Ellie: Chapter 0.5

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Written from Ellie’s point of view, because having Jake narrate everything Ellie says would be weird.

You might want to read the other Ellie story (I’ll Pay You Back) first. It’s on my profile. Just fuckin’ look it up you dirty twat.




               It’s been about a month since Jake and I started dating. I’m not entirely sure how we went from “I need to borrow some cash. I’ll do a strip for you if you lend me the money” to “Babe, I love you. Let’s be together. ”

               Jake is a great guy. He’s good looking, he’s great to hang out with, he’s funny, and don’t forget how good he is in the sack. We are always open about most things, and almost no topic is taboo. We can talk about pretty much everything, even sex stuff. Hell, especially sex stuff.

               However, there is one topic I always secretly hoped he would never bring up, and today he did that exact thing. He asked me what I needed the money for. I’d been dreading this day for a while now.

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   I wanted to just brush him off and say it was office stuff again, but I looked at his face and I knew deep down that I couldn’t lie to him. I had to tell him the truth.

“Okay, I’ll tell you. ” I said with a bit of uneasiness in my voice. “But after school, at your place. ”

               My heart couldn’t help but swoon in my chest when he replied with that oddly sexy “Okay” and flashed that smile that always melted me down to a puddle of heat.

               It was a long rest of the school day for me. Just the thought of revealing my deep dark secret to Jake was getting me a bit hot and bothered downstairs. I couldn’t take it anymore; I had to go play with myself. I ran to the back of the school as soon as the bell rang. I swear I would have jumped Jake if we hadn’t promised ourselves to stop having sex in school since one of the teachers caught me whacking him off one time.

               I dropped my bag and sat on the lone bench behind the solitude of learning that I was forced to spend 8 hours a day in. I was so hot by then; I desperately needed a release. My hands teased my breasts over my shirt, caressing, playing, rubbing, all the good stuff. I slipped my hands underneath the garments and suddenly remembered my lack of a bra.

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   I really don’t like wearing bras; they’re very uncomfortable. They’re like double-cupped slingshots for my chest.

               My hand slid down to my slit. My panties were soaking at this point. Shit, I think I was so wet, some of my juices even bled out onto my skirt. Anyway, I was rubbing like hell now, pulling the cute little panties to the side, giving myself easier access to my love taco. I grabbed and rubbed my tits in a way that could only be rivaled by Jake. My other hand was doing the same thing with my cunt. I was moaning so loud, I’m pretty sure some people heard me. I didn’t care though. I was violently shaking and rubbing and playing and caressing and all that. Just then and there, as I let out a final ecstatic moan, I came. I came harder than I ever did when I did it by myself. I only ever cum that hard when I have a partner.

               On my way to Jake’s place after school, I was thinking about how exactly to tell him the story.

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   Was I going to make it seem like I regretted it? Or was I going to show him exactly how much it excited me? I had no idea how to proceed with this. I just swallowed my pride and hoped everything would just work itself out as I told him my secret.

               I finally got to Jake’s house and knocked on the front door. He opened it, gave me a kiss, and let me in.

I wondered if we would just go straight to his room and have a really fucked up story time or if we would do some other things first. Jake didn’t live with his parents, so he always had his house to himself. The main purpose of that is that he gets to walk around in his underwear all the time.

               My heart was pounding as we walked towards his room. I felt like my chest was going to explode in a huge bloody supernova. We got to his room and went straight to the bed as if I was about to tell him a fucking bedtime story. We left the door open because, as I said, he lived alone.

               “So tell me, what is it that you’ve been hiding? You promised to tell. ” God, he was so childish in a sexy way.

               “Okay. I guess there’s no escaping this.

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  ” I swallowed my spit as I began to get a bit flustered.

               “It was the day before I asked you for the money. I was in the park, going for a walk when I desperately needed to pee. I was about to burst when I finally found the bathroom stalls. I went inside the girl’s bathroom, got in one of the stalls, and dropped my pants. ”

               Jake took of his under wear as I continued my confession.

               “I was just about to finish when I saw something poking out of a hole in the wall. It took me about two seconds to process that it was a dick. I was in a glory hole stall. I didn’t know what to do, but I felt strangely turned on by seeing that cock sticking out right next to me. ”

               Jake started touching himself, listening intently.

               “Then I did something I couldn’t believe. I grabbed it and started jacking it off! I didn’t even notice how wrong it was until I had my other hand on my pussy. It was all so crazy. I figured that since I got this far, I might as well finish it.

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   Besides, I was pretty turned on anyway. ”

               Jake was jacking off. I couldn’t believe how excited he was getting about this story!

               “I brought my face closer and flicked my tongue on it. I did this a few times, teasing the mystery man behind the dick in the wall. I felt him twitch a bit as I slowly slipped it into my mouth. I couldn’t believe it! I was sucking on a stranger’s dick in a public bathroom, while families are probably outside, completely oblivious to the sins happening a few feet away from them, inside a small concrete bathroom. ”

               I didn’t even notice, but my hand had subconsciously gone down to my cunt and started rubbing while I was telling the story. It seemed I was just as turned on as Jake was.

               “I sucked on it like there was no tomorrow. My other hand, three fingers deep in my slit. I stood up and took off the rest of my clothes. I put them on the toilet lid for a while. ”

               Jake was stroking vigorously, while I was rubbing myself in a similar way.

               “There I was, naked in a public bathroom, about to fuck some guy I didn’t even know. Hell, the only part of him that I knew was his dick.

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   I didn’t know anything else about the guy. I was standing there, ass facing the stranger’s rooster, as I bent over and rested my hands on the opposite wall. I used my other hand to grab the wall dick and guide it into my pussy. ”

               I didn’t notice that I had taken my panties off. I had my fingers deep in my pussy.

               “It took me a while to get into the rhythm, but after a few minutes I got into a steady rhythm. I was fucking him slowly at first, savoring the fact that I was fucking a complete stranger. My ass and cunt were slamming against the bathroom stall as I fucked the stranger harder. I think I was so wet, my pussy juices actually leaded through the wall and onto the mystery man’s belly. ”

              I was naked and I didn’t even realize it, but I continued with the story anyway.

               “As I fucked him, my mind drew pictures of what the man might look like. I couldn’t even decide what the guy looked like. Was he hot? Was he ugly? Was he young? Was he old? I didn’t know. The only thing I knew was that his dick was huge. ”

               Jake and I were reaching our climaxes, as I continued my confession.

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               “I was cumming on this guy’s dick through a hole in the wall of a park bathroom. I head the man groan as he came deep inside my pussy. ”

               Jake and I both came on each other at that moment.

               “Then I noticed something I couldn’t believe. There was a camera in the stall! It had picked up everything I just did. I think he heard me panicking, because he told me he knew what I was worried about. He threatened to take the video and put it up on the internet unless I put a paper bag with a thousand dollars in it inside the stall at that time the next day, which leads us to now, because you were there for the rest. ”

               “Wow” Jake said. “That was the hottest story I ever heard. ”

               The fact that Jake accepted me even though I just told him what a dirty slut I am made me realize that I was in love with him. I knew at that moment that what we had was more than just a temporary fling that teenagers have.

               6 years later, Jake and I were married with two kids.




***This is the last Ellie story because I really don’t have anywhere to go with these characters anymore. I’ll still do other stuff, just not stuff with Jake and Ellie***