The Boy With The Golden Cum - Chapter 12

Mind Control

Mulder spent a wonderful night in bed with Annie King, mother of Geri and Debi, and newly appointed porn videographer.   She'd been so horny after this assignment that Mulder resorted more than once to the Good Girl spell, and she'd spent ages lazily sucking his cock as he lay only half awake.   They had their first really good fuck as the early dawn light was filtering into the bedroom, and Mulder pumped a hefty load of cum deep inside her.

In the morning, Mulder uploaded all the captured video, but left the spy-cams in place on motion-trigger.   No harm collecting what he could.   He wasn't sure if the King's had been given Greg's domestic nudity directive, so he added it to their standing orders, and they breakfasted naked before the girls had to dress for school.   As he kissed Geri goodbye, and enjoyed a last feel of her naked slit under her school skirt, her cheeky little sister ducked down between them and grabbed a quick suck on Mulder's rising cock.   "Don't forget to ask Mom" she said, then she was gone, skipping down the path ahead of her sister.

So Mulder asked Annie.   Did she want him to deflower her younger daughter?

"You asking me, or telling me?" she replied.   "Asking" said Mulder. "Well, I guess that makes you a whole lot different from our darling Greg.   Horny fucker just took what he wanted.   Me as well, he fucked me good.   Best fuck I'd had for years. And I'd still give him anything, anything at all.

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   Including Debi.   But since you asked. . . and asked nicely, Agent Mulder, the answer is Yes. "  

"Better you than Greg, and better Greg than some other horny teenager who'll just fuck her for his own pleasure. So be my guest, Agent Mulder.   Come back soon, and we'll have a Debi Deflowering Party.   You can do it how you like, nice and private, or all in a great big gangbang like last night's shindig.   Up to you.   Either way, I know you'll be kind, and you'll make it a joyful experience that helps her become a confident woman, not some guy's property. "

"Meanwhile, Agent Mulder, looks like you're packin' heat. " She ran a finger the length of the erection he'd had since Debi left. "Would you like me to help you with that?"  

"Thanks Annie, but I've got a busy day ahead of me at school, and I. .

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  . . " Mulder paused. "Yeah, why not. "  

So she did.


When he eventually got to the school, Mulder resumed his routine in Pulaski's office, calling in each girl on the still too long list, handing her the phone, and giving her the necessary commands.   Around lunchtime, he had Pulaski send for Emily.   He didn't need to command anything, she greeted him with a big smile and a warm embrace, wrapping arms and legs around him.   At 100 lbs she was light enough to carry on his dick, thought Mulder. But he put his hands under her tiny ass to support her and found bare skin under her school skirt. In a moment he had a bulging erection, and in another moment he had it inside her, and he bounced her hard and fast on his dick until they overbalanced and toppled together onto the couch as he worked off the morning's building frustration.   He came inside her, and when she finally stood up there was another huge wet patch on the couch, adding to the stains it had collected last week.   Let Pulaski deal with that as well, thought Mulder. He sent her back to class with their mixed juices still dribbling down her legs.   The whole school's been mind-controlled into silence, so I don't suppose anyone will mention it even if they do notice, he thought.

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For the rest of the week, he cycled between Colleen's and Annie's beds, and he finished each school day by getting the lucky last two girls of the day to give him a blowjob.   Life could hardly be sweeter.


On Thursday morning he got Pulaski to arrange a special assembly of all the boys in Geri's control group, in the school gym,  with Geri to perform the handover, after which Mulder planned to take her back to Pulaski's office and fuck her, but Geri had other ideas.   Mulder had given her enough leeway to enjoy herself in her final act as slavemaster, and she certainly did.   She'd asked Mulder to put the gym into lockdown, and when she hit the floor in her cheerleader outfit and turned a slow cartwheel that clearly revealed her lack of panties, she was guaranteed 100% attention from her audience of boys, even if they had not been her obedient slaves. She spoke clearly: "Hello boys, I'm so pleased to see you all here.   And you are all delighted to be here, and delighted to see me here before you".  

This, of course, was the truth, because her saying it made it so. Some of Greg's erotic fantasies must have been contagious, thought Mulder, watching from the sidelines, as Geri licked her lips, took a deep breath, and forged ahead with her plan.

"You've all seen me in the cheerleading team, I'm sure.   You think I'm sexy". This was true already, but no harm making sure. She twirled, making her skirt flare out, showing her nakedness beneath. "You'd love to see my pussy, wouldn't you?"  - stunned silence - "Wouldn't you? Answer me!" she demanded. "Yes, Geri" came the chorus.

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    "And you'd love to jack off looking at my pussy, wouldn't you?"  "Yes Geri".   "Well, now you're going to.   Get your dicks out".  

