My first. Crossdress/gay experience

Short Sex

It all started one day when me and my two cousinsChad and Josh were home alone together and we were bored and my cousin Chad who is two years older than me told me to come into his moms room. when I got in his moms room he showed me a baby doll out fit with thong and maching leggings he told me to put them on so I did just to be funny at first then he gave me a pair of high healed hooker boots and I put them on he made me walk in front of him a few times and il never forget the way the silky fabrics of the thong and babydoll felt against my body he took me buy the hand and pulled me to him and kissed me and rubbed his hand over my panty covered cock he got up and he had me by the hand and lead me from his parents room to his bedroom when we got to his room his brother Josh was laying on the bed naked with his 7.5 inch cock waiting for me Chad put me on my knees on the bed facing his brother I bent down and began licking and sucking joshes cock. While Chad was behind me fingering my ass. Chad slide his slightly bigger cock inside me which made swallow joshes cock as Chad fucked my ass I could begin tasting precum and Chad was moaning and they filled both of my holes with there spunk I finished lick the reamaining cumm off of my cousins balls when he made me straddle him and ride his cock as Chad sucked mine then Josh stopped so Chad could slide his cock in too as he did soo I was fill with emense pain and pleased so the two fucked my ass till the both came inside of me skyrocketing my orgasm an I came onto my stomach then we layed there naked with two thick cocks in my sissified ass