Extortion Part 1

Mind Control

You will also find in the box a leather mask, and a gag. When you arrive at the destination you will see a house. You will go to the back door and take the stairs to the basement. Once you arrive in the basement, you are to go to where the circle is drawn on the floor and you will get on your knees. You will put on the mask, leaving the hole for your nose and mouth unzippered. After putting on the mask, you will place the gag in your mouth and tighten the strap as tight as it will go. Put the collara around your neck with the leash hanging to your back. You will wait on your hands and knees, your face to the floor and your ass and pussy on display. I will train you from there. I was appalled. Surely this package had not been meant for me. I opened the other envelope and there were a number of pictures. The first had me with two men, one taking me from behind while the other fucked my mouth. Another had me sandwiched between two men, one up my ass and one up my pussy while a third cock was in my mouth. You couldn’t see the faces of the men in the pictures, only the huge cocks that were invading my orifices. But my face could be seen clearly.

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  I took the video and put it in the VCR. There I was on my hands and knees on a table with a line of waists waiting to take their turn with me. I watched as my pussy and ass hole and eventually my mouth were invaded by cocks of every shape, size and color. There must have been ten men there. What was scarier was that when my mouth wasn’t filled with a cock, I was begging for more. When could this have happened? How could this have happened without me having any recollection? Then I remembered the meeting I had been to where I had “passed out” I had come out of that with my pussy sore and wet, but had no recollection of what happened other that what I was told after. They told me that I passed out and they had a Dr. come and check me and he said I only needed some rest. I must have been drugged. What was I going to do? I couldn’t allow myself to be intimidated into following those absurd commands, but who would believe me, I looked so willing on the tape. I opened the box and looked at the large dildo and but plug. They scared me, but also turned me on. I was a wreck. I didn’t know what I was going to do. I worried that day into the evening.

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   While I was worried, in the back of my mind I was beginning to get turned on. Later in the evening, I decided to try on the outfit that I had been commanded to wear. I unzipped the eyes of the leather mask so I could look at myself in the mirror. The gag was a fat cock that kept my mouth wide open. I stood before the mirror and was turned on by how much I looked like a whore. I took various poses before the mirror: standing bent over with my hands on my ankles; on my knees; squatting. I also had myself convinced that I had no choice but to follow the orders or my career would be ruined. I couldn’t tell, however if I was just making an excuse for wanting to go. The next day I was half fearful and half excited, as I bought the douche, enema and some ky jelly at the drug store. Then I began to prepare myself. As I took each step, my pussy became wetter and wetter. First I gave myself the enema. Then the douche. Then I showered and shaved and dressed with the items that were sent. Other than in the pictures and video, I had never had anything up my ass.

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   I couldn’t remember what happened when the pictures had been taken. I took the KY jelly and rubbed it on the but plug. I sat the plug on a chair and held it with my one hand. I then sat on the but plug. As it invaded my asshole the pain was excruciating. I almost stopped, coming close to refusing to go, but then I thought about those pictures being published on the internet. I then just sat down hard, thrusting the plug all the way into my ass. Once in the plug felt good. The dildo wasn’t very long, but it had to be a couple of inches wide. I inserted the dildo in my pussy and pulled the leather strap between my legs, buckling it on the tightest hole. When it came time to leave the house, I tried to run to my vehicle, but couldn’t because of the heels. I walked as quickly as possible trying to cover my naked breasts with my arms. I quickly started my vehicle so the dome light would go out. As I sat, the leather strap between my legs pushed the dildo deeper into my pussy. I was humiliated and turned-on at the same time.

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  Fortunately the roads mapped out were back roads. I couldn’t help but wonder however if the passing cars could see my naked breasts. It in addition, every time I hit a bump the dildo and the but plug were pushed further into my pussy. I was so turned on, it was hard to focus on the road. I arrived at the house, parked my vehicle and walked to the back in my nakedness. The pathway was well lit, and there wasn’t much I could do to hide myself. I went down the stairs to the basement. Looking around I saw chains and bars hanging from the ceiling. There were a couple of cages and tables. On the wall was an assortment of floggers, leather straps and paddles. On a shelf there were dildos of every size. I became scared and tried to run back out the door, but the door had been locked. I figured that the best thing to do was to follow the instructions. I looked at the clock on the wall and saw that it was 10:05. I hurried and put on the mask, stuck the gag in my mouth and made sure the strap was tight.

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   I got on my knees on the cold cement floor and spread my legs far apart, showing off my filled holes behind the leather harness. My face was down on the floor and my arms were to my sides. As I lay there waiting and anticipating what I was in for, I could hear footsteps above my head. It seemed as of there was more than one set of footsteps, but I couldn’t be sure. I was cold, my nipples were hard as rocks and I could feel the moistness of my pussy. After what seemed like an eternity I heard footsteps come down the stairs. “You were late” a voice stated in a stern voice. “I almost published everything, but I decided that it would be more fun to punish you in other ways. Now stay still or your punishment will increase. ” I had no choice but to stay still as I felt hands run over my body, reaching under me and pinching my nipples hard. Then I felt the hand slap my ass cheek and then my other ass cheek. I gasped behind the gag, but didn’t dare move. I was commanded to bring my hands over my head. My arms were spread by a bar with leather cuffs on each end. .

