!She dropped to her knees and she unzipped him, and his cock jumped into view. Samantha was pleased to see a nice thick uncut cock, 9 inches long, rock hard and ready for action! She covered the shaft with luscious kisses, running her tongue up and down his shaft. She swallowed his stiff cock, her hot, pliable mouth molding around him, her pouty cocksucker lips clamping tightly around his throbbing shaft!She took him in right to the balls, deep throating him expertly! Mr. Marinopolis gasped as his cock was fully engulfed in her hot juicy mouth! He felt Samantha's lips clamped tightly around his cock! She pulled back, and plunged down his shaft again. Over and over, her mouth sucked his throbbing prick. He felt his cock throbbing, Samantha's tightly clamped lips were expertly milking his shaft, working his cock up to a gusher of an orgasm! She was a natural, Mr. Marinopolis thought, as Samantha demonstrated her skill at fellatio on his aching cock! He wondered idley how many hot young studs had been lucky enough to have their cocks sucked by her sweet, hot mouth! He had never had anyone suck his cock as expertly as Samantha was sucking him! Her mouth was so warm, and wet, her cocksucker lips a tight, sliding ring of pleasure, his cock was in a tight, wet heaven of sucking! Samantha slid his cock in and out, just like her mouth was fucking his cock! He could see his shaft, shiny wet with her spit, gliding in and out of Samantha's cute lips. Mr. Marinopolis could feel his balls boiling, the cum sizzling! He could hear Samantha making little noises of passion as she sucked him, and it drove him wild! Samantha had a hand on his balls, feeling them cinch up tight, moving into firing position. Mr. Marinopolis looked down, and he could see Samantha's head of blond hair, going back and forth as she expertly sucked his cock! He put his hands gently on the sides of her head. Samantha moaned with pleasure, it turned her on when he did that, and she eagerly awaited his load of hot cum! Mr M. got another good look at Samantha's big tits, bouncing gently with the movement of her upper body, as her mouth sucked his aching cock! The thought that a very hot 18 year old babe was sucking his cock gave him the final push over the edge, and his cock lurched and swelled! Samantha was burning, eagerly awaiting his flood of cum! She squeezed his balls gently, and that did it! Feeling his cock pulsing, she kept her lips clamped tightly around his shaft, and his cock exploded! He grunted as he shot his load, his cock gushing a massive load of thick spunk into Samantha's eager mouth. She could feel the thick streams spewing all over her tongue. She sucked him dry, drawing every last drop from his cock, enjoying the taste of his thick hot load, before swallowing his thick tasty load of spunk! Mr.

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   M certainly filled out her need for a thick, juicy load of hot spunk in her mouth!
Samantha lay back on the sofa, and pulled her skirt up, her pussy was burning with need, glistening with juices. Mr. Marinopolis plunged his mouth onto her steaming pussy. She gasped as his tongue swept into her honeypot, licking her expertly. His tongue stroked over her clit hood. She gasped as he drew her straining bud from beneath it's hiding place, and wrapped his tongue around it, lashing at it over and over! She grunted, "yes, oh YES!" as her pussy exploded. Her pink cleft dissolved in a wash of hot juices as her pussy wrenched, her cum tearing through her! She could feel Mr. M's mouth, sucking out all her hot juices as she drifted down! He rose up, and Samantha could see his cock, rock hard and ready for more!
Samantha spread her legs, she needed his cock fucking her, NOW!
"Yes, give it to me, shove that beautiful cock in me, and fuck me until you fill me with your thick juicy load!", Samantha gasped.
Mr. Marinopolis didn't need an engraved invitation, her cleanly shaven pussy was dewy wet with desire, her pink, inviting opening was parted slightly, glistening with her juices! He placed the big head against Samantha's twitching pussy, and with one smooth thrust, he buried the entire 9 inches up Samantha's steamy cleft! Samantha squealed with pleasure, as his thick cock spread the walls of her quivering pussy apart, and slammed in deep, right to the balls!
