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it has been almost 3 years since i got married and we have been having a normal husband and wife relationship until our last wedding anniversary. we are quite open to each other and so i had known what her fantsies were. the most she wanted was to live free like be naked for the whole lifetime. no matter if nayone touches or ses her or grops her. itwas soething she talked with great eager to make me understand and i knew how much she wanted it. once on our vacation i tried her to make her wear a tshirt with shorts which almost exposed everything but she went too shy and as we came across a family friend of ours the whole plan went down but not on our last wedding anniversary. i made a surprise for her. i called in our friends only and we all had a plan - a surprise for her. as usual the day was normal and she was with her usual dress covered up wholly. our plan was to make her wear a bikini right in front of us and spent the whole day just in it. she didnt know a thing. and as planeedthey came up saying that they had a present and which she got and opened and so a bikini. she said thank you and then they said no its not over and said they would like to see her wear it. she looked a bit horrified and then looked at me. she was blushing hten and then a few pressures from us all she had too. all of them helped er wear it and the besst part was that she didnt had to do anyhting.

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  we all together made her remove her clothesand wear the bikini. she was still shy and was wlaking slowly as to reduce the buncing of her balls but we didnt let that end up like this. she got spanked, photogrpahed gropd and so on. she was liking it. i could see that and she didnt want to end it. at the eveninga few of our friends left and what left was 5 men and we husabnd and wife. she startes feeling a bit slutty and soon she was nude and then she was enjoying five stares. she didnt mind getting fingered and allowed it a bit and soon things got dirty. all five were having her one by time. it wasnt rough anyway but she wasreally liking it as i saw it form her eyes. it was that ay she turned to be a slut. .