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Pierre – (34) the founder of the resort. Often called Mr. “P” by the young girls who live at the resort and take care of the businessmen who come to the resort for a good time with the 13 to 16 yr. old girls who entertain them with their charms.  
Maria – Maria who has just turned 15 a month ago. She is 5’ 9, 138 lbs, 36C cup-28-31, long brunette hair, brown eyes, a very sexy Latino girl with a dimple above each hip on her backside, prominent hip bones on the front of her, a tight belly that has a pierced navel all of which looks so sexy and makes holding, playing and partying with Maria so much fun to men. She has a perfect complexion with never any need of makeup and lips made for the art of cock-sucking. She also features long, slender fingers, long, creamy, muscular legs and a perfect, full butt that makes every man notice her whip when she walks by in her tight jeans, short skirts, bikinis and all types of panties. She makes any man’s cock stand at full attention in her presence. Maria positively never has had any previous sex experience having only been kissed before by little boys who had no hope of bedding her and couldn’t even begin to please her and make her moan in bed the way older men can and will! She will give all men that enjoy her company a new meaning and love for sex with a young girl.  
Tom -- (63yrs. old) He is 5’ 11”, mostly bald-headed and weighs over 350 lbs. He beats his 7 inch piece of meat (when he can find it under the fat) privately every damn night to pictures of young looking girls. He is a very wealthy businessman, worth over 30 million dollars. He owns 3 investment companies that do business overseas as well as in the U. S.

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   He is married with 4 children, all grown and 9 grandchildren. He enjoys watching porno movies and looking at nude pictures of women from the internet and magazines. He once bought his way out of a situation where he was caught touching a 14 yr. old girl but he never got any real action from her. He often goes to strip clubs and regularly beats off to fantasies about young girls he sees. He dreams of finding a place where he can use young girls for his perverted pleasures without any fear at all.  
Scott – (57 yrs. old) Scott is 5’ 8” and 245 lbs.  He owns 2 banks and has various holdings nationwide in all kinds of companies. He is worth in excess of 18 million dollars. He is married with two kids and 3 grandkids (girls ages 14, 17 and 19). He often watches his granddaughters walk and sunbathe by their pool at his estate. He enjoys “chatting” with young girls on the internet. He dreams of fucking some of them as well as his granddaughters. He has an uncontrollable thirst for young girl’s bodies.

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   He owns over 200 Porno CDs in his private library. He beats off every night and sometimes at work in private until his 9 inch cock explodes with lust. He has been searching for a place where he can safely act upon his lust for young girls’ bodies.  
Ben – (48 yrs. old), 5’ 11”, 290 lbs and nearly bald. Ben sports a 8” cock. He owns a trucking company and a construction business and is worth over 7 million dollars. He is recently divorced with 2 granddaughters ages 15 and 13. His wife accused him of watching his granddaughters taking a shower and sunbathing. He denied it all though and successfully countersued his ex-wife for divorce for adultery by having her framed for sex with another man which he had paid $10,000 dollars to lie in court about having an affair with his now ex-wife. She got nothing in the divorce because his frame job of her was so convincing. He longs to bed beautiful underage girls and hopes he has found a place to quench his thirst for them.  
Chris – (26 yrs. old), 6’ 1” 220 lbs of pure, black muscle as well as a head full of curly black hair. His parents died in a plane crash when he was 8 leaving him with over 10 million dollars.

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   He never knew how to talk to girls at all and was a virgin until he got away for college and began to use his inheritance which had ballooned to nearly 22 million. He bought his way into black girls’ pants in college but has never had a lasting relationship with a female at all. He was blessed with a monster cock measuring 14 inches when fully erect. The money-grabbing tramps that spread their legs for some of his money have taught him how to use it on a pussy very, very well indeed. He’s dying to try out some real young girls on his cock because he just can’t relate to any women. He has his mind set on bedding a lot of really young, underage girls because he thinks he can use his money to keep them spreading their legs for him whenever he wants a piece of tender, young ass. He thinks this resort may just be his answer so he has come to check it Chapter Making The four men were all sitting around in the den of the condo. The seven 13 yr. old girls they had been allowed to kiss, fondle and play with were all gone now having been escorted back to their private rooms in another building after giving these men free reign with their bodies for their lustful desires. “Touching only” had been allowed with the girls but still, all of the men were very impressed with the fun they had feeling all over those young hot bodies and never once hearing a police siren or the deadly words, “NO”, “I’m afraid”, “Please stop”, “I’m not suppose to let you touch me like that”, “I’ll tell my mom”, and of course the killer, “No, I’m too young to do that”.      They kept comparing notes about how each girl’s breasts, belly, hips, ass and legs had felt as well as how it felt to have young girls openly and freely kissing with them over and over as they mauled each of them at will. It had been a pure pedophile heaven. But they had no idea of the glory that awaited them now!     They had been told by Pierre that a special treat was planned for them to enjoy. They began to talk about what could possibly be better than what they had already experienced. Yet they were eager to find out what happiness still awaited them.