"Yes, give it to me!", Samantha gasped, "Let me have everything you got! Ride me hard, and I want that stiff throbbing cock to explode your burning load deep up my cunt! Fuck me!"
Hearing Samantha urge him on fired him up!Mr. Marinopolis got into a steady rhythm, sliding into her burning cunt, right to the balls, over and over! His cock was surrounded by a tight hugging sheath unlike any he had ever been in before! Her pussy felt like the ultimate gripping receptacle, as tight as a virgin, it was making his cock sizzle as he fucked her burning center!
Samantha was grunting with pleasure as his cock slid into her right to the balls, over and over!Mr. Marinopolis sure knew how to throw a good fuck! His cock was stroking at her clit, urging her to explode again! She was close, she knew she was gonna explode again!
Samantha suddenly cried out, "Oh my God, I'm cumming, yes, yes, yes, YES!!"
As her voice rose to a shriek, her tight cunt started to spasm wildly, clamping tightly around his throbbing cock! Mr Marinopolis was still building up, since his cock had been sucked to a massive climax by Samantha's hot mouth, he wasn't ready to blow yet! His cock continued to fuck Samantha's steamy cunt, his hard shaft ramming into her burning cunt again and again, and Samantha howled as she felt her second orgasm slam into her! His cock continued to slide into her tightness, and Samantha was rocked by her third orgasm! Sam was almost delirious, as Mr Marinopolis kept going, his cock fucking her throbbing cunt over and over! Mr. Marinopolis could feel his nut sac cinch up tight, his balls locked into firing position! He plunged his throbbing cock into her, over and over, suddenly he felt his cock swelling with a massive urgency, and he could feel the cum ready to explode! Looking at Samantha's angelic face in the throes of her fourth orgasm urged him to blow, and the tight hug of her cunt took him over the edge! He could feel his cock sizzling as the cum surged up his shaft, and, as Samantha's cunt spasmed wildly around his prick, his cock exploded, he could feel his prick, pulsing and squirting wildly, as he shot his hot cum deep inside her tight cunt! Her spasming tightness stroked and sucked greedily at his prick, draining his balls into her hungry, eager depths!
Samantha was eager to spend the night, after the first 1 or 2 orgasms, she was ready to go all night! She wanted her brains fucked out! She merely stood up completely nude, and beckoned Mr. Marinopolis to his bedroom, he was more than happy to follow her beckoning finger, and her fabulous nude body. She urged him to lie down, Sam smiled as she saw his cock, ready for more! She swung into position, Mr.

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   Marinopolis enjoying the vision of Samantha crouched over him, ready to lower her steaming fuck-hole down on his cock! She lowered herself down on his throbbing cock, impaling her fiery center on his swollen cock, and rode him, needing to feel the throbbing of his hard cock exploding and squirting wildly inside her, filling her up with another load of hot spunk! The rest of the night was a hot, steamy mix of licking, sucking and fucking. Mr. Marinopolis was almost as insatiable as she was, and Samantha's cries of orgasm filled his bedroom several times, as he licked her quivering pussy, and plunged deep into Samantha's steaming cunt, bringing her to orgasm after orgasm! The look of pleasure on Samantha's angelic face was well worth the effort, it just drove him wild, and he loved pumping as much spunk into her quivering pussy as he could! Samantha was busy, eagerly bringing him back up, time after time! Samantha sucked him up to as many stiff erections as he tight, pouty lips could, and Mr. Marinopolis was happy to fill her eager mouth with thick loads of hot spunk, that Samantha eagerly swallowed!
Finally exhausted, they sprawled in a satisfied heap. Just before sleep took her, Samantha was glad to see that Mr. Marinopolis certainly could fuck her brains out! He met all of her criteria, could be just want her horny cunt needed, between boyfriends!
