Adventure on the Lake


It's a warm summer night. It's this summer when I went to visit. Her friend has invited us to stay up at her camp for a weekend. The weekend starts off, Friday night where the three of us go to see a movie. Then Saturday we just hang around the camp.
Over the course of the day we go swimming a couple times, go for a walk and basically just relax the whole day. Then the three of us decide to watch a movie. Her friend ends up falling asleep but neither of us is tired at all so we stay up talking.
The next time we look at the clock it is about 1 in the morning. The whole place is silent except us. We start to watch another movie cuddled next to each other on the bed. Then she whispers something into my ear that I can’t quite hear and she gets up.
I follow her down to the dock where we sit dangling our feet in the water for a while. Then she gets a brilliant idea to go for a late night swim. It just so happens, our swimsuits are still wet from when we were swimming earlier and we cant go get them because it is too dark too see over where they are hanging up. So, she tells me to close my eyes until she says it's okay to open them.

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I am inclined to listen. Then I hear her walk away down the dock. I don't hear her for a while. Then all of a sudden I hear a splash and I can't resist but to open your eyes. When you finally see her I realize she went to get two towels for us and her clothes are sitting at the other end of the dock along with two sleeping bags. She takes awhile to persuade me to join her. I seem a bit apprehensive at first but once she assures menobody is going to see us I agree. . . After what seemed like forever she confesses that she has been cold the whole time (which had donned on me) and that she is now beginning to get tired.
<!--[if !supportEmptyParas]-->She goes to grab a towel and go into the forest where I soon follow… We put clothes on and walk through the rain that is beginning to fall. It begins to soak our clothes as we walk deeper.
Our clothes are soaking wet and nothing more than the sleeping bags we are carrying can warm us as we set up camp. We put the sleeping bags together and take off our wet clothing, pushing it to our feet, as we lay naked hugging each other for warmth.
We fall asleep around 4 in the morning and don't wake up until around twelve in the afternoon.

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   She wakes up and I am still asleep so to wake me up, she kisses me passionately on the lips. I wake nestled in her arms and looking into her eyes. Our clothes lay at our feet, still moist from the rain barrage that so vigorously pushed on our bodies.
Meeting our smiles, our lips embrace as our hands massage a path wending down each others bodies, grasping where they see fit as they meet their destination together, the dilatory, lethargic grasp lasts only for a moment before she places her legs next to her hands and I take her lap into mine, our skin meeting, her body nestled rubbing against the tip of my member as she straddles my lap and my hands pull her close, my tongue meeting hers as our eyes whisper passion and exultation at the sensations brought upon each other.
I lay back as her hands flow down my chest, towards the bottom of my torso and grasping my cock as she lays atop me, crashing our faces together as we fly off in the ecstasy of this Eden in the moments we have.
Our bare bodies touch as she lays above me, her hands nestled around my dick, slowly rubbing the head while the other pumps me rapidly, sending me into a flurry of feeling as I reach down her body and nestle my hands first softly brushing her breasts, then raising them to trace above her skin before placing them between her legs, rubbing the soft skin and spiralling down before a finger plunges within her, searching desperately for her clit.
Our bodies spasm with pleasure and my lips move from hers towards her chest, grasping her nipple and nibbling at it softly, rubbing it with my tongue. She moans at the sensations overtaking her body and she places her finger next to mine within her body, while pushing our hips closer as our hands pleasure each other.
We remove our hands and while I caress her ass pulling her onto me, she clutches madly at my back and your hands guide my cock as I thrust deep inside her wet pussy, all the while forcing me to scream her name into her waiting chest, our hearts pulsing in a fury of desire and passionate love.

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