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   All were in agreement that this was surely a place to shift vast amounts of their money into and invest in forming and funding a resort where men could truly enjoy very young girls and the vast pleasures the girls could provide to older and successful business men who so richly deserved their bodies free of ridicule and possible prosecution of any type.      Then the door opened and they watched as their treat walked in. The girl was wearing a black spaghetti strap top that was cut low to show a hint of her breasts but not the breasts themselves. Her hair was long and flowing over her smooth shoulders. Her top ended just below her navel and they all could see her belly ring as it dangled from under the cover of her thin top. Her low rise jeans gripped her ass and showed off the unmistakable hip bones on each side. Her jeans were so low that they could not possibly be more than 3 inches above the beginning of her female split.      She smiled and tossed her hair back as each of them greeted her. Maria asked for Tom and handed him a sealed letter as she had been instructed to do. Somewhat puzzled, Tom accepted the letter as he eyed her delicious bare flesh. He opened the envelope and read the letter aloud while Maria swished her youthful full ass for each of them to watch and enjoy as she went into the kitchen to get beers for each of them following the orders that Pierre had given her exactly.      Tom I appreciate your coming to the Young Heaven Resort to visit and see for yourself what I am hoping you will join me in forming for men such as yourselves. I trust you enjoyed the girls I provided for you earlier but I wanted to do something very, very special for you in hopes that you will commit your resources to this unique opportunity for justice to all who deserve it so much.      Maria is here to make your stay here unforgettable. She will service each of you in time this weekend.

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   But I ask you to do this my way because she is only 15 yrs. old and very much a true virgin. There is a deck of playing cards over the fireplace. Each of you will draw a card and follow my instructions with her. All of you will have an hour to kiss with her and talk as you get to know her youthful ways and antics. Then, the two of you that draw the high cards will retire to the master bedroom to watch the movies that I have provided for you of all the girls that are presently ready to serve men after they were captured, broken mentally and trained to serve men.      Please know you have lost nothing and will miss nothing she does with your friends. Whoever has the high card will have the first piece of Maria’s pussy to fuck as he pleases when she has finished entertaining the other men. The second highest card will then receive a complete bed adventure from her as you have her totally to yourselves for the rest of the night once she joins you in the bedroom. Both of you may take turns with her as much as you like after you have completed my initial seduction terms of her.       The two low card men will have two hours alone with Maria while your friends are waiting for her to join them in bed for fucking and sucking. The low card man will have the honor of fingering her pussy first until she cums uncontrollably. Then the second lowest card man will free to eat out her pussy till she squeals her delight aloud for all to hear. Then the two of you may take turns fingering and eating her along with enjoying her breasts as you play and suck them. I encourage you to not rush these pleasures with her for you are the first to ever have any type of sex with Maria.

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   I further ask you to undress her together slowly on the large soft rug in front of the fire with the lights down low so it is romantic for her as you take her body. At exactly ten pm there is a short, white house coat hanging in the corner that you will help her slip on before she goes to the bedroom to take care of the other men’s sexual lusts for her.      Tomorrow the four of you may swap roles in using her body or you may design your own entertainment agenda according to your sexual lusts for her body. Again, thank you for your visit and I look forward to talking with you before your departure. I hope by then you will have decided to join me in this endeavor to supply a much needed resource for men. Holy shit we get to fuck this fox guys! They quickly grabbed the cards and took turns drawing one as Maria came back into the room. They nearly blew their balls off as they looked at her and thought about what devilish things they would each do with her body.     Tom had drawn the high card followed by Chris, then Ben and finally Scott being low card man. All of them agreed that if this young babe did what was promised in the letter that they were going to support this resort fully!     Tom was only man she knew by name. She sat their beers down on the coffee table and gave him a big warm hug followed by a nice soft kiss lip to lip. All the other men quickly followed with their hugs and greeting kisses for their weekend with Maria. The kisses soon led to each man feeling her ass and touching her breasts.      She sat down on the couch and was flanked by Tom and Ben who both started sharing long, deep kisses with her in turn as they also felt and played with her large boobs while taking long looks down her top at her breasts. After a few minutes of playtime the other men took their place beside her and had their time to kiss with her and feel her body. Tom and Ben couldn’t get over how awesome this 15 yr.

