The Boy With The Golden Cum - Chapter 9

Mind Control

When he got to the King's, Geri let him in and introduced him to her mother, Annie and little sister Debi, almost 14.   Mulder had them both sit down before he passed his phone to each of them to hear Greg's handover speech.   As he expected, they slumped happily after their Good Girl orgasms, and sat placidly gazing into space.

He got Geri to help him unpack the gear and position the cameras, miniature state-of-the-art hi-def 3D spycams.   By the time they were done, he had the lounge covered from multiple angles, plus some in the bathroom to capture anyone peeing or showering, as he'd noted that Greg had specifically instructed his slaves to allow him to watch these things.   The master bedroom too, he had enough cams to view the bed from all angles, including a pair looking down from the ceiling.   But the lounge seemed best, it was a large room with a big L shaped couch,  a couple of lazyboy armchairs, and plenty of lights.

Editing wasn't his problem, so he simply activated them all as he installed them.

Meanwhile Annie had rustled up a quick meal for the four of them, Mulder hadn't eaten since breakfast and was glad to have home-cooked food however hastily prepared.   After dinner the 2 daughers cleaned up while Mulder showed Annie how to work the handheld camera. She had used one before, and knew at least the basics already. "Keep it steady, and get in close" were the only extra instructions Mulder thought she needed.   The spycams would cover the wide shots.   He also told her to obey only orders he directed to her by name,  ignore any orders he gave to everyone, and "Just keep the camera going.   Hand it over to Geri if you need a break, I don't want it to miss a second. "

Then the visitors arrived, in two groups.

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    There were 6 of them in all, teenage schoolgirls aged from 15 to 17.   All wore short pleated skirts, clearly Greg's favorite garb,  and three wore sexy over-the-knee socks that left an ample stretch of bare thigh showing.   Mulder also wondered if these girls were subject to Greg's no-pantie rule.   He looked forward to finding out.

The visitors were:

Mandy, a fresh faced 17 year old with a slim frame and C cups breasts. Greg banged the bejesus out of Mandy doggy style, although with a condom on since she wasn't on birth control, and she was huffing and puffing up a storm.

Emily 16, was the smallest of the lot of them at about 5'2" and 100 pounds with long brown hair and A cups, she was smaller and looked younger than the Geri's 14 year old little sister Debi.

Shannon, the fake-blonde that Karina mentioned, around 5'5" and 115 pounds with C cups.

Priscilla, 16 who was half Mexican and half Asian with C cup boobs, who'd lost her virginity to Greg while drugged.

Hailey (senior,not virgin was 5'4" and had dark brown bobbed hair with bangs, a cute button nose, chubby cheeks and D cups), one seriously hot fuck!

Juanita, a buxom little Mexican-American girl with long dark brown hair, D cup breasts and a smile to put one at ease.

Mulder knew from his notes that Greg had fucked all these girls, except the tiny Emily.  

Mulder got Scully to put Greg on the phone, and he did the rounds.   Greg gave them each his customary parting gift of a "good girl" orgasm, so in short order all were sitting around looking dazed but happy. Several had relaxed with their legs apart, and from where he stood Mulder could already confirm that these at least were devoid of underwear and pubic hair.  

"OK, everybody, listen up: Need to know, Just We Three, For Now.

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    This means you're all bound to obey me, and you'll feel pleasure every time you do. Now lets try it. Lift your skirts, everyone, show me if you're wearing anything underneath. "  Obediently, they all complied.   Mulder surveyed the scene, nine naked and hairless pussies. He made a circuit of the room, feeling up each girls pussy in turn.   All nicely moist from their Good Girl treat, most especially Emily's, whose juice was still dribbling down her thigh and had almost reached her knee. Good, another squirter.  

"Very good everyone.   Now, put a hand up if you're on birth control. "  He was pleased to see Emily raise her hand along with Annie King and both her daughters.   He wasn't surprised that none of the other girls raised their hands, his notes told him Greg had used condoms when he fucked them.

"Who's been fucked by Greg?".   This time everyone but Emily and young Debi King raised a hand.   "Emily, Debi, are you virgins?" "No" "Yes".

