Drugged By My Cum Chapter 4

Mind Control

Sunday, I finally got an opportunity that I had been seeking. After weate breakfast at 8 a. m. , my dad left to play golf with some people fromhis work. He was going to be gone all day and that left mom and me. While mom sat in the livingroom bringing up something she had recordedon our TiVo system the last couple of days, I went to my room andsnagged a Kit Kat bar I had put six hour doses of my cum on the nightbefore. As she began watching her program,  I sat down next to her andbroke off a piece for myself and then offered her one. "Oh, thankshoney!" she chirped. She bit off most of it and she became the girl withthe far away eyes. I turned the tv off and had her eat the last of thebar so that she got the full dose. When she had swallowed it, I waited aminute or so to make sure she was fully under the influence. "You willobey every order I give you and you will experience a very pleasurablesensation when you do," I suggested.

The thought of having my mother under my control now made me uber hard. Ihad to stay with her until about 3:30 that day. So I turned on ESPN andsettled in. After a while, though, I just couldn't ignore my hard on.

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   Ilooked over at mom, who was off on a blissful excursion somewhere. Yes,I had seen Japanese porn where the mom sucks the son off to help himconcentrate on his studies. It got to a point where I just couldn'tresist and pulled mom on to her knees on the floor. I slid my shortsdown to my ankles and pushed my dick into her mouth while my hands kepther head in place. She received her son's pole without protest and Ibegan pumping it over my mom's tongue and through her lips. There wassomething about how dirty this was that made doing it so hot and itdidn't take long for me to get close to climaxing. Right as I was aboutto spurt, I jerked my penis out of her mouth and stroked big globs ofsemen on to her face. I let go of her head and she fell against the footof the couch just like Terry did. I looked down and watched as my jizzstreaked my mom's face and dripped on to her tank top. She didn't careat all, only exhibiting a very contented smile and heavy lidded eyes.

As time passed, I mouth fucked mom three more times and, by the time 2p. m. came, she had a fair amount of dried cum on her cheeks, forehead,chin and nose. I cleaned her up because she would be coming out of itsoon. She became lucid again and I told her to make spaghetti for dinnerand to come to my room when dad fell asleep.

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   She said, "okay" to bothdirections and let out euphoric sighs after consenting to them.

Dad came home around five and he didn't perceive anything as beingdifferent. Mom made what I ordered her to and, once I had eaten, I wentover to Melanie's house. I took Terry up to her bedroom after tellingMelanie to remain in the livingroom. I decreed that Terry lose herclothes and join my naked self in bed. We made out and  I suckled on hersweet tits for a bit. I scooted down the bed to lick her pussy. I dinedfor half an hour on her cunt and her clit, spurring her to fourorgasms, and then mounted her. This made her the first adult I was evergoing to screw and her twat very comfortably surrounded my fuckstick. She had her knees folded up toward her body as I plowed her furrow. Iwas in heaven while looking at her mature body. I couldn't believe I wasable to do this at just 14 years old. She was certainly digging it,moaning, sighing and gasping as I propelled her toward orgasm. There wasjust something so different and hotter about a middle aged woman'sbody, I was finding out. Maybe it was the aura of experience, I don'tknow.

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   Maybe it was because fucking your  friend's mom was just wrong. Inonetheless carried on and Terry went off like the Fourth of July whilefeeling my teenage tool inside of her, leaving impressions of her nailsin my back.

Because I had gotten off so many times that day, my cock was prettydesensitized. I kept drilling her for quite a while and she was overcomeby one orgasm after another until I flooded her pink plantation with myseed filled liquid. A minute later, her eyes were completely vacantsince she had absorbed the hormones from my semen through her vaginalwalls and received a full 12 hour dose as a result. While I was there, Imight as well give her another suggestion since this wasn't going to bethe only time I intended to fuck her. "Terry, from now on, you will seemy cock as being nine inches long and twice as thick as it is now andyou will feel it as being that large inside you," I advocated. "You willalso orgasm every two minutes when I have sex with you. "

I pulled my clothes back on and went home. Just after 11, my mom knockedsoftly on my bedroom door and I allowed her to enter. I had her eatanother piece of a Kit Kat bar that had a six hour dose on it. Once shewas under, I told her she was going to give dad a blowjob anytime hewanted one, she was to swallow his wad unless he said to do other wise,and she would also have sex with him anytime he desired and she wouldthink he had a thick nine inch dick that would make her orgasm every twominutes.

I had to get to sleep since I had school the next day. I led mom to thelivingroom, had her lay down on it, got her a pillow and a blanket andthen I headed to bed.

Monday at school, I called Karina at lunch and told her to bring herfriends and meet me, Melanie and Priscilla .