The next morning, she sucked him up to a full stiff erection, and as she lay back and spread her thighs wide for him, he was more than happy to mount her, power fucking her to several thunderous orgasms, before he let go, and shot his thick load of hot spunk deep into her burning cunt, splattering her cervix with all the cum he could pump into her!
As she waited at the airport for her flight back that afternoon, Samantha had a feeling she'd like it in Seattle!
Her mind shifted gears, and she thought of grad night, their last night together! Bobby had been a total fuck machine, talk about Everyready! He just kept going, and going and going!! He'd fucked her every which way but loose! And Oh my god, when he penetrated her, and she felt his big rod spread her apart, it made her so fucking HOT! If she was having a bad day, he could fuck the bad day right out of her! Her mind ran back over their time together. There was the time he'd fucked her in Copple's pond, right under the waterfall, at 1 in the morning. The full moon riding the sky, the cool water washing over their bodies, and riding Bobby's mighty cock, plowing her tight cleft deep, made her cum like a train! Then there was the time she'd sucked his cock in the library! They ducked behind the stacks, 15 minutes before closing time, and Samantha had gone down on him with a vengeance! She brought all her oral talents to bear, and blew his mind, and his cock! She fondled his big balls, seemingly engorged with the cum he planned to spew into her hot, sucking mouth!Bobby had stifled a groan, and had exploded, his cock squirting a huge load of spunk into her eager mouth! She had sucked out every drop, and had enjoyed the feel of his huge load spewing all over her tongue, and filling her mouth, before she gulped it all down, relishing the taste! Her mind went back, she couldn't help it, She thought of all the fucks, blow jobs, and clit lickings! She groaned inwardly, her pussy was throbbing, burning with need, and her clit was twitching wildly! Damn, I need him now! Her body was on fire, and here she was, stuck at 30,000 feet! She was just about to head for the lavatory, and stroke her throbbing cunt to orgasm!
A voice broke into her reverie. "Samantha, how the heck are you?"
She looked up, and saw Cam Coleson looking at her with surprised eyes. She hadn't seen him for months. They had different schedules, and after she hooked up with Bobby, she hadn't bothered to see what had happened to her other choices. Cam had been one of the finalists, and his horizontal interview had been an all night ride-fest, he had stamina! His 10 inches made her feel wonderfully stuffed! It had been a difficult decision, choosing between Bobby and Cam. Both were uncircumcised, and that had made it even harder to choose. She enjoyed being able to stroke a boyfriend's cock, playing with the foreskin, and watching the head pop out, all shiny and pink! Ever since her first time, when she was deflowered by her first boyfriend's uncut prick, she had always wanted the uncut cocks!
"Cam, it's great to see you! Are you going home?" Samantha replied.
"You bet, it's gonna be nice to get home to Oregon.

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   Dad has a position for me in the Oregon Westerra lumber company. Not a glamorous position to start at, but great potential for advancement. Is Bobby going to Seattle with you?", Cam asked.
"No, I've got a position in Seattle, and Bobby and I are done. Our relationship was just for the school season, we both knew that. There's no one sitting next to me, like to join me?" Samantha asked.
Cam smiled, and said "I'd love to!"
He swung into the seat, and they started to talk about their careers, and the exciting times that awaited them. Having Cam so close to him, and remembering how great he'd fucked her, made her aching cunt throb like crazy! She couldn't stand it any longer!
"Cam, I am SO horny, I can't fucking stand it!", Samantha whispered, "Could we duck into the bathroom, so you can fuck my ass off?"
He smiled, and said, "It would be my pleasure!"
She got up, and started to walk slowly toward the forward lavatories. Cam got up, and followed several steps behind her. She got to the lavs, found them vacant, and stepped into one. A few seconds later, Cam joined her, and the door slammed shut. Cam slid the lock in, and he pulled Samantha to him. Their mouths sought each others, and clung hungrily together. Their hands were running over each others bodies, Cam's cock was rock hard, and his 10 inches were ready for action. Samantha moaned, deep in her throat, as her hand stroked the steely hardness of his cock! Cam's fingers unzipped her jeans, and his fingers were sliding over Samantha's panty clad pussy.

