Drugged by My Cum Chapter 9

Mind Control

I hung out with Krista and Abbey in the latter's bedroom. Kylie wasapparently over at Hailey's. The girls as well as their two brothersseldom brought anyone home because they not only would get the thirddegree from their parents, but because there was nothing to do. The kidsweren't allowed to have their own computers or tv sets and could onlylisten to Christian music. Consequently, they mostly found out aboutwhat was going on in popular culture from their more secular pals. Abbeyhad rebelled at this and was something of a slut, having slept with notjust a couple of guys in the neighborhood, but the bad boys at theirschool. At least, that was the story I got from Lauren. She would be 18in January, but already had been with more than a dozen guys while usingcondoms as the chief form of birth control.

Of course, Krista, who was about to enter junior high, albeit aChristian one, was curious about sex and wondered why it was consideredso dirty. She had seen her more mature sisters naked many, many timesthroughout her young life and thought that their and her own naked formswere beautiful and not dirty, especially after I had them shave theirpussies. "Have you ever kissed a boy Krista?" I asked. "Notromantically," she responded. "Have you ever kissed a girl?" "Yes," sheadmitted, giggling up a storm. "Do tell," I compelled. "Last year, oneof my friends and I had never had boyfriends so we wondered what itwould be like to be kissed on the lips. " She kept on giggling as she wasdisclosing this.

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   "And?" I demanded. "We kissed. First, just a couple ofshort ones and then they got longer," she confessed, turning red. "Didyou get wet?" "Maybe. " "Do you want to kiss another girl again?""Maybe. " "Have you guys ever made out?" I interrogated Abbey. "No, oh myGod no!" she denied, waving her hands to punctuate the negativestatement.

"Here, give me a kiss Krista," I requested. Her eyes initially got big,but she began leaning her head my way. I gently caressed the back of itand I laid a soft, tender one on her. "How was that, babe?" "Oh my God!That was awesome!" I nudged her head back toward me and this time put alonger, more heated smooch on her. I tried to pull away, but she wantedto continue. So things became even more sizzling and I had her wrappedup in my arms. "Hello! I'm here too!" Abbey whined. I broke the kisswith Krista and put my right arm around Abbey while laying anexploratory kiss on her that became a real lip wrestling match.

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   My handsglided up the back of her top and I unhooked her bra so that I couldfeel her up. "Does that feel good when he touches your boobs?" Kristaasked Abbey. "Oh yes, but it feels even better when a guy sucks them. ""Greg, will you suck my nipples?" Krista begged. "That's okay Krista. I'll leave that and the rest to your first boyfriend. " I didn't suck onAbbey's milk ducts though since I heard the front door being slammedshut. It was the girls' ten year old brother Joshua. Abbey scrambled toreattach the clasps on her bra. I decided that would be a good excuse toleave.

I phoned Lauren to see what her and her sister were up to. They were allover at Emily's just hanging out. I told them that they were all toreconvene at the park that was near Emily's place. We didn't do much. Ijust laid in Shannon's lap while we talked and made stupid jokes.

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I went home  to have dinner after that and then moved on over toMarisa's. Toni answered the door. I whispered, "so did you do what Itold you?" "Yes. " "Good, let me in. " She did and I said hi to Marisa'sdad Brad. Then I whispered to Toni to tell him that it was now okay forMarisa to have sex in their house. He placidly indicated assent. Igrabbed Marisa's hand and we trudged up to her bedroom, where I had herdrop to her knees and suck my dick. I blew my load all over her face andthen had her strip. After I similarly shed my clothes, we slid into bedand things quickly heated up again, culminating in me stabbing her slitover and over with my flesh knife to several orgasms before streamingmy jizz on her stomach. We jumped into the shower together and I enjoyedthe sight of her body slicked up with water. She also shaved her pussy.

"Okay babe, you're spending the night with me. So pack a change ofclothes for the beginning of school tomorrow and let's get over to myplace," I ordered. She tossed a cute little one piece mid-thigh lengthdress into a bag along with what she needed for school.

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   What WASN'Tincluded was a pair of panties. "Good girl, Marisa," I said and sheinstantaneously tightened up and then climaxed amid a hail of pantingand gasping.

We descended the stairs and I told Toni to come to me. "You will tellyour husband that Marisa can sleep over with me anytime she wants. ""Okay," she obeyed. When we entered my home, I gave mom an order thatwas a duplicate to the one I gave Toni and Marisa and I shut ourselvesup in my room the rest of the night with her naked the whole time. Andyes, I fucked her again. And again. And again.