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   old was and kept saying “Damn she’s fine. Damn!”      Chris and Tom then retired to the bedroom to watch and wait for their assault upon this foxy, young babe. They told both Ben and Scott to enjoy the young girl.       The men stood with Maria and played with her ass and squeezed her full breasts while they kissed some more with her. Then they led her to the large, polar bear rug by the fireplace that warmed the whole room with its flame, a flame that wasn’t nearly as hot as their lust for her body. Ben turned the lights now low as Scott held Maria’s hand as she lowered herself to the rug and laid down waiting for her men to join her there and love on her. They were on her in a flash like two starving men with Thanksgiving dinner having been laid out in front of them. They didn’t know whether to grab the meat first or attack the creamy desserts but one thing was for sure, they were diving in with both guns blazing to take her prizes being offered before them. Hands, mouths and tongues were attacking the meal in front of them like starving dogs that had been in search of a meal like this for years and weren’t about to give it a chance to slip away from them before they filled their bellies with every bite possible not knowing when a delicacy like this would be found again.      Maria pushed their hands from under her thin top and back away from the edge of the front of her jeans. The look on their faces was a complicated cross of anger at not getting to play with her delights and confusion at having been repelled so quickly with their wanton advances on her hot teenage body.      “Wait. Please slow down a little bit guys. Can’t we just talk first and I promise I’ll let you play while we’re talking ok?” Maria told them. Scott’s hand came back to rest on one of her breasts cupping it through her top and squeezing the flesh hidden underneath the material while Ben’s hand was spread out across her bare belly with her belly ring dangling between his fingers.

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   Talk was the last thing on their minds with such an exquisite meal before them.      They were hungry for her soft young flesh and were not about to take no for an answer from her. They had both waited and dreamed so long about getting their hands on a sexy teenage body like Maria’s, with no mom or dad or cops around to stop them or even slow their advances upon her down. There wasn’t an adequate word in Webster’s dictionary or any language to describe what they wanted to do with her. There was no-one around to protect her and having the young girl herself deny their lusts for her body wasn’t something they could fathom or allow to happen for one minute longer. They knew they had earned her delicious body over a lifetime of working, paying taxes and seeing hot young babes that they could only watch walk by whipping their ass, showing off their legs, bellies and breasts, but they couldn’t touch or approach those girls with their desires for them out of fear of losing their financial empire or worse, jail as a sex offender and pedophile. They were only allowed older, conniving bitches with used up bodies that couldn’t satisfy a real man’s desires or lusts. The older girls were usually worn out, used over and over. It was kind of like trying to fill up a bucket with a stick, just not possible you know? But young, tight-assed teen girls had the kind of pussy an older man could really enjoy and look forward to screwing. It simply wasn’t fair to men like themselves to have to look only but not to touch or to fully enjoy young girl’s bodies. That should be the real crime! If a young girl was willing to trade her body for what they could buy or provide for her then it shouldn’t be anyone else’s business but theirs and hers. Not her mom’s, her dad’s or especially the cops! If a young girl, age thirteen or older was willing and able to spread her legs for an older man, relative or not, then that should be her choice. If she wanted to give her pussy up to an older man that could take care of her the right way for as long as he wanted her and she put out for him the way he wanted her to put out that shouldn’t matter to no-one else but her sex partner. Boys, young boys that couldn’t take care of them and hadn’t proven themselves to be enormously successful in the world, yeah that shouldn’t be allowed at all! Not at all! They didn’t deserve young girls, older men did. They shouldn’t be allowed within a mile of a virgin! They should be locked up and the key thrown away, but not an older man that wanted young pussy and would take care of it.

