A Night At the Movies

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            I love this. . .
            It was a little after six in the evening. I first spotted her standing in a crowd of people at a street corner, waiting for the crosswalk to change. She was probably in her mid-forties and a little on the plump side, but still curvy, with short, curly brown hair pushed back behind her ears. She was dressed for an office job in a nice black suit and skirt. Probably just getting off work, ready to hop in her car and head home after a long day pushing paper and answering phone calls.
            The light changed. I blended in with the crowd that was leaving the mall and followed her across the street, discreetly keeping a few paces behind her. I expected her to turn left towards the covered parking lot with the rest of the group, but she surprised me and continued straight on to the movie complex.
            She got in line behind a couple of giggling teenage girls. I got in the line behind her. The girls got their tickets and wandered off to the concession counters. The woman stepped up to the cashier and opened her purse.
            “One please.

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  ” She said, and handed over a bill.
            The cashier smiled and gave her a ticket and some change. The woman tucked the money back in her purse as she wandered off.
            My turn. I stepped up to the window and waved at the woman’s back. “I’d like a ticket for the same show she was going to see…”
            The cashier smiled cheerfully, showing me her braces. “Okay,” she grinned. “That’ll be eight dollars…”
I handed her my money and grabbed my ticket. I had to wait to have a bored teenager tear my ticket. The woman was already out of sight, and I was getting antsy.
“That’s the last theater down the hall on your right. Number twelve. ”
“Thanks,” I muttered, and pocketed the slip of paper.
Booming sounds bled from the walls around me as I marched down the sloping hallway. The manager was helping several of his employees clean by wheeling around a large garbage can.

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   He nodded to me, everything about his expression full of annoyance. I nodded back and opened the door to the theater.
The room was dark, and the previews had begun already. I stepped inside and let the door swing closed, gave my eyes a second to adjust. I was standing in an aisle that ran the entire back of the room, which opened up into two more aisles running all the way down to the movie screen, splitting the theater into three parts down the middle.
Except for the first couple rows, most of the seats in the middle section were all taken, and so were a lot of seats along the sides. The movie screen lit up and I glanced around, and finally saw the woman just to my left, in the very back row. She was sitting right on the aisle; probably the first empty seat she found, she took.
Her purse and her suit jacket were lying in the seat next to her. There wasn’t anyone else in the row. I walked over, scooched down a little, and whispered, “Um, excuse me? Is anyone sitting there?”
She glanced at me, then down at the seat next to her, and then back up at me. She shook her head and picked up her things. “No…”
She half-stood up. I eased by her, felt the backs of my thighs brush against her legs, felt the smooth silk of her stockings on my skin. “Thanks, I said, and pushed the folding seat back down.

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“Sure. ”
I settled back and tried to get comfy. She tucked her purse next to her and folded her jacket in her lap. Our arms touched and she glanced over at me.
“Sorry,” I said, and stared straight ahead.
I wasn’t going to budge; I wanted the armrest to myself.
Eventually, she gave up hoping that I’d be polite and rested her arm in her lap. The previews ended and the movie started. I had no idea what it was – some dumb chick flick – and I got bored after a few minutes. So I started sneaking glances at the woman. She was sitting up straight in her seat, watching the film intently. Every few minutes the reflection from the screen would lighten the theater, and I could catch tantalizing glimpses of a flowery, red and black bra through the folds of her blouse.
She caught me looking. She smiled, but sat up even straighter and crossed her legs. The sound of her stockings rubbing together made me want to cream.