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   He could feel the heat, and her panties were damp. Inserting a finger under the elastic, he ran a finger along her pussy lips, they were hot and buttery slick with her lubrication! Samantha yanked off her T shirt, and Cam's lips were immediately nibbling and licking at her nipples. Her nipples turned into steel hard cogs, and horny sizzles of pleasure were shooting from her tits to her pussy! She pushed her jeans and panties down to her ankles, stepped out of them, and turned her back to him.
Samantha whispered, "Fuck me, fuck me now!"
She bent forward, and Cam ran his fingers up and down her slick lips. His fingers were coated with her juices! Holding his stiff cock with one hand, and running the fingers of his other hand along her slippery lips, he stepped up behind her. The head of his cock touched her bubbly entrance. He grasped her by the hips, and his 10 inches slid into her. She gasped as his hardness spread her open! She could feel her eager pussy stretched wide around his massive cock! He pushed it in to the hilt, and Samantha exploded! She had been on the brink, and she just couldn't hold back any longer! She gasped and her body shook wildly as Cam pulled back, and slammed it in again! Cam slid it into her, over and over! Samantha's head was spinning, her cunt wrenched wildly as she came again! Her back arched, she egged Cam on to fuck her hard! Cam needed no urging, he was gripping her hips tightly, and ramming her hard! His cock fucked her over and over, spitting her quivering cunt open, and Samantha was seeing stars as her cunt continued to explode, orgasm after orgasm! It was hard for Samantha to stifle her screams of pleasure, as she exploded over and over again! Her cunt was as tight as a virgin, and Cam's cock was sizzling, aching to blow a massive load into her fiery fuck-hole! He could feel it building up, he was gonna blow a gusher into her tight steaming snatch! His cock swelled tight with a massive urgency! Her cunt sucked hungrily at his cock, and the tight squeezing heat of her pussy drove Cam over the edge. He shoved every last bit of his cock in, holding her hips tightly against him. He grunted "Oh FUCK!" as his big balls exploded, his throbbing cock squirting wildly inside her tight sheath. His cock gushed 6 thick ropes of spunk, his big thick load of spunk splattered into Samantha as she came again, her cunt spasming crazily, draining his swollen balls deep into her womb! Their bodies shook from the aftershocks as they clutched tightly together. After several minutes, they pulled themselves back together. They slipped out of the lavatory, and returned to their seats.
"Cam, you were just what I needed!" Samantha grinned. "Any chance you could stay in Seattle for a few days? I'd really like to get to know you again, in my new house!"
Cam replied, "As a matter of fact, I was planning on staying in Seattle for a week, and do some sightseeing.

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   I'd love to get reacquainted with you!"
Samantha could feel her pussy fluttering warmly, Seattle was looking better by the minute!
Two hours later, the jet landed in Seattle. After they picked up their bags at the luggage carousel, Jennifer led Cam to the Alamo rental car counter.
"Thought it would be best to rent a car until I'm all settled", Samantha told him, "then start looking at buying my own wheels. "
Soon, they left Seatac airport, and merged with the northbound traffic on Interstate 5. Samantha remembered the way easily, and soon they pulled up in front of the house.
"Perfect!", Samantha exclaimed, "it's looks just as nice as the first time I saw it!
And, since no one lives here but me, I can do whatever I want, without any neighbors listening in!"
She grinned at Cam, who returned the grin. He knew very well how vocal she could be during lovemaking!
Samantha took out the key that her landlord, Mr. Marinopolis, had given to her. Cam urged her to go inside, and he would bring in her luggage. Samantha opened the door and stepped in. A fresh scent of Lemon cleaner drifted out, and Samantha was pleased at the thought that it had been cleaned so recently. When Cam came in, she gave him the grand tour, ending up in the bedroom. As Cam went to the front door to get the luggage, she tore open a package of bed linens. She made the bed, and covered it with a bedspread of zizagging W shapes in silver, gold, and tan. She was on a high as she went back towards the living room.