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   Of course, Sierra was withher, but so were three others, Shannon, Mimi and Emily. Shannon was abrunette, but had dyed her hair blonde, and was around 5'5" and 115pounds with C cups. Mimi was 5'7" and 130-140 pounds, maybe slightlyheavier, with D cups, full hips and thick legs. Emily was the smallestof the lot of them at about 5'2" and 100 pounds with long brown hair andA cups. Sierra introduced everybody and we passed the lunch period justhanging out together.

Later that night, I called Melanie, Sierra,  Priscilla, Sierra andKarina and told them that, beginning Tuesday, they were no longerallowed to wear pants, shorts or panties in public and were permittedskirts only except when they were in gym class or at home, where theycould wear whatever was necessary. They all indicated that they wouldobey my decree just as Marisa had.

That night, after I had jacked off three times while watching internetporn, I smeared six hour doses of my semen into a bunch of individualReese's peanut butter cups. Then I informed both Terry and Melanie theywere going to hold a sleepover for Melanie's and Karina's friends Fridaynight. Tuesday, I told Karina and Sierra to bring their friends to thesleepover. Terry was to feed the Reese's to each of the girls and thencome get me after they had eaten them while I waited in her bedroom.

Tuesday, Karina, Priscilla, Melanie and Sierra came to school withskirts on, as did, of course, Marisa. Now with all that done, it wasjust a matter of waiting for Friday night. I directed my mom to allow meto spend the designated night at my buddy Jeff's. I didn't have anyfriend named Jeff, though.

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   Nonetheless, right after school, Marisa,Priscilla and me repaired to Melanie's after school. Terry got homearound 6:30 from work. I ordered a pizza as soon as she phoned to notifyme she was on her way home. We all chowed down on it and then I went toTerry's bedroom to await the arrival of Karina and her friends. I heardthe knock at the door and then the giggling and other sounds girls makewhen they're together in a large group. The noise continued for a whileand then there was silence, followed by the sound of Terry's footstepsin the hallway coming toward her bedroom. "Greg, they've eaten the Reese's," she stated.

I excitedly jumped off her bed and switched her tv off. When I got tothe livingroom, all the girls were in a daze. There was an uneatenReese's on her kitchen counter and I ordered Terry to gobble it down. She did so and was off in space now herself. The girls were all sittingon the floor. I went up to Emily, Mimi and Shannon and gave them thesame spiel about their obedience to me that I had the others. I wasgoing to be 15 the following Tuesday and I had received the greatestpresent of all, ten female slaves (including my mom and Terry). I ledMimi into Melanie's bedroom.

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   "Are you a virgin, Mimi?" I interrogated. "No," she dreamily pronounced as she stood in front of me. I made herbereft of clothing, revealing her voluptuous figure. I was already hard,but seeing that big body only made me that much more erect. I gentlynudged her on to the bed, dropped my pants and stepped out of them. Mimiwas sitting on the edge of the bed and I toppled her over. I went at herpussy with my mouth. There was a slightly tangy taste to her slit, butthat quickly disappeared with each successive pass of my tongue on hervulva. I found her clit under her pubic hair and kneaded it with mytongue in between sucking on it. I added some fingering action to thatas well, helping her ardor gradually ascend until she was panting andholding my head in her hands. Her gasps were extended and wispy, tellingme that the hormones in my semen still had a strong hold on her senses. Her breathing hastened and her moans intensified in volume andfrequency before her pubic muscles spasmed, causing her to loudlyproclaim how good it felt.

I took a condom out of one of the pockets of my discarded trousers andsequestered my prong in it. With a smile, I pressed my pylon into hercockpocket and she was ecstatic over that decision. "Ohhhh yesssss," sheaverred before I was able to load up the muscles in my hips and beginpounding my penetrator into her.

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   Her pussy felt more like Terry's, kindof plush, and every instroke was amazingly pleasurable. Her heat quicklyregenerated and was climbing toward the boiling point, as she gleefullywelcomed each thrust of my weapon into her pink target. Her body buckedand then her voice degenerated into a choked squeal as the firsttendrils of her orgasm commenced infiltrating her senses, her asthmaticpanting marking the extent of her ecstasy. I continued to give it to herhard and was close myself, that telltale twitching in my dick beginningto register before I slammed it into her as fast as possible and mademyself spew untold millions of sperm into my latex barrier. "How do youfeel, babe," I asked her as I pulled the rubber off. She emitted a veryplacid sigh and said, "Ooooh God, amazing," she evaluated.

I flipped the condom in the toilet and returned to Mimi's side. I hadher scoot her entire body into the bed with me. I kissed her for a fewminutes and stroked her face tenderly while her mind drifted formlesslylike a cloud on a gently breeze. "Are you glad I fucked you?" "Ooohyes," she moaned. A few more minutes went into the history books and Ihelped her dress. I then escorted her downstairs. The other eightfemales were all on their backs in an ecstatic repose.

I later fucked Shannon and then managed to get the girls into theirsleeping bags. I slept with Terry in her bed.

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   None of the girls couldremember what happened the night before after they arrived at Melanie's. They only knew that they now had to obey me.