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Peter knocked loudly at the door for a second time. Still no answer.

"I could have sworn they told me they'd be home", he thought. "Must be round the back"
Hetrudged around to the side gate of the house and reached over tounlatch it, hopeful there were no spiders lurking in the leafy path thatstretched down the side of the house to the backyard.
Peter lugged the bag full of fresh vegies he'd cut from his garden across the street and made his way to the back of the house.
Hedidn't call out, as he thought his friends Doug and Liz might not behome, and figured he'd leave the bag on their back doorstep.
Reaching the corner of the house Peter stepped into the sunshine once more and was confronted with a stunning sight.
There was Liz, spreadeagled on a beanbag on the deck, completely naked except for a straw hat coveringher face.
Peter stared in amazement. He'd always fancied Liz, andthere had been a hint of sexual tension in the air for some time, but hehadn't expected to ever see her body, despite his fantasies.
She'dobviously been in the pool recently because there were small droplets ofwater on her thighs, but Peter was more captivated by the neatlytrimmed bush surrounding a very full and inviting pussy mound.
Hiseyes travelled up Liz's body to her full breasts, where two quite erectnipples pointed skywards, invitingly. Peter's loins began responding,and he cursed that fact that he had on only loose shorts. His cockpulsed inside his pants and began to grow, despite his horror at whatwas now turning into an erotic scene, rather than an accidentalexposure.
Peter couldn't tear his eyes away. He viewed the soft skinof her inner thighs, the flesh of her belly, and the inviting crease atthe top of her pussy where her clit was hidden.

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   He foundhimself imagining his tongue exploring that fold, searching out the nubof pleasure that lay within.
His mind played tricks and he couldalmost feel her pussy lips spreading apart for his invading tongue. Nexthis fantasy spread to Liz's juicy melons, where his tongue circled andtoyed with her hard nipples, cold on his lips from their dip in thepool. He could feel her now wet cunt slide around his dick as he loweredhimself onto her, and without realising it, had begun to gently rub hiscock through his shorts. The imagined moans of Liz as her lips grazedhis ear, and his own grunts as he began to thrust his rod inside hermade him even more excited, and he could almost feel her wetness coatinghis shaft.

In an instant Peter's eyes sprung wide open, as he heard a voice behind  him;
"She's awesome isn't she? How are you mate?"
It was Doug, who had silently approached from behind Peter, who jumped with a start, which in turn rousedthe previously oblivious Liz.
"oh. . . er. . . um. . .

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  yeah. . . well. . . um. . . juststopped by. . . . . .

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  vegies. . . . . . " stammered Peter as he tried in vain tohide the stiff prick now all but protruding from the leg of his shorts.
Liz, for her part, looked a little embarrassed, but she caught a glimpse of Peter's now hard cock and smiled wickedly.
"Enjoy the view, Pete?", she asked, resting back on her elbows, now making no attempt to cover herself up.
"Shit",said Peter, "I am so sorry. I didn't mean to offend. It was sounexpected and my mind just got carried aware so I was staring, and. . . "
"I think that's not all you were doing by the look of that thing", said Liz, eyeing off Peter's slowly deflating cock.

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Peter shuffled his feet nervously, and hefted the bag of vegies, hoping for a change of subject.
"Somecucumbers and tomatoes in here for you guys. I'll just leave them. Again, I'm really sorry if you're offended. I'll just go. "
"Don't besilly," admonished Liz, "Stay for a drink at least - it's pretty warm. No harm done. "
Aftera little convincing Peter agreed to a drink in the shade by their pool,and soon Liz and Doug began to tease Peter about his poolside hard-on.
Peter blushed, especially when Liz asked what he was intending to do with it anyway. . . . . .
Peter figured what the hell and told a slightly condensed version of his fantasy as he'd stood there.

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Lizcast a glance at Doug, who smiled back at her, and with that she rose,took Peter's hand and began to lead him inside the house.
"I think we should go in out of the heat," she said, casting a sensual glance over her shoulder at Peter.
Peter followed, a familiar stirring in his loins occupying his mind, as Liz's sashaying arse occupied his eyes.

As for what happened inside - more in part two. .

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