I am a sissy.


I am a sissy.

I am a sissy boy who has cross dressed most of my life on and off. It started when I was around age 11 or 12. I found a pair og my sisters silky panties and tried them on. I was hooked from then on, wearing her clothes when ever I got the chance. After I was out of school and was dating I quit for a few years. Then I got married and after 3 years I started wearing my wife's clothing. She was okay with it when it was only panties and even bought them just for me. I started to dress with more and more of her clothing and we would go out of town just so I could dress in drag. I wanted her to enjoy her self as I did dressed in drag, so to compromise she wanted to sleep with other men. Not really likening the thought of it we talked about it until I told her it was only fair to her. She did this for about a year and we divorced. I still cross dressed on my own until I found a girl that accepted me for who I was. However she was a cock slut which she told me straight out. If I could handle her sleeping around then she was fine with me cross dressing. I came to the conclusion this was going to be the only way I was going to be accepted by a female.

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  She was sleeping with some one different every week. She had a few regulars but mostly found new studs for the week. She had no problem finding them as they knew she was a slut by the way she dressed in skimpy clothing. We often would go out cloth shopping together. She dressed as a slut 24/7 and I was dressed as one the whole time at home. When we both went out together I went dressed as her boyfriend but it was always to find a new cock for the night, for her pleasure. It was so common for her to be with another man that she referred to them as her boyfriends and so did I. I was her sissy and was expected to be cross dressed 24/7 when at home doing the house hold duties. If I was not cross dress when at home she would leave for the day and not come home until the next day. It was in forced by her to the point where I slept in a nighty and dressed like a sissy slut most all my waking hours.