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  . I was turned over on my back and my legs were spread by a bar with leather cuffs on the end. I then heard a squeaking sound as I was suspended horizontally, my legs spread and totally exposed. “Now you have to understand that you are my personal slave. You are here for my pleasure and not yours. Maybe if you behave yourself, I may allow you some pleasure, but the choice is mine, not yours. You will follow my every command. You will fuck who I say or what I say. You will suck who I say or what I say. You belong to me. You haven’t started out right being late. You must be punished; I just am trying to figure out how. ”I could feel the harness being removed from around my waist and in between my legs. The dildo was taken from my pussy and the plug from my ass. I now felt empty.

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   I found myself craving for my orifices to be filled and prepared to do anything for that to happen. My captor observed this and his finger entered my pussy. He laughed at how wet it was. “I think I’ll start here” he said. I heard him walk away and come back. Then I heard the flogger go through the air right before it struck my pussy. My scream was muffled by the gag in my mouth. Then I felt his wrath on my inner thighs. “Stay still and take your punishment. He says as my pussy receives another lash. I obeyed out of fear that the punishment would get worse. I feel leather straps buckled around my thighs. I then feel frightening pain on my pussy lips. Clips attached to the leather straps have been used to hold my pussy lips open. He then administers twenty lashes directly to my clit.

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   His aim is perfect. While I scream in pain, muffled by the gag, my pussy gets wetter and wetter with each lash. I fear and crave another lash at the same time. He then administered 10 lashes each to my thighs and my breasts. I hear a laugh. “You love this you slut. May be I should stop, you’re enjoying it too much. ”He reached down and began playing with my pussy. I was dripping wet. “Yes you are definitely enjoying this too much you little slut. I will now take some pleasure in you. Should you dare to cum your punishment will be severe”I then felt his first finger go into my pussy. It came out and was reinserted with another, then three fingers. My pussy was still sore from the whipping it had taken; now it was being stretched to the limits by my master’s fist. He rammed his whole fist up my pussy and the pain was unbearable and ecstasy at the same time.

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  “I’m not done yet” he told me. I then felt a cold wet substance, lubricant being spread over my asshole. The tube was placed in my ass and the lubricant was squirted up my asshole. Then while my master’s fist was deep in my pussy, I felt the head of his cock begin to penetrate my ass. He was merciful at first, gently sliding the head into my as slowly. Then with all the force he could muster, he rammed his cock up my ass and his fist up my pussy at the same time. The pain almost made me pass out and cum at the same time. Then I remembered that I had to control my urge to cum. He fucked both my holes as hard as he could. He then pulled his fist out of my pussy and his cock out of my ass, and he shot his load all over my breasts. “Very good you little whore, you now get a reward. ”He took lowered me to the floor leaving the spreader bars on my feet, but removing the bar but not the cuffs from my hands. He commanded me to my knees and I obliged. My hands were brought to my ankles and attached to them. I was on the floor, my face to the floor and my ass and pussy fully exposed.

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  “Remember you little slut, that you are not to cum until I allow you to. ”I heard footsteps then a door open. “Come on guys, its here for your pleasure. ” I heard a number of men talking about me as if I wasn’t there. I felt hands grabbing at my nipples, and fingers from more than one hand invading my pussy and my asshole. My pussy was dripping. “I’m going to remove your gag, slut beg the Sirs for their cocks. Tell them all what a whore you are and how much you need to be fucked, Beg them to drink their cum. ”I didn’t know how many men were there. My pussy was still sore from the fisting it had received. I couldn’t imagine fucking any more, but I also knew if I didn’t the punishment would be worse. The gag came out of my mouth. “I’m a dirty little slut that needs to be fucked hard. ” I said with sincerity. As the words came out of my mouth I realized that I believed them.


   My pussy got more wet and I was craving cock. “Please fuck my every orifice. Please let me taste you shoot your load down my mouth. Please let me fuck all of you. Please let me give you… And a cock rammed into my mouth. Then one up my pussy. Both cocks fucking me hard. After one cock shot its load into my mouth it was replaced with another. The cock in my pussy shot its load on my back. Then a cock rammed into my asshole. I felt a man crawl under me and ram his cock into my pussy. For hours each and every orifice was filled with cock. They were cumming on me and in my mouth. I lost count on how many cocks had fucked my holes. As the last cock shot a huge load down my throat the gag was shoved back into my mouth, leaving the taste of cum.

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   I lay there on the floor cum dripping out of my pussy and ass and cum covering my body. There was come on the floor. They all stood around me laughing and joking about how they had their way with me. Then as someone was talking about how dirty I was, he suggested that he piss on me. They all agreed. I could hear them laughing at me a warm urine flowed on my back form every direction. I heard them leave one at a time. It sounded as if I were alone. Left covered in cum and piss on my knees face down in cum and piss. Although my pussy and ass had been fucked until they were raw I found myself craving for them to be filled again. I was a whore. Maybe if I obey all commands the Master will allow me to cum. There I was waiting in anticipation for my Master’s next command. .