"Sarah, whats your most exciting fantasy?" Alex one day decided to ask his GORGEOUS girl. She was at 5'3'' with blonde bangs with brown at the rest, layered to give her that extra sexy look, her chest is a whomping 32D, her bum is perfect, smile that could get any man OR woman's heart a pounding, eyes one could get lost in for hours, perfect lil tummy and to die for legs. He was eyeing her from head to toe with a lil grin on his face, her in nothing more than a tight little tank top and Hello Kitty panties. She blushed at the question and burried her face into his chest. He himself was not that bad looking. He stands at a height of 6 foot, with gorgeous brown eyes, and his dark brown hair, a little long, hangs just past his eyebrows. Along with his astonishing eyes are a killer smile and a nicely toned body.
"Why?" she whined in her high pitched voice, grasping his shirt, pressing closer to his chest.
"I don't know. . . was just wondering babe," he said kinda quietly, his grin growing larger at her shy reactions.
"Well, thats embarassing!" she continued to whine, turning redder as he wrapped his arms tightly around her. She lifted her head to look into his eyes, and he snuck a quick, soft kiss, causing her to smile with excitement.
"Please love, its not that bad. .

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  . You are the love of my life, and I'm the love of yours, correct?" She nodded, looking deep into his eyes, smiling big as ever. "Well, some day, I want to be able to fill each and every one of your fantasies. . . Allow me to start with this one, please?"
"Fine. . . " She said this with a bit of a giggle, her cheeks popping out still, red as can be. "But, you have to make a promise first!"
"Anything you want babe, anything you want"
"You can't laugh at me, and you have to do it just how I want it, when the time comes. " She said this while re-burrying her face into Alex's chest, clutching to him, holding him tightly against her.
"Haha, okay, I'll promise to TRY not to laugh, and I for sure promise to take ur fantasy and turn it into your reality" Alex pulled Sarah's face close to his, kissing her passionatly, leaving her in awe, requiring a moment before she was ready to start her story.
"Hehe, okay then. . .

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  Well, for starters, I want to have sex in the middle of a football field. . . " She paused, waiting for a reaction, smacking Alex's arm playfully after she saw him shake his head in disbelief. "I'm done!"
"No, no, no. Please don't stop, I kinda like the sound of this," he replied quickly in a nice, sly tone.
"Grrr, no more laughing!" Alex noods his head in agreement as she continues, "I want it to come after a nice candle-lit dinner in the stadiums, then we walk our way down to the middle of the field, you lay out a large, comfy blanket and we stare at the stars for a while. " Alex gives her a look as shes gleaming a smile at him, pausing for a moment.
"I like this idea so far, continue?" he pleaded, kissing her nose, whispering into her ear, "Pretty pretty please. . . "
"Okayyy, I'll go on. " Sarah kisses him quickly, blushing again as she starts to tell her story once again. "Well, you see. .

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  . it should start with us cuddling, we would start to kiss, just little kisses though. . . Then, you being the brave, brave man you are, would leave me to highten the mood. I would deepen the kisses" she lets out a soft giggle, "And maybe id have to check and see how you were doing. . . down there. . . a quick little grope, see if you were as ready as me. "
Alex, now eyes more focused on Sarah's, listens ever so carefully, not wanting to miss a word. "Mhmm, and what if I were. .

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  . hard?"
"Well then," She lays her head back against his chest, kissing his neck softly, "Then i would have to start kissing your neck. Hehe. "
"Gah, you know what that does to me. . " Alex's grin has turned to a full blown smile, teeth showing and all, yet his glance has not once left Sarah's eyes.
"Exactly. " Sarah continues to kiss his neck, then goes on with her story, her fantasy. "Then, while you're sitting there. . . . well, laying there, whispering naughty little things in my ears, as always," this escapes her lips as she pokes his nose softly, "I would crawl up on top of you, kiss you hard, yet passionatly. "
Slowly, Alex's hand moves down her body, lightly dragging against her skin, she shivers a little as he goes over her tummy, and stops as his migrating hand reaches her perfect bum. "And then what?" He's almost begging, obviously getting excited, and she can tell, too.

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   His dick is starting to grow firm against her thigh.
"Hmmm. Let's see. . . I think from there, knowing you, you would get caught up in the moment and start taking control. Most likely I'd be the first to lose any clothing, my shirt and bra for sure. But dont worry, I would have urs off only a moment later, after kissing you once more. . " She kisses his softly, lips not wanting to separate, but they must, cuz now she too is getting caught up in the moment. She needs to continue her story, as Alex's hand is now rubbing the inner-most part of her thigh, getting her even more excited. "We would continue to kiss, more passionatly with each passing moment, and slowly, I would un-do your belt. Your left hand fondeling my boob, the right on my waist. The moment i got your pants undone, your. .

