Snowy White Christmas

Sex In Public

Ron knew it was now or never. He knew Melissa's pussy was on fire, he could feel it through their thick clothes. He slided her onto her back and begand to suck on her neck. "Well, why don't we just stay right here?""No Ron, not here, let's go to my house. "Everyone has had her at her house. She wanted him, he knew it. He was taking control. While kissing her he unzipped both their pants, and started to finger her after unzipping hers. "Oh god, that feels so good Ron, please, let's just go back to my house. ""I don't think so. "He fingered her harder, and Melissa felt like she was gonna cum all over herself right there and then, until. . . "No Ron, not here, put it back in!"Ron slipped his cock out of his pants and slowly slide it through both open zippers, and directly onto her clit, making her buck her hips and get flushed real fast real quick. "Ok, fuck! Don't stop, don't you dare fucking stop. " Ron wouldn't stop for anything, as he slammed his cock into her, making her bury her head into his shoulder, feeling her pussy being penetrated right there in the snow, in a kids playground.

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   Nobody would have guessed what there were doing out there, so far from all the houses, and fucking right through their clothes. "Oh my god, Ron, I'm fucking freezing, and my pussy is so fucking hot right now, just don't stop!"He continued his assult on her, making her his, and screwing the rumored slut in public, out in the open, for anyone who came close enough to see. "You like that lissa? Do you?""Fuck, fuck yeah, OH MY GOD! Im' gonna cuuummmm!"He shot his hot load deep inside her, making her buck like crazy against his cock. All she could do was hang on for the rest of the ride. "Now, Melissa, let's go back to your house, and I'll show your what a real fuck is. " They walked off, not knowing what they had coming at her house. More to come, let me know if I'm going in the right direction, and I'll continue. .

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