Mulder had to admire her style.   He was more than half tempted to obey her himself. "Now gather round me in a circle". She moved to the middle of the floor.   "Hey, Tom and Phil, pull that stack of mats over here into the center".   There were five thick safety mats making a stack over 3 feet high.   The boys got them in place, and Geri hopped on to them, and sat in an easy lotus, revealing her bare shaven pussy.   She surveyed her audience, cocks obediently poking out from their pants, some stiff and proud, many only halfway there, a few still hanging limp.   "Jack those cocks boys, make them really hard for me. "  And then, like it had just occurred to her: "Has anybody here ever jacked off thinking about me?"  Some hands went up, like in the classroom, then a few more. "Don't be shy, you know you must answer me. "  That settled a couple of waverers.

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    Geri picked one boy, a tall skinny one, the first she'd seen raise his hand, and with an already very stiff cock.  

"You, yes you, come here. "  The boy advanced, slowly lowering his hand. "When you were jacking off, thinking of me, did you imagine something like this?", and, not waiting for an answer, she called out "Everybody, watch this", and slipped off the mat and down on her knees before the lucky boy, taking his cock into her mouth, and giving him head with frenetic enthusiasm.   Breaking off for a moment, she looked up into his eyes: "Cum in my mouth. Don't try to hold back. Shout it out. Tell the world when you cum" and she resumed sucking and jacking him until he obeyed her command, and she greedily sucked every drop from him.   Looking up at him again, she showed her tongue, covered in his cum, then closed her mouth and swallowed, showed him again, this time clean. "All gone. Mmmmm".   She stood up, kissed him on the cheek, whispered "Go sit over there", and hopped back onto the pile of mats.   That went well, she thought. Just like a porno.

"Now guys, take off all your clothes and dump them over there".

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    She waited till they were done, then commanded. "Gather round me. Take the hands of the boys on each side of you, and close the circle until you're all squeezed up side by side.   Don't leave anyone out, I want you all in one circle. "  Some shuffling ensued.   There were 34 boys (Mulder counted), and by shuffling and squeezing they managed to make a ring about 6 yards across.   Geri's eyes scanned them, turning right around so she could see everyone, and as she did she had one hand between her legs, pressing on her clit.   She was enjoying this.

"Now turn to face the boy on your right" commanded Geri, "and keep looking at me.   Shuffle towards me, all of you.   Go on, squeeze right in.   I want you real close to me, so you're going to have to squeeze right up against the boy in front of you. That's it. You're doing this to get closer to me.   You want to be closer to me, so you can see me.

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    You don't mind squeezing up close to each other, you don't mind pressing your naked body against the boy in front, and you don't mind the boy behind pressing up against you.   I'm going to show you my body, that's what you want. "  

She pulled off her top and unhooked her sports-bra, so her gorgeous breasts swung free, and she tweaked her nipples to attention with her free hand.   She discarded the tiny skirt so she was as naked as the boys, and she opened her legs wide and used her fingers to spread her pussylips. Pity this isn't a turntable, she thought.  

The shuffling boys, all looking at Geri, strove to get closer to her, and as the circle shrank, they found themselves squeezed ever closer in front and behind.   Most of the boys had erections, and these were now pressing against the buttocks of the boy in front, a pleasurable feeling in itself, as long as the spell of Geri's command kept them from examining the implications.

"Now, reach round the boy in front of you and take hold of his cock. " Geri was enjoying this.   There was no way in hell most of these guys would have done anything like this if they'd had any say in the matter. Squeezed up like this, they were only about 7 feet from her, all round. "Put your other arm around him, you're going to need to hold on".   She was idly fingering her pussy as she gave these last commands, and there was a tremor of lust in her voice now. "You like my titties.   My perfect D-cup titties.

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  "  This wasn't a question, it may have been a command, or simply a statement of fact.

"Now,  very slowly, start wanking the cock you're holding.   Do what you'd like to feel me doing to you.   Imagine the hand holding your cock is mine.   Look at me. Keep time with me".   She was fingering her pussy in a slow and steady rhythm that gradually became more intense, until she was masturbating wildly, plunging fingers in and out of her sopping cunt, turning round and round on the mats so all the boys could see her, see her pussy. "Wank those cocks, boys. Fuck it feels good.   You feel good. You're going to cum soon, don't hold back and don't be quiet. Shout it out when you cum, yell it out.   I'm wanking your cock, I'm gonna make you cum, don't stop wanking the cock you're holding until it cums, come on, cum for me. " and she had to break off as an orgasm tore thru her.   Then she hopped off the mat, unplanned, as a ragged chorus of "I'm cumming" "fuck I'm cumming" "fuck Geri I'm cumming" and other variations burst from all directions.