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   The American system was perverted and so, so wrong! It was truly backwards from the way it should be.      Maria looked at both of them with their sad faces and their eyes mentally undressing her rich, full female body.      “Aww my poor babies. Please don’t look so sad. I promise I’m going to let you take my clothes off so you can see me naked and do all the things you want to do with me that other girls never would. I’m here to make you happy not sad you silly men”, Maria said.      They loved hearing those words of promise from her lips and the twinkle returned to their eyes knowing she would soon be their personal toy to use to fulfill their long suppressed desires to ravage a young girl’s sexy body. They both laid now right next to her on either side and began to squeeze and grope her large breasts thru her top as they kissed on her neck, cheek and bare shoulders. Ben asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up? A look of puzzlement came across her face before she replied that she didn’t understand because all she ever wanted to do was make men happy and do the things that a girl was supposed to do with men that wanted her body. That’s what girls are made for I thought, to make men smile and be happy and never ever hear no said to them. Isn’t that what beautiful young girls are supposed to do with older men who want to love on their bodies. I hope I can make you feel special and your lust for my body needed and appreciated a lot. She told them that she hoped they wanted her nude and wanted to use her body to make them oh so happy.      Scott was nibbling her earlobes and kissing her neck while Ben was tracing her nipples with his fingers through her thin top making them larger and larger in anticipation of the sucking to come. He told her she was so beautiful and that he wanted her body so bad.

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   That it was wonderful that a sexy young girl like her didn’t mind giving her body to them to use.      Ben asked her how bras felt when she wore them, if they were tight on her or cut into her breasts? She told them that no, well sometimes if they were too tight they could hurt a little but that Mr. Pierre had just bought her some new bras and panties from Victoria Secret that he really liked on her and made her boobs stand out more and that she liked them a lot too.  Of course Scott followed with asking her what size bra she wore and she told him 36C.      They told her they felt so nice through her top. Maria told them then, that if they wanted to help her take her top off they could look at and play with her boobies (as she called them) more. This was a green light on the expressway to their lust for her.      Maria sat up between them and held her long arms up above her head and told them to lift her top over her head and get rid of it because she knew they wanted her topless and that they deserved her that way for them. They both took the bottom edge of her little top and lifted it up over her breasts, head and off over her slender arms before tossing it aside. Their eyes glowed in wonderment at the sight of her fully rounded, yet oh so tender, young breasts minus the sag of older women’s breasts from sexual mileage. Her large nipples stood at full attention for both of her men. They each took a breast in their hand and worked its fullness all around as their thumbs flicked her nipples back and forth. She asked them did they like her boobs? Their eyes were glued to them as pure joy filled their hearts.      Maria started to ask them if they wanted to taste them but it was already apparent they did as both of their mouths moved into place to suck. Maria began to lay back down on the bearskin rug even as they each inhaled a cone into their mouths.


   Her hands and arms were extended above her head to allow them both complete freedoms to play and suck her beautiful young breasts as much as they liked. She believed in her heart that this was just the beginning of what her luscious body was made for. She badly wanted to make her men so very happy.      Scott and Ben were like two hungry puppies milking their mom of her breast milk. They were chewing, biting and sucking on her flesh. She had been injected daily with hormones for the last three weeks to make her breasts make and fill with milk even though she was just 15 yrs. old. The starving men were pulling squirt after squirt of warm, nourishing milk from her breasts with each suction pull on her cones. They would be her teddy babies forever because of the meal she was providing for them from her breasts. She could hear them lapping up every drop of her steady milk flow. The sucking went on and on as Maria began to softly moan with the wonderful feeling of satisfaction that filled her soul. Fingers were playing with her legs now and clutching her between her legs through her jeans. More fingers were desperately trying to slip under the top edge of her pants.      She stroked both the balding heads with her slender fingers as she told them to undo her jeans and unzip them so they could start playing in her panties if they wanted to while they were sucking her breasts. She didn’t have to repeat herself as two hands fought to get her jeans open so the southern hemisphere games could begin in earnest.

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   The snap was undone and her zipper was pulled all the way down with two hands quickly slipping inside her pants and the leg holes of her panties to search for hidden virgin treasure. Two hungry wolves were starting to maul and devour their meal of sexy virgin flesh. .