Best Video Ever: Part 3

Mind Control

    After what happened with Brittney, Steven decided to tone it down a little and experiment with the video in a non-sexual way. He did things like make Amy do his chores, or make his parents do part of his homework. He also looked online for more information about this video. Through his research and careful testing, he found some very important new tricks for using the video. The first trick he learned was from the forum on the website of the video. He found that one genius seventeen-year-old guy had put the video on his phone, and reported that it work just as well. Steven had never even thought of that. So he put the video on his phone and decided to test it out the next day at school. Every day after that, he had a different girl giving him a blowjob behind the school during lunch.

    There were several other small tricks he learned, but on day, he stumbled upon a tip that would change everything. When he was looking more closely at the forum, he found, buried deep in old posts, one very important principle about the video. Up until then, Steven had always thought that, since the rules said that the effect of the video only lasted an hour, he only had an hour to control the person. However, this post stated that, if you give the person a "long term" command, the person would still obey the command even after the effect of the video wore off. The poster said to do this with extreme caution, as these commands often backfire. Steven decided to try this with something very simple. He thought about it, and then brought his mother into his room.

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    "What is it, Steven?" she asked.

    "I just wanted to show you something," he said. He pointed at the chair in front of his computer. She sat down and he turned on the video. Her face drained of expression and she sat, staring at the screen. "Mother, from now on, every Wednesday, I want you to grill some burgers for dinner. Ok?"

    "Ok," She mumbled.

    "Good. That's all I needed you for. You probably had a long day at work, so go take a nap. " Steven said. She got up and left the room. That Wednesday, and every Wednesday after that, when Steven came down for dinner, he found a freshly grilled hamburger on his plate. It worked! He was so excited he couldn't even finish his burger. That night, when he went to bed, he decided that, since it worked with the hamburgers, it would work with anything.

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   He started to plan a list of changes he wanted to make around the house. "Tomorrow, there'll be some new rules in this house," he thought. His excitement kept him awake for most of the night, but finally, he was able to sleep.

    The next morning, he woke up, and he instantly became nervous. He took a deep breath, and then picked up his laptop and walked downstairs. It was now or never. When he got downstairs, his mother and sister were already eating breakfast.

    "Good morning, Stevie. Did you sleep well last night?" his mother asked.

    "Uh. . . no. Listen, I have something really important to show you two.

    His mother looked concerned.

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   "Is everything all right?"

    "Yeah, mom. I just need to show you something. Look at the screen. " He set his laptop on the table in front of them. They both watched as Steven started the video. Soon, there expressions were gone and they were blankly staring at the screen. He closed the laptop. "Now, ladies, it has come to my attention that there are some new rules that need to be enforced. " He took a breath and then continued. "First of all, in this house, we no longer need to wear clothes. When we have a visitor, or when we're going somewhere, then we need to put some appropriate clothes on. But when we're here alone, then we go naked. Completely naked. Ok?"

    "Ok," they both mumbled. Then, they undressed.

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   Amy took off her pajamas, revealing her gorgeous body. His mother removed her robe, showing of her huge tits and hairy pussy. Steven grinned and then stripped. They all sat there butt-naked. "Secondly," Steven continued, "You will no longer close the bathroom door when you shower, change, or go to the bathroom. I am free to watch and join in as I please. Got it?"

    "Yes," they both said.

    "Third, you two love it when I fuck you, and you will happily let me touch you and fuck you whenever I want. Ok?"

    "Ok," they both said.

    "Lastly, I can invite over and fuck anyone I want whenever I want. Am I clear?"

    "Yes," they said in unison.

    Steven smiled. "Ok. That's all for now. Let’s get ready for the day.

