Aunt Brenda, Mom and I and a New Friend Get Hypnotised

Mind Control

Well, this is a few years ago, I was just 19 and Aunt Brenda came to see Mom and I and stayed a couple weeks. We liked going out for drinks and then coming back to play together, nothing crazy, just three women naked in bed and taking our time giving each other pleasure. There was a friend that was in town of Brenda's and she came over to visit. We all sat and talked and soon she seemed to realize that, by the way we acted towards each other, we all prefered women for "special company" as she put it. Gail was really lovely and needed nothing to make her beautiful. She was not slim but really very perfect with her tits about 38D and very curvaous figure, not plump but not skinny either. She did a lot of counseling and all that and also helped hypnotize people for different things.

We were all sitting in the living room and after some wine were rather relaxed to the point that we three kissed a little and flirted some with each other. Gail was not interested and so we just did not play with her at all. She said, "So you three had rather have a woman than a man?" and we all said "Yes" at one time. She asked us how all this happened and so we had a long talk that lasted hours. I was asleep on the couch and they still kept talking. We al slept finally and Gail stayed in a spare room (alone) while we all slept together. We got up the next morning and, as usual, walked around naked and forgot that Gail was there. She came out of the room and suddenly saw us all in the kitchen naked and Mom and Brenda kissing each other and getting ready to eat each other for breakfast. She excused herself and went into the room and came out dressed and said that she did not want to interfer with us and felt best that she go.

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   At the door she turned, "Would you mind if I bring a friend back tomorrow, he is very interested in your lifestyle and well, he would like to talk to you all I know. " she said. We al looked at each other, "Sure, bring him. " and so she left and the next afternoon we were out at the pool, (yes naked) and she called. "We are on the way over, is that okay?" she said. "Come on over. " Mom said. We talked and decided we would put on bathing suits but the smallest that we had so we did. Gail and her friend (James) got there soon after.

We told them to come on through and made sure to show of to James and he was affected obviously by the buldge in his pants. We talked and Gail was the one asking questions about the lesbian love making we enjoyed. We all did not mind and were drinking wine to relax the situtation. James looked at Gail, "Now you seem to want to find out as much as you can about this, why not try it?" he said. She got red faced and almost yelled at him, "No way. " she said and he got quiet but smiled at Mom.

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   Mom read into it that he thought Gail would give in. The subject changed and we talked about hypnosis and what it is used for. Breanda laughed and said, "Bet you could even get tight ass Gail to loosen up. " and we all laughed except her. She looked at us, "Nothing would get me to do the things you are talking about. " and so the conversation went. Finaly she stood, "Okay, James go ahead and do it and give the suggestion that I do what, ah, Brenda says, no restrictions. " "None?" he said, "None. " she said and sipped her wine. He began and soon Gail was under and we watched. "You will do anything that Brenda tells you sexually, absolutely anything, is that clear?" he said. "Yes, anything Brenda says. " and then he added, "and you wil know what you are doing and will remember every detail. " and she said she understood again. He gave Brenda a command word and then brought her out.

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   She looked around and at herself to make sure she was dressed still. "Could I do something with all of you?" he said. "I will only do one at a time and the others can make sure I do nothing that you do not want to do. " and we all said okay. He put Mom under next and she was to do anything Gail said. Then Brenda was to do as I said and then I was to do what Brenda said too. He was going to watch and enjoy the great show that he hoped we were going to put on.

"Wel, now what?" Gail said and I looked at them, "Well, lets see if it worked on you. " I said and Brenda stood up and was inches from Gail. She said the trigger word and Gail looked at her in a different way. "Now Gail, you will do as I say. " and Gail said, "Yes. " and Brenda said, "Undress, here in front of us all. " and she began taking her clothes off exposing a very hot body. She was naked and looked at Brenda, "Now undress me, take of my suit.

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  " she told her and she did. "Now, you will make lesbian love to me and I will not have to fill in the details. " and Gail kissed Brenda and they laid on a mat and began making love. Gail seemed expert at all she did and Brenda had several orgasms as well as did Gail. Brenda kept Gail there under her control and then suddenly I said the trigger word and Brenda looked at me, "What can I do for you sweetheart. " and I said, "Bring Gail here to share with me. " and Gail moved to me and we began making love. Soon all of us had eaten and dildo'd each other to near exhaustion.

Brenda looked at James that had a huge bulge in his pants. "James, Have you ever fucked GAil?" she said. "NO," he said. "Have you wanted to?" Brenda asked and all the time Gail just laid there with her. "Oh, very much so. " he said and Brenda kissed Gail, "Well dear, now you are to satisify James in every way you can think of or in any way he askes you. " She rolled over and stood with her breasts swaying she stepped to him.

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   "Well?" she said and she got on her knees, "This seems like the first thing to take care of. " and she released his cock. It was huge and sprang out. She covered it with her mouth and he moaned loud. Slowly she teased him until he filled her mouth with the load he had kept in all this time. She swallowed it all and then asked what else he had wanted to do. He was not soft and was still pulsing from he sucking. "Well, to be honest Gail has a great ass and I have wanted to have it for a long time. " he said and she looked around and found some pool cusions on the mat and bent over them with her plump bottom in the air. He got down and began licking her butt and she moaned a lot and reached for Brenda but Brenda moved away, "This is you and James Honey. " she said and she moved towards him more. She offered him her as and he moved his cock to the entrance. "Pushing in he said, "Damn this is tight. " as she moaned. "I have never had anyone in it.

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  " she said and he smiled. There was a problem and then Brenda whispered to her, "You will be a slut and ignore any pain or anything to satisify James. " and she got a look on her face. He was holding her hips and suddenly she pushed against him and his cock sank almost all the way in. She moaned and began fucking against his cock like crazy. His hands were on her hips and she was moaning like crazy. Soon he filled her ass and she turned around to clean him up. Then she climbed on him, "Come fucking stud, you have more. " she said and he was in her again. Brenda said, "Gail, fuck him til he cannot get hard then come inside. " and we all went in. We heard them for another hour and she came in and sat in front of Brenda, "What did you want?" and she said. Lick me. " and she did. James came in after and released all the trigger words except for the one controlling Gail.

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   "I like her better as a slut than the tight ass she was. " and she looked at him, "Well, this tight ass wil fuck you anytime" she said and tunred to us, "And all of you too. " and she sat on the couch. James left and we got up for the pool and just took it easy for the rest of the night. There was more love making and things special but Gail did not leave for two days. .