   She was here, and everything was perfect!
She picked up the phone, and Mr. Marinopolis answered on the second ring. She told him that she was safe and sound in her new home, and that she loved being in Seattle. Mr. Marinopolois chuckled, told her to make herself at home, and if there was anything she needed, don't hesitate to let him know. Samantha smiled as she hung up the phone. He very well may have something she would need, after Cam left!
Cam brought the luggage into the bedroom. She just wanted to relax for a bit and unwind, she didn't want to unpack just yet. She asked Cam if he'd like to join her in a shower, of course he did! She stripped off her clothes, and Cam's eyes were filled with desire as he drank in her form! Jeez, she was the HOTTEST babe in college! No one else even came close to her. Cam stripped off his clothes, and Jennifer could feel herself warming up quickly! He had a real buff body, and it was like looking at Adonis come to life! She led him into the bathroom. She reached into the shower, and started the water going. Samantha stepped into the shower, with Cam right behind her. The water streamed over their bodies as Samantha took the soap, and ran it all over Cam's muscular body, working up a nice thick lather. The suds covered his body, as Samantha's fingers worked him over! Her hands, soaped up and slick, slid up and down his thick, steely cock. She smiled as she felt the throb of his huge prick.

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   Cam took the soap, and his hands were all over Samantha! He stroked on the suds, all over her throbbing tits, across her belly, up and down her legs. He reached behind, and his hands were soaping up the globes of her ass cheeks. His fingers ran along her ass crack, and she moaned as his fingers pressed lightly against her virgin territory. His hands reached down, and he ran the soap all along her neatly trimmed blond bush, working up a rich lather, running his fingers along her pussy lips. The water sheeted down their bodies, washing away the soap, making their bodies glisten. Cam took Samantha in his arms, and their lips mashed together, their tongues racing out, dancing in each others mouths. Samantha could feel his cock slide between her legs. His prick sawed back and forth between her pussy lips, he was raining burning kisses to her lips, her neck, her shoulders and her tits! He nibbled gently on her swollen nipples, they stuck out, stiff and rock hard! Cam was now fully between Samantha's thighs. Her legs straddled him as he bent to bring his big cock to her burning pussy. Samantha was gasping, overcome with lust!
"Yes, YES!", Samantha gasped, "Fuck me! Slam me with that huge cock! Give me all you got, baby! I wanna feel your cock squirting your big load up my burning cunt! Fuck my ass off!!"
Cam cupped Samantha's ass cheeks as he lifted her slightly and brought her down, impaling her completely on his rock hard ten inches! As Cam's thick shaft plunged into her, stretching the walls of her cunt apart, right up to the hilt,Samantha howled with pleasure as her cunt wrenched hard, exploding in orgasm! She clung to him, uttering unintelligible cries of passion and pleasure. He pinned her against the wall of the shower stall, his hands tightly clutching her ass cheeks, and really reamed out her burning fuck-hole, splitting her cunt open again and again! He was staggered by her tightness, every time she was tight as a virgin! It made his cock feel as hard as a length of steel pipe! It fired him up, he really powered it into her, jackhammering her sizzling center again and again, feeling the gripping hug of her fiery tight sheath wrapped around his throbbing cock, sending bolts of pleasure racing through his body, making his cock sizzle! Samantha exploded again, and then flew into multiorgasms, again and again she exploded, her cunt spasming crazily! Her shrieks of orgasmic ecstasy bounced off the walls! Cam continued to ram her, his ten inches being milked inside Samantha's tightly gripping sheath! Samantha's pussy muscles were clamped tightly around his prick, spasming wildly, pulling on him, urging him to explode his load deep inside her! With a roar of pleasure he drove it as deep as possible and exploded, his cock shooting and spurting, pouring a fountain of hot cum deep inside her. Samantha exploded one last time, the spasming of her cunt draining his balls into her tight, eager depths! They sank to the floor, and let the water stream over them for a few minutes.