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  " Slowly, their expressions returned and they went on eating, cleaning the kitchen, and getting ready, completely normal, as if nothing happened. When Amy was done eating, she picked up her pajamas and went up stairs. Steven finished shortly after her, and as he walked over to put his bowl in the sink, he squeezed his mom's ass. "I'm gonna go get ready," he said. "Ok Stevie," she said, as if he wasn't even touching her. He picked up his clothes and went upstairs. When he walked by the bathroom, he looked inside and saw his sister sitting on the toilet. He stopped and watched as the pee trickled out of her body. This really turned him on, and his cock was starting to get hard, but there was no time before school so he kept walking to his room.
    He got ready for school and then went downstairs where his mother and sister were waiting for him. They had both obediently put on some clothes and had gotten ready, just like any other day. They all hopped in the car and went off to school. When they were dropped off, they both went to hang out with their friends. Steven friend, Robby, was always the first to show up. He hung out in the courtyard for Steven, and they would usually wait five or ten minutes for the rest of the group to get there, since everyone else rode the bus.

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   Out of his group of friends, Robby was his best friend. He told him everything and invited him over a lot, but that had stopped when Steven discovered the video. Robby knew something was up, but he decided not to ask about it. However, to was the day that Steven was going to tell Robby everything.

    He found Robby sitting at their normal table. "Hey Robby!" he said.

    "Hey Steven, what's up?"

    "Um, Robby, I need to tell you something. " He sat down and started to tell Robby about the video, how he had fucked his little sister, and how he had just set down new rules in his house. Robby sat in disbelief throughout the explanation.

    "Um, right. Are you taking any new medication? Or did you smoke something before you got here?" Robby asked.

    'No. Dude, I dead serious. You need to come over today and I'll show you. " Steven replied.

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   Robby thought about this said yes. Right as he said yes, the rest of their friends arrived at the table. The rest of the day went slow for Steven. Finally, it was time to go home and he met Robby by the bus. They both got on and sat down. Steven pulled out his phone and showed Robby the video. Robby watched it just long enough to get mesmerized by it and then Steven pulled it away.

    "Wow! That really does work!" Robby said. The rest of the bus ride, Steven talked about what he had done with his sister and about the rules he had created this morning. When the bus arrived at his stop, they walked home. Amy was walking with her friends. They arrived at his house a few minutes before Amy, so they sat in the living room and waited. When Amy walked in, she said hi and then looked at Robby. Then, nervously, she turned to Steven. "It's ok," Steven said.

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   "I told Robby all about our rules here. Just treat him like family. "

    The nervousness left her face. "Oh, ok," she said. And with that, she stripped down out of her clothes. She then picked up her clothes and her backpack and went upstairs. Robby's jaw dropped. He looked over at Steven, who was taking his shirt off. "We have to follow the rules too, you know," he said. Robby just watched, awestruck, as Steven took off his pants and boxers, completely exposing himself. Then he looked at Robby. "Come on, hurry up. "

    Robby just stared at him.

    "Get naked, or get out," Steven said with a laugh. A little reluctantly, Robby took off his shirt and pants, leaving on his boxers.

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   "Uhg, that will do for now. Come on, let's go upstairs," Steven said. They gather up their clothes and walked to the stairs. Steven stopped on the first step.

    "What's wrong?" Robby asked. Quickly, Steven turned around and pulled Robby's boxers down to his ankles. His face turned red and Steven laughed. "Dude, what the hell is wrong with you?!"

    "My house, my rules," Steven said. "Now just keep them off. " Robby let out a sigh and took his boxers all the way off. They continued up the stairs. "Oh, by the way, nice dick," Steven said. Robby blushed. "Um, you too. " They went in to Steven's room and threw their clothes on the floor.

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   Then they looked at each other. Steven realized that this was the first time he had ever seen another guy naked. He looked at Robby's physical features. Robby had tan skin. He was a little bit bigger in weight than Steven, but he was about the same height. The forest of hair around his cock and balls was the same shade of dark blonde as his head. His cock was about the same size as Steven's.

    "Dude, you're pretty hot," Steven said.