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    As expected.

"Well, as you now know, Greg can't be with us at present.   He's given you all a good deal of pleasure over the last year or so, and now's your chance to give him some pleasure back, even though he's not here, and have some yourselves at the same time.   We're going to make a personalized porno, specially for Greg. Annie has the camera, and there are some other fixed ones mounted around the house.   So, smile, you're on camera!".   Mulder was gratified to see the room light up as the eight teenagers turned on their most radiant smiles.   Annie was grinning too, and Mulder gave her a wink.

"Remember, this is for Greg, so show him what you think will please him. "  This way the girls own inventive imaginations will direct them, Mulder wouldn't need to keep on issuing orders. "And one more thing:  for the rest of today, you'll have no inhibitions about giving and receiving sexual pleasure with anyone here. Every time you hear, or say, Greg's name, you'll feel more aroused, and you'll desire sexual contact. You will freely stimulate yourself and others all the way to orgasm, and when you reach orgasm, you will tell Greg, call his name, he'll be watching and listening via the cameras, and you can be sure he'll have a hardon for you.   Try to tease him into jacking off at the sight of you. "

"Now, Greg wants to see your titties.

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    Tops off, everyone".   Mulder was enjoying this, the instant obedience, the rising sexual heat.   No wonder Greg got carried away by it all.   A sea of teenage flesh.   Annie moved among them like a pro, asking each one to give Greg a greeting, and lift her skirt to show Greg that she was complying with his ban on underwear. Greg's name was echoing round the room, and each time he heard it, Mulder knew it was ratcheting up the sexual heat by another notch.

Already Geri and Emily were necking, each fingering the other's slit.   Little Debi was sitting on the floor masturbating furiously, rubbing her pussy in a frantic circular motion, watching her big sister make out with her friend. Priscilla and Juanita had hooked up in a Latin combo, and Mandy and Shannon were each sucking one of Hailey's D-cup breasts, while Hailey fingerfucked herself with three fingers and rubbed her clit with the other hand.   Mulder fetched a beer from the fridge and watched the orgy develop. Annie was doing well covering the action, and was currently focussed on Hailey, who was clearly and loudly claiming the First Orgasm of the party, and her calls were pushing others towards their own tipping points.

"Hey well done Hailey.   Now girls, don't be left behind. Greg wants to hear you cum".   The Latinos were next across the line, in a photo-finish flury of moans and screams as they held each other tight and thrust fingers into each other's cunts.

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"Greg wants you all naked now. Take off everything except those sexy long socks" commanded Mulder, and he also stripped down to the buff.   The girls discarded their skirts, and Mulder went round picking them all up and dumped them behind the couch on the heap of tops and bras discarded earlier.   Not since his last mission in Germany had he been in a roomful of bare naked girls with shaved pussies, and that time they'd all been over 18, or at least had IDs that said they were. Mulder dismissed his memories of the German FKK club scene, and brought his mind back to the present.

Mandy and Shannon had moved into 69 on the floor.   Mulder helpfully put a cushion under Shannon's head.   Hailey had collapsed in an armchair, the Latinos were sharing soft kisses and a post-orgasmic cuddle in the corner of the L-shaped couch. The tiny Emily was sitting beside them with Geri kneeling between her legs feasting on her pussy, and Annie was hovering over them with the camera.

Geri's mouth was busy, but her pussy wasn't doing anything.   Mulder closed in behind her, and stroked her pussy to make sure she was ready, then slid his cock between her legs.   She reached under herself and guided him in.   Annie held the camera steadily, recording Agent Mulder fucking her daughter, while she sucked her friend's pussy.   She tracked the camera up to Emily's flushed face.

Emily looked into the camera and said "Hi Greg", and had to pause as a pleasure-wave washed over her.

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   "Too bad you never fucked me, Greg. I'd have flooded my cum all over your cock, like I'm gonna do over Geri's face, Greg.   Oh Greg, Greg Greg Greg FUUUUCK ME I'M CUMMING. . . . ", and Annie panned the camera down to catch Geri getting the full flood of Emily's squirting orgasm.

