Me An My Gf

Short Sex

well it was one night at my gf's house an she was starting to get rather horny, so she put on some porn on her laptop an she slipped over to me on the bed an started rubbing my ever growin cock, so i started to kiss her an started rubbing her pussy, meanwhile her parents where downstairs watching telly. she then unzipped me an slide my cock out an started suckin me off, the porn was playin an she was copyin everythin that was on there.

few moments later we start to strip an i pull out a condom, she then grabs it an throws it in the bin sayin "i wanna feel your raw cock in my rageing wet pussy, so i slide it in knowing it will get her pregnant, but i carry on, after awhile of her deep breathing we hear her mom walking upstairs so we think shes goin to the toilet an pause, but she doesnt the door opens an her mom screams.

moments later her dad rushes upstairs an rips me off her shouting an yelling, meanwhile my gf tryin to defend me. i then feel a moment of pleasure as he pulled me out of my gf i was bout to cum, an a big squirt of my cum hits her dad an abit on her mom, he shouts an yet another scream from the mother as they rush out. i got dressed an left as soon as possible.

my gf will never let me go over hers for sex or anyfin like that hehe, mainly because her dad wont let me xx