Trucker's Broadcast

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Trucker’s Broadcast, by Fyre
I met this woman, Sidney, last Fall. She moved into my life with an urgency that was a little frightening at first, but as we eased into the relationship, I grew more and more attached to the idea of keeping her around. She moved into my apartment a week after we started seeing each other. She’s the first woman I’ve ever met who’s as enthusiastic about sex as I am. Every time we were together, one of us thought of some buck wild thing to do, and more and more, I realized she was right for my life.
"Hey," I asked, a couple months after we met, "why don’t you marry me?"
"Love to," Sidney said, "but I don’t want to be a trucker’s widow. "
I’d started driving over the road around the time we met. She encouraged me because the money was good and there was plenty of work, but neither of us liked the fact that I was away for weeks at a time. While I was on the road, the cell phone bill was out of control. Sid tried for a promotion at her job then got furious when she realized how dead end her job had become. I felt frustrated because I couldn’t be home to lend more support as she went through a tough transition of realizing she wouldn’t get the position because she was a woman. She worked in a family-owned business where the good ole boys’ club was alive and well. She realized she was at the point where it was fight or flight from the company.
"You want to be with me, right?"
"Of course. "
"Then go to truck school. You can drive truck with me.

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"Me?" She was five foot four, with dark hair and eyes, and frankly had never thought about driving as a part of any job, let alone pursuing professional driving as a living.
"Tell you what. You have some time coming from work. Take a couple days and I’ll take you out on the road with me to see how you like it. There’s lots of women drivers. You’ll see. "
"I’ll think about it. " Sidney said. Her brain was going fifty miles a minute. She was good about considering new ideas.
The next time I pulled my rig home, she made the arrangements and had her suitcase packed. We had some crazy sex at home, slept a bit, then in the afternoon, she moved her things into my truck. It was crowded, but we squeezed her in. I had a bed, a refrigerator, a small VCR/television. Now I had a potential co-driver.

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   Things were looking up.
I was on a load where I needed to pull 43,000 lbs. across seven states. I’d started with plenty of hours to do it, but stopping at home to sleep, and the extra time for send-you-through-the-roof fucking had put me a little behind schedule. I did a quick walk around the truck and settled in, ready to drive 600 miles before parking for the night. Sid sat in the jump seat (trucker name for the passenger seat), kept the conversation lively, changed the music, and eventually looked like she wanted to chill out.
"You can go back to the sleeper berth," I told her. It was late, but I still had a hundred miles to drive.
"Okay," she said. I could tell she was still cranked up from the hours of fucking we’d done earlier. She was in that peaceful, but thrilled state she got to. "How many hours you got left?" she asked.
"Maybe two. "
"Okay, I’ll go lie down, but I don’t think I’m going to go to sleep. " She kissed me on the cheek.

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Okay! I thought. She was up to something. She shuffled through my video collection and popped a tape into the VCR.
"I’m gonna watch one of your movies while you finish. "
"What you gonna watch?" I started to ask, but I didn’t need the answer. I could tell as soon as the tape got rolling. She had one of my sex videos. It quickly elapsed into a scene where two women were sucking each other’s tits and pussies. Sidney stripped down to her black bra and thong and laid over the covers on the twin-sized mattress. She pressed the remote control so the gasps and sighs from the girls in the movies took over the truck.
"You like this part?" I called over the roar of the engine.
"Yes I do," she called. "I’d love to have one of these beautiful girls sucking on my tit right now. " She giggled. "Especially since you’re all busy driving.

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I kept looking at the road, but every time I turned my head to check my driver’s side mirror, I could see glimpses of tongue and pussy going at it in the video.
"Don’t mind me," Sidney called playfully from the back, "but I’m going to start jamming on my pussy while I watch this. "
I liked to jack off while I watched the movies, but I’d had no idea that Sidney would like watching them, nor that she’d want to jack off while she watched. I kept listening to the sounds of women stroking, the actresses’ voices telling the camera man what hot, horny sluts they both were. I drove, the thought of my Sidney back there stroking her own shaved pussy and I could easily imagine the catch of her voice as she started to play on all her special spots, the look in her eyes as she rubbed her clit over and over. She liked to spread her legs real wide while she played, and I loved watching her! I glanced back over my shoulder. Sure enough, she had her legs wide open and I could see her hand stroke, stroke, stroking it along with the gals on the movie. My dick was getting harder and harder. I had to adjust my jeans to get it to slide down by my leg.
"You want some of this?" she asked.
"Of course I want some of that," I said, "but somebody’s got to drive this truck. "
"Of course I want you to drive the truck," she quipped back, "but somebody’s got to take care of this pussy. "
This was torture. I glanced back at her all spread out on the bed. She pulled a vibrator out of her bag.

