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Jacob and I had been dating for 2 years. He worked at a car repair center,he is very muscular with amber eyes and shaggy black hair.
He was working when i called him to tell him i was coming over,when i got there he hugged me tightly,putting one hand on my butt and the other one in my calf.
"Some ones feeling naughty"i giggle.
I was wearing a pair of short shorts ,a gray Hood,and i had my red hair loose. He let go of me and smiled,he cleared his work bench off,picked me up and gently set me down,he then lifted himself up and sat next 2 me. "What brings u up here?"
"why answer when i can show you?" i say taking my hoodie off,he stares at my face and says"What are u doing?"he says lowering his voice.
"Well what do you think I'm doing?"i say pulling him closer to me. He raises an eyebrow and says"your gonna have to tell me" his warm lips crush against mine while he hugs me tight. He takes his shirt off and and starts playing with my boobs,it hurt a little bit but it felt good,i moaned.
I unbuckled his belt and he pulled down his pants,my shorts were off in a couple of seconds,The way he touched me made me feel relaxed,and like i could trust him with all my life,I started getting wet,as he left a trail of kisses from my forehead to my belly button,he looked at me,and he took my panties off,i had shaved,
"You didn't have to do that to please me,"he carefully positioned himself and started 2 pump,slowly. He must be about 9 inches i thought,there was a sudden bit of pain,he stopped"We can stop now if it hurts too much,"he said. He slowly bends down to kiss me and says"Your call,but i don't have any condoms on me,and this will hurt. "
"OK keep going but if your gonna cum please get out of me" he nodded and slowly kept going. The pain was sharp and it took some getting used to but i did it. A bit later he stared going harder,and faster.

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