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It’d been far too long since she’d had oral done to her like that. She squeezed her thighs together as she felt herself becoming horny. She wondered if she should in fact get up and leave, but decided not too, after all, who could see her in here?And besides, she was becoming far too horny to want to leave just yet. She wondered if she could get away with rubbing herself here in the darkness of the theatre?The very thought of masturbating inside a picture theatre, both horrified her and yet strangely thrilled her at the same time. Jill didn’t take her eyes from the action on the screen as she raised her skirt towards her stomach, leaving her panties exposed. Jill walked into the darken picture theatre, feeling lonely and a bit lost. She’d just had a fight with her boyfriend and was feeling pissed off. Once again, they’d made love, and once again, he’d left her high and dry. When they’d first met, he had been a wonderful lover, always making sure that she’d had an orgasm. Now though, all he seemed to do was to put his cock inside her and pump a few times, climax and then just get out of the bed. She felt that she was just being used simply as vessel for him to unload his cum. She’d tried many times to talk about it with him, but he refused to even discuss it with her. He hardly even bothered to make oral love to her any more. It seemed that he was more interested in watching the TV or going out with the boys. She was nearly in tears as she sat down on the seat, just as the movie started. She wiped a tear away angrily, determined that he wasn’t going to get her down too much.

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  She was unsure even what movie she was watching. All she’d wanted to do was to be somewhere where she could be alone in her misery. The movies seemed the perfect place for it; here she could sit in the dark, totally unseen by any one else that was in here. She suddenly realized that she’d walked into an adult theatre by mistake. On the giant screen in from of her, she watched in at first horror, then with increasingly fascination as the guy on the screen started to use his tongue on the young girl he was with. “Damn lucky bitch” Jill said, without realizing that she’d spoken aloud. It’d been far too long since she’d had oral done to her like that. She squeezed her thighs together as she felt herself becoming horny. She wondered if she should in fact get up and leave, but decided not too, after all, who could see her in here?And besides, she was becoming far too horny to want to leave just yet. She wondered if she could get away with rubbing herself here in the darkness of the theatre?The very thought of masturbating inside a picture theatre, both horrified her and yet strangely thrilled her at the same time. Jill didn’t take her eyes from the action on the screen as she raised her skirt towards her stomach, leaving her panties exposed. Jill watched as the guy’s tongue started teasing the girl’s clitoris. God, how she wished it was her clitoris getting teased by that tongue right now. Jill was so horny right now, she wished that she’d brought her vibrator from home with her, but of course, she’d not expected to be watching an adult movie, had she? Jill slowly slipped her fingers of her right hand under the elastic band of her panties, trying not to draw any attention to herself as she did so. She slowly moved her fingers down towards her moist vagina.

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  When her fingers touched her clitoris, it sent a thrill right through her. It’d been so long since anyone, even herself, had touched her clitoris. Feeling braver, Jill slipped her fingers back out of her panties and raised her hips high enough to allow her to slip her panties off her hips. Then, she decided that she might as well take them right off, so she looked around and saw that everyone’s attention was fully focused on the movie. Encouraged by this, she carefully slipped her panties right off and placed them in her handbag next to her. She then placed her fingers back on her vaginaShe started to playing with her clit, slowly tugging at it with her fingers, she’d not had to make her clit hard as it’d been hard even since she first started watching the porn film. She enjoyed the feelings of her own fingers on her clitoris, her fingers soon became wet from her juices as she began to slowly rub her entire outer vagina lips. Then, she slowly began to insert her middle finger inside herself, at the same time, using her thumb to gently and slowly massage her clit. She wanted this enjoyment to last as long as possible, because unless she played with herself, she was not about to have anyone’s fingers play with her like this for quite some time. Unless she changed her boy friend of course. Jill closed her eyes in pleasure as she felt her vaginal muscles gripping her finger like a tiny cock. Warm, fuzzy feelings were pulsing from her vagina to the pit of her stomach. Carefully and slowly, Jill slid down on the seat, so that her thighs were now spread apart, allowing her to insert a second finger inside herself. She had to bite her top lip to stop herself from moaning out loudly with pleasure as she felt her vagina being filled with her wet fingers. She was thinking of the times when her boy friend used to be a kind and caring lover to her, using his tongue to bring her to a mind-blowing orgasm.

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  Her full attention was on the pleasure she was going through, plus the fact that she had her eyes closed, she failed to see or hear someone sit next to her in the darkness. Jill was slowly plunging her finger in and out of herself and the very first time her brain registered that she was no longer alone, was when she felt someone else’s fingers on her naked thigh. Jill froze in terror at being caught with her fingers shoved deep inside her like this. She didn’t look to see who it was sitting next to her, all she wanted to do, was to find a hole big enough and deep enough for her to hide herself in. Her face was burning with embarrassment at being caught like this. Jill felt the stranger’s fingers moving up towards her crotch. Jill didn’t know what to do. One part of her wanted to rush out of the theatre screaming and one part of her wanted to see just what would happen if she stayed. Jill was surprised to find that the part of her that wanted to stay was stronger than the part that wanted to run away. The man’ strong thick fingers had reached her own hand by this time and Jill quickly pulled her own fingers out of her moist vagina and moved her hand away from her crotch. The man’s fingers scratched lightly through her pubic hairs, sending tiny thrills through Jill’s body. Jill jumped when she felt his finger’s touch her clitoris. It was as though a huge electrical current had been shot through her vagina and then through her entire body. Jill wasn’t sure if it was just because it was someone else’s fingers touching her down there, or because it was the bizarre situation that she was in. Here she was, letting a complete stranger finger her pussy in the semi darkness of an adult theatre.