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   It was shaped like a big black dick. I got it for her when I first headed out on the road and told her not to get too used to it. I had my own big cock that I liked sinking into her slick pussy. I shifted the mirror on my visor to try to see if I could line her up. We were on a hilly, quiet part of Interstate 5 where the speed limit was only 55 and the road was relatively straight.
Sid saw I was watching, and she started hamming it up. She grabbed a plastic bottle out of her suitcase and squeezed lubricant all over the dildo. She spread her legs as wide as they would go and started sliding that thick vibrator in and out of her body. She gasped and sighed. I watched her, then my dick thickened some more and I unzipped my pants to move things around. My cock burst out of the confinement and curled up towards my belly.
"Whatcha doin’?" she asked coyly, knowing perfectly well what she was doing to me.
"I’m trying to give myself a little room up here. Not all of us have enough space to spread our legs out all wide like that. "
"Like this?" She stood up, naked, and stepped to the front of the truck.

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   She sat down in the jump seat again, and sprawled out, the plastic dick easing in and out of her body. She threw one of her feet up over the dashboard and the left foot back on the bed behind my seat. She spread her pussy wide open and started buzzing at her clit with the vibrator. The volume was down a bit on the television, but I could hear that the movie had gotten to the part where a black stud with twelve solid inches had come to rescue the pair of women in need of a good fuck. Sidney turned her head to watch the scene. He had both girls lying face down, one girl on top of the other, both asses in his face. He would plunge into one girl, then the other, smashing his meat into each hole until each girl’s sighs accelerated, then he would pull out and slide into the other woman’s cunt.
"Oh I really like this part," she teased. "You know where I could find a nice hung boy like him to take care of this little ole pussy?"
"Yah, I’ve got one right here. "
"I see that," she said, rubbing hard on her clit which poked out from the folds of her slick vulva like a pencil eraser. She rubbed it very deliberately, watching my face. "But you’re driving. I can’t let you get too distracted from the road. "
Shit. I was driving, and I was distracted, but I was still keeping it on the road.

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   "Damn it, Woman, I can drive this truck. Come suck my cock. "
Sidney giggled. She loved to give head, and I knew she would eventually, but she wanted to have her fun. "Maybe I will and maybe I won’t. "
I looked in my side mirror. "There’s a Peterbilt about to pass me. You gonna cover yourself up?"
"Nope. " She sat on the edge of the seat, the glow from the television lighting up the cab. She watched the dildo sink in and out of her body. She wasn’t really getting off on what she was doing with the dildo, but I could tell she was getting off on what she was doing to me. As the truck passed, she waved at the driver. I couldn’t tell if he noticed that she was naked or not. Hell, how could he not? Her tits were all over the place, and her hands were all over her pussy.
"Geez, Woman.

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   What are you trying to do? Get me arrested?
"Like he would ever turn this in. He’s in there wishing he had some hot chick in the cab of his truck stroking on her pussy. Give me a break. "
She had a point.
"What do you think I can do with that gear shift?" She stood up and sidled up to the gear shift and situated the vibrating head of it right up against her clitoris.
I was climbing a hill. "Hey watch out, now," I told her, "I might need to downshift. My load’s pretty heavy. "
"I’ll bet you’ve got a nice heavy load," she said, giggling, grinding her pussy even harder against the triangular knob on the gearshift. I laughed. That’s one way to grind the gears! I moved my hand between her thighs and shifted to neutral, revved the engine and put it into ninth.
"Hey," she said, "I got something going here. Don’t you dare shift. "
"I can take care of that. Bend forward.

