Love is the Dark


He is twenty-one years old, and alone. Perhaps in part by choice, as he feels so out of place in groups, and at parties. He also feels things far too deeply; he is overly empathic for one of his few years. But he knows, deep down, that society had rejected him, no matter how much he would like to romanticize the opposite. Sighing, he picks himself up off the stoop, brushing dust off himself, and turns to the dingy building that he calls home. Perhaps it was once a beautiful place; late at night, he could almost see the grandeur that this place had commanded in the past. It almost brought a tear to his eye that it could fall into such decrepitude. As he walked up the stairs, he hears raised voices, not an uncommon occurrence in this building, however what is uncommon is that it is coming from the apartment next to his. A usually quiet couple was the Wilson's; the wife was a couple of years younger than her husband, perhaps in her early forties, and was always congenial, if shy. Seth can't help himself, and peeks inside the wide-open doorway. Mr. Wilson carries a hastily packed suitcase, with pieces of clothing sticking out the sides, while Mrs. Wilson stands stoically in the doorway; upon closer inspection, Seth sees that she is holding on to the door to keep from shaking. He also notices, to his shock, that she has a blood red bruise growing across her face. "Don't come back, you bastard!!! I refuse to take it, I won't be scared by you anymore. " She does not speak these words loudly, but they hold a level, ominous tone.

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   The husband merely growls in response. He drags his bags to the doorway, takes a scoffing glance at Seth standing there, and storms off. Seth stares off after him, entranced by the feeling of anger that had surrounded him. A sobbing sound brings him out of his reverie, and jolts him back into reality. He swings around to see Mrs. Wilson collapsing on the floor in a fetal position, sobbing convulsively. Almost instinctively, he runs over to comfort her, but as he reaches her, he realizes that he does not know how. He tentatively picked her up, and gathers her in his arms. She responds by enveloping him in hers, tears streaming down his shirt. Yet he finds himself so torn by sympathy, and so warmed by this position that he does not notice. After a couple of minutes, she draws back a little, and looks into his eyes, chuckling a little between the tears. Something about that laugh is infectious, and he returns it, though there is clearly nothing funny about the situation. As the tears subside, she speaks in a quiet, yet musically sweet voice,"Amy" She smiles after saying this. "Seth". And so they were introduced.

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   He finds himself unconsciously tracing his finger over the dark bruise that disfigures the side of her face. She winces slightly, "Sorry", Seth says quickly, retracting the finger. "No, it's not that" She responds, "It doesn't actually hurt. . . This bruise just reminds me of how long I let him. . . . . . . . . " fresh tears begin to well, and those glistening brown eyes beg him to stop them, stop this torrent of tears.

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   So he does, the only way he knows how. He kisses her softly on the lips; they have the texture of silk, and taste so real, so wonderful, so full of life. He had expected her to draw back, or slap him, but she lingers, as if unfazed by this sudden change. He feels the poke of an exploratory tongue against the tight seal of his lips. He opens them, feeling the velvet creature caress his own. Their saliva mingling, forming as one. The experience is so intense that Seth draws back for a moment, to look at Amy. She gazes up at him, her hair framing a tear streaked, yet beautiful face. A perfect mouth. And those eyes. Seth knew that no more words were needed. . . He kisses her again, more passionately this time, drawing her up off the ground, meshing the curves of her body with his own. He runs one playful hand through her hair, stroking, supporting her.

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   He pulls back from her mouth, and begins to kiss her cheeks, licking up the salty residue that still lingers there, kissing away her very tears. He could feel that she needed to be loved, much as he wanted to be. He knows that they could share love, and be happy, if only for a short while. He sweeps her into his arms, carrying her lightly to the bedroom, ever kissing her sweet lips. As they approach it, their clothing begins to line the floor as they toss it haphazardly aside. Finally, he sits her down on the bed, and looks at her in all of her naked beauty. Her brown hair falls low over pert breasts, the nipples already erect. As his eyes trace down, her pubic hair is a perfect mound of silvery brown. He can already feel his own member rising within the confines of his boxer shorts, writhing against the fabric. He slowly kneels down in front of her, gazing into her eyes, to confirm what he wishes to do. Then he kisses her neck, pressing the end of his tongue lightly against the skin after each kiss. He moves slowly down to the nape of her neck, licking it wholly. She shivers at this, her eyes moving heavenwards. He moves his hands to her back, and began to play his fingers down the notches of her spine like a piano, stroking each one, as he moves his kisses lower. Coming upon the breasts, he lightly kisses the nipples, flicking his tongue against them, and then proceeds to suckle on them for several seconds, moving the breast around in his mouth.

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   A deep throaty moan emerges from Amy's mouth, at which Seth smiles. He then traces his tongue down to her navel, drawing an circle around it, and then continuing down to the place of ultimate beauty. A sweet, musky odour seems to ignite his passion, and he looks upon the most beautiful pussy that he could have ever seen. He starts by flicking his tongue against the clit, and moves his hands down to her buttocks, massaging them counterclockwise in his palms. He then sucks on the beautiful protruding, glistening clit, swirling his tongue about it in his mouth. He can feel her hips gyrating towards his head by this point, and the moans had degenerated into throaty growls, as she thrust out her breasts. He then brought one hand around from her ass, and traced her outer lips with his pinky, taking all the excess juices upon it. He then sucks off the juices, savouring the sweet taste within his mouth. He then proceeds to insert the finger up to the first joint, causing Amy to jump convulsively. Seth then pushes the finger in to it's full extent, feeling the deep warmth within her, her beautiful wetness. He begins to move it in and out, while clamping his lips down on her clit. To comply with her rising ardor, he inserts a second finger, moving the slick pair in and out of her pink warmth. Amy begins to violently hump against Seth's face, moaning like a wild cat. Suddenly, she stops, and lifts his gaze up to her eyes. Looking into those deep pools, he knows what she wants, and stands up.

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   Removing his boxers, now soaked with his pre-emptive juices, he lies her down on the bed, cushioning her head with his hands. Then, without guidance, pushes his tumescent member deep into the weeping, beautiful valley between her thighs. They both moan at the sudden intensity of the combined passions, and he moves slowly in and out, every movement, every second worth an eternity of the most intense beauty and passion. She moves against him, their thighs and the hilt of his shaft is kissed by the red protruding lips of her mound. She begins to writhe in his grasp, and he feels her in the throes of orgasm. He continues to pump in and out of her dripping mound, and feels it contract around his throbbing cock, as she lets out a light, yet powerful moan of release. Seth continues to move in and out of her, feeling that soon he himself will be at the point of climax, as the contractions and juices streaming over his cock become almost more than he can bear. He strokes back and forth a number of times more, and is surprised as suddenly her muscles contract around his ready-to-burst member, as he realizes that she has climaxed once again. In his mind, it is so fitting that they will come together. She moans again, and he lets out a bestial howl of true pleasure as he spreads the extent of his seed inside of her, feeling it run throughout her body, tendrils of it caressing her womb as gentle as the love they have shared. They lie for hours, never speaking, for in the night they are in love, but in the light of day, they are strangers.
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