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  The utter naughtiness of it all was also strangely thrilling. Neither one of them had even spoken a single word to each other the whole time. Jill was surprised when he spoke to her. “You like this, don’t you?” He asked in a deep voice. Jill couldn’t speak, so instead just nodded. The man started to tease Jill’s clitoris, gently at first, but then with increasing downward pressure on her clitoris. Jill again closed her eyes and let the enjoyment flow through her. He began slowly running the tips of his fingers up and down the groove between her outer lips, sending fresh thrills through her. Then, without any sort of warning, he shoved two fingers deep inside her wet vagina. Jill jumped in both shock and pain, as she’d not expected him to just ram his fingers inside her like that. But, despite the pain of his fingers digging inside of her, Jill could not stop fresh waves of pleasure flowing through her. He was fairly ramming himself inside her by this time and Jill started responding to each deep thrust of his fingers. His thick fingers were plunging as deep inside her as he could get them and Jill was getting closer and closer towards an orgasm. Suddenly, Jill felt fingers from his free hand slip inside her top. She felt his fingers slip inside her bra and cupping her entire breast in his warm, but rough hand.

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  Then he gripped her nipple in a painful pinch and began to twist and pull at her nipple. Jill nearly cried out with the pain of it all, but somehow managed to stop herself from crying out. Jill’s orgasm was close and despite the pain from her nipple, Jill wanted the release of her pent-up desires. The warm, fuzzy feelings that had first started when he’d started rubbing her clitoris had now changed to white-hot burning desire. She was returning each upward thrust of his fingers, with an equally powerful downward thrust of her own hips, trying to get his fingers as deep inside her as she could get them. The pain from her nipple and each powerful thrust of his fingers made her orgasm inch closer and closer. Then, with a powerful explosion, her orgasm exploded through her entire body. Jill couldn’t stop the sounds of the low moaning of pleasure escaping her lips even though she tried. The wonderful feelings inside her seemed to rush through her body, with incredible speed, stopping all thoughts of where she was, what was happening to her. Her mind was a complete sea of waves of fantastic pleasure. Her vaginal muscles gripped his thick, hot fingers within her, as she rode her orgasm to its peak. Then, he withdrew his fingers from within her and Jill felt a strange emptiness inside her vagina as he did so. Then he spoke again and it took Jill a couple of seconds to understand what he’d said. “What?” Jill asked in astonished tone of voice, when her mind sorted out what he’d told her to do. “Get down on your knees in front of me” he again ordered her.


  Jill then understood the he wanted her to suck him off in the picture theatre. “I can’t do that,” she whispered back in a shocked voice. “Do it. ” he ordered, giving her nipple a savage twist of his fingers. Pain shot through her body, making her jump in pain. Jill yelped and to stop the pain, nodded her head indicating her agreement with his order. He released her nipple, allowing her one slim change to escape from him. But instead of taking that chance, after carefully looking around to make sure that no one was taking any interest in what she was about to do, Jill slipped from her seat, and moved between his legs on her knees. While the floor was hard on her knees, Jill’s mind was filled with both shame and excitement at what was happening to her. “Open my zipper. ” He ordered. Jill raised her hands to his crotch and wasn’t really surprised to feel his erection pushing against his pants. It felt huge to her fingers through the material of his pants, as she slowly undone the zipper, allowing his cock to spring free. “Ok, now take it into your mouth and give me the best blow job, you’ve ever given anyone before now. ” He ordered her in a low, but harsh tone of voice.

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  Jill gripped the shaft of his cock in her hand and was surprised at how thick it felt to her. It must have been nearly 3 inches thick and by the length in her hand, must have been nearly 7-8 inches long. Jill hesitated for a few seconds. “Do it now” He ordered her, gripping her hair in a painful grip and shoving her face down towards his cock. Jill opened her mouth and he pushed her face downwards onto the head of his cock. Jill felt the flesh of his penis scrap past her teeth and gagged as he continued to push her head downwards. She felt like she was going to choke to death and started to pull away from him. He must have realized that he’d been pushing too hard and Jill felt him remove his hand from the top of her head. “There’s no need to be so rough,” Jill whispered loudly to him after taking his cock out of her mouth. “Sorry” Was his only reply, but he didn’t sound sorry at all. “Keep sucking,” he ordered her. Jill was scared but did as she was told. She re-opened her mouth and lowered her mouth back down onto the head of his cock and started to slowly suck him off. The roughness and texture of his cock inside her mouth, while strange to her, was also exciting. Jill figured that it was because of where she was doing it (a theatre) that made it exciting to her.