They got back to their feet, and Samantha could feel his Cam's hot cum dripping out of her pussy and running down her thighs. They cleaned up, and stepped out of the shower. Samantha reached into the cupboard, and drew out the towels she had bought on spring break.

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   They dried themselves off, and Samantha noticed with satisfaction that Cam's cock grew rock hard again. She pulled him into the bedroom. With a giggle she pushed him back on the bed. She squatted above him in a 69 position, and he gazed up at her swollen love flesh, rosy and dewy. As he pulled her in close, she bent over, and her hands started to stroke his cock. The heat from her pussy warmed his face. As his tongue rode along her slit, and buried itself into her pussy, Samantha parted her lips, and drew his cock into her hot juicy mouth. Cam could feel the tight grip of her mouth, taking in every bit of his cock. She went down on him right to the balls! Samantha was an expert at deep throating, and she loved the reaction it gave to her boyfriends, when she swallowed their stiff, aching pricks right to the balls! She drew back, and thrust her head forward again, her mouth sliding down his pole! Cam had his tongue buried deep in Samantha steamy snatch, licking her plump outer lips, her slick inner lips, his mouth going all over her pubic area. His senses were filled with the hot dewy sensations of Samantha in heat! He could hear Samantha making little noises of passion as she sucked him, and it drove him wild! He felt his cock sizzling in the tight hug of Samantha's mouth! She took his swollen balls in her hand, and gave them a gentle squeeze! His balls exploded, and he shot a thick juicy load into her eagerly sucking mouth, and she swallowed every drop he could fill her mouth with! Cam parted her clitoral hood, and drew her clit out. It was straining, throbbing with need! His mouth went wild, his tongue lashing at her fiery clit, again and again!
She gasped, "Yes, yes, suck suck me, suck me, YES!!"
Her pussy exploded, her cum tearing through her. Her pussy spasmed wildly as she felt her orgasm rip through her! She flopped down onto the bed, riding the sensory rush! Cam rolled next to her, and she felt his arms around her as she drifted off.
Six days later, Cam and Samantha had their sixth all night fuck-fest! It was his last day there, and she wanted one last time to ride his cock all night! She also wanted to have Cam deflower her ass! She told Cam about her virgin territory, and Cam was happy to take her last vestige of virginity! After debating what position would be best, she came up with the idea of him sitting in an armchair, and she would straddle him reverse cowgirl style, and lower her ass onto his cock, so she could control the penetration, and stop it if it became too painful. Samantha took a tube of baby oil and spread it over the head of his thick cock. She spread more up and down his massive shaft.

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   His cock was rock hard, glistening with lube! Samantha took out another lube, it was a combination of lube and benozocaine, called Ass Ease. She wanted her ass fucked, and if this helped to deaden the pain of her last virginity being claimed, so much the better! She stoked it over her ass crack, feeling her tight little hole twitching! She ran a finger of lube up inside her, and felt her ass walls clutching at her finger as she spread the lube around. She felt a bit scared, but also incredibly turned on! She straddled Cam's legs, and after positioning herself and bending her knees, Samantha lowered her ass towards Cam's straining member.
"Put your hands on my ass cheeks", said Samantha, "and your elbows on the chair arms. That way you can support some of my weight and spread my cheeks at the same time. "
Cam's cock was now positioned at the tightly puckered entrance to Samantha's ass. She could feel the large head of his rock hard cock pressing against her ass hole! She took a deep breath, and willed her sphincter to relax. After a few moments of positioning, she sank down. She could feel his large head slip inside, and her ass clamped down. She worked on relaxing, relaxing, and slowly she felt her ass loosen up, and she felt ready to continue. Samantha started to squirm her ass, allowing it to sink slowly onto his well lubricated shaft.