Time for the toys, thought Mulder, so he withdrew from Geri before he lost control, and rummaged in the bag that had held the cameras.   He fished out a purple 6. 5 inch jelly vibrator, a slender "Virgin" vibrator (that he thought might suit Debi) and a pink gel double-ended dildo, which he thought might look well joining two Latina pussies.

Debi was resting on the other armchair, watching the orgy unfold, and idly fingering herself in a relaxed manner. "Here, Debi, I think you'll find this a good fit for that little virgin pussy of yours. "  "Thanks, Agent Mulder.   Are you going to fuck me? I wanted Greg to be my first, but he's gone.   Will you pop my cherry, Agent Mulder?"  And she looked so sweetly at him, seductive woman-child that she was.

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    "If your Mom says it's ok, maybe, later" said Mulder, in the manner of an adult fending off a child asking for ice cream.   "Meanwhile, I'd like you to see how you get along with that little gadget".

"Hey, guys, try this" he said to Priscilla and Juanita, giving them the long pink toy.   Annie observed as they arranged themselves like bookends, on their backs, butts together, legs wide apart.   Once more Mulder helped arrange the cushions, and the two dusky teens wriggled their butts closer, and each set about feeding an end of the pink monster into the other's pussy. Hailey, recovered and interested in more, came over and took charge of the thing, gripping it round the middle and pulling and pushing it each way so it fucked in and out of both girls in turn.   "Hey, Hailey, tell Greg what you're doing?" said Mulder, and she smiled up at the camera.   "Hi Greg. Remember the first time you fucked me? At Lauren's place? God, you made me so wet when you sucked my pussy, remember, Greg? You made me cum and cum, before you even started to fuck me. Now I'm fucking Priscilla and Juanita, both at once.   D'you like what you're seeing Greg?  Does it make you want to join us?".  

Annie then directed the camera at Priscilla, who was aiding Hailey's efforts by strumming her own clit with one hand.   She had her eyes closed, but she opened them when Mulder spoke: "Hi Priscilla.   Say hello to Greg, he's watching you now. " "Oh, Hi, Greg.

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  " She savoured his name, and the thrill it gave her to say it. "Greg, you bastard.   I'll never forget how you took my virginity. At Melanie's, remember Greg? You got me high as a kite,  took me upstairs, took off all my clothes and then you just stuck your dick right up me. Right in front of Melanie. And Marisa!!  I thought she was your girlfriend! I was totally high, but I was still there, you know, and I'll never forget. And once you'd fucked me good, you went and groped Melanie's Mom!!! Yes, I heard about that.   What a horny fucker you are Greg.   You know we all talk behind your back, Greg, we all share stories about the most outrageous sexy horny fucking shit you get up to Greg. But fuck, Greg, it felt soo good I just gotta forgive you, you dirty dirty fucker Greg. And I'd suck your dick for you any time, Greg, fuck me, if I say your fucking name once more Greg I'm gonna fucking cum - don't stop Hailey, I'm fucking there - oooh Greg I fucking love it fuck fuck fuck GREG!!!!".  

Annie was right in place for all of this, and tracked back so she could take in Hailey's hand and the dildo and Priscilla's hand as she shuddered to a halt and her legs flopped wide, muscles relaxing all at once. She reached down and pulled out her end of the dildo, she'd had enough for the moment.

Annie turned her attention to the other end, to Juanita.   She'd been fairly quiet all thru Priscilla's moment of joy, but was panting softly and had that glazed look that Mulder had come to recognize.

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   "Did you just come too?" asked Annie. "Mmmm, yeah, sure did".   "Hi Juanita " said Mulder, "Greg wants you to talk to him.   He's here, behind the camera. " "Oh, hi Greg. Mmmm Greg.   Oh Greg I've just had the most wonderful orgasm. I was thinking about you, remember the first time you fucked me in your girlfriend's bedroom?  And the times after that, always Marisa and me together, you love your threesomes. Remember how I used to suck your cock Greg?  I could tell you liked it best from me.   Marisa's sexy, but I KNOW how to suck cock, don't I Greg.   Here, like this. . . "

Mulder had seen the opportunity, and moved in on Juanita, draping his cock on her cheek, so she only had to turn her head a little to take it in.   She didn't mind the taste of Geri, and she sucked, and sucked and pleasured Mulder's dick with such genuine enthusiasm that Mulder could only stand and gasp, and suddenly, unexpectedly he erupted in Juanita's mouth, popping out to splatter her cheek, then she sucked him back in to extract and swallow every last drop.