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  He was shoving himself upwards into her mouth, making her gag a couple of times. So, Jill gasped his cock shaft, thereby stopping him from entering her mouth too deeply. Without any sort of warning, he again held her head downwards on the head of his cock and Jill felt something hot enter her throat. She knew straight away that he’d just started to cum inside her mouth. While she’d given heaps of blowjobs to her boyfriend before today, she’d never swallowed his cum. This time, she had very little say in whether or not she would swallow this guy’s cum. She felt another rope of cum enter her mouth, followed by a third. There was little she could do except swallow his cum as he emptied himself into her mouth. Finally, He stopped Cumming inside her mouth and Jill was surprised when his penis hadn’t become limp after his climax. Her boyfriend’s cock always became limp after he’d climax, so this was new to her. The man released her head and Jill raised her mouth off his still erect cock. For the first time, Jill looked up at the man in front of her. While his face was still partly covered with darkness from the theatre, Jill could see that he wasn’t too bad looking. He appeared older than what she’d first thought. At a guess, Jill would have said between 40 and 50 years of age,Jill still had her hand around the shaft of his thick cock and wondered what it’d feel like buried inside her.

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  But, there was no way she was ever going to fuck him inside here. He however, had other ideas. “Get up off your knees and turn around and sit on my lap,” he ordered her. Jill at first was going to refuse, but when he reached forward and grabbed her by the hair, she decided to do, as he wanted. “Ok, no need to get rough again” She hissed at him. Jill carefully looked around her and satisfied that no one else was taking any notice of him or her, she somehow managed to turn herself around facing the giant screen in front of her. On the screen, the guy was ramming himself as deep as he could into the young girl. The man behind Jill shoved his hands up under her skirt and gripped her by the hips. Then started to pull her down towards his still erect cock. It hit Jill’s arse at first and it was then that Jill reached between their bodies and gripped the shaft of his thick cock and placed it at the entrance to her still moist vagina. As soon as the man felt her vagina lips touch the head of his cock, he roughly pulled her downwards onto his cock. Jill felt some pain as the head of his cock ploughed between her outer vaginal lips, even though she was very wet from her juices. As the cock continued it’s way up inside of her, Jill could feel it’s invading force filling her completely. There was nothing gentle about this at all; in fact, it felt like she was being raped. He finished ramming himself up inside her and Jill had never had someone this big inside her before tonight.

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  The head of his cock was pressing up against her womb, and while it felt uncomfortable at first, it also felt just right. Then he lifted her halfway off his cock and again pulled her downwards onto his cock roughly. This continued for a couple of minutes, each time he rammed himself up inside of her, Jill could feel herself starting to respond to his downward thrusts. He must have sensed this, because he took his hands from her hips and placed then up inside of her top, gripping her breasts as he did so. He was pinching her nipples through her bra and even though it hurt Jill, it was a pain like no other she’d felt before tonight. It was a pain of both hurt and pleasure mixed together and that spurred Jill on. Jill started to ram herself down onto his cock harder and harder each time. Jill couldn’t believe that here she was, fucking a complete stranger inside a picture theatre. The very idea was mind-blowing to say the lest. Jill’s juices were fairly flowing by this time and she wanted all of his hot, thick cock filling her as deep as it could go. He was starting to grunt and Jill knew that he was close to climaxing again. She wanted to feel his hot cum explode inside her, even though she knew that she might become pregnant to him. She always took protection while making love to her boyfriend, but for some unknown reason didn’t care if this guy made her pregnant. That part she couldn’t work out. Right then, it was far too late to worry about one way or the other as she felt him ram himself as deep as it’d go and she felt his hot, scalding cum enter her vagina.


  That was more than enough to trigger her own orgasm. She felt her mind let go as she felt the fantastic feelings of pleasure flow through her body. As she rode the waves of her 2nd orgasm, Jill could feel their juices mixing together inside her as he pumped away at her. Finally, she felt his cum stop shooting up inside her and when she felt his cock starting to soften inside her, knew it was time for her to leave. Besides, by the look of it, the picture was just about finished away. Jill lifted herself from his wilting cock and felt their mixed juices begin to leak out of her. There were no further words spoken between them, as Jill reached over and picked up her bag and prepared to leave. Jill took one last look at the man who’d just fucked her and saw that he had a big grin on his face. Jill couldn’t stop the smile that appeared on her own face and the man winked at her as she started to move along the seats towards the exit. Jill felt some of their mixed juices still leaking out of her and run down her thighs. She was just glad that the lights were still off, so she could make good her escape. Jill stood outside the theatre on the sidewalk and rubbed her belly wondering if indeed she’d just become pregnant?Well, she’d worry about that when and if the need arose. Jill also knew that she’d be coming back here again in the faint hope that once more he’d be there, waiting for his next victim. She wanted to be that victim again. .

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