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   I watched her through most of the movie, sneaking peeks here and there, and she relaxed a bit, slumped down in her seat a little.
About halfway through, I pulled the knife I had in my pocket, then raised the armrest and shoved it between our seats. She looked over, irritated more than anything at that point, and shifted a little, so she was leaning to her right. I let her get comfortable again and then slid my hand under her jacket.
I heard her soft gasp as my fingers clasped on her thigh.
I showed her the knife. She froze and looked around with a horrified expression, licking her lips. I didn’t waste time. I ran my hand from the top of her knee all the way up her thigh to the top of her stocking, pushing up her skirt under the jacket.
I leaned over and whispered, “Don’t move, don’t say anything, and I won’t hurt you. You understand?” The blade flashed, and she nodded quickly. “Good. ”
Nobody around us had noticed anything. I wasn’t too concerned about that; her jacket hid my hand from any prying eyes anyway. The creamy flesh above the stockings was warm and soft.

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   I slid my hand slowly down the curve of her inner thigh. She let out a whimper and squeezed her legs together, pinning my hand in the juncture between her legs and her crotch.
“Ah-ah-ahh…” I whispered. “Stop that. ”
She shook her head. I poked her arm with the tip of the knife.
“I said, stop it. ”
She bit her bottom lip and closed her eyes. The pressure on my hand alleviated enough for me to tickle the crotch of her panties. I heard her moan softly, and she tried to turn her head.
“Look at the screen. Nowhere else. You understand?”
She nodded.
“Good. Open your eyes, and look straight ahead.

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I saw her jaw working as she struggled not to cry, but she opened her eyes. I wrapped my finger around the elastic band of her panties and pulled the material out of my way. I tickled her soft mound of curly pubic hair with my fingertips.
“God,” she groaned. “Please stop…”
“Shut the fuck up!” I hissed. “Watch the damn movie. ”
I leaned into her, letting my bicep rub against her tits, and dug my hand down further. I thought she’d be dry as a bone. Imagine my surprise when my probing fingers found her wet and juicy.
I blinked and grinned at her. “Well, well. Look at that. ”
She closed her eyes and turned her head away from me. I slipped my middle finger inside her, up to the knuckle. I heard a low moan escape her lips.


   Her hands grabbed at my wrist and her thighs clamped down on me again.
“Stop it. ” I poked her with the knife again. She jumped and bit her tongue. “Spread your legs!” I commanded. “Do it bitch!”
The pressure eased again. I cupped her crotch with the palm of my hand and inserted my index finger into her pussy. Then I started to finger fuck her.
“Please stop…” She was shaking, almost crying. “Please…”
“Shut up…”
I worked my fingers in and out, using my arm for leverage. After a moment or two, I noticed her thighs begin to scissor together, and she was beginning to squirm in her seat. Her right hand grabbed her armrest, the fingers of her left hand clamped onto my thigh, and her pussy clenched hard around my fingers, squishing them together.
“Oh!” She murmured. “Oh God, no…please, stop it…please…”
She kept glancing down at the knife, as if she was trying to make sure it was still there, and she was almost hopping up and down in her seat. I found her clit and flicked it with my thumbnail while I finger-banged her.

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As the movie ended and the credits rolled, she came. Her fingernails dug into my thigh and a warm flood of her spunk drenched my hand up to the wrist. I gritted my teeth and yanked my hand out of her snatch, then ripped her hand off my leg. Blood welled up from where her fingernails had dug furrows into my skin.
She fell back into her seat, shaking. She tried to smooth down her skirt as the lights went up and the rest of the movie-goers stood and filed out, chatting, moving slowly up the aisles to the doors behind us.
The woman stood awkwardly, and I thought she’d follow everyone else out to the parking lot. But instead of losing herself in the crowd, she started making her way down the aisle, to the exits at either end of the movie screen. I waited until she had the door open, then I stood and followed.
I knew where these exits led: to a short hallway and then another security door, which opened out onto a sidewalk that wrapped around the building. Beyond that was a woodsy area that sloped down to old railroad tracks and abandoned warehouses. When I pushed open the security door, I half expected to see the bitch running for the parking lot, screaming for security.
It was almost dark outside. The sun had set not long before, leaving faint streaks of dazzling reds and purples streaking the clear evening sky. The sidewalk was empty, and I thought I’d lost her.