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    Then turning to the camera, she spoke: "Did you see that Greg.   I'd do that for you any time, you know that Greg, but you never did let me swallow your cum. I miss you Greg". And she daintily scooped up the cum on her cheek with a long finger, and licked it clean.

Annie turned her focus to the sixtyniners, who seemed to have sucked each other to a standstill.   She "interviewed" Shannon, who was on her back with her head on a cushion, Mandy's cute little ass just clear of her chin.   "So, Shannon, what have you to say to Greg?"  "Hi Greg. Greg Greg. Mmm that's nice, Mandy, don't stop.   Put your fingers inside me, yeah, that's it.   Greg, so nice to see you.   I bet you wished you were here now, you could fuck all of us Greg.   Hey, Greg, remember the first time you fucked me?  I do.   It was that sleepover at Melanie's, you got us all high on something, then you went off with Mimi, but then you came back and you fucked me, remember Greg? Right there on the living room floor, with all the other girls lying around watching.   If I hadn't been so high I might have felt a bit embarassed, Greg.


    But I wasn't, and I could see some of the other girls were rubbing themselves as they watched us. You think we all forgot what happened when we were high, but we didn't.   At least, I didn't.   It's just that I don't mind, I'd fuck you again any time, Greg, any place. In front of anyone. Greg.   Oh Greg, I'm gonna cum. Yes Mandy, just like that, don't stop, Greg I'm cumming, oh I'm cumming, Mandy I'm gonna cum in your face, Fuck Greg Fuck. . . " she seemed to be struggling to get there, so Mulder leaned close and whispered in her ear, too soft for the video to hear: "Good Girl, Shannon".

Once her tremors had subsided, Annie turned her attention to the other end of the 69.   Mandy looked up, her lips and chin glistening with Shannon's juices, and sat up, still straddling Shannon's face.   "Hi Greg.   Have you been looking at my ass? Do you remember my ass, Greg? Remember, Greg, that time you fucked me? Your Mom took me and Tawny back to your place after school.

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   It was a really weird day. I didn't figure out until after that you'd doped us somehow. And you and Marisa took us into your bedroom, and you stripped us both buck nekkid and then you got me down on all fours and you fucked the shit out of me like a dog.   I remember Tawny just staring at us, and you banging away at my cunt for ages.   And Marisa, she was there the whole time too, I think.   And your Mom, she must have heard us, you weren't exactly keeping it down. So, Greg, I kinda think you fucking raped me, I'd no will to resist.   But I'm glad you did, cos you made me so fucking horny, and you gave me such amazing orgasms.   Tawny's jealous you didn't fuck her too. Or instead. But I know how to comfort her.   She's not here, but you know, sometimes we get together, and talk about you and make out, and we usually end up like this, eating each other out at the same time, and wishing you were there to see it. "

"So, fuck you Greg. Thanks for fucking me that once, wish it had been more often. I hope you enjoy jacking off to this video, Greg.

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    I know I would.   Hey, Shannon, are you asleep down there? Come on, I wanna cum". And Mulder took pity, whispered in her ear, and her eyes widened as the wave swept over her.
It was getting late, the visitors would soon be leaving. They had to throw Debi out of the bathroom, where she'd been doing product comparisons with the slim Virgin Vibrator and the six-and-a-half inch jelly vibrator, which was shaped very much like a real cock.   The video replay confirmed she'd been able to achieve four distinct orgasms, while urging an imaginary Agent Mulder to fuck her harder, harder, harder.

Just as they were leaving, Mulder intercepted Emily and took her in his arms  "I missed you tonight.   But I'll see you at school tomorrow.   Meanwhile, be a good girl. " Mmm, she slumped against him, dangling from her arms round his neck. And he kissed her.   Then they were gone, into the minivan taxi that Mulder had ordered.