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  . " She pauses a moment, flushed with embarassment, "Your dick would already be hard.
"Haha, you said it!" They share a quick giggle before Alex's lips shoot forward and press hard against hers, their tongues exploring eachother's mouths. Then, with no warning, she pins him down, wanting to finish her story.
"Hold on, let me finish, then maybe we can play," Sarah's eyes shooting Alex a teasing look as she softly bites his botom lip. "My hands would wrap around it in an instant. You would be un-doing my pants as i started to rub it all over, getting you to a full hard-on. The moment u get my pants un-done, we take a moment to each lose the lower clothes. Of course, you would giggle at my Hello Kitty undies!" She snuggles close to him, her hands on his chest, his still between her legs.
"Haha, baby, I am soo liking this story. . . " Alex lets out in almost a whisper, but making sure she can hear him clearly.
"I can tell," she looks down at his dick, pointing out that its still pressing up against her outter thigh.
"Grawr, shush.

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  . . just go on with your story please," he claims, finally blushing himself, bringing her lips to his once again.
"Okay, okay. Well, after you laugh at me, I shoot you that glare, and you open your arms for me to join with you once again. So now, I slowly crawl over to you, your eyes focused on these," she grabs her breasts with a giggle. "I slide my way up your body, kissing up it with soft little kisses. Your lips meet mine with a menacing smile as I find my way to your mouth. "
"Your mind. . . is wow. . . " Alex exclaims with widened eyes "So glad you're mine.

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"Me too baby, now stop interrupting," She bites him softly on the neck. "Anyways, your dick presses up against my wet, wet pussy, causing you to need to be in me that very moment. You flip me over, you on top of me, nibbling on my ear to get me completely ready for you. Your dick finds its way into me, all seven and a half inches. " She whispers the last part in his ear, kissing just below it after, smiling jsut as big as him. "As it pushes in, I let out a small whimper and then moaning for it to return as you pull out. At first, you are trying to keep a slow pace. . . but you just seem to need me so much the speed increases, along with the strength of each thrust. My whines become louder with each thrust, my nails digging into your back. Soon you are going at it hard and swift. . . "
"Wait a second.

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  . your favorite, most exciting fantasy. . . . is in missionary position?" Alex's eyes look curious as Sarah nods with a giggle. "Umm. . . why?"
She moved slowly back to his ear and whispers quietly, "So we can be looking into eachother's eyes the entire time, so then I know that the man I'm with is the man I'm destined to be with. "
Alex pauses for a moment, kissing her once again, softer, more gently than any other kiss, filled with passion and love. "I love you Sarah. "
"I love you too Alex" She replies, kissing him back with just as much passion, and almost as much love. "Now, may i finish?"
"Yes, my love, go on. " Alex says, tightening his loving embrace.

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"Okay. . . well, from there, my nails breaching your skin, you and I kissing harder than ever, you shooting deep into me with every thrust, begin to near your finish, and as do I. I get quite loud right then, yet not quite a scream. If anyone was near though, they would be sure to hear us having our fun," she lets out a soft giggle. "My legs shoot around your waist, pulling us even closer, trying to get you in deeper, my nails now deep into your back, starting to draw some blood, I let out a loud moan. You could even call it a scream, as I reach my peek, and soon after, only seconds after, you start to reach yours, letting it all go into me. As my pussy tightens around your dick, you fill me with. . . . your cum. " Sarah is now bright red again, so embarassed of these dirty words. Alex too is red, but for a different reason.


   "The moment we both hit orgasm, both panting, hearts racing, you collapse to me, tired from your job well done," she sneaks a peck on Alex's lower lip, him not able to return it. "You wrap your arms tightly around me, pulling me close to you, not pulling out. You roll so I am on top of you as i would lay my head on our chest, me too, tired. We would sit there for a bit, snuggled close, watching the stars in the distance, kissing eachother softly, letting eachother know how amazing of a time we had; and how much we love eachother, too. Later that night, we would pack up our things and head home just to snuggle in bed and fall asleep in eachother's arms. " She finished her sentence with a sigh.
"Wow baby. . . so. . . wow. . " Alex is speachless, both turned on and filled with passion from the romantic edge of her fantasy.

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   He can tell that she too is turned on, for her panties are dampened in the front.
"I need you. . . . now. . . " Sarah whispers in his ear, knowing he was thinking the same thing.
. . . . . .

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  . . . . . TO BE CONTINUED!!!! yes, i know its mean. . . but you can wait for the rest =] comments please. . . . . . .

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