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    She scooted down on her knees, and pushed her head in between two boys, grabbed the hand that was wanking the dick and joined in, then got her mouth over the head of his cock just as the boy let fly.   With cum dripping from her lips she called out "OK, let go of them cocks.   Anybody not cum yet, get close to me and jack yourself off, I want you to cum on me. Cum on my face.   Cum on my titties. Cum on my legs. Cum all over me" and she resumed frantically rubbing her clit to another orgasm as a smaller crowd of boys gathered round her, frantically wanking themselves, cum splattering on her from all sides.   And then they were done.   Geri sat back on her heels, cum running down her glistening body in rivulets, dripping off her chin and boobs, she even had some in her hair. "Anybody not cum yet?" she asked.   No reply.    She stood up, and spoke up loud and clear, confidently, proudly in command of them all, a warrior princess addressing her men, even as their cum still flowed on her naked skin.

"Now guys, I just remembered. All of you, gather round and listen. I got an important message for you all.

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    After today, you don't need to obey me.   Instead you'll obey anybody who says these 3 Magic Phrases: Need to Know, Just We Three, For Now.   Got that?" "Yes, Geri" came the chorus.

"And before you go, remember what we just did.   You all had a really good time with me today.   You enjoyed wanking another boy's cock, and you enjoyed having your cock wanked by another boy. You saw your school cheerleader naked, masturbating, giving herself orgasms, and some of you squirted your cum all over me.   Some of you got cum on your backsides from the boy behind you, and you enjoyed that too, because it's all part of the lovely horny sex we just shared. "

"From now on, you're never going to be nasty to anyone because they're gay, or because you think they're gay, or because somebody tells you they're gay.   You're never going to use the word Gay as an insult.   Most of you aren't gay, but you still enjoyed what happened here.   In future, if someone offers to suck your cock, whether it's a boy or a girl, be nice to them. Let it happen if it pleases you or excites you, otherwise be polite and refuse nicely. If it's a boy, and you let it happen, it doesn't mean you're gay. Not if you still want pussy.


   Even if you don't feel attracted to boys, why not let him suck you if he wants to, and think about me, imagine it's me sucking you off, and tell me all about it next time we meet. If you do, and you know you can't lie to me, I might even give you a blowjob myself, just so you can compare. I've heard that boys give the best blowjobs, because they really know what it feels like, so maybe you'll have something to teach me. "

"And never call a girl a slut, or a slag, or a whore just because she likes sex as much as you do. Even if you've just shot your cum all over her tits, you'll respect her wishes, and treat her with kindness, never talk bad about her behind her back.   And if a girl doesn't want to have sex with you, respect that too.   Never force her. Let her go.   Go and jack off if it's all too frustrating, or find another girl, there's plenty of girls out there that DO love to fuck.   Don't hang around pestering someone who's not interested, that's just wasting your time. "

"You'll remember today for the rest of your lives, and every night that you don't have someone to share sex with, you'll imagine me, and you'll jack yourself off and you'll give yourself an orgasm with the memory of today replaying in your mind, until you make a better memory.   And any time you see me, you'll be pleased. Remind me you were here with me today, and if I say to you 'let's hang out', you'll come with me and it will fill you with pleasure to do whatever I ask until dawn. "  

She looked across at Mulder, still waiting on the sideline, and asked: "Was that alright?".   Mulder, grinning like a fool at Geri's extraordinary improvisation, merely nodded.

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Geri released the boys then, leaving them to wipe the cum off themselves and get dressed and return to class. "Agent Mulder, I'm covered in cum. I need a shower.   Want to help?" and she headed for the showers, hips swaying and boobs bouncing. Mulder, now somewhat in awe of her, followed.

In the shower he gave her the fucking they both needed to relieve the pressure of her erotic performance, and he didn't need to call her a good girl for her to know that she truly was one. "I liked your speech" he told her. "I wasn't sure you'd approve" she said. "You took a bit of a liberty with the 'Lets hang out' part, but the rest of it more than made up for it.   Overall, I approve", and he held her close, and kissed her deeply.

"Maybe I should have made them suck each other off.   That would really have been something. And swallow. Just a bit harder to arrange, I didn't think it thru". She faked a pout, then smiled.

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    "Thanks, Agent Mulder.   I've been wanting to do something like that for ages, only I knew Greg wouldn't let me. He kept getting girls to masturbate and make out to please him, but he'd never have approved this. Thanks for giving me the freedom. "

"You're quite a girl Geri, pulling a stunt like that. Quite a girl. . . . "

"Go on" she whispered. "Say it. Pleeeeze. . . .

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  ". "You're a good girl", and she sighed and held him tight.