Introducing Elly part 4

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The couple sat on the floor of Josh’s shower cubicle. Josh slapped her across the face, and forced the slut down on to her knees, holding the shower end in his hand. He slapped her again twice and moved the shower end so the water was spraying across her face. Elly’s eyes were forced shut and she closed her mouth, but another slap from Josh made her open and the warm jets filled her throat. Josh relentlessly held the jets in her face, his cock growing harder as he watched her choke and struggle against him. He smiled to himself, moving the jets to her eyes, then forcing the shower head across her mouth so the water filled her lungs. She began choking and coughing, Josh grabbed her neck and squeezed and the girl began to heave before finally vomiting.


He moved the water away and slapped the girls face, his cock throbbing. Elly cleared her throat with a smile, opening her soaked eyes, it was impossible to tell what was shower water and what was tears. The girls face and hair was completely drenched. Josh grabbed hold of her breast and with a tight grip he pulled her across to his body, holding her chest against his. He moved the shower end behind the girl and soaked her ass whilst spanking her perfect cheeks hard. After a moment he pushed her back roughly and turned her so her ass was facing him. He gave her left cheek one final slap before placing her on all fours, demanding her to spread her ass open.


Her tight shitter now exposed, Josh stroked his cock in one hand and using the other which was holding the shower head, he turned it on to it’s most powerful jet setting and pushed it right up to her ass hole, the warm jets rough on the sensitive hole. Elly thrashed her head up with surprise.

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   “Oh fuck the pressure on my dirty shit hole! It feels incredible! Fuck me with the shower, yes, holy fuck that’s good baby!” she screamed and Josh continued the anal assualt. He switched distances and pressure, then took his other hand off his cock and began slapping her pussy, making sure to hit her clit. “Mmmmm yess, slap my pussy, slap it so hard, fuck, fuuuuck. ”


After a short while, he moved the shower from her anus and turned her round the opposiete way so she was now facing him, her hair and face looked incredible when soaked, her brown strands clinging to her creamy skin, small droplets of water claiming every piece of her body they could fall on to.

Josh pinched Elly’s nose closed and entered his cock into her waiting mouth, making sure to hit her tonsils in a single thrust. He felt the familiar sensation of her gagging, and allowed her to heave twice before giving her a breather. Josh then picked up the shower head, sprayed the girl in the eyes, then pushed her head back onto his cock which went straight to the back of her throat.


He pinched her nose closed again, the aimed the shower jet to enter the gap in her mouth, the water filled her mouth fast and she choked harder than ever and went to pull her head back, but Josh stopped her. Josh began moaning and Elly was struggling hard against the boy, struggling to breathe. She began heaving and knew she’d throw up if she didn’t get air soon. Josh looked down at her red face and could see in her eyes she was trying to beg him for air, but instead he smiled and slapped her right cheek. “Puke on my cock, bitch. You breathe once you puke for me!” he said, his smile still there. Elly couldn’t hold it back any longer and with a huge cough, puke poured out of her mouth across Josh’s cock.


He let go of her nose and moved the water out of her mouth, his cock slipping out as Elly struggled to regain her breath.

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   Josh only gave her a few seconds before he grabbed her neck again.


“Fuck baby, you puked so much all over my cock, what an incredible feeling!” Josh said in pleasure as he grabbed Elly by her hair and forced her face in front of his dick. “Clean me up, slut. ” Elly didn’t hesitate away and took his vomit soaked cock in to her mouth, her tongue licking every inch of him clean. When she pulled away he rewarded her with a face slap, and took a minute to admire how stunning the girl looked. Soaked hair, a red face with tears leaking from her eyes, breathing heavily still not having recovered from the choking and gagging. She looked up at him with a smile then moved herself so her legs were around his body, his throbbing cock inches away from her pussy and directly below her.


Remainig eye contatct, Elly pushed four fingers in to her mouth and began to choke herself, her eyes watering up as her gag reflex was hit over and over, retching three times before puking down on Josh’s cock once again. Josh grabbed his cock and rubbed the puke into it, then began wanking himself as he watched her writhe in pleasure as she regained her breath. “Oh you are so gorgeous when you choke Elly, fuck, you’re such a filthy whore!”  he said and they both laughed. Elly lifted herself up just slightly and with a gasp she emptied her bladder, washing down his cock, looking him in the eyes as he groaned at the feeling of her warm piss spraying him.


They took a moment to relax, gazing at each others soaked bodies with lust. The couple had been fucking for months now and they showed no sign of stopping. Elly loved how rough he fucked her and Josh loved how well she took it. They had built the perfect relationship that started with one crazy afternoon in a public park.


   Elly moved back closer to the boy, and began tossing him off. She held his cock at the base and with her other hand she slapped the cock, making Josh jump then moan. It felt incredible and he made no move to stop her. She slapped it from the left, then from the right, right on the head then right across the middle. “How’s it feel baby?” she asked him, her voice quiet yet set sexy. “So good, don’t you dare fucking stop!”


After another few minutes of cock slapping she began wanking Josh properly, who was now fidgeting on the shower floor in absolute heaven. He could feel the familiar sensation growing in his balls and he knew he’d explode soon. “Oh shit, slut, I’m gonna cum so soon! Fuck you’re perfect! Wank me until I cum, then slap my cock whilst I’m cumming! Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, gonna cum so much, here it comes, FUCK!!” Josh was shouting and twitching on the floor as his cock exploded, shooting cum in every direction, moaning loudly as his cock was slapped at the same time. His spurting soon stopped and he fall backwards, completely exhausted from one of the best orgasms he had ever had. His breathing was heavy, the warm water pooled around his head.


Elly giggled to herself, proud of her work, and crawled over the boy who’s cock softened underneath her stomach. She grabbed the shower head and allowed the water to spray across his chest keeping the boy relaxed even more. Her head soon fell on to his chest and began licking his nipples as she fingered herself to a gentle but wet orgasm whilst straddling her lover. She pissed on his cock which brought him back to life, and roughly pushing her off him he dragged her out the shower with a slap and they went back into the bedroom, the bed was already prepared with towels so they could fall on them to dry, and they quickly fell asleep.


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