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Ok so i am latino and i am nineteen and this is my story. i work as a gardener for this rich 44 year old white lady she is a total milf and such a bitch and kinda racist. But i like them feistey. so one day i was using her bathroom i noticed her panties in the corner so i picked them up and i was sniffing them and i started jerking off and so eventually the door opened and she coaght me. she was all pissed off and started yelling how "all spics are the same, stupid lazy and perverted bums" she made me get back to work (lucky for me she let me keep my job) and so later she called me in and then she said how she was sorry she over reacted and that she was moody because she had just gotten divorced and then it gets interesting she says "i think the least i can do is give you these" she gives me her panties i took them slowly because i wasnt sure what to do then she says "but i want to see you jerk off to them" i said "im sorry ma'am but i dont think i should" then she saud "well you werent shy in the bathromm c'mon let me see you do it" i keep saying no then she threatens to fire me so i do it then she gets all horny and starts to rub her pussy then she says im big and starts to give me a blowjob and then she tells me to fuck her so we fucked then she says that she wants me to come back everyday for more "work" and so we keep this up until this day but this isn't the end off the story one day she invites her friend also a milf and she tells me im working "double" today so then her friend unzipped my pants saw my penis and said "oh my god maybe beaners are good for something" yeah i know it was racist but i got a huge boner when she said that. so she starts to stroke it then lick it then suck it then we had a threesome it was amazing

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