Cam watched her sinking slowly down his shaft, getting really turned on by the sight! It was a massive turn on, knowing that he was the one to deflower Samantha's last vestige of virginity!Cam had never felt anything so tight and warm as Samantha's ass. Her sphincter alternated in contracting and relaxing around his cock, taking it in bit by bit. Samantha could feel the pressure, but the lube was dulling the pain, and the knowledge that her last vestige of virginity was gone, sent a rush of sexual heat through her! She was determined to take every bit of his ten inches up her tight ass!
Finally, Cam's cock was almost completely engulfed up Samantha's tight squeezing ass! Samantha took all the weight off her arms and sat fully on his lap. She grunted as she took the last bit of Cam's thick cock up her tight ass.

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   Cam's cock seemed to throb within her, and she stayed in place for a minute or two, her asshole stretched around Cam's cock, getting used to the big stretch of Cam's rock hard 10 inches up her completely.
Finally, Samantha lifted up slowly, a few inches, and sank back down onto his straining prick. Her ass was adjusting to the stretch, and she could feel the discomfort disappearing. She started to ride up and down a little faster on Cam's cock, her body starting to throb with pleasure! One hand went to her throbbing tits, and she started to tweak her steel hard nipples, sending horny sizzles of pleasure to her pussy! Her other hand reached down, and she started to tug gently on her throbbing erect clit! She could feel her orgasm start building! As she began to rise and fall on his stiff cock, the length of the strokes increased, and the rate and strength of her sphincter contractions increased as well. Cam could feel his prick throbbing, getting ready to explode! The tight squeezing of her virgin asshole was driving him wild! Finally Samantha was sliding up and down, almost the full length of Cam's cock, when Cam's balls exploded! He grabbed her hips, slammed her down onto his lap, and bucked up to her as he spent himself in a shuddering orgasm, his prick spurting wildly, splattering a thick load inside her tight squeezing ass! Samantha could feel his cock throbbing, pumping her ass full of his massive load, and the feeling of his cock shooting wildly inside her, shoved her over the edge, and she howled with pleasure as her pussy exploded in orgasm! Her body shook wildly, as she rode the crest!He kept her on his cock until he had pumped every drop into her. She lifted up, and felt his cock slip out of her. She fell onto the bed, her asshole twitching wildly. Her body was shaking with the massive sensory rush!
Cam got up, and went to the bathroom. He took the facecloth, and running some warm water onto it, he worked up a massive load of suds. He washed his cock thoroughly, glad that she had shaved his pubic hair 5 nights ago. Not only easier to clean, but Samantha had gone down on him over and over! Damn, she is hotter than hot!, Cam thought, what a BABE! The thought of what they had been doing the last week washed over Cam, and he felt his cock respond accordingly! He had fucked her, sucked her, and been sucked by her over and over during their week together, and she still came back for more! He'd had more action in the past 7 days, than in the last 7 months! He rinsed and squeezed out the washcloth, and tossed it into the laundry hamper. He took a towel from the hamper, and dried his cock off. He was back to full erection, and he wondered if Samantha wanted him to do her so soon after having him break her asshole cherry!
Entering the bedroom, he saw Samantha stretched out on her bed, her legs apart, her shaven pussy glistened at him enticingly! While he had been cleaning up, she had slipped on a black garter belt and black stockings! The sight of Samantha laying back, wearing such sexy things, her legs spread, ready for him, made his cock throb to new hardness!
"Come on over here, Cam", she growled sexily at him, "You filled my ass with cum, I want all three holes filled! My pussy now, then I'm gonna suck every drop left out of you!"
Kneeling down between her spread legs, Cam didn't have to spend any time on foreplay. He didn't need any, and as her rigidly erect nipples and pussy glistening with her juices, told him Samantha didn't either. Samantha brought her knees up, spreading her legs wide for him.

