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           It had been quite awhile since I had a night of good hard sex, I was getting hornier every day, as much as I enjoyed the hours of self pleasure, getting myself off just wasn’t satisfying me the way I wanted it. My fingers did the job well and I controlled how I wanted it and how hard and how fast but I needed a big hard cock inside me every now and again just so someone else had control.

          I had been imagining what fucking a complete stranger would be like, so I thought of whom and what type of person I would like to have me anyway they wanted. Maybe an older guy would have the experience and stamina a younger one wouldn’t, the oldest guy I had slept with was only 23 and although he was fit and could fuck me more than once a night he only lasted a couple of minutes and I just wasn’t satisfied, I’m always getting left high and dry and finishing the job myself.

      I’m almost 21 and I want to be touched and caressed as well as have hard sex and left feeling numb from constant orgasms. I want to get nasty with a guy who knows how to please a woman and isn’t selfish and only thinks about shooting his load and leaving. So I thought a bit about it and decided that an average type of guy may be best, the tough pretty boys always seem to be more into themselves than their partners.

          One night I got in my car and just drove around the city to just check out who was hanging around the streets, I didn’t want to end up with an axe murderer or worse so I checked out a few late night cafes and small bars. After about 2 hours I noticed a tall man sitting outside a cafe drinking a coffee alone, he was about 48 years old, well dressed and not too bad looking. I thought I’d suss him out a bit further so I pulled up and went in to go buy a drink.  

          As I came outside I pretended to trip in front of him which made him quickly come to my aid, he asked if I was ok, I replied that I might need to sit down.

As he assisted me to a chair next to his I could feel his warm hands against the cool skin of my arm. We sat and chatted for 10 minutes, his name was Ted and most importantly he was single. I said that I better get home and i asked him if he needed a lift, he said he wouldn’t mind if it wasn’t any trouble, It’s the least I could do I said.

          As we drove I decided to be a bit of a tease and made sure my skirt slid up so Ted could almost see up it if he glanced over which I’m sure he was doing almost straight away. I asked if he would like to come to my flat for a coffee which he quickly accepted.

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   As we pulled up at my flat I reached over and placed my hand on Ted’s leg and started to rub it as I said would you rather have me instead of a coffee, he looked across and smiled, my hand went up further and I placed it on his cock and the growing lump in his pants was all I needed as a reply.

         Once inside Ted wasted no time and took my hand and led me into the lounge, he removed my skirt, my nipples hardened instantly as his hands brushed against them taking of my top. He lay me down on the carpet and told me to roll onto my stomach, I watched as he removed his clothes, particularly at his cock which was enormous; it was at least nine inches and was quite fat. Ted straddled me and started rubbing my back; I could feel his hot cock press into my lower back each time he rubbed me up and down.

          He lightly kissed me down my back and slid down onto my legs as he continued kissing me down to my ass. While massaging my ass cheeks he knelt in between my legs and pulled them slightly apart and started to run his tongue down my ass crack and over my pussy, I moaned as he pulled my pussy lips apart and probed my hole with his long tongue. My snatch was wet and tingling and licked and sucked lapping it all up. He rolled me onto my back and started to kiss me on the lips, his tongued darted into my mouth as I sucked my juices off it.

          His hands were massaging my tits while he kissed his way down and started to suck my nipples, he ran circles around them with his tongue which made me moan with delight. Ted worked his magic on my tits, squeezing my nipples with his lips as he sucked on them. My pussy was aching for attention now and I kept arching my back so it would rub against his throbbing cock. Ted kissed his way down my stomach and to my clit which was erect and tender; he took it between his lips and sucked it gently.

My legs instantly spread and I threw them over his shoulders and wrapped them around his back pulling him in hard against me. My juices started to flow and I could feel my whole body   tingle as I orgasmed, not once but 3 times 1 after the other.

          I relaxed as he got to his feet; I stared at his beautiful cock and saw pre cum drip from its swollen head, I got to my knees and greedily licked it all up, I took the head into my mouth and run my tongue around it as I slowly sucked it in and out.

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   The veins in his cock stuck out further as I took it in deeper into my mouth, although I struggled to take it all I managed to deep throat him like I’ve never done before. Tears came from my eyes as it slid in and out between my lips, I began to rub my clit with my fingers as he humped my face, I rubbed harder and sucked faster as I orgasmed once more.

          Ted stood me up, turned me around and bent me over, I stretched out and hung onto the back of the lounge chair, and he parted my legs slightly and placed his hands on my hips. I could feel his twitching cock rub against my pussy and with no help at all it slipped in like it had a mind of its own. He pushed it inside me slowly as I sighed and moaned it felt so good. Ted seemed to know what I liked and started to increase the stroke and depth, his balls slapping against my clit with each hard stroke just made the feeling so much better.

          Ted hunched over me and cupped my tits in his hands while I fucked me hard from behind; he squeezed my nipples as I squealed in delight as I came once more. My legs were getting weak from my explosive orgasms so I asked Ted to take a seat and I quickly straddled him and sat on his pulsating cock. As much as I knew Ted was ready to explode he controlled himself very well and accommodated my every need, I could tell he wanted to please me. He had done just that so I decided to ride him so hard that he would have to cum.

          I put my hands on his shoulders as he sucked my tits, taking each one in his mouth in turn. I slid back and forth on his cock; grinding my hips as he grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me down onto his cock buried deep inside me. His body tensed and his moans got louder and I felt his hot cum erupt inside me, the warm sensation sent me wild. He moaned as he continued to pump me full; I could feel the cum dripping out onto his balls which made me cum with him. Exhausted and light headed I leant forward and gave him a kiss and embraced him tight and whispered into his ear “thank you for the best sex I’ve ever had”.

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