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She leaned down on the dash board, legs parted and I had the sweet view of her wet slit, her swollen clit, and some pussy that never seemed to get enough strokin’. I kept my foot on the throttle, pressed flat to the floor, not wanting to lose momentum and having to break my concentration to shift into eighth. I kept my hand busy, working the knuckles hard against her soft crevices. She started moaning, backing against my hand.
I started stroking her soft folds of her labia with the backs of my knuckles. She was charged up by now, and she squatted and raked her clit up and down with short, swift strokes. Every woman has her own sounds, and she panted and sighed in soft, quick bursts. Oh this woman was something else!
My truck was slowing down, but I was catching up to that Peterbilt. He was chugging up the hill even slower than I was. He was hauling a crane, so his load was probably over the legal weight. I edged into the left lane so that I wouldn’t get bogged down behind him. I had to stop diddling Sidney a second to downshift.
Sid picked up the dildo and started fucking herself with it. She was standing on the floor by the gearshift and leaning over the jump seat, her face down and her ass up. I was getting a perfect view of the action.

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   My truck was almost nose to nose with the Peterbilt. He looked over to give me the friendly wave that drivers give to each other when they pass, and his eyes just about bugged out of his head. There I was, driving uphill, my girl fucking with a dildo, her ass up in the air, and she was really into it.
The Peterbilt driver motioned to his CB radio. I cranked up the volume, and pushed the lever on the microphone. Sidney wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing, and I didn’t know if I wanted her to know. I was broadcasting her fuck noises all over the airwaves. While I had the microphone clicked, the other drivers couldn’t talk over me and interrupt her session, but they could all hear what she was doing. The Peterbilt flashed me into the right lane in front of him and I knew he was glued to his speakers, listening to her cries. She kept jamming the dildo in and out.
"Oh, oh, oh, oh baby! Fuck me fuck me FUCK me!" She sounded way hotter than the girls in the movie she’d been watching. Even that was making plenty of noise in the background. One of those girls was hollering, "Give me that huge dick. Give it to me now!"
I heard an enthusiastic listener honk his airhorn from the oncoming traffic. I don’t think Sidney noticed.


   She was self-absorbed, bouncing and bobbing against the dildo. My own dick sprang out with a mind of its own. Oh, I wanted to jack off! I could feel the blood pounding into the head. It didn’t care that we’d had quite a strenuous session earlier in the day.
The girl in the movie was winding up to cum. Her sounds were merging with Sid’s. "Go Baby, Go," the second woman in the movie was urging, as the black stud fucked her balls deep. Her voice was climbing in octaves as he kept drilling away. It sounded fabulous. Then Sid was going to cum. Her moans were getting more primal and louder. She aimed the dildo so it would be sure to hit against her G-spot. She was really pounding it home. "Uhn! Uhn! Uhn, Oh MY GOD!" Sidney screamed. Her cunt muscles clenched on the dildo and ultimately pushed it out.

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   It clattered on the floor near the gear shift.
I turned off the microphone and clipped it back before she noticed that I was using the CB.
"Driver, whatcha got going on in there?" The CB radio squawked.
"Was that what I think it was? OOOOOooooo-eeee! Someone’s having a little fun!" said a second listener in a Southern accent.
Sidney froze. "What was that?" She moved to sit in the jump seat.
"A couple other drivers. Looks like you got yourself a fan club. These trucks have been passing me and getting an eyeful. "
That, and I blasted your fuck sounds all over the air wave. But that was going to be my little secret.
I was over the crest of the mountain and now was braking to keep from flying down the other side. I had to put my hands on the wheel, because there were some turns coming up. The Peterbilt gained speed and scooted into the lane to pass. He pulled up alongside my truck and tipped his hat.

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Sidney waved, looking a little fishy. He was getting a nice shot of her perky little boobs. She didn’t have a clue why everyone was so interested.
"Ooh!" she said, after he passed, "look at you. Somebody’d better take care of that. " She knelt beside my seat and bent down over my throbbing organ. She started sucking the head and massaging my balls. I adjusted the seat height and the steering wheel so she would have enough room for her head.
I had truck drivers slowing down to gawk at her blowing me inside my cab.
I was thinking she might be just right for this career.

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