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   Positioning his cock at the entrance to her pussy, he gave one massive thrust and sank in the full length. Samantha squealed with pleasure as she felt his big cock stretch open the walls of her cunt! She loved the feeling of being split open by his big, thick cock! Cam slammed it home, and his balls slapped against her ass. She wrapped her arms around his neck. Bringing her legs up, she began to rub the heels of her stocking covered feet on the sides of his heaving ass. His cock was engulfed in a tight hugging sheath of hot juices. Reaching down and cupping her ass in his hands, he withdrew almost completely, then plunged forward again. His fingers stroked lightly against the tight pucker of Samantha's ass crack, sliding a finger just inside her hot tight asshole. Samantha squealed with pleasure, her tight rosebud was extremely sensitive to his stroking fingers. Feeling Samantha's stocking covered legs wrapping around his waist spurred him on, and he entered into a rhythm of pulling out till just the head was still inside her, and then plunging back in deep, his balls were slapping on her ass cheeks. Cam was always amazed at the fact that her pussy was always so hot and tight, just like a virgin, and he knew he was going to blow a massive load up her fiery fuck-hole!
Samantha was moaning heavily, and her breathing was labored. Cam's massive strokes were bringing her to a fever pitch. Her pussy grabbed at his cock, the tight clutch of her pussy milking him, urging him to blow a massive load of spunk up her steaming cunt! The tight hug of her around his cock was too much, and he could feel his orgasm charging at him! Her nipples, which she had thought hard before, now felt like rock hard cogs digging into his chest. Suddenly she tightened her arms around Cam's neck, as her body began to spasm. Her legs started to twitch and tightened around his waist, driving him balls deep into her wildly twitching cunt.
Raggedly she cried out,"Oh FUCK, I'm cumming, fuck fuck, YES!!"
She let out a shriek of pleasure, her orgasm slamming into her full force! Samantha's spasming pussy drove Cam over the edge.

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   He could feel his cock pulsing, the cum streaking up his shaft! He slammed in one last time, his throbbing cock exploding and squirting wildly, spewing a massive load of thick spunk into Samantha's burning cunt, splattering a juicy load against her cervix! Their bodies were shuddering together in shared ecstasy, their howls of climax bouncing off the walls, as Samantha's cunt sucked and milked his cock eagerly, getting every drop out of his swollen prick! He opened his eyes and looked down on her. Seeing her angelic face smiling up at him, he lowered himself down and kissed her.
Exhausted for the moment, Samantha collapsed onto Cam. After a few minutes rest, however, she was ready to go again, and judging by Cam's renewed rock hard cock, so was he! She stroked the steel hard shaft, his groans of appreciation turning her on wildly! She circled the base of his thick cock with her thumb and forefinger, and plunged her mouth down onto his big cock! Cam gasped as his prick was enveloped in her tight sucking mouth, Samantha's lips clamping tightly around his shaft! She ran her mouth slowly down the shaft and back up again, listening to Cam's moans of pleasure! Her mouth was keeping his cock in a tight, wet, hot world of pleasure! She continued her up and down, her lips clamped around his shaft, milking his big shaft! Cam could feel the cum boiling, getting ready to blow! He warned Samantha that he was gonna blow, and Samantha gently grabbed his balls and squeezed them gently! That was too much for Cam, and his balls exploded, his throbbing cock exploded a fraction of a second later! His cock squirted wildly, Samantha could feel the jetting streams spewing all over her tongue! His cock filled her young eager mouth to the brim, and Samantha was able to hold on to every drop, until she gulped it down eagerly, relishing the taste!
This went on all night, with brief rests in between. Samantha got her pussy fucked, her mouth filled with thick tasty spunk, and her pussy licked so many times, she lost count. Her orgasms seemed endless, she came over and over again! Finally, just as dawn was breaking, they collapsed in a sweaty, breathless heap, their bodies totally spent!
At 6 PM, Samantha said goodbye to Cam at Seatac airport, he was catching a flight to Portland. Cam said that as soon as he could get some vacation, her would be back, and they could fuck all night again! Samantha felt her pussy flutter warmly, she could hardly wait!.
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