Monday, after Marisa had gotten dressed for school, I pulled her dressup to look at her bare snatch. Then I took her hand and we walked out ofthe house We had our first period 10th grade health class together and,knowing she had nothing covering her cookie except her legs as she satbehind me, that made me hard just due to the naughtiness factor. Secondperiod, she had geometry and I had gym and then I had Algebra Two thirdperiod while she had her gym class. Fourth period, we had biologytogether and the classroom we were in had desks that were long tableswith several seats in front of them. We took ones closest to the doorand off to the left.

At lunch, my pussy posse assembled in the amphitheater.

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   I also phonedKrista's mom and told her that she was going to put all three daughterson birth control pills. I then asked her if she had sex with her husbandthe previous night. She had and carried out my instructions to theletter. "You're going to get your kids their own cellphones, laptopcomputers and televisions and you will not interfere with what they wantto watch on tv or online. You will tell your husband that it's time todo it," I directed. She signaled that she was copacetic with my command.

Fifth period, I had English grammar and composition. God, what a snooze!Sixth period was Spanish One, which I had with Marisa. Then school letout. I had all my slaves meet with me near the front of campus in case Ihad anything I wanted to say to them. Even though I didn't have much tosay, I did go down the line and hug and kiss them all before Marisa andI headed home.

Now if I was evil, I could pimp all these girls out and make a pile ofcash. However, I'd rather pimp them out to me. I banged Marisa and thenwent over to Abbey's. She had just gotten off the bus along with Kileywhile their mother had to go pick Krista up from her new junior high.

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  When the mom finally returned, I told her that Abbey was going to spendthe night with me and I would have her back in time to go to school inthe morning. She was still in her school uniform and excused herself sothat she could remove her panties and pack She would have to take afresh change of panties for school as well as the usual stuff before wedeparted. "Good girl, Abbey," I flattered and she  had a shatteringorgasm. I groped her slit and man was she wet! Then I saw drops goingdown her legs. She was a squirter! I licked the moisture off of myfingers and told her to go wipe the mess up.

My parents weren't going to be home for a couple of hours, so Abbey and Ishowered together. I sucked her nipples as the water cascaded down herlong body and swished the water around those milk ducts,  which made hermoan long and loudly. I soaped her up to a fare thee well. Fuck, thatsight made my already hard cock even stiffer! We toweled each other offand migrated to my bed, where I cradled her face in my hands and kissedher passionately at length . I had her suck my cock and she definitelyknew her way around a penis, encapsulating just the head in her mouthand sucking on it, which felt indescribably killer, before pushing herlips as far down on my shaft as she could manage and sucking hard oneach outstroke until I erupted into her mouth. "Swallow it!" I barkedand she did. "Good girl!" I chirped and she trembled when the endorphinsfrom her climax poured through her. "Oh my God!" she panted repeatedly,her pussy soaking my bed sheets.

I insisted she lay on her back and I crawled between her legs. I took along whiff of her freshly showered hot box before lapping up all themoisture she had emitted when she orgasmed.

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   I attacked her clit and sheexpelled a long sigh when I sucked on it. Alternately sucking andtonguing her love nubbin goosed her passion upward and she tasteddelicious. We were doing something that, if her school found out, wouldget her kicked out since they banned pre-marital sex. That made this allthe hotter and it may have been why when I tripped her trigger shescreamed and squealed while soaking my face. Clearly, sex was herrelease from the uptight culture she had been subjected to at home andat school. She grabbed my head to keep it in her crotch. I abided thatdesire and made her cum time and again. I had to go get a towel to wipemy face off. I guess that was the girl equivalent of giving a facial.

I got up and pulled a condom out of my nightstand drawer and rolled itdown my sperminator. I shoved it inside of her and she tightly wrappedher skinny legs around my back as I savagely porked her, wanting tosatisfy the need of this slut with all the force and conviction I couldmuster. "Oh fuck, oh my God, oh yes, God yessssssss," she hissed whileenthusiastically receiving my manhood into her sacred hall as many timesas I wanted to visit it. "Oh my God, oh my God, oh God, don't stop!"she pleaded as she arced toward ecstasy. She moaned a long"ooooooooooooooh God!" and then squealed and squirted, drenching mygroin as her pubic muscles convulsed. I forged ahead, pistoning herpussy and she climbed the summit of euphoria repeatedly until I emptiedmy manjuice into the rubber.

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"Oh God Greg, that was the best sex I ever had! Usually, the guys I'vebeen with get off and leave me there unsatisfied. " "Don't worry Abbey,this won't be the last time you and I hook up. " "I hope not!" she smiledwistfully. "Sorry about wetting myself everytime I orgasm, though. Ijust can't seem to control it" "Don't worry babe. That's actually prettyhot. You keep squirting as much as you want. " "Thanks  I'm glad youdon't mind. "

She cleaned herself up and we got dressed. After dinner, we both gotnaked once more and that is how we spent the rest of the night. Iravaged her again before we fell asleep, her lovely body centered in myarms.