Sex Toy

Sex Toy

You have worked very hard today, many decisions to make, many deals to close. You are stressed and know you need a break. You stand up and stretch.
You smile as your eye falls on the small form curled up on the couch, sleeping. Your sex toy is just waiting for you. She was an expensive memento from your last space trip, but you could not resist the temptation to buy when you saw her in the bazaar market on that far off planet.   On their home planet they were small animal creatures that were used for sexual pleasure by the higher species there.   They were perfectly formed, standing on average about five feet tall. They resembled a human female except for the strip of fur that that started at the nape of their neck tracing the graceful curve of their spine stopping at the split of their ass cheeks.   This fur was as varied in pattern and color as an earth kitten's fur.   Overall, they were sexy little minxes that delighted in pleasing a master or mistress and very responsive to sexual stimulation.   They soon were for sale in most markets as the ideal pet. Most Earth governments did not officially sanction the ownership of such human looking pets, but had found it impossible to keep people from smuggling them home.
You lift her naked form gently off the couch and place her in your lap, stroking the soft silver fur on her back. She sighs sleepily and rubs up against you. You instantly are hard as her little round butt squirms on your lap.

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   Her tawny eyes open and she smiles when she sees you. "Does this mean we can play now?" she asks eagerly. You cup her upturned breast and squeeze the pink little nipple, watching it harden into a tiny perfect rosebud begging to be sucked and say "Oh yeah, little one, it's playtime"  She squeals in delight and slides off your lap to reach for your zipper. She smiles up at you as she slides your zipper down.  
Her little hands reach inside your pants happily anticipating the treat that awaits her.   Then her eyes can only see the large cock she has released.   She takes it in both hands and begin to stroke it up and down squeezing hard as she does. You sit back and watch her concentrate on stroking your rod. She leans over and kisses the head that she has caused to become engorged and so swollen it looks like it will split open. Her small mouth stretches until she can put the whole head in and she moves downward swallowing more and more of your cock until she has reached the shaft and she can feel your rod deep in her throat. She buries her head there at the base of your cock inhaling your smell. Then she begins to go up and down your cock sucking and swirling her tongue all around the tender underside. The tension in your balls increases as her hands caress and fondle them.   She runs her fingernails lightly over your twin sacks and lift them feeling the heaviness of your cum in them.  
Not wanting to cum yet you pull your cock out of her mouth.

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    She mewls in protest and tries to get it back but you take hold of her wrist and pull her up.   As she stands before you,  her  pussy is right on level with your mouth.   You smell the sweet woman scent,  sense the silkiness of the pink mound that hides the wet little gash inside. Your hands cup the perfect little ass cheeks and pull her towards you so you can get a closer look. "Pull your pussy lips apart, baby," you say huskily.   She obediently reaches down and lays her pussy open for your inspection.   "Now play with it," you command.    She begins to stroke the tiny clit that nestles at the top of her slit.  
Her body shudders and she moans as she continues to torture her sensitive button flicking it and twisting it.   Her hips begin to buck and she would fall except you are still gripping her ass and holding her up. Your lust builds as her pussy begins to open up like a flower and releases its cum juices in spurts.   Now you pull her hands away so you can suck her mound into your mouth and you begin to lick and nip every inch of her delightful little honey pot.   She  squirms and twists in your arms as she cums.   She screams and collapses on you.
"Oh no baby we aren't through " you say as you pick her up and lay her across the back of the couch facing down.

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    You enjoy the view of her butt up in the air and her pussy peeking through her legs. You stand behind her slowly pulling her legs apart and up on each side of you. Your hard cock sways as it searches for the pussy it craves. You lubricate the tip of your cock in the cum juices that ooze from her pussy.   Slowly you push the head in.   It doesn't look like there is any way it would fit in that tiny hole,  but the hole opens and pulls you in.   Soon your cock is buried in hot velvet.   Your arousal increases as you stroke in and out of the tight hole.   Her hips move to meet each thrust and she can do no more than moan and take your hard cock pounding her pussy.   Soon she is squealing and begging for your cock.
She is gasping and moaning as another climax builds.   She pushes back fucking you harder as her cum flows out again.   This enflames you more and you no longer can hold back. Your cock swells massively and you begin to shoot your hot cream, filling her cunt completely.  
Finally you are totally spent and you withdraw from your little sex toy's muff.

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    She still lies over the couch, too  exhausted to move.   You lift her up and over the couch.   She bends her supple body licking her cunt clean and grooming herself before curling up and instantly falling asleep to await her beloved master's attention again.