A Nice Suprise

Short Sex

There she sat. Three feet away, across the packed underground train, a picture of beauty in the otherwise drab underground, I stare at her intently, my eyes following her every move, watching her lips sing silently along to her iPod, those big juicy red lips, I long to taste them, her big azure blue eyes, staring into the magazine she was reading, her long blonde hair carefully styled. I sigh, three months it had been the same, three whole months I had sat here and stared at her, three months I wanted to feel her breasts pressed tightly against my chest.
I continue to stare, she gets off in two stops, I lick my lips, I can taste her perfume, my mind working hard on creating mental images of hernaked, my mind mentally undressing her for me, and I like what I am looking at. Dazing off in my perfect daydream, I feel eyes burning on me, I snap to and find her looking at me, I try to look away but those big blue eyes catch me and draw me in, one stop left, I see her looking at me, up and down, following her gaze. The train stops at her station, she gets up and walks off, turning slightly she beckoned me to follow, and like a moth to a light, I followed.
I follow her out of the station and around the corner, the shimmering streetlights, only highlighting her beauty, her long legs, shown off by the short skirt, high heels, and tight blouse. My throat dry, I followed her into an apartment block, she turned to look at me and gave me a wink, and walked up the stairs, slowly and deliberately, so I could see up her skirt, bright pink panties greeted me, along with her perfectly curved bum. I licked my lips once more, and followed her upstairs, there she stood, the door to her apartment open wide, she turns and walks seductively into the hallway.
I walk in nervously and shut the door behind me, and turn to see her, looking at me, her eyes wandering down to my trousers and back up, she grabs my tie and pulls me closer, I go to speak but am stopped by a firm finger on my lips. Shocked into silence I watch as the finger trace down my body, her lips moving closer to mine, this is it, what I have wanted, our lips touch and tongues meet in a fevered moment of passion, I feel her lips move to my neck and kiss and bite me softly, I let out a small moan as she moves up to my ear, kissing, licking, biting. A fiery passion deep in her eyes, let me know she wanted me there and then, picking her up I throw her onto her bed, pinning her arms, I start to kiss her, deeper my tongue explores, only to move down to her neck, her perfume so sweet on my tongue.
I rip open her blouse, and see a bright pink bra, matching her panties, a lick down to her boobs, my tongue caressing her gentle curves, I undo her bra to release her beautiful breasts, my tongue works its way to her nipple and I lick hungrily at it, sucking and gently biting, a small moan escapes her mouth, as I work my way up to her ear, her hands still pinned to the bed, powerless to stop me I nibble her earlobes as her breathing gets heavier, she pushes off and pins me down, ripping open my shirt I feel her hand press tightly against my chest, my spine quivers as I feel it move down to my trousers, undoing my belt, and trousers she, slips her hand down to my already erect penis, I feel her grip it firmly and start to slowly move up and down, she continues to kiss my chest and then sliding my trousers off she, moves down, kissing my stomach and lingering around my waist line, she grips my penis and slides it slowly into her mouth, deeper and deeper until she has taken it all, she slides it out and kisses it, licking it up and down, teasing me. My breathing get more rapid as she take it again, this time she looks up at me, a tear runs down her face, she brings it out and in, sliding back and forth keeping eye contact, I stroke her hair and face, she keeps going, I feel the pleasure deep inside me, I know what is coming, as she speeds, I moan more, watching her move my penis in and out of her red lips, the lips I’d imagined kissing for three months. Faster and faster, she goes, the pleasure building up, I feel it run the length of my penis as I come all over her mouth, my creamy white come and contrast to her rich red lips, she licks it all up and moves up kissing my stomach, and my neck, my breath returning to normal, my heart rate lowering, I take control.
Pushing her to the bed, I pull down her skirt, her pink panties moist with her juices, I slip them off, and using my fingertips I trace slowly around her lips, her shaven pussy, wet with her juice, I slide my fingers in, warmth greets them and I reach deep into her, kissing her neck, she moans as I push them deeper, I pull them out and rub her clit, I kiss slowly down her body and down to her thighs, gently kissing her inner thighs I lap at her wet pussy, taking all the juices into my mouth, I lick at her clit, her moaning becomes louder,and more intense, as I lick eagerly at her clit, my fingers delve deep into her soaking pussy, her back arches in pleasure she screams, I keep going, the screaming more intense, I feel my erection growing again her fingers claw at the bed sheets her body shaking with orgasm, her juices explode onto, pulling me up she licks my lips, and kisses my face, tasting her own juices sends her wild, I push her down and slip my penis into her soaking wet pussy, I slide in and out, pushing her hard, pinning her knees to her boobsI push deep into her, she screams, panting hard I keep going harder and harder.

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I relax and pull out, she jumps on top, and sits on my erect penis, straddling me she rides me hard, rubbing her pussy deep against my penis, she screams and howls, I feel the pleasure building up, I keep going allowing her to ride me hard, I grab at her perfectly formed arse,my nails scratching her, only spurring her on , I throw her off and bend her over, a watch down as my penis slips into her pussy from behind, I hear her moan as I go deeper into her, she rubs her clit as I fuck her hard from behind, I push deep, and her screams become louder, and her breathing heavier, I feel the pleasure and moan,harder and faster, she screams, a cacophony of noise, I feel the pleasure move through my body, as I watch her body arch with pleasure, the noise intensifies and I feel myself coming again, her screams are deafening as we both orgasm together my come shooting into her pussy, I pull out to find her come all over my penis, she goes down and licks it all off, looking at me with those azure blue eyes the whole time. She reaches down and pushes her fingers into her pussy, her fingers come out with my come all over which she licks and sucks. Suddenly aware of my surroundings I hear a noise coming from behind me as a man with a video camera emerges from the cupboard and grins. . .