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Then I heard some crashing in the trees, caught a glimpse of her legs as she tried to navigate a steep, dirt trail leading down the side of the hill. She was having a difficult time, her high heels not suited for the hike. I vaulted the railing and caught up with her before she broke the trees. I didn’t want anyone to see what I was going to do to her.
Breathing hard from the short chase, I grabbed her by the upper arms and dragged her to her knees. Her purse went flying and her jacket fell to the ground, settling in the leaves. She started to struggle, and I shoved the knife blade under her chin.
“Don’t you fucking move, don’t make a fucking sound!” I grated past clenched teeth. “Who said we were finished?”
She whimpered and her entire body shook with fear, but she stopped fighting me.
“Good. ”
I snatched my hand away from her throat, curled my fingers between the buttons of her blouse, and ripped; popping buttons all the way down to the waistband of her skirt as I tore open her blouse. Her breasts were round and heavy, cupped in a lacy black bra decorated with red satin flowers. A small gold chain dangled in the cleft between her tits. I heard myself grunt like an animal, and then I pushed her face down onto her jacket, so her ass was sticking straight up in the air.
“Please, don’t hurt me…” She mumbled between gasps for breath.

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   Tears streaked her face. I slapped her ass, and she let out a high-pitched squeal.
“Shut up!”
There was a slit running up the back of her skirt. I used the knife to cut the material up to the band, exposing her white panties. Then I let the remains of her skirt hang loosely around her waist.
“Oh, yeah. Look at that…”
I rubbed her ass cheeks with my hands. She wiggled and squirmed and cried. Watching her turned me on. I was unbelievably hard. With a jerk of my wrist I unbuckled my belt and popped the top button of my shorts. I quickly slipped out of my shorts and underpants, and wedged myself between her legs.
“Okay, baby. Let’s have some fun…” I pulled the crotch of her panties and cut them apart, exposing her asshole and pussy lips to the cool night air. My dick was sliding up and down her silky stockings, driving me crazy.


   I grabbed the base of my cock and rammed the head into her pussy, not caring if she was ready.
“Oh, God…” She moaned. “No…”
I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled the cups of her bra under her tits, and shoved with my hips at the same time. She was soaking wet, lubed up enough that I was halfway in with one thrust. She jerked underneath me, and I grabbed on to her tits while I fucked her. I couldn’t hold out long, and I knew it. I was way too excited.
“Yeah, baby, you know you want it…” I was grunting in her ear when she turned her head and smiled at me. Her ruby lips pressed against mine. They parted, and I felt the tip of her tongue flick into my mouth.
We kissed for what seemed like an age, and then she grabbed my hands in hers, making me squeeze her tits even harder. She started grinding her ass in tiny, quick circles while I pumped her from behind. I felt my balls tighten, the orgasm building all the way down in my curled toes…
“Come in me, come on…” She whispered, taunting me. “My big boy…”
“Oh fuck…oh fuck…” I was chanting, panting for each breath, my balls heavy, slapping her ass. “Oh yeah…”
I buried my face in her hair and dug my fingers into her breasts as I shot my load.

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   We fell into the leaves together, me on her back, still twitching with the last of my climax. We stayed there, locked together, until my cock shriveled up inside her.
Then I pushed away from her and put my pants on. She smiled up at me as I zipped up, her naked ass still sticking up in the air.
“Thanks baby,” she said. “So…did you like it?”
I grinned back, liking the way she looked in her torn clothes. I wiggled my eyebrows at her. My dick twitched in my damp underpants, slick with her juice.
“What about tomorrow?” I asked.
“We’ll see if I can sneak away from my husband. ” She sat up, tried to button her blouse, gave up and smiled at me demurely. “I’ll send you an email, like today. I want to do it on a bus. In front of a whole bunch of people. ”
I nodded.

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   I was already heading back up the trail, thinking about tomorrow…
~ Fin ~

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