    "Yeah, you are too, not that I'm gay or anything. . . " Robby said. Steven laughed.

    "Ok, ok. Do you wanna see something hotter?" Steven asked.



    "Sure. "

    "Ok. Sissy! Can you come here for a minute?" Steven yelled. They waited for a few seconds and then footsteps could be heard coming down the hall.

    "Yeah. What's up, Stevie," She walked in the door and saw two hot, naked boys. Her hand automatically went down to her pussy and she started to finger herself. "What do you need?"

    Steven laughed. "We're turning you on, aren't we?" he asked. Amy nodded. He walked up to her, put his arms around her, and gave her a quick kiss. Then he reached down behind her and stuck one finger in her pussy and another up her ass. She closed her eyes and moaned deeply. "Why don't you suck us off?" he whispered to her. She nodded her head, and Steven took his fingers out of her.

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   She walked over to where Robby was sitting on the bed and knelt in front of him. Steven went and sat right next to him. She lowered her head and gently licked the tip of Robby's dick. He gasped from the shock. Then she wrapped her lips around the head and started to take it all into her mouth. Like a pro, she fit the whole thing in and started sucking. Robby leaned back and started moaning. The warm sensation felt so good, and he was in heaven. She started to touch and squeeze his balls as she sucked. He moaned louder and started to grasp the bed. After a few minutes, he started to shoot his cum into her pretty little mouth. He was so into it that he didn't warn her or give her any signal, but she still managed to swallow most of it. She gave it one final lick and stood up. Robby lay back on the bed with a grin on his face.

    She then turned to Steven.

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   She was about to kneel down when Steven said, "You did a good job, sissy. Do you want me to make you cum while you’re working on mine?"

    "Yes!" she said. "I need to cum so badly. I've wanted this all day, Stevie. " Steven lay down on the bed and Amy got on top of him in the 69 position. Robby watched. Amy started to suck her brother's cock, and Steven stuck his tongue into his sister's wet pussy. She flinched when he stuck it in. Steven loved the sweet taste of his sister's juices and wished that he could lay there drinking them forever. He gently flicked his tongue inside of her and he could tell she was having trouble concentrating with his cock. He kept licking and then stuck a finger, shortly followed by another, into her pussy. He fingered and she sucked for about five minutes until they came at the same time. When they finished filling each other's mouths with their juices, they kissed, mixing them together. Then they lay down on the bed for a while.

    After a few minutes, Robby broke the silence when he said, "Crap, I'm hard again.

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    "I know who can fix that," Steven said. "Sissy, are you ready. "

    She grinned. "I've been ready all day. Robby, now it's your turn to make me cum. " Robby was still laying down when she climbed on top of him. They kissed, and she reached down and started rubbing his cock against her wet pussy. Then she pushed it in and gentle lowered herself onto it until it was all the way in her. They both started moaning. Steven watched intently as Robby started thrusting his no-longer-virgin cock into his little sister. It really turned him on and he got the overwhelming urge to fuck her to. His lust took over and he moved behind her. Suddenly, he rammed his cock into her ass and started fucking her as well. Her little hole was so tight that Steven almost came right off the bat. She screamed in mixed pain and ecstasy as both holes were being stretched.

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   The pleasure was too intense and she came almost instantly. They kept thrusting into her, and she came twice more before Robby pulled out and came all over her chest. Steven watched and the sight of Robby cumming all over his sister sent him over the edge. He pushed his cock in as far as he could and then shot his seed deep into his little sister's ass. It started to spill out all over the bed. When he was finally done, he pulled out. She licked his cock clean and he licked her ass clean. Steven did like the salty taste of his cum, but it didn't even compare to the sweet nectar from his sister's pussy.

    When they were clean, they lay down on the bed, and Steven and Robby took turns kissing Amy. After a while, they heard the front door open and their mother's voice saying, "I'm home!" Steven grinned and looked at Robby. "Robby, now I think it's time for you to meet my mother. . . "