My really dirty fetish

Sex Toy

At the age of 12 I was generally a sporty lad with no real interest with girls. One day when My mum and Dad were out of the house and left me to myself I went into the garage to pick up a pump for my football. Walking across the garage a pair of shoes caught me eye, and for reasons unknown to me I was transfixed by them. They were a cute pair of open toed 2 inch heels. I don't have a clue why but I desperatly wanted to try them on. Quickly I slipped off my socks and put on the little sexy shoes,my feet felt great. With the realisation of the situation I quickly took off the shoes though and returned to the garden and played football. Over the coming months my experince with the shoes was forgotten. Then one day my mother left the house to myself again. As I went to my room I passed her bedroom to see some shoes lying around her bedroom. What I tried on was a sexy pair of 3 and half inch black leather boots. I was questioning what I was doing but I felt so great and sexy in the heels. Before long I worked my way through all my mums pairs of shoes, and on the sly even painted my toenails, I just loved the sexy feeling of them. My heart raced with excitement everytime my feet slipped into a pair.  

At the age of 13 though, me trying on my Mums belongings took  a further step. I was slightly ill one morning and my mother was in a rush to get to work so she persuaded me to just take the day off, and she rushed off leaving the house empty.

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   I left my bed and headed towards the bathroom, passing my Mums bedroom however I noticed unsually one of her draws wide open. In interest I wandered over, what I discovered was going to change my teenage years forever, it was her underwear draw. An incredible rush of emotions surged through me and before I knew it I stripped with the curious urge to try something on. As i rumaged through My mum had all sorts,bras frilly panties, thongs, big ones, G strings , leotards and nightgowns. Nervously I picked up a white pair of frilly panties, and put my feet into the legs holes. Reluctantly I pulled them up my legs and towards my crotch. It felt fantastic, the lacy fabric carresed my bum cheeks and I was incredibly horny. I accompanied the panties with a white push up bra and a sexy pair of 4 inch stilletos and paraded around a bit feeling sexy.

Slowly over the next year I worked through that draw and often were skimpy french G string with her fishnet thigh stockings, I loved the thin stip of fabric tightly carresing my crotch and arsehole. I would wank away in her knickers at every opportunity avaliable and would neatly fold them away exactly as I found them.

I never got caught I was far too sly, plus feared getting caught far too much. I constantly questioned myself whether trying my Mum's panties on was perveted or made me gay however I couldn't care less they just gave me an incredible sensation.

Before long I had worked through all of My mother's wardrobe by the time I was around 15 I just wanted a new thrill, then it came. My Dad was off away working and that night my Mum had planned to go out with some friends. She instructed me to make dinner for myself while she got ready.

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   Before I headed downstairs I sat in my room then randomly, heard a groan, a deep groan yet a soft one. Again it echoed through to my room. Undoubtedly I could tell it was coming from my Mums room however what was she doing? I crept slowly to her door and peered to be shocked at what I was seeing. My mum was stood their in her lingerie feeling her body. Her hands then crept towards her breats and tightly gripped her bust. She slowly massaged her breats as she sat on her bed, she unclipped her bra allowing her breats to plumply fall. Her fingers carressed and pinched her hard big nipples and another groan of pleasure came out. She then slowly began to pull down a silky red thong and laid down on her back as the thong slipped down on her legs. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, however it got better she opened her legs wide to the world and her hand followed rubbing her wet clit . I had a full on view of my Mothers pussy yet, depsite being disgusted in what i saw I couldn't look away. She continued away rubbing her wet cunt then slipped a cheeky finger in as her pussy welcomed her pleasures. At this point I couldn't take anymore and I crept downstairs wanting to forget the mental image implanted in my mind. She eventually left the house and I crept up to her room, I found her red silky thong hanging form her bedside cabinet, I touched her moist panties and sniffed the juices inside the crotch area, I felt so horny before long I couldn't help myself, disgusting, horny , i didn't give a shit I licked the pussy juices, a sweet taste of my mother's pussy was great, I was so horny I could imagine myself licking her out. Thinking back after I had calmed I really did wonder what was going through my head however I had no regrets.

A few months later however my sexual excitement peaked.

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   I began to start fingering my arsehole whilst jacking off however this was taken to another level. I had just started my study leave and my parents told me that they had booked an unplanned holiday. Initially I was gutted however I realised how much this played into my advantage. I decided I'd go far and practically live that week as a woman. I would live in My mothers clothes all day , and act more feminine than usual. I was in a sense of freedom. As the night wore on I sat on my parents bed and leaned over to see what was in my mums draws, there I discovered a sickening discovery of my Mum's dildo, it was a huge cream 9 inch dildo, big enough to spead my arse hole very wide. That night i wanted to fuck myself in style I painted my nails a seductive red, applied a thick layer of make up, beauty spa'd, straightened my hair and wore a sexy red leotard, gripping my body tightly turning me on. I grabbed the dildo and began to such hard on it making me hornier. I ran a hot, steamy bath ready for me to slip in. I began to slip off the leotard and I was there naked faced with the dildo. I sat in the bath and begain to touch my self while sucking on the dildo for 10 mins. When the time came I was ready and brang the tip of the dildo to my arsehole, it touched and tingle rippled through me. slowly my arsehole welcomed the dildo and before long I was brining it back and forth fucking myself hard. Harder and faster I continued whilst wanking off , I raised my legs onto the side of the bath , and then I came.

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   I screamed in pleasure as my arsehole took the whole dildo and my hard cock was throbing uncontrollably. The moment of euphoria was fantastic I never fucked myself so well. I felt so satified, the dildo had brought a new dimension to my life, I took a fake cock to the arse and enjoyed it? I considered whether I was gay but no ! I was completely straight. For the remainder of that week I continued to live as a woman and fucking enjoyed it. Again I fucked myself with that dildo another 2 times and loved it even more.

 My mum's bedroom certainly spiced up my teenage years and made me feel incredible everytime I slipped on her panties.